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U.S.-led Strikes Hit Jihadists Closing on Syria Border Town

U.S.-led strikes hit Islamic State group fighters closing on a key town on Syria's border with Turkey overnight as Ankara prepared to request parliamentary authorization Tuesday to join the coalition.

In neighboring Iraq, Kurdish forces launched pre-dawn attacks against the jihadists on three fronts in a bid to recapture territory they lost to IS last month, entering a key town on the border with Syria, senior officers said.

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Fleeing War, Syrians Find Refuge in Latin America

Forced to flee the war raging in his native Syria, 22-year-old Hussein Al Fleig Al Ali first tried neighboring Lebanon before discovering he had more opportunity in far-away Uruguay.

While most of the more than three million refugees who have fled the Syrian conflict have flooded into neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, a growing number are defying language barriers and distance to try their luck in Latin America.

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Police: Man Arrested in Australia over Funding U.S. fighter in Syria

A man was arrested in counterterror raids in Australia on Tuesday, with police alleging he was sending money to a U.S. jihadist fighting with a militant group in Syria.

The arrest comes days after a terror suspect was shot dead in Melbourne after stabbing two police officers, and amid concerns about Australians fighting alongside jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

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Official: In Air War in Iraq and Syria, 4,100 U.S. Flights

U.S. aircraft have flown roughly 4,100 sorties in the air war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria since August, including surveillance flights, refueling runs and bombing raids, a military officer said Monday.

The number of flights reflects the widening U.S.-led air campaign that began with a more narrowly-defined objective when it was launched by Washington on August 8. 

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PLO Says Netanyahu U.N. Speech 'Blatant Manipulation of Facts'

The Palestine Liberation Organization said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blatantly manipulated the facts when he compared Hamas with the Islamic State and Iran in a U.N. speech on Monday.

"Netanyahu's speech at the U.N. was a blatant manipulation of facts and attempted at misleading the audience through a combination of hate language, slander and argument of obfuscation," PLO executive member Hanan Ashrawi said in a statement in English.

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Most Palestinians Back Rocket Fire at Israel if Gaza Blockade Stays

Most Palestinians would favor resuming rocket fire at Israel if it does not lift its Gaza blockade, although support for armed confrontation is dropping off, according to a poll published Monday.

"An overwhelming majority of 80% supports the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel if the siege and blockade are not ended," said the survey of 1,200 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR).

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Kuwait Revokes Citizenship of Opposition Figure, 17 Others

The Kuwaiti government said it revoked the citizenship of 18 people on Monday, including a prominent opposition figure, citing irregularities in granting them their nationality.

According to a statement, some of those who lost their citizenship had been naturalized on the basis of fake documents, others had dual citizenship, which is outlawed, and others had the status revoked for security reasons.

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Netanyahu Warns Nuclear-Armed Iran Would be 'Gravest Threat'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday at the United Nations that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose the "gravest threat to us all" and called for dismantling Tehran's nuclear program.

"The Islamic republic is now trying to bamboozle its way to an agreement... that will cement Iran's place as a threshold military nuclear power," Netanyahu told the U.N. General Assembly.

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Tunisia's Islamists Urge U.S. Help to Support Democracy

Tunisia's moderate Islamist party Ennahda appealed Monday for U.S. support as the country heads into vital elections, warning democracy remains fragile in the nation that triggered the Arab Spring.

Tunisians ousted longtime dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011 and Ennahda emerged at the head of the pack in elections nine months later with 37 percent of the vote.

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Israel Police Arrest Suspected IS Supporter

Israeli police said they detained on Monday an Arab Israeli suspected of supporting the Islamic State group, in one of Tel Aviv's first arrests related to the jihadist organization.

The 24-year-old from the village of Kafr Kara, in northern Israel, was picked up near Tel Aviv, police spokeswoman Luba Samri told Agence France-Presse, without naming him.

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