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Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Covers 50 km on French Highway

A drunk driver clocked 50 kilometers going the wrong way on a highway in western France, colliding with three cars along the way but injuring only one person, police said Saturday.

The 56-year-old from the central city of Tours was driving home from southwestern Bordeaux after drinking heavily late Friday.

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World Pie Eating Championships Wrecked by Mix-Up

The World Pie Eating Championships were declared null and void when an intern sent the pies to a divorce party instead, reports said Friday.

While the divorce bash got the competition-sized pies, the world championships venue -- a pub in Wigan, northwest England -- received meat and potato pies twice the regulation diameter.

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Transvestite French Fishmonger Arrested in Naked Window Display

Unholy mackerel! A French fishmonger in women's lingerie has a lot of explaining to do after being arrested for exposing himself to holiday shoppers through his store window.

Fish weren't the only things on display when police in the northern town of Auchel found the 48-year-old cavorting and drunk, a police source told Agence France Presse on Friday.

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Fuelled by Coffee, Londoners Hit Morning Disco before Work

At dawn before commuting to his job in London's business district Canary Wharf, 26-year-old Nathaniel Hone joins hundreds of revelers at a dance party fueled only by coffee and smoothies.

At 6:15 am in trendy Bethnal Green, where art galleries prevail over the franchises common elsewhere in the capital, the dark streets are almost deserted under the drizzle on a recent visit.

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Coffee Delivery to Germany Includes Huge Sack of Cocaine

A coffee roasting company in Berlin received its normal shipment of beans from Brazil with an unexpected addition: a sack brimming with cocaine, police said Thursday.

"An employee at the roasting firm at about 10:00 am opened a container that had been delivered and found not only coffee but a bag containing 33 kilos of cocaine," Berlin police said in a statement.

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Jordan's Game-Worn Shoes Fetch $33,000

A pair of sneakers worn by Michael Jordan when he played basketball at the University of North Carolina sold for $33,387 on Thursday, U.S. media reported.

Grey Flannel Auctions, which sold the shoes, told ESPN they were consigned by a high school team-mate of Jordan and that the winning bidder preferred to remain anonymous.

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Broken Treetop Hanging on Wire Gets Holiday Decor

Some Washington state residents are getting in the holiday spirit by decorating a Douglas fir that toppled onto an unused utility line in a recent windstorm and looks like an upside-down Christmas tree.

The 12-foot top of the tree that snapped off now dangles on the line on Indian Island, about 40 miles northwest of Seattle across Puget Sound.

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Jilted Man Finds Travel Partner with Ex-Fiancee's Name

Dumped by his fiancee last month, Jordan Axani lost not just his future bride, but a travel companion for the round-the-world trip he had been planning to leave on next week.

The non-refundable, non-transferable plane tickets -- usable only under his name and that of his former love -- might have been forfeited.

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Among Change, Gift of Jewels for Salvation Army

In one of its famous red kettles in South Florida, the Salvation Army has received a gift worth more than a little bit of change: an emerald and diamond necklace.

On Tuesday afternoon, the agency received a call directing bell ringers to check a kettle in Doral, a Miami suburb. There, a worker found the necklace and a note telling the group to keep up the good work.

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Johns Hopkins Mistakenly Welcomes Wrong Students

Johns Hopkins University mistakenly sent nearly 300 applicants welcome messages when they were actually rejected or deferred, and now the school has issued an apology.

University officials told The Washington Post ( it was a mistake of human error. Vice Provost David Phillips said a contractor who works with Johns Hopkins on electronic communications pulled a wrong list of emails.

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