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Diarrhea Kills 26 Congolese in Ugandan Refugee Camp

Twenty-six Congolese refugees at a fast-growing camp in western Uganda died from acute diarrhea in just three days, the U.N. said Thursday.

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Indian Surgeons Remove 'Heaviest Recorded' Brain Tumor

Indian surgeons who removed a massive brain tumor in a marathon seven-hour procedure said Thursday it could be the heaviest ever recorded.

Santlal Pal, a 31-year-old shopkeeper, had been carrying around a tumor weighing nearly two kilos before the surgery on February 14.

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Study Says No-Sweat Exercise May Prolong Life for the Elderly

A few hours a week of light exercise -- walking the dog, puttering about in the garden -- lower the risk of death in older men, even if workouts are brief, researchers said Tuesday.

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Malawi Cholera Outbreak Kills Nine

A cholera outbreak in Malawi described as "very difficult to contain" has claimed nine lives and affected a total of 541 people nationwide, health officials said on Tuesday.

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Camel-Based Baby Formula to Hit Shelves in Dubai

A UAE-based company has unveiled what it calls the world's first camel-based baby formula, an instant powder mix aimed mainly at infants allergic to cow's milk.

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China Confirms First Human Case of H7N4 Bird Flu

China has confirmed the first human case of H7N4 bird flu, prompting Hong Kong to issue a health warning for those travelling to the mainland during the busy Lunar New Year holiday.

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Thousands of Yemen Dialysis Patients Risk Dying

Thousands of Yemenis suffering from kidney failure risk dying unless dialysis centers in the war-torn country receive more supplies and their staff are paid, the Red Cross said Tuesday.

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Britain Hits Back at Trump over Attack on Healthcare System

Britain reacted angrily on Monday to a tweet from U.S. President Donald Trump attacking its public healthcare system in the latest spat to strain U.S.-UK ties, casting further doubt on his possible visit to London.

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Decriminalize Pot, Says German Police Union

A German police union on Monday called for the "complete decriminalization" of marijuana use in the country, saying current policy was neither "intelligent nor productive" for society.

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As Cancer Survival Rate Grows, So Does Number of New Cases

Even as cancer treatment improves and survival rates go up, so too does the number of people afflicted with the deadly disease, experts said ahead of World Cancer Day.

The 14 million new cancer cases worldwide recorded in 2012 will balloon to 24 million within two decades, outstripping the increase in global population, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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