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Officials: Woman Had Cocaine in Custard Packages

Authorities say a woman arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport was carrying something extra in the packets of custard and milk powder in her luggage — cocaine.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says a K-9 unit dog alerted its handler to a suspicious suitcase at the New York airport on Nov. 21. The suitcase's owner was a woman arriving from Georgetown, Guyana.

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Hallmark Pulls Gift Wrap after Swastika Complaint

Hallmark Cards Inc. has removed blue and silver gift wrap from circulation after a customer complained that she saw a swastika embedded in the design.

The Kansas City, Missouri-based company alerted retailers to the problem Monday after receiving a complaint Sunday night from a Walgreen's customer in Northridge, California. The disputed wrap was featured in a Hanukkah display but Hallmark spokeswoman Julie Elliott says the gift wrap wasn't intended for the Jewish holiday.

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Owner Reclaims Sheep Wearing Holiday Sweater

A sheep wearing a festive red-and-green sweater who was found wandering around Omaha has been reunited with his owner.

Owner Margaret Vazquez tells KMTV she initially panicked when the sheep named Gage went missing. She says the sheep "follows me everywhere."

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Abbott's 'Shirtfront' is Australia's Word of the Year

"Shirtfront", an aggressive Australian sports term used by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to challenge Russia's Vladimir Putin, was Wednesday picked as the National Dictionary Center's word of the year, beating "man-bun".

Abbott in October vowed to "shirtfront" -- an Australian Rules football term in which a player charges an opponent -- the Russian president over the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 in rebel-held eastern Ukraine.

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Obama Mocks Himself on Talk Show

U.S. President Barack Obama took on the role of talk show host late Monday, poking fun at himself during an appearance on Stephen Colbert's satirical show.

"The guy is so arrogant, I bet he talks about himself in the third person," a grinning Obama said as he slipped into Colbert's role.

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British MP's Candy Crush Saga Turns Sour

A British lawmaker snapped playing the Candy Crush Saga children's game on his tablet during a pensions debate apologized Monday, saying his conduct was unbecoming for a member of parliament.

In a picture published by The Sun newspaper, Nigel Mills was seen engaging in the popular pastime by swiping his tablet to make lines of sweets explode.

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Widow Places Diamond Ring in Salvation Army Kettle

The Salvation Army found an unusual surprise inside one of its red donation kettles: a diamond engagement ring given by a widow in honor of her late husband.

The charity said Monday the anonymous benefactor placed the diamond ring — valued at $1,850 — and her wedding band in one of the kettles placed outside Boston's North Station last week.

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Postal Worker Says She Stole out of Boredom

Federal authorities say a Detroit-area postal employee accused of stealing as many as 2,000 pieces of mail said she did so out of boredom.

Sharon Berrien is accused of pocketing any cash from the mail and dumping the leftovers along Interstate 94. Most of the items were greeting cards.

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Brazil's 'Girl from Ipanema' Beach Gets Statue of Composer

The statue of late Brazilian musician and composer Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim is unveiled in Rio de Janeiro on December 8, 2014

A statue honoring Brazilian singer-composer Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim was unveiled Monday at the Rio beach where the bossa nova legend immortalized with his song "The Girl from Ipanema."

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Dutch Adventurer Reaches South Pole on Tractor

Dutch actress and adventurer Manon "Tractor Girl" Ossevoort arrived at the South Pole Tuesday after driving a tractor from Europe through Africa and across the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

"It's quite emotional, I'm very happy," Ossevoort told AFP by satellite telephone shortly after arriving at the Pole and fulfilling a decade-long dream.

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