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UNICEF Decries Sale of Cambodian Breast Milk to US Mothers

UNICEF on Wednesday condemned a company selling breast milk from "vulnerable and poor" Cambodian mothers to Americans, hitting out at the commercialization of nutrients needed by babies inside the kingdom.

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Spider Venom May Offer Hope to Stroke Victims

A protein in the venom of potentially deadly funnel web spiders could minimize the effects of brain damage after a stroke, researchers in Australia said on Tuesday.

Strokes claim six million lives worldwide each year, and five million survivors are left with a permanent disability.

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Conjoined Twin Sisters Born in West Bank Share One Heart

A Palestinian woman gave birth on Thursday to conjoined twin sisters who share a heart, her husband said, as he  launched an urgent search for funds to pay for their surgical separation abroad. 

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Mozambique Cholera Outbreak Infects over 1,200

Mozambique is battling a cholera outbreak that has infected 1,222 people and killed two, the country's health ministry said Tuesday, warning that it has been unable to slow its spread.

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14 Million More Uninsured under Republican Health Plan in 2018

About 14 million fewer Americans will have health insurance next year under the new Republican plan as compared to the current system, Congress' nonpartisan budget analysis office projected Monday. 

"In 2018, 14 million more people would be uninsured under the legislation than under current law," the Congressional Budget Office said in its highly-anticipated report.

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Patients Take Flight as Medical Tourism Booms

Medical tourism has grown into a healthy travel sector as people shop beyond their borders for everything from dental work to plastic surgery, say experts at Berlin's ITB travel fair.

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Syrian Children Suffering 'Toxic Stress'

Syrian children show symptoms of "toxic stress" and are attempting self-harm and suicide in response to prolonged exposure to war, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Children do not feel safe at school and are developing speech disorders and incontinence, and some are even losing the capacity to speak, it said.

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Israel Approves Partial Marijuana Decriminalization

The Israeli government on Sunday approved a plan to partially decriminalize marijuana use in public in favor of fines and treatment, officials said.

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Birth Defects Jump Twentyfold in Zika-Hit Mothers

Pregnant women infected with the Zika virus last year were 20 times more likely to bear children with birth defects than those who gave birth prior to the epidemic, US health officials said Thursday.

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Tanzania Bans Booze Sachets

A ban on alcohol sold in plastic sachets will come into force in Tanzania this week, the government said Wednesday, as it seeks to protect the environment and curb youth boozing.

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