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Argentine President to Give Salary to Soup Kitchen

Argentina's new president Mauricio Macri, a business-friendly conservative from a wealthy family, will donate his salary to a Buenos Aires soup kitchen, a local newspaper reported Friday.

Macri, who earns 100,000 pesos a month as president ($7,500) -- 61,000 pesos after taxes -- will sign his paycheck over to a private charity that feeds 1,800 needy people daily in the poor neighborhood of Villa Soldati on the Argentine capital's south side, newspaper Clarin reported.

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Pakistani Boy Cuts Off Own Hand after 'Blasphemy' Mistake

A 15-year-old Pakistani boy cut off his own hand believing he had committed blasphemy, only to be celebrated by his parents and neighbors for the act, police told AFP Friday.

Local police chief Nausher Ahmed described how an imam told a gathering at a village mosque that those who love the Prophet Mohammad always say their prayers, then asked who among the crowd had stopped praying.

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Japan Firm Has an App for That

Ever wonder what your pet Fido or feline is really thinking when you stroke or walk them? 

A Japanese company has developed a small device that, when attached to the necks of dogs and cats, it says can analyse more than 40 kinds of movements to discern their emotions.

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Indian Students Walk Barefoot on Broken Glass

About 70 Indian students walked barefoot over broken glass in an apparent bid to overcome exam phobia and stage fright, sparking a probe into the unusual character-building exercise.

Children as young as 12 took part in the ceremony on Wednesday intended to boost their mental health at a private coaching centre in the western state of Gujarat.

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Given Chance, Pigs Freed in French Motorway Accident Don't Fly

Dozens of live pigs tumbled out of a truck that overturned on a French motorway Wednesday, but showed little appetite for their sudden freedom.

"Most of the animals stayed near the vehicle," a road safety official, Captain Jean Chevassu, told AFP. 

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Russia Prison Chief Arrested for 'Stealing 50Km Road'

Russia on Wednesday detained a senior prison service official on suspicion of stealing a 50-kilometer (31 mile) stretch of public road, investigators said.

Alexander Protopopov oversaw the dismantling of a concrete highway and sold off the slabs as prison service chief in the far northern Komi region, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

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Dutch Woman Uses 'Bushcraft' to Survive Australian Ordeal

A Dutch woman lost in a "dense and unforgiving" Australian forest for five days used "bushcraft", including covering herself with mud and stuffing her clothing with river moss, to stay alive, police said Wednesday.

Veronique Biunkens, 41, was staying at a retreat in Victoria state when she went for a walk in the bush last Thursday near Buchan, about 355 kilometers (220 miles) east of the state capital Melbourne, and did not return.

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'El Chapo' Shirt Lands U.S. Store in Dubious Limelight

No one would have called Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman a fashion icon when photos of his arrest last week showed the recaptured capo in a smeared, dirty undershirt.

But one Los Angeles retailer is cashing in on an altogether more dapper depiction of the kingpin, in a newly iconic snapshot with Sean Penn.

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Burglar Calls Police to Escape Pizzeria Owner's Wrath

A frightened burglar in Sweden called police on Tuesday after hiding in the toilets of a pizzeria to escape the wrath of its owner, police said.

An alarm at the restaurant, in the eastern Swedish city of Uppsala, alerted the owner to the ongoing break-in at around 3:15 am (0215 GMT).

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The Shining: UK Commuters Told Trains Delayed by Sunlight

It's the dark days of one of the rainiest British winters on record. So some London commuters were surprised to hear their trains had been delayed because of the sun.

Rail operator Southeastern tweeted Tuesday that "we had severe congestion through Lewisham due to dispatching issues as a result of strong sunlight." The company said low winter sun was hitting monitors at an angle that meant the drivers could not see them.

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