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How Autism in Girls May Help Reveal the Disorder's Secrets

Think autism and an image of an awkward boy typically emerges, but the way autism strikes girls — or doesn't — may help reveal some of the developmental disorder's frustrating secrets.

Autism is at least four times more common in boys, but scientists taking a closer look are finding some gender-based surprises: Many girls with autism have social skills that can mask the condition. And some girls do not show symptoms of autism even when they have the same genetic mutations seen in boys with the condition.

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Football: Heading the Ball 'Affects Memory'

Heading a football can significantly affect a player's brain function and memory up to a day, a study by researchers at Scotland's Stirling University has said.

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Babies Should Sleep in Parents' Room First Year

To reduce the risk of sudden death, babies should sleep in the same room as their parents but in their own crib or bassinet for the first year of life, US doctors said Monday.

The new policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics still says babies should sleep on their backs, on a clean surface free of toys and blankets, a guideline that has been in place since the 1990s and has reduced sudden infant deaths by about 50 percent.

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Pakistan Top Court Says Schizophrenia Not a Mental Illness

Amnesty International Friday protested a "reprehensible" ruling by Pakistan's Supreme Court that said schizophrenia is "not a permanent mental disorder", in a decision that paves the way for execution of a mentally ill man.

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Facebook Apologizes for Removing Cancer Video

Facebook has apologized for taking down a breast cancer awareness video because the images were flagged as offensive, saying the move was "an error."

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Possible Miscarriage Gene Found

Scientists said Wednesday they had linked mutations in a specific gene with an increased risk of recurrent miscarriages, offering hopes of better diagnosis and treatment for affected women.

The gene, dubbed FOXD1, was first pinpointed in lab mice, a team of international researchers wrote in the Royal Society Journal Open Biology.

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In Lebanon, Saving the Hearts of Syrian Refugee Babies

Nine-month-old Amena al-Helou's skin sizzles as the surgeon cauterises an incision in her chest, beginning a heart operation at a south Lebanon hospital to save the Syrian refugee's life.

She is just one of dozens of refugees treated each year by Lebanon's leading paediatric heart surgeon Issam al-Rassi, who each week sets aside a day to operate on Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

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Ebola Drug ZMapp May Help, But is Not a Miracle Cure

ZMapp, once touted as a miraculous "secret serum" against the deadly Ebola virus, has shown some success but fell short of the bar for effectiveness in a clinical trial, researchers said Wednesday.

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WHO to Send 1 Million Cholera Vaccine Doses to Hurricane-Hit Haiti

The World Health Organization said Tuesday it would send a million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti, which has seen cases of the disease surge since it was ravaged by Hurricane Matthew last week.

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WHO Confirms 11 Cholera Cases in Yemen

The World Heath Organization said Tuesday it had confirmed 11 cases of cholera in Yemen's capital Sanaa, after the UN announced an outbreak of the disease last week.  

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