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Boy, 9, Shoots Dead Sister over Video Game Controller

A nine-year-old boy shot dead his sister, 13, in the southern U.S. state of Mississippi following an argument about a video game controller, local media reported Monday.

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Egypt Censors Play about Run-Up to 2011 Revolution

An Egyptian theater group has announced canceling a play that was due to open Sunday as part of an annual festival after state censors demanded that five scenes be removed.

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Japan Cult Spinoffs Persist Two Decades after Sarin Attack

More than two decades after Japan's Aum Shinrikyo cult plunged Tokyo into terror by releasing a nerve agent on rush-hour subway trains, its spinoffs continue to attract new followers.

Cult head Shoko Asahara is on death row, along with 12 of his disciples, for crimes including the subway attack, which killed 13 people and injured thousands.

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Iraqi Enthusiasts Search for Relics of Royal Past

At the heart of a Baghdad flea market, nostalgia for Iraq's royal past is on full display as collectors and investors gather to buy relics from a bygone era.

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Baby Donald Trump Causes a Stir in Afghanistan

Donald Trump flops over his pink and white baby walker and rolls it around his family's modest home in Kabul, blissfully unaware of the turmoil his "infidel" name is causing in the deeply conservative Muslim country.

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Spring Comes to Tokyo with First Cherry Blossoms

Spring officially arrived in Tokyo on Saturday as Japan's weather agency declared the start of the cherry blossom season, prompting viewers to party under the trees with cherry-related items flooding the capital.

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UK Rolls Out National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security Around its Program in Lebanon

British Ambassador Hugo Shorter and Head of the Department for International Development in Lebanon Bruce Lawson-McDowall hosted a roundtable with Lebanese civil society members on women’s empowerment to mark this year’s International Women’s Day theme: Press for Progress on Gender Equality. This is one of several activities the embassy has undertaken to mark International Women’s Day over the past week, a press release said on Friday.

Addressing youth leaders, activists and embassy partners, Ambassador Shorter announced the local Lebanon launch of the new UK National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security under UN Security Council Resolution 1325. ‘This Plan places women at the very centre of the UK’s conflict prevention, peace building, security and humanitarian work, and is key to promoting global gender equality. This means taking into consideration of women’s needs in conflict and recognizing the crucial role women play as participants, decision-makers and leaders in their community and in nations as a whole. And crucially, it means ensuring women are involved in planning and delivery of every programme, every activity we support at every stage, here in Lebanon and across the world’.

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Stephen Hawking, the 'Superhuman' Pop Culture Star

Very few people may have read and understood "A Brief History of Time", but the physicist Stephen Hawking carved himself out a place in pop culture equaled only by Albert Einstein.

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Lebanese Novelist, Feminist Emily Nasrallah Dies at 87

Prominent Lebanese novelist and lifelong women's rights activist Emily Nasrallah has died at the age of 87.

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London Mosques Get Listed Status Celebrating Muslim Heritage

Two London mosques were given special listed status Tuesday in recognition of their architectural and historic importance, in a move a government minister said celebrated "the rich heritage of Muslim communities in England".

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