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Three Suspected Jihadists Arrested in Belgium Probe

Belgian police arrested three men Wednesday on suspicion of membership of a terrorist organisation as part of a probe into jihadist fighters travelling to Syria, prosecutors said.

The arrests come after six raids in the towns of Vilvoorde and Machelen, near Brussels, as part of a probe launched in 2013, the Brussels federal prosecutor's office said.

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Obama Thanks Australia for Iraq Coalition Help

President Barack Obama thanked Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his country's "significant" support in the coalition fighting against the Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq, the White House said Wednesday.

In a telephone conversation with Abbott on Tuesday, Obama praised Australia for its role in Iraq, which has included airstrikes as well as a commitment to deploy around 200 special forces to assist Iraqi troops.

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Sweden Pulls Back Ships as 'Foreign Sub' Hunt Draws Blank

Sweden said Wednesday it was pulling back part of its navy which has been searching for a suspected Russian submarine off the coast of Stockholm for nearly a week with no vessel found.

Battleships, minesweepers, helicopters and more than 200 troops have scoured an area about 30 to 60 kilometers (20 to 40 miles) from the Swedish capital since Friday following reports of a "man-made object" in the water.

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Danish Court Frees 10 over Kurdish Rebel Funding Charges

A Danish court on Wednesday freed 10 men charged with "terror funding" after raising up to 140 million kroner (18.8 million euros, $23.8 million) for Kurdish rebels.

The money was channeled to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a militant separatist group, through Roj TV, a Denmark-based Kurdish television channel that had its license revoked last year for "glorifying terrorism".

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Four Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in 2007 Iraq Killings

Four former employees of the Blackwater security firm were found guilty Wednesday in connection with the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad that left 14 dead.

A jury in a federal court in Washington found Nicholas Slatten guilty of first-degree murder. Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

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U.S. Judge Delays al-Qaida Suspect Trial to Jan 12

A U.S. judge on Wednesday delayed until January 12 the trial of a Libyan computer expert and Saudi businessman accused over the 1998 Al-Qaida bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.

The attacks in Kenya and Tanzania killed 244 people and wounded more than 5,000 others.

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At Berlin Wall, Kerry Warns of New East-West Tensions

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited remnants of the Berlin Wall on Wednesday and warned that East-West tensions again threaten freedom in Europe, 25 years after its collapse.

Speaking where the Cold War frontier once split the German city, Kerry said what was left of the Wall served as a reminder that freedoms "are still being threatened in too many parts of the world, and they are even being threatened right here in Europe".

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U.S. Girls Stopped in Germany, Suspected of Trying to Join IS

Three teenage American girls who were suspected of wanting to join Islamic State jihadists were sent home after they were intercepted in Germany, U.S. media reports said Wednesday.

The three Colorado girls, of Sudanese and Somali origin, were heading for Turkey when they were stopped by German authorities at Frankfurt airport, CNN said.

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Two Somali Reporters Released on bail, Two still Jailed

Two Somali journalists from a major radio station have been released on bail after two months in jail but two others remain behind bars accused of inciting violence, colleagues said Wednesday.

Radio Shabelle owner Abdimalik Yusuf Mohamud was released on bail Tuesday, but was ordered to surrender his British passport and remain in Somalia until the court decides if the case will proceed to trial, the National Union of Somali Journalists said.

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Poll: Poroshenko Party Short of Majority in Ukraine Vote

The last major poll published Wednesday ahead of Ukraine's parliamentary election showed President Petro Poroshenko's party seizing up to a third of seats but reliant on help from nationalist parties to form a ruling coalition.

The Kiev-based Foundation for Democratic Initiatives said just over 30 percent of respondents who had made up their minds and intended to vote in Sunday's ballot preferred the pro-Western Petro Poroshenko Bloc.

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