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22 December 2014, 14:45 Berri: We thank Iran for supporting Lebanon and the resistance in particular.
22 December 2014, 14:42 Berri: We will continue on supporting the Palestinian people and their cause.
22 December 2014, 14:42 Berri: Trust should be built among the people in their country. They should respect human rights and shun extremism.
22 December 2014, 14:41 Berri after meeting Larijani: The crisis in Syria should be political, not geographical.
22 December 2014, 14:25 Families of Arsal captives after meeting Mashnouq: We support the efforts to release the hostages, starting with those of Ahmed Fleiti.
22 December 2014, 14:24 Mashnouq after meeting with families of Arsal captives: We will not rest until the hostages are freed.
22 December 2014, 14:18 TMC: A number of people were wounded in a traffic accident between three vehicles on the Dahr al-Baydar road leading to Chtaura.
22 December 2014, 14:14 Firefighters are dousing a blaze that broke out inside a fabric factory in Nahr al-Mot.
22 December 2014, 14:10 Ambulances rushed to the site of a car crash in Nahr al-Kalb
22 December 2014, 13:37 Larijani arrived in Ain el-Tineh for talks with Berri.
22 December 2014, 13:21 The relatives of the hostages visited Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.
22 December 2014, 12:52 VDL (100.5): A shooting incident was reported on Freedom Street near Tripoli's al-Tall Square.
22 December 2014, 12:42 Beirut police arrested 16 Lebanese, two Palestinians, and two Syrians, while impounding 27 motorcycles and nine vehicles.
22 December 2014, 12:31 NNA: A man was injured in a shooting during a personal dispute in Dinniyeh.
22 December 2014, 12:29 VDL (100.5): Larijani arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Tammam Salam.
22 December 2014, 11:49 VDL (93.3): Three Syrians and a Lebanese were arrested for providing forged legal documents to Syrian refugees.
22 December 2014, 11:31 Larijani said Hizbullah is an active movement in the region and plays a positive role.
22 December 2014, 11:24 LBCI: Unknown assailants shot at and wounded a taxi driver in Tripoli's al-Tal region.
22 December 2014, 11:18 Larijani: Lebanon is the country which has confronted the Zionist enemy and taught it an important lesson.
22 December 2014, 11:18 Larijani: The resistance of the Lebanese people against the enemy is an honor for the Islamic World.
22 December 2014, 11:16 Larijani from the LU Law Faculty: Iran and Lebanon enjoy close and strategic ties.
22 December 2014, 11:09 President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso arrived in Beirut on an official visit.
22 December 2014, 11:05 MP Nawaf al-Moussawi: Plots against the resistance haven't stopped.
22 December 2014, 10:21 VDL (100.5): Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji arrived in Naqoura.
22 December 2014, 10:16 FPM chief MP Michel Aoun is meeting with Minister Akram Shehayyeb in Rabieh.
22 December 2014, 10:13 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is meeting with Health Minister Wael Abou Faour.
22 December 2014, 10:05 NNa: An individual was injured in a car crash in Saqiyat al-Janzeer in Beirut.
22 December 2014, 10:03 MP Elie Marouni to Future TV: Kataeb backs a prisoners swap deal on the so-called Arsal hostages.
22 December 2014, 09:22 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (93.3): The Hizbullah-Mustaqbal dialogue is a necessity to reach positive results.
22 December 2014, 09:13 Iran's Speaker Ali Larijani arrived in Beirut.
22 December 2014, 09:13 NNA: 2 people were injured in a dispute in Qob Elias.
22 December 2014, 09:08 NNA: Thieves stole a safe from a house in Majdal Anjar.
22 December 2014, 08:03 ISF arrested 62 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
22 December 2014, 07:36 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (100.5): We are with the dialogue of the courageous people to liberate Lebanon from all the crises.
21 December 2014, 22:22 PM Tammam Salam to al-Jadeed: We're seeking to implement the roadmap that we devised for securing the release of the servicemen away from the media spotlight.
21 December 2014, 20:54 LBCI: The clash in Tripoli's el-Mina erupted after pictures of Minister Rifi were torn up, which prompted one of his supporters to fire gunshots.
21 December 2014, 20:40 Al-Jadeed: A personal dispute erupted into gunfire in Tripoli's el-Mina and the army has contained the situation.
21 December 2014, 20:37 National News Agency: A visit by Iranian Speaker Ali Larijani to Lebanon, previously scheduled for today, has been postponed to Monday morning.
21 December 2014, 20:36 LBCI: Heavy gunfire has been heard in the Tripoli region of el-Mina.
21 December 2014, 19:35 LBCI: Zureiqat denied that the Abdullah Azzam Brigades had received funds from Saja al-Dulaimi.
21 December 2014, 19:16 FM Bassil from Beirut's airport: Putting an end to the death of Lebanese expats in plane crashes is our responsibility and we must address the issue.
21 December 2014, 18:51 A plane carrying the bodies of 19 Lebanese killed in the July Algerian jet crash has arrived at Beirut's airport.
21 December 2014, 18:19 Al-Jadeed: The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested in Sidon Abbas Sh., who is wanted on dozens of arrest warrants over theft and drug offenses.
21 December 2014, 17:12 LBCI quoting PM Salam: We're still conducting talks to receive the helicopters from France in the beginning of the army's equipment program instead of its final stages, so that we can use the missiles against the jihadists.
21 December 2014, 15:56 Ahmed Fleiti to LBCI: Abou Faour tasked me with mediating in the servicemen's case and I met the IS in Arsal's outskirts today and they accepted my designation.