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23 May 2018, 21:20 Aoun: The next step is to form a national unity government that can confront the challenges, a government that can deal with the regional and international situation while preserving domestic stability, a government that carries on with reforms as it seeks to combat corruption and modernize state administrations, a government that implements an economic plan that can lead to the country's growth and rise.
23 May 2018, 21:16 Aoun: Any economic plan will not fully succeed if we do not devise practical solutions to resolve the growing Syrian refugee crisis.
23 May 2018, 21:14 President Aoun said he "promises all Lebanese" that the State will take "decisive steps to eradicate corruption" before next Ramadan.
23 May 2018, 21:02 Aoun: Everyone is required to facilitate the formation of the new government, seeing as the pressing situation does not allow any waste of time. The standards of the formation process are well-known and we only have to abide by them and implement them.
23 May 2018, 18:37 The four-member parliamentary bloc led by MP Najib Miqati has decided to nominate caretaker PM Hariri for the premiership in tomorrow's consultations.
23 May 2018, 16:38 National News Agency: The single-day, binding parliamentary consultations to pick a new PM will begin tomorrow at 10:00 am and end before the iftar time in the evening.
23 May 2018, 15:36 Berri after meeting Aoun: The parliamentary consultations for choosing a new premier will begin tomorrow.
23 May 2018, 13:02 Berri has been re-elected as Speaker of the parliament with a majority of 98 votes.
23 May 2018, 12:30 Voting for the election of a Speaker began at the Parliament.
23 May 2018, 11:27 Newly elected lawmakers started arriving at the parliament for a session dedicated for the re-election of Berri, deputy speaker and parliament bureau.