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Hariri Affirms 'Amity' with Berri after Latter’s Remarks

Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday said nothing can bring enmity to his relationship with Speaker Nabih Berri, reportedly after the latter “failed” to convince Hariri to lead the upcoming new government.

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Alfa, Touch Employees Go on Strike over Salary Dispute

Hundreds of employees at the country’s two mobile operators went on an “open-ended” strike on Tuesday over alleged plans to cut their salaries and benefits.

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In their Mother's Country, Lebanon Protesters Clamour for Citizenship

Draped in the Lebanese flag, 22-year-old Dana is bursting with pride at taking part in Lebanon's "revolution" -- even if her home country refuses to give her nationality.

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Lebanon Leaders Try to Buy Time to Address Protests

Lebanon's embattled leaders tried to buy time Monday, dodging mounting public pressure over the country's unprecedented economic and political crises.

Nearly four weeks into nationwide protests calling for the ouster of the ruling elite, radical changes demanded by demonstrators have not been implemented.

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Geagea Says Technocrat Ministers Must be Totally Independent

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday emphasized that the new government should be formed of “independent experts,” warning that “some are seeking a government of experts who would be their cronies.”

“This is not what is needed at the moment,” Geagea said after a meeting for the LF-led Strong Republic bloc.

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Aoun Expected to Call for PM Consultations in Tuesday Interview

President Michel Aoun will appear in a TV interview Tuesday at 8:30 pm to talk about the latest developments, the Presidency said on Monday.

Several Lebanese TV networks said the president is expected to announce the date of the binding parliamentary consultations for choosing a new premier during the interview.

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'Sister Protests': Lebanon, Iraq Look to Each Other

A Lebanese flag flutters in the protest-hit Iraqi capital. More than 900 kilometers away, a revolutionary Iraqi chant rings out from a bustling protest square in Beirut.

"Don't trust the rumors, they're a group of thieves," sings a group of Lebanese musicians in Iraqi dialect, referring to political leaders they deem incompetent and corrupt.

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Mustaqbal Says 'Govt. of Experts' Must Lead 'Transitional Phase'

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Monday hailed caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s “responsible stances on preserving people’s freedom to protest and express their opinions in a peaceful manner.”

It also lauded his “strenuous efforts to prepare for a transitional phase in which a government of experts would shoulder the responsibility of restoring confidence and addressing people’s economic, social and livelihood problems.”

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Shehayyeb Orders Closure of Educational Institutions on Tuesday

Caretaker Education Minister Akram Shehayyeb on Monday ordered the closure of all schools and universities on Tuesday.

“Due the continuation of the popular uprising, which has called for a general strike tomorrow, and to preserve students’ safety and respect their right to democratic expression, classes will be suspended tomorrow, Tuesday… at all public and private schools, high schools, vocational institutes and universities,” Shehayyeb said in a statement.

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Berri Postpones Legislative Session, Slams 'Campaign to Maintain Political Vacuum'

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday postponed a legislative session scheduled for Tuesday, citing security concerns, as he accused some protesters of seeking to prolong the state of “political vacuum” in the country.

“Due to the current circumstances and turbulent security situation… and because of this reason exclusively, I have decided to postpone tomorrow’s session to Tuesday, November 19, with the same agenda,” Berri said.

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