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04 August 2020, 23:36 Health Minister: The blast death toll has surpassed 63 and the injury toll has surpassed 3,000.
04 August 2020, 23:14 British PM Johnson on Beirut blasts: The UK is ready to provide support in any way we can, including to those British nationals affected.
04 August 2020, 23:12 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: The pictures and videos from Beirut tonight are shocking. All of my thoughts and prayers are with those caught up in this terrible incident.
04 August 2020, 22:40 The death toll from the Beirut port blast has risen to 50 and the injury toll to 2,750.
04 August 2020, 22:21 Diab: What happened in Beirut will not go unpunished and we urge friendly and brotherly countries to stand by Lebanon.
04 August 2020, 21:47 Health Minister from Roum hospital: Thirty people were killed in the Beirut port blast and thousands others were wounded.
04 August 2020, 20:35 The Beirut port blast was heard in regions as far as Sidon and Tyre.
04 August 2020, 20:24 Reports: Israel has denied any links to the Beirut blast.

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04 August 2020, 17:35 Mustaqbal bloc on STL verdicts: Everyone must shoulder their responsibilities to fulfill justice, which represents the backbone of stability in the country.
04 August 2020, 17:29 Clashes renewed outside the Energy Ministry after security forces managed to evacuate the protesters who were holed up inside.
04 August 2020, 17:24 Al-Jadeed: The chief of the Beirut police brigade is negotiating with the protesters who have holed themselves up in the Energy Ministry in a bid to evacuate them.
04 August 2020, 17:16 LBCI: The Central Security Council will convene in the next two days, on the eve of the STL's ruling in the assassination of ex-PM Rafik Hariri and his companions.
04 August 2020, 17:05 LBCI: The Interior Ministry is inclined to declare a 6pm-6am curfew that begins Thursday and ends on August 10.
04 August 2020, 15:28 Netanyahu has warned Hizbullah and others that Israel will "do what is necessary" to defend itself, hours after the Israeli army struck targets in Syria.
04 August 2020, 13:38 LBCI: Army chief Joseph Aoun arrived at the Center House for talks with ex-PM Saad Hariri.
04 August 2020, 12:51 Newly appointed Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe assumed his duties at the ministry.
04 August 2020, 12:17 Scuffles with security forces erupted near the ministry of energy when protesters tried to storm into the building angry because of prolonged power outages.
04 August 2020, 12:13 A meeting is underway at the foreign ministry between resigned minister Nasif Hitti and the newly appointed minister Charbel Wehbe.
04 August 2020, 12:05 LBCI: Employees of the Motor Vehicle Inspection (mecanique) staged a sit-in after the dismissal of around 100 employees and up to 62 percent deductions in salaries.