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Mustaqbal Urges 'National Settlement' over New President

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc called Tuesday for a “national settlement” aimed at electing a new president, warning over “the continued obstruction of electoral sessions by Hizbullah and the Change and Reform bloc.”

“The presidential void and the continued boycott and obstruction of electoral sessions by Hizbullah and the Change and Reform bloc will only aggravate this dangerous, abnormal situation that the country is going through,” the bloc cautioned in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

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ISF Busts Captagon Ring, Arrests 'Dangerous' Bulgarian Chemical Expert

The anti-drug bureau of the Internal Security Forces has smashed a dangerous Captagon ring that had global connections, the ISF said on Tuesday.

“Months ago, the central anti-drug bureau obtained information about the entry into Lebanon of Bulgarian national B. Carbozov, a chemical expert specialized in manufacturing Captagon pills and amphetamine base,” said an ISF statement.

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Al-Rahi Welcomes 'Any Dialogue' that Can End Political Crisis

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi announced Tuesday his support for any dialogue between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal movement, welcoming any step that might pull the country out of its political crisis.

“Any dialogue is a necessary dialogue and we must not forget that the interruption of dialogue between (the) March 14 and March 8 (coalitions) has led us to what we're currently suffering,” al-Rahi said in response to a question about his opinion on the prospects of dialogue between Hizbullah and Mustaqbal.

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Asiri Says Saudi Backs Dialogue 'Regardless of Regional, Int'l Stances'

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri announced Tuesday that his country supports any dialogue initiative that could pave the way for electing a new Lebanese president, “regardless of the events in the region.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia believes that the priority that Lebanon needs at the moment is enhancing unity among its citizens,” Asiri said after meeting Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain al-Tineh.

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Hizbullah Fighter Ayyad Freed in Return for Two Captives

Hizbullah managed Tuesday to secure the release of one of its fighters who had been in the custody of Syrian groups in the mountains of the Qalamun region near Lebanon's border, which has been witnessing fierce clashes in recent months.

“The captive Imad Ayyad was freed at noon following weeks of negotiations with the abductors,” Hizbullah's media department announced in a statement.

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15-Member Parliamentary Subcommittee to Discuss Food Safety Law

The joint parliamentary committees formed on Tuesday a 10-member subcommittee to tackle the contaminated food scandal, granting it a 15-day ultimatum to draft a food safety law.

The subcommittee that will be headed by Mustaqbal MP Atef Majdalani will work on merging two proposals and form a final food safety law.

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Army Refers Terror Suspect to Judiciary

The army said on Tuesday that it referred a suspect linked to the leader of an armed faction in the northern city of Tripoli to the judiciary after admitting to having participated in terrorist activities.

An army communique said Musab Jamal al-Ayoubi will be prosecuted after he admitted to playing a role in terrorist activities carried out by the group led by Ahmed Miqati.

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Judge Orders Release of Abra Suspect as Army Detains Asir Supporter

The army intelligence apprehended on Tuesday a suspect linked to Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and four others as a judge ordered the release of a detainee linked to the controversial radical preacher.

The state-run National News Agency reported that deputy Military Prosecutor Judge Dani al-Zani ordered the release of Salah Ghassan al-Aqqad, who is linked to al-Asir, from Jezzine prison.

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Lebanon Prioritizes Unity after Refugee Assistance Warning

Prime Minister Tammam Salam is likely to hear during his visit to Brussels next week warnings from several European countries on the drop in assistance to Lebanon over the government’s decision not to accept more Syrian refugees.

An Nahar daily said Tuesday that Salam's talks with European Union officials during his visit to Brussels on Dec. 1 will focus on the refugee crisis.

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Reports: Hizbullah-Mustaqbal Talks in Tatters over Conditions

The dialogue between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal movement should focus on the presidential crisis, a lawmaker from al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc said, a claim that contradicts a statement made by Speaker Nabih Berri about an agreement between the two sides on not putting preconditions for the talks.

The MP, who was not identified, told al-Liwaa newspaper published on Tuesday that the talks between the rival parties should start from the vacuum at Baabda Palace and the sectarian tension gripping the country.

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