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Obama Warns of Hizbullah Retaliation over Iran

President Barack Obama has warned that any possible rejection by the Congress of the Iran nuclear deal, would force the U.S. to attack Iran, a move that could lead to a Hizbulalh retaliation against Israel.

"It would be destructive both to the U.S. and to Israel," Obama told Jewish leaders on Tuesday, according to Israeli media reports.

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Army Arrests Celebratory Gunfire Suspects after Doctor Injured

The Lebanese army arrested at dawn Wednesday several people suspected of involvement in celebratory gunfire in northern Lebanon that has injured a female doctor, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said the arrests took place during raids that troops carried out in the town of Ehden.

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Berri Backs Extension of Officials' Terms if No Deal on Appointments

Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated that he backed the appointment of top security and military officials but would not reject the extension of their terms if the government failed to reach an agreement on the controversial issue.

“I am with the appointments … but if there were no consensus, then I would back the continued functioning of the institutions, meaning extension,” Berri, whose remarks were published in al-Joumhouria daily on Wednesday, told his visitors in Ain el-Tineh.

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Army Drone Crashes in Bekaa

A Lebanese army drone has crashed in the eastern Bekaa Valley as a result of a malfunction, the military and the state-run National News Agency said late Tuesday.

“As a result of a technological failure, a Lebanese army reconnaissance plane hit electricity cables and crashed in the plains of the town of Iaat in the Bekaa at 22:30 pm,” said a communique issued by the military command.

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Old Airport Road Blocked in Protest at Electricity Crisis

The old airport road outside Beirut was blocked Tuesday evening in protest at an electricity crisis that has been engulfing the country since last week.

“A number of young men from the Bir Hassan region blocked the old airport road outside al-Rawda High School with burning tires and trash dumpsters,” state-run National News Agency reported.

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Body of Missing Sidon Child Found Off Jounieh

The body of a 3-year-old child who went missing Firday on Sidon's public beach was found Tuesday off the coast of the Jounieh region.

State-run National News Agency said an army patrol found Mahdi Salameh's corpse floating on the water's surface around three kilometers off the Jounieh Gulf military complex.

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Mustaqbal to Debrief Energy Minister, Says Waste Crisis Threatens 'Country Unity, Social Security'

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc announced Tuesday that it intends to debrief the energy minister in parliament over the latest power outages, as it warned that the unprecedented garbage crisis has started to threaten the country's “unity” and “social and economic security.”

“The bloc considers that the solution to the disastrous garbage crisis must fall on the shoulders of the entire country and must be accompanied with a clear, instant, decisive and firm stance by the government,” said Mustaqbal in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

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Aoun's Bloc Sees Return to 'Atmosphere of Consensus', Urges Appointments Approval

The Change and Reform bloc led by MP Michel Aoun on Tuesday hoped “consensus” will return to the council of ministers, as it stressed that administrative and military appointments are “at the core of the government's responsibilities,” even amid the absence of a president.

“It seems that the atmosphere of consensus has returned and the first test will be during tomorrow's session,” former minister Salim Jreissati said after the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc in Rabieh.

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STL Prosecutor Says Probe into 3 Other Attacks has not Stopped

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Norman Farrell has said that the court has been investigating the attacks on MP Marwan Hamadeh, the former head of the communist party, George Hawi, and ex-Defense Minister Elias Murr.

Farrell told As Safir daily published on Tuesday that in addition to ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's murder, the STL is “working on” the assassination attempt against Hamadeh in October 2004, the killing of Hawi in June 2005 and the attempted murder of Murr in July the same year.

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Diplomatic Missions Fall Victim to Cabinet Paralysis

Diplomats have said that Paris was able to clinch the Lebanese authorities' approval to appoint Emmanuel Bonne as ambassador to Beirut despite the failure of several missions to receive a positive feedback from the Lebanese authorities.

The diplomats, who were not identified, told An Nahar daily published on Tuesday that “only France has so far been able to receive an official approval (from Beirut) to appoint Bonne.”

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