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'Take Your Clothes Off, Be Like Me!' Says Wise-Cracking Robot

A wise-cracking humanoid robot called Pepper whose makers claim can read people's emotions was unveiled in Tokyo last month.

Mobile carrier Softbank, which created the robot, says Pepper can understand 70 to 80 percent of spontaneous conversations -- although it also answers from a set number of pre-programmed responses.

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Man Claims Kingdom so Daughter Can be Princess

A Virginia man says he has claimed a kingdom in Africa so his daughter can be a princess.

Jeremiah Heaton told the Bristol Herald Courier ( that he recently trekked to a small, mountainous region between Egypt and Sudan called Bir Tawil. No country claims the land.

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U.S. Study: Your Friends May be Your Fourth Cousins

People tend to choose friends that are genetically similar to themselves, so much so that a person's social circle could be made up of their fourth cousins, scientists said Monday.

The research is based on the Framingham Heart Study in the northeastern US state of Massachusetts, which contains both extensive genetic detail -- 1.5 million markers -- and information about friends and connections.

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NYC Man's Long-Lost Class Ring Turns Up in Greece

More than 40 years after a New York man last saw his high school class ring, the love token his wife had until their wedding night popped up on a Greek island.

How it got to Naxos after it disappeared with his bride's purse at their wedding reception is a mystery. But earlier this month, the ring arrived by mail on Staten Island.

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Giant African Snails Seized at Los Angeles Airport

Inspectors at Los Angeles International Airport seized an unusually slimy package — 67 live giant African snails that are a popular delicacy across West Africa.

The snails — which are prohibited in the U.S. — arrived from Nigeria and were being sent to a person in San Dimas, said Lee Harty, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Customs and Border protection.

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Singapore Gambling Council in Germany Gaffe Tweaks Ad

A Singaporean campaign group ridiculed for suggesting that Germany was a risky bet in the World Cup used the tournament's outcome Monday to drive home its anti-gambling addiction message -- and quickly got panned again.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) was derided last week for a television commercial featuring a sad-looking boy named "Andy" telling friends his father had wagered the kid's savings on Germany.

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Japan Zoo Makes Wild Fashion Statement With Lion-Ripped Jeans

A Japanese zoo has taken the catwalk to a wild new level, using some of its fiercest inhabitants to rip and claw jeans to a fashionably distressed look.

The facility northeast of Tokyo has unveiled "Zoo Jeans", styled by the fangs and claws of lions, tigers and bears.

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Divers, Snorkelers Converge for Undersea 'Concert'

Nearly 500 divers and snorkelers submerged in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary on Saturday for a "concert" beneath the sea broadcast by a local radio station.

The 30th annual Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival, held at Looe Key Reef along the continental United States' only living coral barrier reef, featured four hours of commercial-free music piped below the surface via a series of underwater speakers.

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Bangladesh Fan Unfurls 3.5 km German flag before World Cup

Germany has honored a Bangladesh farmer and diehard fan for making a 3.5-kilometer-long (2.2 mile) flag of the country in support of Philipp Lahm's World Cup team, officials said Sunday.

The massive flag was on display Saturday at a stadium in the western town of Magura, which the German charge d'affaires, Ferdinand von Weyhe, visited to pay tribute to the farmer.

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Kodiak, Alaska, Has Most Expensive Haircut in U.S.

If you've seen a lot of long-haired men on Alaska's Kodiak Island, this might be the reason.

A new study finds the City of Kodiak has the priciest men's haircut in the nation, on average at $26.67 a cut. The national average is $13.95 a cut.

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