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23 April 2014, 09:12 Geagea's adviser Wehbe Qatisha to Free Lebanon: We extended our hand to Hizbullah but it refused to meet us and get a copy of Geagea's presidential program.
23 April 2014, 08:57 ISF arrested 67 people for committing different crimes throughout Lebanon.
23 April 2014, 08:56 VDL (93.3): Four rockets landed on al-Labweh and al-Nabi Othman in the Bekaa after midnight.
23 April 2014, 08:46 MP Atef Majdalani to VDL (100.5): Foreign countries did not put a veto on any presidential candidate, they left the choice to the Lebanese.
23 April 2014, 08:39 A Syrian was injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle on al-Abbasiyeh-Tyre main road.
23 April 2014, 08:17 The ISF Intelligence Branch in Tyre arrested a suspect who is wanted for attempted murder.
23 April 2014, 08:16 ISF Intelligence Branch arrested a Syrian in Tyre for trading in counterfeit notes.
23 April 2014, 07:40 Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi to VDL (100.5): Kataeb party leader Amin Gemayel is a presidential candidate. The upcoming stage will determine how he will enter the presidential race.
23 April 2014, 07:29 Gasoline prices rose by LL400 and diesel prices by LL200 while gas prices decreased by LL100.
23 April 2014, 07:01 LBCI: Islamist activist Mohammed Abdullah Jomaa came under fire by gunmen in Ain el-Hilweh, but he escaped unscathed.
22 April 2014, 22:39 Al-Jadeed: Gunshots were heard during a clash between the al-Zein and al-Rashid families in the northern area of Jabal al-Beddawi.
22 April 2014, 22:36 Al-Jadeed: An army force arrived at Tripoli's al-Tal Square after a stun grenade was hurled in the area.
22 April 2014, 22:18 VDL (93.3): A stun grenade exploded in Tripoli's al-Zahriyeh while another went off near al-Tal, causing no casualties.
22 April 2014, 21:07 MTV: MPs Marwan Hamadeh, Antoine Saad and Fouad al-Saad attended March 14 coalition's meeting.
22 April 2014, 21:03 MTV: The March 14 alliance agreed after a meeting to support the nomination of LF leader Samir Geagea for presidency.
22 April 2014, 20:58 Ex-PM Miqati announced that he has agreed with MP Ahmed Karami to endorse MP Henri Helou's presidential bid.
22 April 2014, 20:38 LBCI: Tripoli MP Mohammed Safadi will take part in tomorrow's electoral session in line with the constitution and "will vote as his conscience obligates him to do, while taking into account the sensitivities in Tripoli."
22 April 2014, 20:35 VDL (93.3): The army arrested Nabil al-Nashar in Tripoli's al-Rifaiyeh street and is still searching for Ahmed Dahoud Khodr, in the wake of a personal dispute between the two that involved gunfire.
22 April 2014, 20:05 LBCI: Speaker Berri might commit to March 8's decision to cast a blank vote, although obtained information revealed that some of his bloc's MPs might vote in favor of MP Henri Helou.
22 April 2014, 20:04 LBCI: The March 8 forces, along with the Change and Reform bloc and MP Frangieh took a decision to cast a blank vote.
22 April 2014, 20:03 LBCI: PSP leader MP Jumblat delegated Health Minister Wael Abou Faour to meet with Speaker Berri and ex-PM Miqati yesterday and today, to gather votes for presidential nominee Henri Helou.
22 April 2014, 20:01 Al-Mustaqbal bloc: Geagea's presidential program reflects the principles and the core values of the 2005 revolution and of the March 14 coalition.
22 April 2014, 20:00 LBCI: Some MPs will vote in favor of FPM leader MP Michel Aoun for president during tomorrow's parliamentary session.
22 April 2014, 19:55 Future TV: Al-Mustaqbal bloc officially announced endorsing LF leader Samir Geagea in his presidential bid.
22 April 2014, 19:54 LBCI: Hizbullah and AMAL Movement will also cast blank votes.
22 April 2014, 19:46 As Safir newspaper: Ex-PM Miqati and MP Ahmed Karami will vote in favor of presidential candidate Henri Helou.
22 April 2014, 19:30 An Intelligence Bureau patrol arrested the Palestinian fugitive A. O., 29, in the Tyre area of al-Maashouq.
22 April 2014, 19:21 LF leader Samir Geagea telephoned Kataeb leader Amin Gemayel to thank him for his bloc's support to his presidential bid, adding that both parties have always shared the same path.
22 April 2014, 18:26 Kataeb bloc: The party is working on bolstering the unity of the March 14 alliance to help it in the electoral process to ensure Geagea's victory.
