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Sand Theft in Tyre

The Internal Security Forces have launched an investigation into the theft of huge quantities of sand from the coast of the southern city of Tyre in the area of Shawakeer.

The National News Agency said Tuesday that unknown assailants used trucks under the cover of darkness to dig craters – one of them 100 meters long, 30 meters wide and up to seven meters deep – to steal the sand.

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LF: Govt. Must Request Clarification from Syria over Lebanese Deaths at Wadi Khaled

The Lebanese Forces condemned on Thursday the death of three Lebanese citizens who were killed by Syrian gunfire in the border area of Wadi Khaled, calling on the government to assume its responsibilities towards the people.

It said in a statement: “The government should also request an immediate clarification from the Syrian government over the incident.”

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New Year in Tatters as Bombs, Threats Shake Tyre

Zuheir Arnaout seethed with anger as he surveyed the damage from a bomb that targeted his restaurant in Tyre, one of the few cities in southern Lebanon where alcohol is still tolerated.

"What is it they want? To stop people from drinking, from having a good time?" he demanded outside the popular "Tyros" restaurant on the scenic Mediterranean seafront.

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Higher Defense Council Stresses Border Control, Prevention of Arms Smuggling

The Higher Defense Council on Thursday stressed the prevention of arms smuggling in and out of Lebanon and called for controlling the security situation in border towns.

The HDC convened at Baabda palace to contain the repercussions of allegations that the al-Qaida terrorist network was operating in Lebanon. But it did not unveil details over the issue.

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Blast Rocks Tyre Restaurant but Owner Insists on Serving Alcohol

An explosion tore through a restaurant in the southern city of Tyre at dawn Wednesday in an alleged attempt to thwart its owner from holding New Year’s Eve celebrations and serving alcohol.

The explosion, which happened at around 5:00 am local time, was caused by a two kilogram bomb made of TNT that was left on the staircase of the seaside Tyros restaurant. There were no injuries.

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Watkins Meets Moussawi: Security of All Forces Maintaining Stability of South Must be Ensured

U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon ad interim Robert Watkins hoped on Monday that the Lebanese authorities will take the necessary measures to bring those behind the attacks against the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon to justice.

He said after holding talks with Hizbullah International Relations official Ammar Moussawi: “It is in the interest of all parties to ensure that security is guaranteed for those, such as UNIFIL troops, who are trying to maintain stability in the South along the Blue Line.”

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Qassem: We'll Sue Those Who Accused Hizbullah of UNIFIL Attack

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem condemned the attack against the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon on December 9, slamming the March 14 camp and French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe’s accusations that the party was behind the assault.

He said: “We have decided to file a lawsuit against those who made such accusations against us.”

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Amal, Hizbullah Slam Attacks on UNIFIL, Express Commitment to Mission

The Amal movement and Hizbullah leaderships have slammed what they called the “evil hands” that have targeted U.N. peacekeepers in the South and launched a rocket from Lebanese territories.

Following a meeting held by their leaderships at the movement’s offices in the city of Tyre, Amal and Hizbullah stressed commitment to the role of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon that supports the Lebanese army in accordance with Security Council resolution 1701.

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Miqati Meets Asarta: UNIFIL Attack Aimed at Harming Lebanese-French Ties

Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed on Wednesday that Lebanon abides by international law and is committed to its cooperation with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon in order to bolster security and stability.

He said after holding talks with UNIFIL Commander Major General Alberto Asarta: “The recent attack against the French unit in UNIFIL is aimed at harming Lebanese-French ties.”

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UNIFIL Has ‘No Info’ about Shake-up Amid Report French Official will Visit Lebanon

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon has no information about any decision by the countries that have contingents serving with the peacekeeping mission to downsize their troops, a UNIFIL spokesman, Andrea Tenenti, said.

“There is no information about any changes,” Tenenti told pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat published on Wednesday.

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