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Indian Mother Seeks Groom for Son in First Gay Personals Ad

A newspaper has published a mother's request for a groom for her son after three leading dailies refused, the first gay matrimonial advert published in India where homosexuality is illegal, the family said Wednesday.

Padma Iyer placed the advert for her rights activist son Harish in the matrimonial pages of Mid-Day, the largest selling tabloid in India's financial and entertainment capital Mumbai.

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Large Stuffed Tiger Atop SUV Generates 911 Call

The sight of a stuffed tiger — a very large stuffed tiger — lashed to the top of an SUV cruising around a southwest Washington lake was enough to generate a 911 call from someone who apparently thought it was real.

The Columbian newspaper of Vancouver reports ( ) that Connor Zuvich says he was by Lacamas Lake in Camas on Monday with some friends when a truck came by and dumped some trash and the giant tiger.

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Iowa Capitol Evacuated for Burnt Pizza Crust

Weeks after burned macaroni and cheese emptied out the Iowa Capitol, a charred pizza crust has done it again.

The crust burned Tuesday morning in the Capitol cafeteria, prompting a brief evacuation.

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Are Pop Songs Dumb? Study Offers Evidence

Parents who say their children's music is dumb might have a point. A new study finds that the average hit song has lyrics at a third grader's reading level.

The research took lyrics from 225 songs that topped U.S. charts since 2005 and used standard tests that determine the reading difficulty.

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Wembley Sorry for Middlesbrough Ticket Gaffe

Officials from Wembley Stadium issued an apology on Tuesday after misspelling Middlesbrough's name on tickets for Monday's Championship play-off final against Norwich City.

Middlesbrough was incorrectly spelled “Middlesborough” on the tickets.

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Cannes Denies Enforcing High-Heel Rule on Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival organizers were forced Tuesday to deny a report that they were enforcing a strict high-heel rule for women on its legendary red carpet.

In what was meant to be women's year at cinema's top showcase, an article in a trade magazine about women allegedly turned away from a premiere for wearing "rhinestone flats" sparked a storm of protest on Twitter.

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Flower Power: Turkey Voters to Get 40 Million Flowers

Perhaps they hope that the fragrant smells and blooming petals will be transformed into instant electoral success.

But the penchant of Turkey's politicians for throwing flowers into crowds at rallies has given a huge boost to the domestic flower industry, which expects to deliver 40 million flowers in the run-up to June 7 legislative polls, an association chief said Sunday.

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Floating Currency: Istanbul Airport Scattered with Cash

Cash belonging to Turkey's Central Bank littered the ground of Istanbul's Ataturk Airport after bags of money split open while in transit for Zurich, local media said Friday.

Dozens of stray 10 Turkish Lira bills ($4, 3.4 euros) blew around the apron late Thursday after two sacks from a total 170 note-stuffed bags fell from the cargo hold of a Turkish Airlines plane in transit for Zurich, private Dogan news agency reported.

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Zombies Invade Tokyo Park for Lurch of the Living Dead

The living dead stalked Tokyo Saturday as some 100 zombie fans lurched around a city park for an annual gathering in grisly makeup.

Assorted representatives of the undead staggered their mindless way through Yoyogi Park covered in gore and fake blood, some making it a family outing with their zombie infants in tow and enjoying the startled reactions of passersby.

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Beaver Takes Shopping Trip Inside Alaska Hardware Store

A beaver walked into an Alaska hardware store on Friday, but couldn't find anything for his lodge.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports ( the beaver triggered the automatic doors and walked into Lowe's about 7 a.m. Friday.

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