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Tobacco Firms Get Partial Win over Claims on Smoking Effects

America's largest tobacco companies must inform consumers that cigarettes were designed to increase addiction, but not that they lied to the public about the dangers of smoking, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

The ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is a partial win for cigarette makers in the long-running legal fight that began in the Clinton administration in 1999. In this latest round, the companies objected to running court-ordered advertisements that would have branded themselves as liars.

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Bacteria Blamed in Indigenous Mexican Baby Deaths

Bacteria -- and not a contaminated vaccine as initially suspected -- were to blame for the recent deaths of two Mexican babies and for sickening 29 others, according to an official investigation.

The babies, from the indigenous town of Simojovel in southern Chiapas state, became sick after receiving Hepatitis B shots earlier this month. 

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300-400 New Cholera Cases Per Day among Burundians in Tanzania

Some 3,000 cases of cholera have been reported in Tanzania, mainly among Burundian refugees fleeing political violence, the U.N. said Friday, adding that up to 400 new cases were being counted daily.

So far, 31 people have died of the water-borne disease in the area around the western Tanzanian border town Kaguna, which has been flooded with refugees, the U.N. refugee agency said.

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India's Street Dentists Filling Gap for the Poor

Ignoring noisy buses and curious onlookers, street dentist Allah Baksh plunges his hands into a patient's mouth to fit a sparkling set of dentures for $12 in the Indian city of Bangalore.

With his plastic stool, mirror and glass cases of teeth on display, Baksh is among hundreds of such dentists frowned upon by their licenced counterparts in rapidly modernising India. 

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Malawi Sex Workers to Get Damages over Forced HIV Tests

A Malawi court has ruled that 11 prostitutes who were forced to take HIV tests by police six years ago will be awarded damages, a court official said Thursday citing a judgement.

The sex workers were rounded up in 2009 in the southern city of Mwanza, hauled to a government hospital for HIV testing without their consent and the results were disclosed in an open court.

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Brain Implant Senses 'Intent' to Move Robotic Arm

A new kind of brain implant senses a patient's intent to move a robotic arm, offering new promise to people who are paralyzed or have lost limbs, researchers said Thursday.

Erik Sorto, 34, is "the first person in the world to have a neural prosthetic device implanted in a region of the brain where intentions are made," said the study in the journal Science.

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South Korea Confirms 3 Cases of Mideast Respiratory Virus

South Korea said Thursday it has confirmed three cases of a respiratory virus that has killed hundreds of people in the Middle East.

A 76-year-old man was diagnosed Thursday with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Slovenian Doctor Accused of Killing Seven Patients

A Slovenian doctor was in custody on Thursday on suspicion of having killed at least seven terminally ill patients, authorities said.

"After a very thorough investigation, we believe there are reasonable suspicions of several crimes committed by the accused," state prosecutor Katarina Bergant said.

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Study: Cold Weather More Lethal than Hot Spells

Colder weather kills more people than hot spells, a probe into a key issue of public-health policy said on Thursday.

Researchers looked into 74 million deaths between 1985 and 2012 in 13 countries where there was a wide variety of climate, from chilly to subtropical.

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Sierra Leone Berates Ebola Quarantine Escapees as Cases Surge

Sierra Leone on Wednesday berated the "selfish and shameful" behavior of people risking a resurgence of the Ebola virus by flouting quarantine restrictions, as authorities announced a spike in cases.

The country's National Ebola Response Center (NERC) spoke out as the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed the west African nation and its neighbor Guinea had seen cases quadruple in a week.

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