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21 September 2020, 20:17 PSP chief Jumblat to MTV: I tell Iran and its representatives that they are blocking the last chance to save the country and Adib must communicate with the parties.
21 September 2020, 19:31 Lebanon recorded 684 coronavirus cases and 10 deaths over the past 24 hours.
21 September 2020, 17:01 LBCI: The coronavirus follow-up committee has not recommended the lockdown of the country but rather of towns witnessing major outbreaks.
21 September 2020, 16:57 Oueidat has decided to look into both lawsuits filed by the FPM and the LF over the Mirna Chalouhi incident.
21 September 2020, 16:47 Sawwan heard the testimonies of Hassan Khalil, General Security intelligence head Munah Sawaya and Diab's adviser Khodor Taleb.
21 September 2020, 15:23 Geagea: No one wants to target the Shiites in Lebanon and we won't accept the elimination of any sect, but we want to end corruption in state institutions.
21 September 2020, 14:50 Aoun: Lebanon is heading to hell if the government is not formed.
21 September 2020, 14:49 Aoun: We discussed the cabinet formation with Macron but he is not the one to form the Lebanese cabinet, we do.
21 September 2020, 14:46 Aoun on probe into port blast: Investigation needs time, many individuals are involved.
21 September 2020, 14:43 Aoun: I suggest abolishing sectarian distribution of sovereign ministries and not allocating them to specific sects.
21 September 2020, 14:41 Aoun: The Constitution does not stipulate allocation of any ministry to any sect or group, nor can any minister be granted authority that is not provided for him the constitution.
21 September 2020, 14:38 Aoun: During my meetings with representatives of the parliamentary blocs, the majority demanded applying rotation in ministries, refusing the Cabinet is formed without consulting them.
21 September 2020, 14:34 Aoun: The Development and Liberation bloc and the Loyalty to the Resistance insist to retain the finance ministerial portfolio and to name their ministers.
21 September 2020, 14:31 Aoun: The PM-designate made four visits without being able to present a format of the cabinet nor were the obstacles solved.
21 September 2020, 14:30 Aoun: The delay in the cabinet formation should not have happened. We presented solutions but none were adopted.
21 September 2020, 13:32 Israeli warplanes at present launch overflights over the areas of Sidon, Keserwan and Iqlim el-Kharroub.
21 September 2020, 12:05 Lebanese Presidency: Aoun chaired a meeting on the trash crisis attended by outgoing PM Hassan Diab. the outgoing health minister and other related officials.
21 September 2020, 10:51 Health Minister Hamad Hassan called for a two-week total lockdown as the number of coronavirus cases surge in Lebanon.