22 April 2014, 18:25 The Kataeb bloc announced that it will take part in Wednesday's parliamentary session and that it will elect LF leader Samir Geagea as president.
22 April 2014, 17:45 Jumblat: This nomination is not aimed at maneuvering.
22 April 2014, 17:43 Jumblat: MP Henri Helou has his Christian representation.
22 April 2014, 17:43 Jumblat: I emphasize on the approach that was established by President Michel Suleiman, which is supporting the Baabda Declaration.
22 April 2014, 17:41 MP Henri Helou: A strong president would be one who can gather the Lebanese, not a confrontational president; a president who can talk to all the Lebanese, not half of them.
22 April 2014, 17:39 MP Henri Helou: The candidates are not important, but rather the rescuing of the country. I'm not interested in the post but rather in rescuing the country and the approach of openness and moderation.
22 April 2014, 17:38 MP Henri Helou: My nomination is not a maneuver and we have no solution other than openness. We call on everyone to take part in tomorrow's electoral session so that we can return to the approach of dialogue.
22 April 2014, 17:37 MP Henri Helou: A strong president is one who can gather all Lebanese around the dialogue table and this is the approach adopted by Walid Beik's and the starting point for the coming period.
22 April 2014, 17:36 The Special Tribunal for Lebanon issued new arrest warrants for Salim Jamil Ayyash, Mustafa Amine Badreddine, Hassan Habib Merhi, Hussein Hassan Oneissi and Assad Hassan Sabra, following the Prosecution’s submission of a consolidated indictment.
22 April 2014, 17:36 MP Henri Helou: We are seeking openness towards everyone and I have an ambition to restore dialogue and partnership among everyone.
22 April 2014, 17:35 Jumblat: We are proud to announce this nomination and we will never cast a blank vote. We pride ourselves with this unifying candidate whose openness and moderation are well-known.
22 April 2014, 17:34 Jumblat: The Democratic Gathering has been revived and it nominates Mr. Henri Helou for the presidency.
22 April 2014, 17:34 Jumblat: The Democratic Gathering has been revived with all its members and we're one family again.
22 April 2014, 17:33 Jumblat: I wish they had implemented the self-dissociation policy as we would've spared the country the booby-trapped cars.
22 April 2014, 17:33 Jumblat: I salute ex-PM Najib Miqati, with whom we took part in a cabinet that was described as Hizbullah's government, but we managed to impose a certain centrist policy, which has produced Suleiman and Miqati.
22 April 2014, 17:32 Jumblat: We all took part in dialogue and laid out the groundwork on which we can build a strong and capable state, in which the decision of war and peace is in the hand of the state, and I mean the Baabda Declaration which was approved by everyone.
22 April 2014, 17:31 MP Jumblat after meeting of National Struggle Front: Arab and international circumstances had helped us in 2008 to make a settlement and we had the best political and personal ties with President Suleiman and we cannot but salute him.
22 April 2014, 17:20 VDL (93.3): The wounded that were transferred from Tufail are on their way to Brital and troops joined in to help in transferring them.
22 April 2014, 17:15 The Red Cross started transferring the wounded from the town of Tufail to hospitals in the Bekaa.
22 April 2014, 17:13 ISF: The Beirut police department in Ashrafieh arrested Kh. A. and R. J. on prostitution charges.
22 April 2014, 17:07 Supporters of former PM Omar Karami staged a demonstration in Tripoli in protest against Geagea's nomination as president.
22 April 2014, 17:00 MP Emile Rahme after meeting of Change and Reform bloc: We will take part in tomorrow's session and we will cast blank votes.
22 April 2014, 16:52 A LF delegation met with MPs Michel Pharaon and Serge Tor Sarkissian in Ashrafieh.
22 April 2014, 16:09 MP Geagea: We hope that the elections will pave the way for better times in Lebanon.
22 April 2014, 16:08 MP Geagea: This is the first time that the presidential elections are purely Lebanese.
22 April 2014, 16:07 MP Michel Murr after meeting MP Geagea: I am attending Wednesday's session to ensure quorum is met.
22 April 2014, 16:07 Murr: We will follow our conscience and what serves Lebanon in casting our vote.
22 April 2014, 15:54 Red Cross teams are transferring the wounded outside Tufail.
22 April 2014, 15:44 Aid trucks arrived in Tufail.
22 April 2014, 15:20 MP Geagea: March 14 insists on having a single nominee for presidency and so far Geagea is the coalition's nominee. It is too soon to talk about other options.
22 April 2014, 15:19 MP Geagea: We will meet today with MPs Michel al-Murr and Boutros Harb who announced his support to the LF leader.
