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Aoun Discusses Tripoli Incidents with Akar

President Michel Aoun met on Friday with caretaker Defense Minister Zeina Akar where discussions highlighted the security situation mainly in the northern city of Tripoli after four nights of clashes between security forces and protesters, the Presidency said on Twitter.

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Protester Dies of Wounds after Lockdown Protests

One of the protesters injured overnight in the Tripoli clashes with security forces succumbed to his wounds on Thursday, the National News Agency reported.

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Dima Jamali Wins Tripoli’s By-Elections

Lebanon’s Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan announced on Sunday that Tripoli parliamentary candidate Dima Jamal has won the Sunni seat in Sunday’s by-elections.

“In accordance with the provisions of Article 107 of the electoral law, we announce the final official results of the parliamentary elections that took place in the smaller constituency of the city of Tripoli on the basis of majoritarian electoral system. As received from the Higher Registration Committee, Dima Jamali has won with a total of 19387 votes,” announced Hassan from the ministry.

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Rifi Extends his Hand to Hariri: We Reject Control of Syrian Regime Allies of Tripoli Municipality

Resigned Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi stressed on Monday that his “hand is extended to all sides” in wake of his list's victory in the municipal polls in the northern city of Tripoli, reiterating his commitment to the values of the March 14 coalition.

He said during a press conference: “We voiced our rejection of the control of one political party of Tripoli and the control of the Syrian regime allies of the city's municipality.”

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Rifi: I Will Confront Anyone who Wants to Divide Tripoli According to their Agenda

Resigned Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi declared on Sunday that “no one” can impose his will on the northern city of Tripoli.

He said after casting his vote in the municipal elections in the city: “I will confront any side that seeks to divide Tripoli according to its agenda.”

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Salam Hosts Hariri, Miqati for Dinner ahead of Tripoli Municipal Polls

Head of the Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri and former Prime Minister Najib Miqati held a rare meeting on Thursday weeks before the municipal elections in the northern city of Tripoli and Akkar.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam hosted the two officials over dinner at his Msaytbeh residence in Beirut and a statement at the end of the meeting said that they stressed the need to “bolster unity among Lebanese factions without exception because Lebanon needs to fortify its internal front given the explosive regional situation.”

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Large Captagon Shipment Uncovered at Tripoli Port

Customs agents at the port of the northern city of Tripoli succeeded on Thursday in thwarting an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of captagon narcotic pills to Jordan, reported the National News Agency.

The shipment was being transported from a truck to a ship ahead of sailing to Jordan.

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Army Defuses 2 Bombs in Tripoli Building Depot

The army succeeded on Sunday in dismantling two bombs that were discovered in the northern city of Tripoli, announced the National News Agency.

It said that members of the military grew suspicious of an object in Tripoli's Nejmeh Square and upon inspection discovered two bombs.

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State Security Discovers Bag Containing Explosives in Tripoli

State security forces discovered a bag containing a belt of hand grenades in the northern city of Tripoli, reported the National News Agency on Saturday.

It said that a state security patrol made the discovery over the holiday period, not specifying if it was on Saturday or an earlier date.

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One Killed, 7 Injured in Blast at Banana Fermentation Plant in Tripoli

One person was killed on Sunday in an explosion at a banana fermentation center in the northern city of Tripoli, reported Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3).

Seven people were also wounded in the blast that occurred in the city's Bab al-Tabbaneh neighborhood.

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