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02 September 2015, 13:18 Civil Defense doused a bush fire in the southern town of Bint Jbeil.
02 September 2015, 13:06 MP Serge Tersarkisian from parliament to VDL (93.3): The members of parliament may not remain absent from the sessions in light of what is happening in the country.
02 September 2015, 12:42 Adwan: This cabinet has failed miserably in performing its duties. Its greatest mistake has been failing to name things as they are and failing to apologize to the people.
02 September 2015, 12:41 LF MP Georges Adwan after postponement of presidential elections: The demands made by protesters are justified and we can no longer ignore them.
02 September 2015, 12:34 The presidential elections were postponed to September 30 over a lack of quorum at parliament.
02 September 2015, 12:29 LF MP Antoine Zahra from parliament: We support dialogue, but wonder if it will yield a result, especially over the presidency. We will give our answer on Thursday.
02 September 2015, 12:12 VDL (100.5): PM Salam is holding talks at the Grand Serail with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.
02 September 2015, 12:10 Lawmakers began arriving at parliament for the presidential elections.
02 September 2015, 12:01 LBCI: Abou Faour asked the interior minister and Baalbek's governor to shut down the landfill near Hermel state hospital or to move it to another location.
02 September 2015, 11:38 Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq after meeting Salam VDL (93.3): We continue to shoulder responsibility as we are part of the government. Salam stressed that yesterday's reactions have targeted the wrong person.
02 September 2015, 10:35 MP Antoine Zahra to Free Lebanon Radio: We are the only opposition in the country and advise PM Tammam Salam to remain steadfast.
02 September 2015, 10:24 VDL (93.3): The Environment Ministry slammed reports claiming that its website was hacked.
02 September 2015, 09:51 NNA: Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq arrived at his office in downtown Beirut.
02 September 2015, 09:24 LBCI: Strong security measures were taken near the Interior Ministry in Beirut's Hamra area.
02 September 2015, 09:18 MTV: PM Tammam Salam is holding a meeting with Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq at the Grand Serail to brief him on Tuesday's incidents.
02 September 2015, 08:54 VDL (93.3): Zahrani oil refinery employees in Sidon hold a strike refusing to provide the owners of tanks with fuel until their demands are met.
02 September 2015, 08:51 NNA: An armed group killed a Syrian in the town of Arsal and dumped his body near Dar al-Salam hospital.
02 September 2015, 08:34 ISF arrested 49 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
02 September 2015, 07:59 Gasoline prices dropped LL700 while diesel dropped LL300.
01 September 2015, 22:20 Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq left the ministry building through a back entrance.
01 September 2015, 21:45 Security forces arrested two individuals who hurled firecrackers at them in downtown Beirut.
01 September 2015, 21:38 The remaining protesters have been forcibly evacuated from the Environment Ministry building.
01 September 2015, 21:18 Clashes have erupted between security forces and protesters outside the Environment Ministry building in downtown Beirut.
01 September 2015, 20:47 Al-Jadeed: Protesters are rejecting to leave the Environment Ministry building and they will be handcuffed and forcibly removed.
01 September 2015, 20:29 Some protesters are hurling empty water bottles at security forces outside the Environment Ministry amid skirmishes.
01 September 2015, 20:05 MTV: An agreement has been reached with the protesters to evacuate them peacefully from the Environment Ministry building.
01 September 2015, 19:27 Al-Mustaqbal bloc: Storming the Environment Ministry serves the interests of those seeking chaos and we reject pressure for the resignation of any minister in this coup-like manner.
01 September 2015, 19:05 Interior Minister Mashnouq: If the reports turn out to be true, those who beat up protesters inside the environment ministry will be penalized.
01 September 2015, 18:49 Al-Mayadeen: Several people were injured during the security forces' evacuation of the environment ministry building from protesters.
01 September 2015, 18:47 LBCI quoting Interior Minister Mashnouq: Force was not used against protesters in the environment ministry building.
01 September 2015, 18:46 The You Stink campaign announced that it will hold a press conference at 7:00 pm in the Riad al-Solh Square.
01 September 2015, 18:42 Security forces have started evacuating the Environment Ministry building from the You Stink protesters.
01 September 2015, 18:33 Al-Jadeed: A sit-in got underway outside Tripoli's serail in solidarity with the Beirut protesters and to demand the environment minister's resignation.
