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Summer is Coming to Europe and U.S., and Maybe Zika with It

With summer approaching, Zika may find its way into virus-carrying mosquitoes in Europe or the United States, disease experts have warned, but any outbreaks are likely to be small and short-lived.

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April Month, Autism Month, SESOBEL is Innovating!

Forty years ago, SESOBEL was founded to cater for the needs of children with physical and or mental disabilities (in 2015, SESOBEL assisted 986 children & youth).

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New Front Opens in war on Superbugs

A newly-discovered antibiotic-resistant gene is threatening to open a new front in the war against superbugs by rendering a last-resort drug impotent, experts warn.

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Panel: U.N. Should Compensate Kosovo Roma over Lead Poisoning

A U.N. human rights tribunal in Kosovo said Friday the world body should apologize and compensate the Roma community for the health impact of being housed on lead-poisoned sites after the war in 1999.

The Human Rights Advisory Panel said the U.N. Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) should "publicly acknowledge its failure to comply with applicable human rights standards," make a public apology to the victims and their families and take steps toward paying compensation for material and moral damages.

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California Battles Killer Drug Epidemic

Ten people have died in northern California and scores more have overdosed as an epidemic of street drugs laced with a powerful painkiller sweeps the region.

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Eight Die from Alcohol Poisoning in Western India

Eight people including two soldiers have died after drinking tainted liquor in western India, police said Wednesday, the latest incident of alcohol poisoning in the country.  

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WHO: Number of Adults with Diabetes has Quadrupled since 1980

The number of adults estimated to be living with diabetes surged to 422 million by 2014, a nearly four-fold increase on 1980 figures, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday, in its first-ever global report on the disease.

"Globally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980," the U.N. health agency said, warning that the condition had spread because of worldwide changes "in the way people eat, move and live."

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HRW: Millions Drinking Arsenic-laced Water in Bangladesh

Twenty million poor Bangladeshis are still drinking water contaminated with arsenic, two decades after the potentially deadly toxin was discovered in the supply, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

A new report from the rights group said Bangladesh had failed to take the basic steps needed to tackle the problem, which kills an estimated 43,000 Bangladeshis every year, mostly in poor rural areas.

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Subway Posting Calories throughout U.S. as Regulation Lags

Subway is moving ahead and posting calorie counts on menu boards nationally despite another delay in a federal rule requiring the information.

The sandwich chain says its new menu boards with calorie counts are already rolling out around the country and should be up in all 27,000 of its U.S. stores by April 11. The decision to forge ahead comes as restaurant chains have awaited the Food and Drug Administration's final guidance and enforcement of a rule requiring food sellers with 20 or more locations to post the information.

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Report: EU Citizens Spend over $27 Billion a Year on Drugs

A European Union report says the bloc's citizens spend over $27 billion on drugs and 1 percent of adults use cannabis on an almost daily basis.

Tuesday's report said that 38 percent of the retail market for drugs was cannabis, accounting for some $10.6 billion in annual trade. Behind cannabis, heroin came in second with a value of $7.7 billion a year.

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