22 April 2014, 15:19 MP Geagea: Of course we hope Berri would vote for our nominee and he praised LF leader Geagea's candidacy in a telephone call with him.
22 April 2014, 15:19 MP Sethrida Geagea after meeting with Berri: The speaker assured that his parliamentary bloc will be the first to attend Wednesday's session and vote for a president.
22 April 2014, 15:05 The Lebanese Forces and Marada Movement held talks over LF leader Samir Geagea's nomination for presidency.
22 April 2014, 15:01 An LF delegation is holding talks with Berri at Ain el-Tineh to hand him a copy of Geagea's presidential program.
22 April 2014, 14:34 President Suleiman: I expect parliament to assume its responsibility and elect a president that the Lebanese people deserve before May 25.
22 April 2014, 14:23 The Development and Liberation bloc announced after meeting under Speaker Nabih Berri that it would attend Wednesday's session to elect a president.
22 April 2014, 14:22 MP Samir al-Jisr to LBCI: I am committed to the March 14 candidate. If there was more than one candidate, then the bloc would hold consultations to take the appropriate decision.
22 April 2014, 14:16 Lebanese Democratic Party chief MP Talal Arslan to LBCI: We decided as an alliance to take part in Wednesday's session and consultations are ongoing to agree on our candidate.
22 April 2014, 13:59 The cyber crime unit arrested a 32-year-old suspect for sending pornographic photos to a minor via facebook.
22 April 2014, 13:55 VDL (93.3): The Israeli army opened fire in the air when a woman from the border town of Yaroun approached the border line to pick herbs.
22 April 2014, 13:51 VDL (100.5): A meeting is underway between Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil and his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop.
22 April 2014, 13:18 VDL (100.5): Hizbullah official in Lassa, Sheikh Youssef Ghazi al-Muqdad, was killed in a car crash in a barren area of Jbeil.
22 April 2014, 13:12 MP Robert Ghanem from Maarab: The power of moderation is the force capable of rebuilding the state.
22 April 2014, 13:10 Judge Saqr charged Maher al-Dennawi from Bab al-Tabbaneh and another suspect, who is on the run, Bilal Akkawi, with forming armed groups to carry out terrorist attacks.
22 April 2014, 13:08 MP Kabbara: Contacts are underway to hold a meeting for Tripoli MPs to take a unified stance from Wednesday's session to elect a president.
22 April 2014, 12:49 Minister al-Mashnouq from Sidon: There is no justification to the arms of Palestinians inside and outside the camps.
22 April 2014, 12:42 Judge Saqr Saqr charged two soldiers in Roumieh with dereliction of duty that caused the death of a prisoner.
22 April 2014, 12:34 MP Nabil Nicolas to OTV: We seek a president who shares the characteristics of FPM chief MP Michel Aoun.
22 April 2014, 12:28 LBCI: The corpse of George Michel Taleb was found with a gunshot to the head, with a hunting rifle near him, in his Kosba residence in Koura
22 April 2014, 12:12 MP Ahmed Fatfat ruled out from Bkirki that there would be a vacuum in the presidency.
22 April 2014, 12:11 MTV: Minister Harb telephoned Geagea to congratulate him on his presidential program.
22 April 2014, 12:10 OTV: Speaker Berri held talks away from the media spotlight with Minister Wael Abou Faour, MP Talal Arslan, and a Jamaa Islamiya delegation.
22 April 2014, 12:03 VDL (93.3): LF chief Samir Geagea is holding talks with MP Robert Ghanem in Maarab.
22 April 2014, 11:31 TMC: Contract teachers blocked the road near the education ministry in Beirut's UNESCO area.
22 April 2014, 11:27 Maj. Gen. Mohammed Kheir: There are no gunmen in Tufail. Everyone agrees on the need to bring aid to its residents.
22 April 2014, 11:16 VDL (93.3): Security forces are accompanying relief convoys that are headed towards Tufail as part of the security plan for the town.
22 April 2014, 11:04 The Russian Foreign Ministry said FM Lavrov will meet with his Lebanese counterpart Bassil on Thursday.
22 April 2014, 10:46 The Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade warned the Lebanese army via twitter against targeting the residents of Tufail: We will defend Sunnis if it assaults them.
22 April 2014, 10:40 MP Joseph al-Maalouf to LBCI: Geagea's program clearly indicates that he would extend his hand to build a strong Republic.
22 April 2014, 10:28 Al-Jadeed: Israeli warplanes overflew Marjayoun, Hasbaya and the heights of Mount Hermon, reaching the Bekaa.