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Thieving Monkey Bound and Caged in India's Mumbai

The captured monkey, its arms tied tightly behind its back, sits crouched over in a Mumbai residential colony trying with its teeth to untie the cord bound around its ankles.

But this primate -- caught just moments ago by a professional monkey catcher in India's commercial capital -- isn't going anywhere for a while, other than straight into a cage.

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Crew Grounded over Bollywood Crooner's Mid-Air Concert

India's Jet Airways has grounded five crew members for allowing a Bollywood singer to perform over the in-flight announcement system, an airline spokesman said Friday, prompting a social media backlash against the decision.

The temporary suspension of the crew comes after a video showing singer Sonu Nigam's impromptu performance last month went viral, prompting an investigation by authorities.

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Britain's Top Restaurants Ditch a La Carte Menus

In the name of reducing waste and freeing up chefs' creativity, top British restaurants are doing away with long menus to give diners a limited selection of dishes or no choice at all.

"It is we who decide," said Mikael Jonsson, head chef at Hedone in the district of Chiswick in west London.

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Get a Room! Tokyo Zoo's Bashful Pandas Try for a Baby

Two giant pandas at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo have been given some private time in a bid to create a romantic environment in which the bashful creatures can mate.

Public viewing was halted on Thursday in the hope that male Ri Ri -- who zookeepers confirmed has looked friskier in recent days -- will take advantage of the fleeting window that female Shin Shin is in heat.

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Dutch Police to Counter Drones with Eagles

Dutch police are turning to a phalanx of winged predators to solve the problem of unauthorized drone flights in restricted areas such as airports and over crowds: eagles.

Police officers, who are looking for the best way to intercept unauthorized drones, are conducting tests with the birds of prey together with a specialized Dutch company called Guard from Above, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

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Flying Solo: Chinese Woman only Passenger on New Year Flight

A Chinese woman heading home for the holidays had a commercial airline flight all to herself after grueling delays winnowed down other passengers.

As nearly 100,000 people found themselves stranded at train stations in Guangzhou on Monday trying to leave, the woman, surnamed Zhang, documented her unique trip to the city on social media.

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Japan Vagina Kayak Artist Defiant as Prosecutors Seek Fine

A Japanese artist charged with obscenity for distributing a design for a kayak shaped like her vagina scoffed Monday at a demand by prosecutors to punish her with a $6,600 fine and vowed to appeal if found guilty.

Megumi Igarashi's case has drawn widespread attention and sparked accusations of heavy-handed censorship in a country known for its multi-billion-dollar pornography industry but where actual depictions of genitalia are banned.

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Bidet Wielded as Weapon in Italy Brawl

Italian police arrested a man for attempted murder on Sunday after he threw a bidet out of a window to knock out his adversary during a brawl, according to media reports.

A kick-around between neighborhood boys in Pozzuoli near Naples degenerated when one player accused another of a particularly dirty foul, and the resulting scuffle deteriorated when youngsters' parents stepped in to defend their offspring.

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Afghan Version of 'Be Like Bill' Makes Online Splash

An Afghan iteration of the popular "Be Like Bill" Internet meme has gone viral online, with its Facebook posts extolling good Samaritan deeds resonating widely with the war-torn country's youth.

"Be Like Qodos" has attracted more than 66,000 likes on its Dari Facebook page in over two weeks, a sizable number in a country where few have access to the Internet.

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Italian Fugitive Mobster Caught after Sneaking to See Newborn Son

Italian anti-mafia police have captured a wanted mobster in Naples after he risked sneaking from one hideout to another to see his newborn son, local media reported Saturday.

Nicola De Martino, 23, is accused of being a member of the Camorra organized crime group and was subject to an international arrest warrant for mafia association, drug trafficking and carrying illegal firearms.

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