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Austria Launches Action to Seize Hitler's House

Austria's government submitted Friday a law to seize the house where Hitler was born, in a bid to stop the building becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.

The large corner house in the quaint northern town of Braunau am Inn near the German border where the Nazi dictator was born in 1889 has been owned by the family of a local woman for more than a century.

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NO LABEL, the Most Ambitious Anti-bullying Organization You’ll Ever Meet!

No Label NGO launched Talks with No Label, under the theme "Make a Change. Follow your Dreams.”

This event was a chance to learn from people who made a change in their community by following their dreams and passion towards success, as they shared their stories and inspired others to do the same.

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Eleven States Sue U.S. Government over Transgender Bathroom Access

Eleven U.S. states sued President Barack Obama's administration Wednesday to try to overturn federal guidelines demanding that public schools allow transgender students to access the bathroom of their choice.

In the joint filing in U.S. District Court in Wichita Falls, Texas, the states accused the federal government of trying to rewrite laws by "executive fiat."

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Indonesia Introduces Death, Chemical Castration for Pedophiles

Indonesia's president Wednesday approved tough new punishments for child sex offenders, including a maximum penalty of death and chemical castration, after the brutal gang-rape and murder of a schoolgirl.

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Trump Tower Becomes Hot New York Tourist Magnet

New York is packed with some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world but there's a hot new ticket in town: Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

Americans from out of state, Israeli teenagers, a tourist group from China and Europeans -- all have been seen stopping off at the place that is the nerve center of Donald Trump's maverick campaign to win the White House.

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No Work, No Trade on Empty Silk Road in Northern Afghanistan

Some days there is no train at all crossing the bridge to Uzbekistan, yawns a customs officer in Hairatan, formerly a teeming Silk Road border town whose decline is a barometer of economic depression in Afghanistan's north.

"The camel driver is at work; the caravan is being readied," proclaimed the mystic poet Rumi, born in Balkh province, where Hairatan is located and through which passes one of the routes of the ancient trade network. "He asks why we travelers are asleep."

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Christie's Fined over Elephant Ivory Sale

Christie's auction house has been fined £3,250 ($4,750, 4,270 euros) for selling a piece of elephant ivory without the correct documentation, London police said Tuesday.

The silver-mounted tusk, put up for auction last year, did not have the right documentation under wildlife protection laws, a police statement said.

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Native Americans Step up Fight over Sacred Object Auctions

In an international battle stretching from Native American lands in the American West to the auction houses of Paris, two tribes on Tuesday renewed a years-long campaign to prevent the sale of sacred objects.

The Acoma Pueblo Nation located in New Mexico and The Hoopa Valley Tribal Nation of California have announced their opposition to a scheduled sale next week of close to 500 artifacts at Paris' EVE auction house.

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Malian Seeks Forgiveness for Razing of Timbuktu, ICC Told

A Malian jihadist will seek forgiveness from his people for attacking the world heritage site of Timbuktu when he pleads guilty at an unprecedented case before an international war crimes court, his lawyer said Tuesday.

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Ashes of Late Writer Garcia Marquez Head Home to Rest in Colombia

The ashes of the late Nobel Prize-winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be laid to rest near his seaside home in Colombia on Sunday.

The bestselling author of the modern classic "One Hundred Years of Solitude" died in April 2014 in his adopted home of Mexico at the age of 87.

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