01 September 2015, 17:53 One protester at the Environment Ministry fainted and he was transported out of the building.
01 September 2015, 17:45 Beirut Police chief Brig. Gen. al-Ayyoubi has asked journalists to leave the environment ministry building.
01 September 2015, 17:43 The Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon called on its citizens to stay away from "protests, sit-ins and suspicious places."
01 September 2015, 17:13 A minor scuffle erupted between security forces and protesters outside the environment ministry.
01 September 2015, 17:11 Aoun called for the youth protesters to join the FPM rally at 5:30 pm on Friday.
01 September 2015, 17:10 Aoun voiced his support for Berri's call for dialogue.
01 September 2015, 17:09 Aoun advised the youth to demand a new electoral law and the election of a new parliament.
01 September 2015, 17:09 Aoun: Only elections can help cleanse the institutions.
01 September 2015, 17:09 Aoun advised the youth to demand the election of a president through the people.
01 September 2015, 17:08 Aoun: Are you bothered by the garbage? Chaos is not the solution.
01 September 2015, 17:07 Aoun: We support the protesters, but we have questions about those who are mobilizing them.
01 September 2015, 17:06 Aoun addressing the youth: I fear the Arab Spring and its influence on Lebanon.
01 September 2015, 17:06 Aoun: Why didn't these protesters support us when we spoke against this reality years ago?
01 September 2015, 17:05 MP Michel Aoun after Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: We agree with the demands of the protesters regarding the power and water shortages, corruption, and waster crisis.
01 September 2015, 16:54 The You Stink campaign called on citizens to head to Riad al-Solh and stage a sit-in, after the 72-hour ultimatum to the government ended.
01 September 2015, 16:45 A protester has fainted at the Environment Ministry due to poor ventilation.
01 September 2015, 16:44 MP Walid Jumblat via Twitter: The occupation of the environment minister's office is not a solution to the waste crisis or any other problem.
01 September 2015, 16:44 Al-Jadeed: The head of the Beirut intelligence department Brig. Gen. George Khamis has arrived to meet with the Environment Minister to prepare for evacuating him from the ministry building.
01 September 2015, 16:30 A large number of ISF members, army troops, riot police and Red Cross crews have arrived at the area near the Mohammed al-Amin Mosque.
01 September 2015, 16:28 Al-Jadeed: Power supply has been cut off at the Environment Ministry offices where the protesters are present.
01 September 2015, 15:19 Interior Minister's office: The protesters have been given half an hour to leave the (environment ministry) building and join their comrades outside.
01 September 2015, 15:17 Security forces distributed water to the protesters at the Environment Ministry.
01 September 2015, 15:09 The “You Stink” follow up committee warned against attacks against the protesters at the Environment Minister and called for an immediate sit-in at Riad al-Solh Square.
01 September 2015, 14:58 Sources to LBCI: Interior Minister Mashnouq ordered that resolving the protest should end through negotiations, warning of the occupation of public property.
01 September 2015, 14:49 VDL (100.5): The “You Stink” movement denied that it will hold a press conference.
01 September 2015, 14:26 NNA: “You Stink” will hold a press conference soon.
01 September 2015, 14:17 LBCI: Abou Faour said Salam is holding contacts with Shehayyeb who might make a proposal within hours to resolve the garbage crisis.
01 September 2015, 14:16 Security forces deployed heavily and took extra measures near the environment ministry.
01 September 2015, 14:06 LBCI: Anti-riot police arrived at the environment ministry to clear protesters.
01 September 2015, 14:01 LBCI: Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq telephoned the environment minister after activists stormed the ministry.
01 September 2015, 14:00 VDL (100.5): Security forces blocked the entrances to the environment ministry and stopped people from coming in and going out.
01 September 2015, 13:56 VDL (100.5) Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq is holding talks with a delegation from the heads of Akkar's Jabal Akroum and Wadi Khaled municipalities.
01 September 2015, 13:51 Citizens were seen arriving at the environment ministry to join "You Stink" protesters.
01 September 2015, 13:34 “You Stink” activists urged Lebanese citizens to join their protest at the environment ministry.
01 September 2015, 13:29 Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq to OTV in response to calls for his resignation: I am carrying out my duties.