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Lebanese Humor Ever-Present at Civil Society Demo

The Lebanese are never too far away from poking fun of their daily hardships and they were never less evident than during Saturday “You Stink” civil society protest.

References to popular songs, movies, and television shows were present among the myriad of banners and posters at the rally, which took place at Beirut's downtown area.

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Bolt's Scooter Assailant Says Sorry with Bracelet

The cameraman who sent Usain Bolt flying at the world athletics championships presented him with a red bracelet on Friday to apologize, after footage of the incident went viral.

A red-faced Song Tao of China's CCTV placed the good-luck charm on Bolt's wrist by way of apology after he lost control of the electric scooter he was riding and clattered the Jamaican from behind.

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Trump Denies he Wants to Buy Pope's Favorite Football Team

It seems not even bombastic billionaire Donald Trump would go so far as to snatch something so close to the heart of Pope Francis.

The combative White House candidate denied on Friday a tabloid story that he was looking to buy the pope's favorite football club, San Lorenzo in Argentina.

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Tel Aviv's 'Iranian Embassy' Turns Out to be Atomic Hoax

A billboard in central Tel Aviv announcing the opening of an Iranian embassy that met with disbelief and curiosity turned out to be a hoax, organizers of the eye-catching stunt have said.

"Opening here soon - Embassy of Iran in Israel," proclaimed the five-storey tall hoarding emblazoned with the Iranian and Israeli flags this week. 

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'Gatlin Paid him Off' - Bolt Laughs Off Cameraman Crash

Usain Bolt's celebrations after completing a world championship sprint double came to a painful halt on Thursday after he was knocked over by a cameraman on an electric scooter.

The bizarre accident happened when the cameraman strayed too close to a barefoot Bolt as he posed for photos following his gold medal run in the 200 meters in Beijing.

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Spain Axes Fine over Image of Illegally-Parked Police Car

Spanish officials have scrapped an 800-euro fine against a woman for posting a picture on Facebook of an illegally-parked police car after admitting the image did not contravene a controversial security law.

The offending picture, which was posted online last month, showed a police car parked in a disabled parking space in a town in the southeastern province of Alicante, accompanied by critical remarks using strong language. 

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Japanese Toilet Giant Flipping Open Lid on New Museum

Japan's leading toilet giant opens a new museum this week dedicated to a century of lavatories, from its first water flushing model to the most cutting edge version with odor-neutralizers and variable water jets.

The museum operated by TOTO -- best known for its bidet-equipped Washlet series -- opens its doors on Friday in the southwestern city of Kitakyushu, where the company is based.

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China's Latest Copycat Victim: Goldman Sachs

A staffer at a Chinese finance company named Goldman Sachs said any similarity to the multi-billion-dollar U.S. investment giant was unintentional Thursday, weeks after a Chinese man was arrested for setting up a fake bank branch.

Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen) Financial Leasing Co., operating in the southern boomtown next to Hong Kong, has an almost identical name to New York-based financial institution, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

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Underwater Wedding Honors Christ of the Deep Anniversary

Kimberly Triolet and Jorge Rodriguez exchanged their wedding vows underwater beside a 9-foot (2.7-meter) statue of Jesus Christ.

The Miami couple were wed beneath the waves Tuesday to help mark the 50th anniversary of the installation of the Christ of the Deep statue. The bronze sculpture is a subsea icon in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

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Annual Tomato Battle Paints Streets of Spanish Town Red

Thousands of half-naked revellers pelted each other with tomatoes on Wednesday in the town of Bunol in eastern Spain, bathing the streets with red goo in the 70th annual "Tomatina" battle.

A string of trucks laden with 150 tonnes of tomatoes rolled through the town's narrow streets, as teams on board distributed the load to surrounding crowds for people to throw at each other during the hour-long morning festivities.

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