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Sarafand Residents Block Highway over Jeweler’s Murder

Several angry residents of the southern town of Sarafand on Monday blocked with burning tires the highway that links Sidon to Tyre to protest the murder of a jeweler.

Ali Khalife, who is the owner of a jewelry shop in Sarafand, was killed by armed men after they opened fire on him and stole a bag of jewelry he was carrying.

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Report: Gang Kingpin in Tyre Enjoys ‘Special Judicial Care’

A gang comprised of thugs in the southern city of Tyre resumed its endeavors in the city, terrorizing the residents amid the security chaos in the country, An Nahar newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the gang’s kingpin known as Wassef S. reiterates to the residents of Tyre that he enjoys a “special judicial care,” which has always saved him from continuing his sentence at prison.

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Spoiled Fish Dumped in Tyre

Large quantities of spoiled and expired fish were dumped in several trash containers in al-Bass town in the southern coastal city of Tyre, the National News Agency reported on Wednesday.

The Tyre municipality police arrived swiftly at the scene to inspect the goods.

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Demonstrators Storm Jeb Jennine Power Plant Demanding More Hours of Electricity

Residents of the Bekaa region Jeb Jennine stormed on Monday the local power plant demanding more hours of electricity, said Electricite du Liban in a statement.

It said that residents gathered outside the station at 8:00 a.m. and demanded that they be granted entry to the plant’s main control room.

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EDL Contract Employees Storm Company’s HQ in Beirut, Block Roads across Lebanon

Electricite du Liban's contract employees stormed on Wednesday the company’s headquarters in Beirut by breaking the building’s main gate after the Internal Security Forces prevented them from entering the premises.

The angry protesters escalated their strike demanding the cabinet to approve their full-time employment.

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EDL Contract Employees Hold Sit-in for 2nd Day in Row

Electricite du Liban's contract employees held a sit-in on Wednesday for the second day in a row near the company’s building in Beirut and the southern city of Tyre.

The employees blocked the highway near the Beirut port and Tyre’s entrance by burning tires to protest the cabinet’s failure to approve their full-time employment draft law.

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Owner of Bombed Tyre Restaurant Vows to Serve Alcohol Again

Zahi Zeidan vows he won't back down as he stands in his bomb-shattered restaurant and oversees workers carrying debris out of dining rooms where on a good night patrons are usually drinking and dancing.

"They targeted us because we serve alcohol," said Zeidan. "Selling alcohol is my right. This is my country and I will not accept that people dictate to me what I work."

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Lebanon’s Public Transport Strike Paralyzes Several Areas

Lebanon’s public transportation sector held a nationwide strike on Thursday with some drivers blocking streets with burning tires in the northern province of Akkar.

The sector decided to hold the strike between 5:00 am and 12:00 pm after the government failed to place ceilings on the price of gasoline sold to drivers.

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Body of Diver Found One Day after Disappearance

The body of the deputy head of the Divers’ Syndicate, Hussein Abu Khalil, has been found after he went missing Sunday while practicing diving in the southern city of Tyre, reported Voice of Lebanon radio.

Khalil, 42, had gone diving with sailors Ali Kaawar and Hussein Tahhan in an area called “Ras al-Mizrab”, which is known to be littered with dumped old car parts and is rife with large fish.

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Seven Injured in Tyre Restaurant Blast

Seven people were injured when an explosion apparently caused by a bomb shook a restaurant in the southern Lebanese coastal town of Tyre, a Lebanese security source said Monday.

The blast occurred at midnight Sunday in the elevator of the Notion restaurant, injuring seven people who were hospitalized, the source added.

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