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Muslim Visitors to Japan Forecast to Hit a Million by 2020

Muslim visitors to Japan are expected to reach one million a year by 2020, triple the 2013 level, as it further opens up to tourists, a specialist travel firm said Friday.

Singapore-based CrescentRating, which promotes "halal" or Islam-compliant travel, said Southeast Asia would be a key source for Muslim tourists after Tokyo eased visa requirements.

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Interfaith House of Prayer to be Built in Berlin

A rabbi, an imam and a priest start praying together under the same roof. It may sound like the start of a joke, but hopes are high it will become reality in Berlin.

The three men are working together to build a common house of worship — the "House of One" — in the center of the capital that will include a church, a mosque and a synagogue, as well as a joint meeting hall at the center of the building.

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London's Theaters in 'Golden Period' Says Study

London's theater scene is experiencing a "golden period," better attended than Premier League football and taking more at the box office than cinema in the capital, a report said Thursday.

"We believe this makes London the biggest theater city in the world," said a report by the Society of London Theater and the National Theater.

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Saving Private Smith: Real WWI Story that Beats Hollywood

"Saving Private Ryan" became a Hollywood classic with its heroic tale of how a World War II soldier was rescued from the front line after losing three of his brothers in action.

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French Ballet Stars Offer Hope to Tiny Fukushima Dancers

A group of French ballet stars from the renowned Paris Opera donned tutus and tights in the shadow of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant and twirled their way into the hearts of local students.

About ten dancers held classes at the weekend, their second visit to the region since the 2011 disaster.

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Seventy Years on, Poles still Deeply Moved by Warsaw Uprising

As Poles mark 70 years since insurgents launched a valiant but bloody and doomed rebellion against the Nazis, the Warsaw Uprising is still very much alive in hearts and minds, as is the belief that in the end, freedom wins.

"Today, there's a fierce battle for freedom in Ukraine. The same sacrifices and the human and economic toll is great, just like 70 years ago here in Warsaw," said Ewa Borkowska-Pastwa, the leader of Poland's national scouting organization, heavily involved in this year's memorial ceremonies.

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China Promises to Remove Urban-Rural Registration Divide

China is to scrap the distinction between its urban and rural household registration systems, it said, promising migrant workers greater social benefits as it pushes an urbanization drive that has seen hundreds of millions of people move to cities.

The country will implement a single household registration -- or "hukou" -- system, said the State Council, or cabinet.

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Isolated Indigenous Make Contact with Outside World in Brazil

Isolated native people wearing loincloths and carrying bows and arrows have emerged from the Amazon rainforest and made contact with the outside world in a video released by Brazil's indigenous authority.

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S.Africa Shantytown Forces Anti-Apartheid Museum to Close

South African shantytown residents have forced the closure of a museum honouring anti-apartheid heroes, accusing the authorities of building "a house for dead people" while they live in squalor.

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Hindenburg, 80 Years On, Still Divides Germany

Field Marshal Hindenburg, a decorated hero of World War I but also the president who paved the way for Hitler's rise, still divides Germany 80 years after his death.

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