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Swiss Lawmakers Approve Step towards Burqa Ban

Switzerland's lower house on Tuesday narrowly approved a draft bill on a nationwide burqa ban, the ATS news agency reported, but the measure remains far from coming into force. 

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Corpses of Stray Dogs Paraded in India Street Protest

Police in southern India were investigating political activists on Tuesday for killing dogs, tying the corpses to a pole and parading them in public to protest against dangerous strays.

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Saudi Petition Seeks 'Full' Rights for Women

Thousands of Saudis have signed a petition urging an end to the guardianship system giving men control over the work, study, marriage and travel of female relatives, activists said Tuesday.

The petition calls for the kingdom's women to be treated "as a full citizen, and decide an age where she will be an adult and will be responsible for her own acts", said campaigner Aziza Al-Yousef of Riyadh.

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Polish Charity Auctions Off Pope Cars to Help Syrian Refugees

Cars used by Pope Francis in Poland during the Catholic Church's World Youth Day festival went under the hammer Monday to raise funds for Syrian refugees. 

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Low-Caste Pregnant Woman Attacked in India over Dead Cow

An angry mob in India attacked a low-caste pregnant woman and her family for refusing to clear away a cow carcass because of a weeks-long strike against such work, police said Monday.

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Holocaust Historian 'Will Quit U.S.' if Trump is Elected

Pulitzer prize-winning historian Saul Friedlander, a world authority on the Holocaust, said Friday he would leave the United States if Donald Trump was elected president.

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African American Museum in Washington: A Century of Delays

A century after the project was conceived in the throes of racial segregation, and a few months before the first black US president leaves office, the African American Museum in Washington opens Saturday.

Here are key facts about the first national museum devoted entirely to showcasing African Americans' life, history and culture.

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Chinese Outrage over 'Ugly' Restoration of Great Wall

Chinese social media users were in an uproar Friday over restoration of a 700-year-old section of the Great Wall that has been covered in concrete, turning it into a smooth, flat-topped path.

Known as one of the most beautiful portions of the "wild", unrestored wall, the eight-kilometer (five-mile) Xiaohekou stretch in northeast Liaoning province was built in 1381 during the Ming Dynasty.

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Pope Talks Peace with Faith Leaders in Assisi

Pope Francis met for peace talks in Assisi Tuesday with faith leaders and victims of war, broaching the issues of growing religious fanaticism and escalating violence around the world.

"Today more than ever, we need peace in the face of this war that is everywhere in the world," the Argentine said ahead of his trip, which came as fighting resumed in Syria and the US investigated an attack possibly linked to the Islamic State group.

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Don't Confuse Islam and Terror, Says French Muslim Woman

A young French Muslim woman who lost three family members in the July 14 jihadist attack on Nice made an impassioned plea Monday not to confuse the Islamic faith with terrorism.

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