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Pilot Killed in Libya Fighter Jet Crash

A Libyan air force pilot was killed Wednesday as his fighter jet crashed in the east of the country after carrying out strikes on a nearby jihadist stronghold, a military source said.

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Bus Bombing Hits Syria's Homs, Five Dead

A bomb attack on a bus in Syria's third city Homs killed five people and wounded at least seven on Wednesday, state media reported.

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Engineers Set to to Enter IS-Held Parts of Syria Dam

Syrian engineers were expected to carry out urgent maintenance Wednesday on the country's largest dam, where US-backed fighters have been battling Islamist State group jihadists who still control most of it.

The maintenance work, which entails opening a spillway to relieve the pressure of water on the dam, will involve the engineers entering areas held by IS, a technician inside the complex told AFP.

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Palestinian Leader Meets Trump Envoy at Arab Summit

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has met one of US President Donald Trump's top envoys on the sidelines of an Arab summit as the White House seeks ways to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks.

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Drone Strike kills 4 Qaida Suspects in Yemen

A drone strike killed four suspected members of al-Qaida in south Yemen Wednesday, a security official said, as the United States intensifies air raids on jihadists in the war-torn country.

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Evacuation Deal Reached for 4 Besieged Syria Towns

Four Syrian towns that have been under crippling siege for more than two years are to be evacuated under a deal reached late on Tuesday, a monitoring group said.

Residents of Zabadani and Madaya, two towns near Damascus under siege by government forces, will leave their homes in return for the evacuation of Fuaa and Kafraya, two mainly Shiite towns in the northwest besieged by the rebels, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. 

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Major French Banks Financing Israeli Settlements

Four major French banks and one big insurer are financing Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories through links to local banks and businesses, a report by the International Federation for Human Rights said Wednesday.

BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, BPCE and AXA hold shares or are otherwise involved with Israeli banks which are an "essential political tool in the creation of the settlements (and) finance construction," according to the study. 

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Freed from IS, but Iraq's Qaraqosh is Now a Ghost Town

In the Iraqi Christian town of Qaraqosh, time stands still. The Islamic State group was expelled in October 2016, but life has not returned to its once-vibrant and wealthy neighborhoods.

It has a ghostly air: wide avenues silent but for the rattle of an empty tin can nudged by the breeze or dead leaves rustling in front gardens abandoned by residents.

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest against Israel Military Service

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday to protest against compulsory military service at a time of increased tensions between them and Israeli authorities.

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U.S.-Led Coalition 'Probably' Had Role in Mosul Civilian Casualties

The U.S.-led anti-jihadist coalition said Tuesday it "probably" played a role in civilian casualties in west Mosul, as the U.N. and Amnesty International called for greater efforts to protect civilians.

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