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Brazil Alters Flight Number on Clairvoyant Crash Call

Brazilian airline TAM changed one of its flight numbers after a renowned clairvoyant predicted a plane bearing the original number would crash shortly after takeoff.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, who says he predicted the deaths of Princess Diana and Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna, told authorities flight JJ3720, set to depart Wednesday from Sao Paulo to Brasilia, would develop engine trouble and crash on Sao Paulo's main Paulista drag.

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Giraffes on a Plane? Most Wanted List Released

Have you seen a man who loaded live giraffes into a Tanzanian military plane for delivery to Qatar? If so Interpol would like to speak with you.

The international police agency Interpol recently began a Most Wanted campaign of suspects who have carried out such environmental crimes as wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing, illegal logging and trading in ivory.

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'From Syria With Love': State TV Claims World Record

A youth channel owned by Syrian state television claims to have broken the record for the longest non-stop chat show ever broadcast, airing a program that ran 70 hours.

Two hosts, Areej Zayat and Reine Neilah, broadcast the "From Syria With Love" show on the Talaqi channel from 9:00 pm local time (1900 GMT) on Tuesday to 7:00 pm on Friday.

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'Anti-Barbie' Doll Goes on Sale in U.S.

She's short, brunette, has an average body shape and can even be given cellulite and acne: the 'anti-Barbie' doll is ready to go on sale in the United States.

The brainchild of 26-year-old graphic designer Nickolay Lamm, the "Lammily" doll will begin shipping next week with the sales pitch that "average is beautiful."

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Lost New Mexico Kitten Ends up in Maine

A New Mexico woman's missing kitten has been located in Maine, although exactly how the feline made the 2,300-mile trip remains a mystery.

The female kitten, named Spice, was turned into the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook earlier this month by a man who found her inside a duffel bag outside a Portland thrift store.

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41 Feet: Oregon Festival's Giant Nutcracker

Sponsors of the annual holiday festival near Roseburg have commissioned a whopper of a centerpiece — a wooden nutcracker intended to stand 41 feet tall, weigh more than 16,000 pounds and work its jaw with enough force to crush coconuts.

The statue was created by a Willamette Valley woodworker using chain saws, The News-Review ( reported.

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Thai Leader Pats Reporter on Head, Tugs his Ear

Thailand's military-installed prime minister, known for scolding journalists, is trying a new tack: patting their heads and tugging their ears.

A video posted on Facebook by Bangkok Post reporter Wassana Nanuam shows Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha chatting Wednesday with reporters in the northeastern city of Khon Kaen. Some journalists kneeled in front of him to allow cameras a clear view.

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Schker-Blop! The Sound of a Comet Touchdown

No trumpet sounded to mark the historic event -- instead, it was a hollow, springy plop which heralded last week's landing by the comet probe Philae.

Scientists at the German space agency DLR on Thursday said they had recorded vibrations from sensors on Philae's three legs as the robot lab touched down on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

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UK Hotel Fines Couple for 'Stinking' Review

A British couple said Wednesday they had been fined £100 ($155, 125 euros) by a hotel for leaving a bad review on TripAdvisor calling it a "filthy, dirty, rotten stinking hovel".

Tony and Jan Jenkinson said they were told the extra charge -- almost three times the £36 cost of their room and breakfast -- was imposed by the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool, northern England, under a "no bad review policy".

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Snowstorm Traps Rock Band Interpol

Wednesday's epic snowstorm turned a drive of a few hours into a two-day wintry slog for rock band Interpol, thwarted in its valiant effort to keep its Canada gigs.

The band missed a performance late Tuesday in Toronto and canceled another in Montreal for Thursday after being caught in the blizzard that trapped the musicians in their bus for more than 40 hours.

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