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Syrian Refugee Women Tell Stories about Sexual Exploitation in Lebanon

The Syrian refugee woman huddled in the latest room she calls home, a peeling, run-down place outside a north Lebanese village. The mother of six doesn't know how she'll pay the rent. She's gotten by over the past year by taking a series of lovers who would pay for her housing.

But then a few months ago she was arrested for prostitution. That put a scare in her — that and threatening mobile messages from a former lover — so she's trying to go it alone.

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Woman Held in Tripoli over Explosive Belt, Drugs

Lebanese security forces have arrested a woman in the northern city of Tripoli after discovering an explosive belt and drugs in her home, a security source told Agence France-Presse on Friday.

The Lebanese woman, who was not named, is in her thirties and married to a Syrian who is currently in prison in Lebanon for firing at soldiers, the source said.

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Hariri Hails Saudi King's Speech on Terrorism, Gaza

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader MP Saad Hariri on Friday lauded a speech by Saudi King Abdullah, saying it “raised the alarm” over the threats of terrorism in the region and the continued Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

In a statement issued only two hours after the monarch delivered his address, Hariri described the king's remarks as “historic and highly important,” saying they “accurately reflect the painful situation that the Arab region is going through due to the proliferation of terrorism.”

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Lebanon Takes Steps to Guard against Entry of Ebola

With 20,000 citizens living in three countries affected by an Ebola outbreak, Lebanon is taking a series of measures to prevent the virus reaching its shores, government officials said Friday.

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour, during a tour of Beirut airport, said the ministry "has asked all airlines, particularly those bringing people from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, to inform Lebanese authorities about anyone displaying suspicious symptoms."

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrants against Six Suspects for ISIL, Nusra Front Links

Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawan interrogated on Friday six suspects charged with belonging to the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant and al-Nusra Front.

According to the state-run National News Agency, the six men carry Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationalities.

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Suspect behind Firing Rockets against Israel Released

A suspect who was arrested on suspicion of firing rockets against Israel was released from custody on Friday, reported the National News Agency.

It said that Sheikh Hussein Atweh was released on Friday, but will be prevented from traveling from Lebanon due to his health condition.

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Syrian Warplanes Stage Raid on Arsal, Several Wounded

Syrian warplanes raided on Friday several areas on the outskirts of the eastern border town of Arsal, the state-run National News Agency reported.

According to NNA, the jet planes targeted the areas of al-Ajram and al-Zamurani.

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Saniora Meets al-Rahi: No Issues Take Precedence over Electing President

Head of the Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora lamented on Friday the parliamentary blocs' failure to elect a new president given the boycott some powers are practicing over the elections sessions.

He said: “No other issues take precedence over the election of a president.”

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Qabbani Refuses to Budge an Inch, Rejects Election of Sheikh Daryan as his Successor

Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani rejects the election of head of the Sunni Sharia Supreme Court of Lebanon Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan as his successor.

“I am sure that Daryan might be forced despite my rejection, but I will not give my blessing despite all the guarantees,” As Safir newspaper quoted Qabbani as saying on Friday.

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Report: Vatican Says Lebanon's Maronites 'Lost their Minds' over Pursuit of Power

The Vatican has expressed its disappointment and anger with Maronites in Lebanon given the ongoing failure to elect a president, saying that they have become embroiled in Sunni-Shiite disputes rather than cater to their own interests, reported As Safir newspaper on Friday.

Circles from the Vatican told the daily: “The Maronites' obsession with the pursuit of power has made them lose their minds.”

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