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Tunisia Says Series of IS Attacks were Planned in Libya

A series of attacks in Tunisia claimed by the Islamic State group that killed dozens of people including foreign tourists was planned in neighboring Libya, a top official said Friday.

The jihadist group has said it was behind a suicide bombing in the center of Tunis on Tuesday in which 12 presidential guards died.

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White House Hopeful Carson in Jordan on 'Fact-Finding'

Ben Carson, the Republican hopeful for the White House, is in Jordan in a bid to understand the Syrian refugee crisis just days after comparing migrants to rabid dogs, his team said Friday.

The retired neurosurgeon, who grew up in a poor family before winning a scholarship to Yale University, has fanned controversy in the United States for anti-Muslim and anti-refugee remarks.

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French President Urges British MPs to Back Syria Air Strikes

Francois Hollande on Friday urged British MPs to back air strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria "in solidarity with France," in a tight vote expected early next week.

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday argued his case to members of parliament for Britain to join air strikes on the jihadist group in Syria, amid signs that opposition was weakening after the Paris attacks two weeks ago.

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Watchdog: Saudi-led Yemen Strikes Illegally Kill Civilians

At least ten air strikes carried out by a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen broke the laws of war and killed civilians, Human Rights Watch alleged Friday.

The strikes are listed in a major new report by the watchdog, which estimates that 2,500 Yemeni civilians have died in coalition strikes since March.

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Turkey Denies Suspending Syria Air Strikes after Russia Crisis

Turkey denied Friday it had suspended air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria after the downing of a Russian warplane on the Syrian border.

Turkish F-16 jets on Tuesday shot down a Russian warplane which Ankara said had breached its air space.

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1,000 Demand Release of Saudi Death Row Shiites

About 1,000 members of Saudi Arabia's Shiite minority gathered at a mosque Friday to demand the release of activists on death row, including one aged 17 when he was arrested, a resident said.

He said the prayers and sermons at Imam Hussein Mosque in the Eastern Province town of Awamiya drew Shiites from nearby Qatif and the al-Ahsa region.

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Israel Says to Open First Mission in Abu Dhabi

Israel is set to open a mission in Abu Dhabi as part of an international green energy body, Israeli officials said Friday -- its first official presence in the United Arab Emirates.

The mission will operate under the International Renewable Energy Agency, of which Israel is a member, foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told AFP.

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Kremlin Says Western Powers 'not Ready' to Work in Anti-IS Coalition with Russia

The Kremlin said Friday that Western powers were not ready to form a coalition with Russia to fight Islamic State jihadists in Syria, after talks between President Vladimir Putin and French leader Francois Hollande.

"At the moment, unfortunately, our partners are not ready to work within the format of single coalition," Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

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Despite Barriers, Saudi Women in First Election Bid

Segregated from male voters and unable to drive themselves to hustings, Saudi women begin their first-ever election campaign on Sunday, a tentative step towards better representation in the male-dominated kingdom. 

Around 900 female candidates are standing in next month's municipal election, a poll that also offers a chance for female voters to elect their officials for the first time.

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Palestinian Killed after Injuring 5 Israeli Troops in Car Attack

A Palestinian rammed a car into Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank on Friday, injuring five of them before being shot dead, the army said.

The soldiers were lightly injured in the incident near the flashpoint city of Hebron, according to the emergency services.

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