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Flying Roses: Drone Fetes Lebanon Mothers despite Coronavirus

In a quiet Lebanese town under lockdown over the novel coronavirus, a drone buzzed towards a balcony on Saturday to deliver a red rose to a mother grinning in surprise.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put a damper on Mother's Day in Lebanon this year, but three students have come up with a new service to celebrate the occasion without flouting social distancing restrictions.

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Three Ukrainians Charged with Stealing 100,000 Surgical Masks

Three men have been detained in Ukraine, the prosecutor's office said Tuesday, after stealing 100,000 surgical masks as the coronavirus pandemic expands.  

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Italians Take to Singing at Windows to Beat Virus Blues

Italians are beating the social isolation imposed by the country's coronavirus lockdown by taking to their windows and singing in unison, with videos of the phenomenon racking up thousands of views online.

Since Monday a series of decrees from the Italian government have drastically limited citizens' movements, with vast swathes of the economy shut down and people instructed to leave the house only when strictly necessary.

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Man Locks Wife in Bathroom over Coronavirus Fears

Police in Lithuania intervened in a domestic dispute on Wednesday after a man locked his wife in the bathroom over fears that she may be carrying the coronavirus.

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To 11 Million Brazilians, the Earth is Flat

Sitting by a model of the Earth shaped like a pancake, Brazilian restaurant-owner Ricardo lets out an exaggerated laugh: "'Hahaha!' That's how people react when you tell them the Earth is flat," he says.

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Trump Stumbles over Names of Indian Cricket Greats

U.S. President Donald Trump gave a special mention to cricket greats Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli as he began a visit to India on Monday -- but it was probably the first time he had spoken their names.

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Zaha Hadid's 'Exoskeleton' Tower an Instant Miami Landmark

In the heart of Miami, among the towering skyscrapers that rise above Biscayne Bay, the eye-catching new luxury condo building by late star architect Zaha Hadid dominates the skyline.

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Syrian Father and Daughter Laugh off the Shelling

In Syria's Idlib, there's no escaping the war, so Abdullah al-Mohammed says the only way he found to reassure his daughter Salwa was to turn the shelling into a game.

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Gazans Delight in Home-Produced Chocolate Goodies

Off a bumpy dirt road in Gaza city, a group of children stood outside a half-open factory door, desperate to get their hands on what was being made inside. 

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Suspected Fraudsters on Trial for Impersonating French Minister

Suspected fraudsters went on trial in Paris Tuesday accused of impersonating foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in a bizarre scam that saw one even wear a mask in video conferences.

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