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Free Speech Concerns as Extreme-Right Evicted from Web

A sweeping crackdown by U.S. internet and social media companies on neo-Nazi and white supremacist material has sparked warnings in America that the web's grand promise of free speech is on the rocks.

Over the past week, Vanguard America, Daily Stormer and other such ultra-right racist groups and their members known for extremely violent and offensive postings and websites were essentially scrubbed from the public web.

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Malala Wins Place at Oxford University

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban for advocating education for girls in her native Pakistan, announced Thursday she has won a place to study at Oxford University.

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Britain's Big Ben to Fall Silent for Four Years

Britain's much-loved Big Ben will fall silent for four years from next week as conservation work is carried out on the famous 19th century bell in a clock tower next to the Houses of Parliament.

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Iran Arrests Six for Teaching Zumba

Four boys and two girls have been arrested in Iran for teaching "Western" dance moves including Zumba, a Colombian fitness routine, a local Revolutionary Guards commander said.

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'Magical Negro': The Racist Cliche Hollywood Won't Drop

One trope in filmmaking that is sure to draw scorn from culturally aware critics is the "Magical Negro" -- a black character whose sole purpose is to help the white protagonist.

From Whoopi Goldberg's psychic Oda Mae Brown in "Ghost" (1990) to Chief Gus Mancuso, played by Laurence Fishburne, in 2016's "Passengers," it is a relatively new device with roots deep in the traditions of American storytelling.

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Chinese 'Sex and the City' Confronts Awkward Truths

A wildly popular drama likened to "Sex and the City" is breaking ground on China's staid state television with content that strikes at the heart of life today for the nation's urban women.

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At Midnight, Jerusalem Old City's 'Cat Lady' Prowls

It is nearly midnight when Tova Saul, an Orthodox Jew, approaches the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, carrying two large cases and a variety of contraptions.

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Australia Plans Postal Vote on Gay Marriage

Australia will hold a voluntary postal vote on whether to legalise gay marriage if parliament rejects plans for a plebiscite on the contentious issue, the prime minister said Tuesday.

Parliament's upper house, the Senate, last November rebuffed plans for a national plebiscite involving 15 million people, with the Labor opposition, Greens and crossbench MPs arguing it would be expensive and spark divisive debate.

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Birthplace of Apostle Peter Found in Israel, Says Archaeologist

Researchers may have found the home town of Peter and two other apostles of Jesus near the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel, an archaeologist said Monday.

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Two Pussy Riot Members Detained over Protest in Siberian City

Russian police on Monday detained two members of Pussy Riot after they staged a protest in support of a jailed Ukrainian filmmaker in a Siberian city.

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