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UK's 'Fake Sheikh' Sting Journalist Jailed for 15 Months

British journalist Mazher Mahmood, better known as the "Fake Sheikh" who caught out a string of celebrities in tabloid stings, was on Friday jailed for 15 months for perverting the course of justice.

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First Prince Music to be Released Posthumously

Prince's label on Friday announced it will release the first posthumous music from the pop icon including an entire second album to accompany "Purple Rain."

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Star Scarlett Johansson to Run Paris Popcorn Shop

It isn't -- until you think about it -- an obvious career move for a movie star.

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Eminem Re-Emerges to Savage Donald Trump

Rap superstar Eminem re-emerged Wednesday with a loaded lyrical attack on Donald Trump, in a nearly eight-minute song in which he also identifies with the Black Lives Matter cause.

The top-selling rapper of all time, Eminem has been relatively quiet in the past several years but wrote on Facebook that he was working on a new album.

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Scorsese Film about Japan's Hidden Christians Out for Christmas

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese told an audience in Tokyo Monday his long-awaited film about the persecution of Christians in 17th century Japan will hit the big screen just before Christmas.

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Singer Phil Collins Announces Comeback Gigs for Next summer

There'll be no early retirement for star singer Phil Collins.

The 65-year-old former Genesis frontman Monday announced plans for gigs next summer in London, Paris and Cologne. The tour will be called: "Not Dead Yet, Live."

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Homegrown Fashion Industry Bursts onto Scene in Cuba

Like so much else in Cuba, shopping for clothes isn't easy.

Buying a simple pair of socks or a T-shirt means choosing between the wildly overpriced, shoddy offerings of state-run stores and the bales of low-priced clothing illegally imported by "mules" traveling from the United States, Ecuador or Panama.

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Rihanna Surprise Guest of McCartney at 'Oldchella'

The Desert Trip festival is all about showcasing rock veterans and their baby-boomer fans but its second weekend featured one of the top stars of the young generation -- Rihanna.

The R&B superstar joined Paul McCartney on stage Saturday night in the California desert to join in "FourFiveSeconds," the song the former Beatle released last year with both Rihanna and rap giant Kanye West.

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Two Wounded in Break-in at Supermodel's California Mansion

An intruder was shot and a security guard stabbed during a break-in at the Malibu mansion of supermodel Miranda Kerr, police and local media reported.

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Brexit Will Make Poor Poorer Warns Film-Maker Ken Loach

Wages in Britain will be pushed down by Brexit and ordinary people will pay the price of the country's departure from the EU, film-maker Ken Loach warned Friday.

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