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End Ban on Women Driving, U.N. Expert Tells Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's government should end the kingdom's ban on women driving and reform the male guardianship system, a United Nations independent expert said on Thursday.

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Calls Mount against Tunisia Jail-for-Joint Law

Tunisia is facing mounting calls, from rights groups all the way up to the head of state, to reform a law that jails youths for a year for smoking a joint.

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Sisi Reopens Egypt's Islamic Museum Damaged in Bombing

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reopened the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo on Wednesday, three years after a car bombing partially destroyed the building.

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Outrage over German Populist's Call to End Nazi Guilt

A leading member of German anti-immigration party AfD sparked an outcry Wednesday over his criticism of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin and calls to stop focusing on the country's Nazi past.

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Italy Toasts its Real-Life Sherlock Holmes

With his Sherlock Holmes-style penchant for using multiple disguises to help crack his cases, Giuseppe Dosi was no ordinary policeman.

And nearly 36 years after his death, Italians are still discovering the secrets of the "artist detective".

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Russia Adoption Law Discriminatory, Says European Court

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Russia's policy of refusing to allow Americans to adopt Russian children, solely because of their nationality, was discriminatory. 

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Gay Rights Progress Faces Europe Backlash

Europe has made enormous progress on gay rights since the 1990s, but those gains are now being threatened by rising intolerance, according to activists from across the continent.

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Lack of Customers Final Nail for Lebanese Coffin Maker in Tripoli

In a tiny workshop in Lebanon's Tripoli, coffin maker Michel Homsi takes a drag on a cigarette, surrounded by his carefully crafted handiwork, waiting for customers that never seem to arrive.

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No Country for Old Men: Japan's Elderly Inmates Prefer Jail

Every day is the same. He wakes at 6:45 am, eats breakfast 20 minutes later and reports for work at eight o'clock sharp. But this isn't your typical Japanese salaryman.

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Saudi Mufti Warns of 'Depravity' of Cinema, Concerts

Saudi Arabia's highest-ranking cleric has warned of the "depravity" of cinemas and music concerts, saying they would corrupt morals if allowed in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

"We know that singing concerts and cinemas are a depravity," Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh said in a television interview cited by Sabq news website late Friday.

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