Live News

22 April 2021, 20:55 Three people were wounded, including a child, as a personal dispute erupted into gunfire in Tripoli's Mahram area.
22 April 2021, 18:20 Lebanon recorded 1,512 new coronavirus cases and 30 deaths over the past 24 hours.
22 April 2021, 17:03 Hizbullah's bloc said Hariri's consultations with Aoun are not a "luxury" but rather "the natural and constitutional path for the cabinet's formation."
22 April 2021, 13:23 Hariri: The Pope is keen on visiting Lebanon but after a government is formed.
22 April 2021, 13:22 Hariri: The Vatican knows well who is hampering the formation of a government in Lebanon.
22 April 2021, 13:21 Hariri: I explained to Pope Francis the problems we are suffering from and asked his Holiness to help Lebanon.
22 April 2021, 13:18 Hariri from the Vatican: There are external obstacles hampering the government related to Jebran (Bassil) and his alliances.
22 April 2021, 12:39 Aoun met Diab who briefed him on his visit to Qatar.