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02 September 2015, 20:07 National News Agency: The Republican Guard took strict security measures around the palace over reports that young men from the FPM will head to the presidential palace.
02 September 2015, 20:04 LBCI: An FPM convoy in Baabda blocked the presidential palace's main entrance to demand a strong president.
02 September 2015, 19:10 We Want Accountability activists at Riad al-Solh rally: We refuse to put the blame on the security forces as repression is a political decision par excellence.
02 September 2015, 19:09 We Want Accountability activists at Riad al-Solh rally: The interior minister tried to distort the facts in his press conference.
02 September 2015, 18:29 A sit-in organized by the We Want Accountability campaign got underway at the Riad al-Solh Square.
02 September 2015, 18:21 FPM supporters have moved in convoys from the Mirna Chalouhi Center in Sin el-Fil to roam several Metn areas in a motorized protest.
02 September 2015, 16:53 Mashnouq: The only way to achieve change lies in electing a president and approving a new electoral law.
02 September 2015, 16:52 Mashnouq urged protesters to rally for the election of a president and adoption of a new electoral law.
02 September 2015, 16:48 Mashnouq: Some security forces members were disciplined following the August 22 rally.
02 September 2015, 16:45 Mashnouq: Excessive use of force was used in the August 22 rally and live bullets were only fired in the air.
02 September 2015, 16:40 Mashnouq: I acknowledged that excessive force was used during the August 22 rally, but there were reasons for this excessiveness.
02 September 2015, 16:39 Mashnouq: We are responsible for respecting the right of the people to hold peaceful demonstrations.
02 September 2015, 16:38 Mashnouq: We have preserved and will continue to preserve the right to stage demonstrations.
02 September 2015, 16:36 Mashnouq: Any attempt to occupy state institutions will be dealt with immediately and with force.
02 September 2015, 16:35 Mashnouq: The security forces are bound by their duty to protect the state and public property.
02 September 2015, 16:34 Mashnouq: There are more wounded among the security forces than the protesters and we have not heard a word of sympathy towards them.
02 September 2015, 16:34 Mashnouq: The security forces are of the people and those who see otherwise are blind to national causes.
02 September 2015, 16:33 Mashnouq: Are the protesters that only people with problems? The security forces have families and needs as well.
02 September 2015, 16:33 Mashnouq: The security forces are the same as the poorest of citizens in their need for electricity, water, and the resolution of the waste management crisis.
02 September 2015, 16:32 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq during press conference: To anyone accusing the security forces of lacking dignity we say that such remarks are an assault against them.
02 September 2015, 16:31 Mashnouq: I salute the protesters who formed a human chain to act as a barrier against those attacking the security forces.
02 September 2015, 16:04 LBCI: Interior Minister Mashnouq will reportedly broadcast during his press conference a video showing who opened fire during the August 22 protest.
02 September 2015, 15:08 Education Minister Elias Bou Saab: A committee has been formed to look into the objections of students who have failed the official Brevet and Baccalaureate exams.
02 September 2015, 14:50 Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri via Twitter: Rumors that Qatar is meddling in recent local developments are baseless and the country has never faltered in supporting Lebanon.
02 September 2015, 14:23 LBCI: MP Assem Qanso denied that he ties to the car that was stopped by the army in Hermel with smuggled medicine inside.
02 September 2015, 13:33 Al-Jadeed: The army arrested a man in Hermel for smuggling arms from Syria and carrying a license plate belonging to an MP.
02 September 2015, 13:18 Civil Defense doused a bush fire in the southern town of Bint Jbeil.
02 September 2015, 13:06 MP Serge Tersarkisian from parliament to VDL (93.3): The members of parliament may not remain absent from the sessions in light of what is happening in the country.
02 September 2015, 12:42 Adwan: This cabinet has failed miserably in performing its duties. Its greatest mistake has been failing to name things as they are and failing to apologize to the people.
02 September 2015, 12:41 LF MP Georges Adwan after postponement of presidential elections: The demands made by protesters are justified and we can no longer ignore them.
02 September 2015, 12:34 The presidential elections were postponed to September 30 over a lack of quorum at parliament.
02 September 2015, 12:29 LF MP Antoine Zahra from parliament: We support dialogue, but wonder if it will yield a result, especially over the presidency. We will give our answer on Thursday.
02 September 2015, 12:12 VDL (100.5): PM Salam is holding talks at the Grand Serail with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.
02 September 2015, 12:10 Lawmakers began arriving at parliament for the presidential elections.
02 September 2015, 12:01 LBCI: Abou Faour asked the interior minister and Baalbek's governor to shut down the landfill near Hermel state hospital or to move it to another location.
02 September 2015, 11:38 Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq after meeting Salam VDL (93.3): We continue to shoulder responsibility as we are part of the government. Salam stressed that yesterday's reactions have targeted the wrong person.
02 September 2015, 10:35 MP Antoine Zahra to Free Lebanon Radio: We are the only opposition in the country and advise PM Tammam Salam to remain steadfast.
02 September 2015, 10:24 VDL (93.3): The Environment Ministry slammed reports claiming that its website was hacked.
02 September 2015, 09:51 NNA: Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq arrived at his office in downtown Beirut.
02 September 2015, 09:24 LBCI: Strong security measures were taken near the Interior Ministry in Beirut's Hamra area.
02 September 2015, 09:18 MTV: PM Tammam Salam is holding a meeting with Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq at the Grand Serail to brief him on Tuesday's incidents.
02 September 2015, 08:54 VDL (93.3): Zahrani oil refinery employees in Sidon hold a strike refusing to provide the owners of tanks with fuel until their demands are met.
02 September 2015, 08:51 NNA: An armed group killed a Syrian in the town of Arsal and dumped his body near Dar al-Salam hospital.
02 September 2015, 08:34 ISF arrested 49 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
02 September 2015, 07:59 Gasoline prices dropped LL700 while diesel dropped LL300.