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07 July 2020, 21:51 Nasrallah to Americans: The policy of siege and sanctions you are following against Lebanon won't weaken Hizbullah but rather your allies and influence.
07 July 2020, 21:47 Nasrallah: This will not work and Hizbullah and the Resistance will not surrender.
07 July 2020, 21:46 Nasrallah: The U.S. is trying to weaken and isolate Hizbullah through starving the people and turning them against the resistance.
07 July 2020, 21:45 Nasrallah: The U.S. is exploiting the accumulations of 40 years in Lebanon.
07 July 2020, 21:40 Nasrallah has expressed pride in Judge Moahmmed Mazeh's ruling.
07 July 2020, 21:39 Nasrallah: Why didn't some people defend Lebanese sovereignty like they defended media freedom?
07 July 2020, 21:36 Nasrallah: The U.S. ambassador is inciting the Lebanese against each other.
07 July 2020, 21:35 Nasrallah: The U.S. ambassador has no right to say if the government should leave. She is also interfering in the nature of the next government and this is a blatant intervention.
07 July 2020, 21:33 Nasrallah: Colonial countries act this way and not friendly ones.
07 July 2020, 21:33 Nasrallah: The U.S. ambassador is acting like a military ruler and what business does she have in intervening in the financial appointments?
07 July 2020, 21:32 Nasrallah: The U.S. State Department is playing an exposed role in Lebanon.
07 July 2020, 21:31 Nasrallah: We should wage "agricultural and industrial jihad and resistance."
07 July 2020, 21:26 Nasrallah: We are a consumer country and today there is a chance to become a productive country and the State has a responsibility to revive the agricultural and industrial sectors.
07 July 2020, 21:24 Nasrallah: Openness towards Iraq, China, Iran and other countries gives hope to the Lebanese and sends a strong message to Americans and others that the country has other choices and courses.
07 July 2020, 21:21 Nasrallah: Iraq represents a great chance for Lebanon.
07 July 2020, 21:19 Nasrallah: What we are going through today is the most dangerous threat that can face a people and a state, but we are capable as Lebanese state and people to turn the threat into a chance. We have an opportunity to carry out very important steps towards economic stability.
07 July 2020, 21:14 Nasrallah: The Americans waged a fierce campaign against the Chinese choice to scare the Lebanese and prevent them from cooperating with China.
07 July 2020, 21:13 Nasrallah: We should not stick to only one path and we should not await the outcome of negotiations with the IMF without seeking other choices, seeing as these talks might take time or fail. The idea of turning East came from here.
07 July 2020, 21:11 Nasrallah: If we said that China should come invest in Lebanon, this does not mean turning the country into a communist system.
07 July 2020, 21:01 Nasrallah: We have not called for endorsing the Iranian model.
07 July 2020, 21:00 Nasrallah: We won't be an obstacle if America wants to help Lebanon.
07 July 2020, 20:57 Nasrallah: No one has called for changing Lebanon's cultural face.
07 July 2020, 20:50 Nasrallah: We are not seeking to cut off "Western oxygen" from anyone in Lebanon.
07 July 2020, 20:49 Nasrallah: No one is trying to put Lebanon in a certain axis.
07 July 2020, 20:48 Nasrallah: We are open to help from any country in the world except for Israel.
07 July 2020, 20:48 Nasrallah: We need to rectify some issues to be on the right track. As for the issue of "turning east," this does not mean turning against the West.
07 July 2020, 20:46 Nasrallah on economy: One should think of all those living on Lebanese soil, including refugees.
07 July 2020, 20:46 Nasrallah on economy: There needs to be a national approach.
07 July 2020, 20:45 Nasrallah: The economic threats concern everyone and not a single region or group.
07 July 2020, 20:45 Nasrallah: The current situation at the economic, financial and social levels requires everyone's efforts and intelligence.
07 July 2020, 19:52 The Economy Minister said an agreement has been reached with BDL to support 300 items of essential foodstuffs and raw material at an exchange rate of LBP 3,900.
07 July 2020, 19:32 The Naameh-Beirut highway has been blocked by protesters.
07 July 2020, 19:25 Salameh from Grand Serail: BDL has a vision to unify all exchange rates and the LBP 1,500 rate will remain valid for fuel, medicine, wheat and essential goods.
07 July 2020, 18:29 Al-Mustaqbal bloc said suggestions that ex-PM Hariri is seeking to return as premier are aimed at "misleading" the public opinion.
07 July 2020, 18:15 The Cola-Sports City road has been blocked in both directions.
07 July 2020, 18:09 Protesters have blocked the Corniche al-Mazraa road outside the Abdul Nasser Mosque.
07 July 2020, 17:56 Fourteen residents and eight expats tested positive for coronavirus over the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry said.
07 July 2020, 16:26 Speaker Nabih Berri: Putting the burden of the financial crisis on the shoulders of Lebanese depositors is a crime that we won't allow anyone to commit.
07 July 2020, 16:23 Minister Abdul Samad said Cabinet decided to postpone taking a decision on Bifani's resignation to "avoid any vacuum that may affect the IMF negotiations."
07 July 2020, 15:37 Energy Minister Ghajar: The first fuel ship will arrive in the evening, power supply will improve as of tomorrow and three other ships will arrive later.
07 July 2020, 14:17 Protesters have blocked the Beddawi highway in Tripoli protesting extended power cuts.
07 July 2020, 12:02 President of the Syndicate of Hospitals Sleiman Haroun: Hospitals are obliged to restrict receiving life threatening cases in light of crisis.
07 July 2020, 11:16 A Cabinet meeting is underway at Baabda Palace to tackle eight items on the agenda.
07 July 2020, 11:13 A meeting is underway in Bkirki between Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi and Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid Bukhari.