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Rapper Big Sean Ends Engagement to Naya Rivera

Rapper Big Sean and actress Naya Rivera are no longer engaged.

A spokeswoman for the rapper announced Wednesday that he has canceled plans to marry the "Glee" star. Publicist Tracy Nguyen said Sean hopes the two can continue to work through their issues privately.

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Rolling Stone Flubs Constitution Tattoo on Cover

Julia Louis-Dreyfus better hope her latest tattoo is a temporary one.

The cover image of next month's Rolling Stone magazine featuring the "Veep" star depicts a nude Louis-Dreyfus with a tattoo of the U.S. Constitution signed by John Hancock across her back. The problem is Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

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Autopsy on Peaches Geldof Proves Inconclusive

The autopsy on Live Aid founder Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches, who died suddenly aged 25, proved inconclusive, police said Wednesday, as they awaited the results of toxicology tests.

Peaches, who wrote for British magazines and newspapers and presented celebrity-driven television shows, was found dead at her countryside home on Monday.

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Movie Review: Alan Partridge (2013)

Written by Anthony Sargon

“Alan Partridge”, or “Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa” as it was originally released in the U.K, is the big-screen debut of Steve Coogan’s fictional radio-host character; Alan Partridge. I walked into the flick with absolutely no prior knowledge of the character, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. To my delight, I discovered a funny and surprisingly smart comedy that I can easily recommend to anyone.

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Sharon Stone Kept Overnight in Brazil Hospital

Hollywood actress and producer Sharon Stone spent a night in a Sao Paulo hospital for treatment by an infectious diseases specialist, Brazilian media said Tuesday.

The "Basic Instinct" star, 56, who reportedly had a near-fatal stroke in 2001, went into the prestigious Sirio Libanes hospital Sunday and was released the next day, news website G1 and newspaper O Globo reported.

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Review: 'Only Lovers' a Moody Vampire Movie

"The Thin Man" with blood cocktails, an ode to hipsterism through the ages, a mainline shot of cool and a playful tribute to artistic fetishism, Jim Jarmusch's vampire romance "Only Lovers Left Alive" is an addictive mood and tone piece, a nocturnal reverie that incidentally celebrates a marriage that has lasted untold centuries. Almost nothing happens in this minor-key drift through a desolate, imperiled modern world, and yet it is the perennial downtown filmmaker's best work in many years, probably since 1995's "Dead Man," with which it shares a sense of quiet, heady, perilous passage.

Vampire stories come in all shapes and sizes and the blessed and afflicted couple here is well-dressed, madly sophisticated, has impeccable taste in music and literature (the couple's closest friend is Christopher Marlowe) and is still in love like newlyweds. The woman's younger sister considers them condescending snobs, but perhaps that's just a negative way of acknowledging that, given hundreds of years of years of exposure to art and culture, one would be a fool not to have developed a high level of discrimination in such matters.

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Journey's Pineda Plans to Launch Own Music

American rock band Journey's lead vocalist Arnel Pineda says he's been putting together an album of his own compositions in his own voice which he plans to launch within the year.

But he quashed rumors that he is gearing to leave Journey. The Filipino singer says he will stay as long as the band needs him.

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Tunisia Battles to Save Star Wars Desert Set from Sand

Tunisia on Tuesday announced a new international fundraising campaign to reclaim the set where numerous Star Wars scenes were filmed from the encroaching desert.

The set for Mos Espa -- hometown of Anakin Skywalker, the protagonist in the blockbuster film series who later becomes Darth Vader -- was built at Ong Jmel in southern Tunisia in the 1990s for the filming of "Star Wars Episode One - The Phantom Menace."

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Bob Geldof 'Beyond Pain' at Death of Daughter Peaches

Live Aid founder Bob Geldof said his family was "beyond pain" at the death of his socialite daughter Peaches at the age of 25 on Monday.

Police were called to her secluded home outside Wrotham in Kent, southeast England, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her death was being treated as "unexplained and sudden" but non-suspicious, police said.

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'Captain America' Socks Box Office, Eyes Titanic Clash

Kerpow! "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" shot straight to the top of North America's box office this weekend -- socking rivals with the biggest U.S. April opening of all time, figures showed Monday.

And buoyed by the news, Marvel filmmakers announced they will release the Captain's sequel on the same 2016 date as rival Warners' Superman/Batman mash-up hits multiplexes.

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