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Meat from a Lab? Startups Cook Up Alternative to Slaughter

Uma Valeti slices into a pan-fried chicken cutlet in the kitchen of his startup, Memphis Meats. He sniffs the tender morsel on his fork before taking a bite. He chews slowly, absorbing the taste.

"Our chicken is chicken ... you've got to taste it to believe it," Valeti says.

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London Daredevil Scales Western Europe's Tallest Tower

An unknown daredevil on Monday scaled The Shard in London -- currently ranked as the tallest building in the European Union -- without the apparent assistance of a safety harness or ropes.

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1 Goring, 3 Others Injured in Spain's Running of the Bulls

Spanish officials say the second day of bull runs at the San Fermin festival has left four people injured, including one who was gored.

Tomás Belzunegui, a spokesman with the regional hospital in Pamplona, says three runners have head injuries or severe bruises. Red Cross spokesman José Aldaba says another runner was gored in the back. It wasn't immediately clear how serious the goring was.

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'Wonder of Nature': Serbia's Ultra-Expensive Donkey Cheese

White, dense and rich in flavour, Serbia's one-of-a-kind donkey cheese is not only tasty but good for your health, says maker Slobodan Simic.

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Selfies and the Self: What They Say about Us and Society

The selfie craze speaks volumes about the era in which we live: how images race around the globe and can dominate public discourse, eliciting strong emotions and even blurring the lines of reality.

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Iranians Mock Trump for Mistaking Leader with Dead Founder

U.S. President Donald Trump was mocked by Iranians on Tuesday after mixing up the country's current supreme leader with his predecessor who died 30 years ago.

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Bangladesh 'Tree Man' Wants Hands Amputated to Relieve Pain

A Bangladeshi known as the "Tree Man" because of bark-like growths on his body said Monday he wanted his hands amputated to relieve him of unbearable pain.

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'Attack Squirrel' Found High on Meth in U.S. Police Raid

Police in the U.S. state of Alabama made an unusual seizure this week during a drug raid: a squirrel high on methamphetamine.

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Paris Rediscovers Appetite for Its World-Beating 'Bouillons'

Every weekend a queue snakes down the street not far from the Moulin Rouge in Paris. 

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South Korean Court Tells Cheating Husband He Must Stay Married

A cheating husband cannot divorce his wife despite having a years-long affair, a South Korean court ruled Friday, insisting only the injured party in a marriage could initiate a legal separation.

Movie director Hong Sang-soo, 58, a Cannes film festival regular, filed for divorce in 2016, shortly after his relationship with actress Kim Min-hee became public.

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