Live News

05 February 2016, 19:59 Civil society activists have erected tents in Riad al-Solh in preparation for tomorrow's anti-trash demonstration.
05 February 2016, 16:56 NNA: The army is shelling with heavy artillery the positions of gunmen on the outskirts of Arsal.
05 February 2016, 15:20 VDL (100.5): Speaker Nabih Berri held talks with Defense Minister Samir Moqbel.
05 February 2016, 14:29 General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim: The election of a president should be an internal affair that is not restricted to parliament.
05 February 2016, 13:39 MTV: A delegation of Zahle MPs arrived at Rabieh for talks with MP Michel Aoun.
05 February 2016, 13:17 Judge Abu Ghida called for the death penalty for Syrians Ali Ahmed Laqis and Abu Malek al-Taleh for involvement in the execution of captive soldier Mohammed Hamiyeh.
05 February 2016, 12:38 Consultative Meeting: The employment of Syrians in Lebanon will create competition with the Lebanese. We demand the London conference to devise a mechanism to allow the refugees to return to their homeland.
05 February 2016, 12:37 Consultative Meeting: We reject the condition made at the London conference to allow Syrians to work in Lebanon in exchange for grants for the refugees.
05 February 2016, 12:36 Consultative Meeting after meeting at former President Michel Suleiman's residence: We highlight the significance of the Feb. 8 presidential elections session.
05 February 2016, 12:18 PM Tammam Salam according to VDL (100.5): I stressed during my bilateral meetings in London on the importance of raising awareness to help Lebanon.
05 February 2016, 12:01 MP Suleiman Franjieh to LBCI: We are not in a conflict with our allies. Things are positive and the political conditions will pave way for a president.
05 February 2016, 11:34 VDL (100.5): FM Jebran Bassil held talks with French Ambassador Emmanuel Bonne on the latest political developments.
05 February 2016, 11:26 NNA: Five members of the same family were hospitalized in Akkar over food poisoning.
05 February 2016, 10:40 Police arrested a Palestinian in Sidon on drug charges.