Live News

04 September 2015, 10:34 MTV: The body of a young man, Mohammed Hayad Hamieh, was found in a clothing store that belongs to his father in Tarik al-Jadideh.
04 September 2015, 10:23 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between two cars on the main road of al-Mesherfeh in Aley.
04 September 2015, 10:18 LBCI: A body was found in a depot in Beirut's Tariq al-Jedidah area.
04 September 2015, 10:09 LBCI: Sukleen employees hold a sit-in in Akkar's al-Abdeh square.
04 September 2015, 09:06 Information Minister Ramzi Jreij to VDL (93.3): I asked the officials of television stations to be accurate when covering the news and to stay away from provocations. Moreover, dedicating a whole day to cover campaigns is a bit exaggerated.
04 September 2015, 09:02 VDL (93.3): The army arrested a terrorist in the Tripoli neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh.
04 September 2015, 08:56 ISF arrested 73 people for committing different crimes throughout Lebanon.
04 September 2015, 08:44 TMC: An individual was injured when hit by a vehicle in the area of Jisr al-Wati.
03 September 2015, 21:19 Protesters from the We Want Accountability campaign reopened the road outside the Interior Ministry in Sanayeh after the detained activists were freed.
03 September 2015, 20:02 Media reports: The "We Want Accountability" activists have been released.
03 September 2015, 19:47 Future TV: The Beirut Governor has ordered the suspension of the parking meters on the seaside corniche.
03 September 2015, 19:40 LBCI: The two "We Want Accountability" activists will be released within 30 minutes.
03 September 2015, 19:00 The “We Want Accountability” campaign is staging a sit-in outside the Interior Ministry to protest the arrest of two of its activists in Ain el-Mreisseh.
03 September 2015, 19:00 “We Want Accountability” activists have blocked the road outside the Interior Ministry.
03 September 2015, 18:52 MTV: The We Want Accountability campaign gave security forces until 7:00 pm to release its detainees, threatening to block roads.
03 September 2015, 18:21 Activists from the "We Want Accountability" campaign arrived at the Interior Ministry to demand the release of detainees.
03 September 2015, 18:08 Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi arrived at the ministry building and inspected the security forces' measures.
03 September 2015, 18:03 LBCI: Security reinforcements have been sent to the Labor Ministry in Msharrafiyeh ahead of a sit-in for the August 29 alliance.
03 September 2015, 17:44 LBCI: Security forces arrested We Want Accountability activist Ali Hayek in Ain el-Mreisseh and his comrades have blocked the road.
03 September 2015, 17:10 Loyalty to Resistance bloc: The scream of citizens in the face of corruption is a legitimate right but it is unacceptable to generalize the corruption accusation against all parties.
03 September 2015, 15:13 A 'You Stink' activist, Waref Suleiman, erected a tent near the environment ministry and started a hunger strike until the resignation of the minister.
03 September 2015, 13:44 NNA: A woman was injured in a car crash on Sidon's eastern highway.
03 September 2015, 13:12 General Security said it arrested a Lebanese man on charges of tossing grenades in towns in the Bekaa and recruiting people to carry out such attacks.
03 September 2015, 13:12 Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan said from Athens that Lebanon's Muslims and Christians hold onto coexistence.
03 September 2015, 13:09 Kataeb leader MP Sami Gemayel held talks with the British Charge d'Affaires.
03 September 2015, 13:09 MP Yassine Jaber handed over to MP Michel Aoun the invitation to attend the dialogue session on Sept. 9.
03 September 2015, 12:42 TMC: Four people were injured in a collision between two cars in the area of Aitat near Bshamoun.
03 September 2015, 11:51 Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb called during a press conference for giving municipalities wider authorities in trash disposal.
03 September 2015, 11:50 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Qatari ambassador.
03 September 2015, 11:44 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh.
03 September 2015, 11:20 The delegation from the families of the servicemen taken hostage by al-Nusra walked out of a meeting with the deputy of the Hizbullah chief.
03 September 2015, 11:10 A delegation from the families of the servicemen taken hostage by al-Nusra Front met with the deputy chief of Hizbullah.