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Departures from RHIA Record Highest in Lebanon History

Interior Minister Raya el-Hasan said in a tweet on Saturday that Rafik Hariri International Airport has recorded its highest number of departures on Friday assuring that all the improvements needed will be implemented

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Aoun Meets PSP Delegation Dispatched by Jumblat

President Michel Aoun received at the summer presidential residence in Beiteddine a delegation of the Progressive Socialist Party dispatched by Druze leader Walid Jumblat who is outside the country, the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

NNA said the delegation comprised PSP ministers, lawmakers, religious and political figures.

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Berri Says All Must Take a Stand to Face Tough Economy Times

Speaker Nabih Berri said it was crucial for everyone in Lebanon to unite efforts in order to pass a difficult economic downdraft as he called for an economic and reform emergency plan, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Saturday.

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Hariri: UN, US Will Participate in Negotiations on Maritime Borders

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that he heard support from the US administration for the Lebanese army, pointing out that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo renewed during their meeting the US support for Lebanon politically and economically and the US keenness on resolving the land and maritime border demarcation issue. He said the US assistance to the Lebanese army continues and “we are negotiating the financial and economic assistance”.

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Hizbullah Shows 'Missile Arsenal' Used against Israeli Warship

Hizbullah on Friday released footage of what it says are anti-ship missiles of the kind it used 13 years ago against Israel.

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PSP Takes Part in Hizbullah Rally, Calls for Dialogue

A representative of the Progressive Socialist Party on Friday took part in a rally organized by Hizbullah in the southern town of Bint Jbeil to mark the anniversary of the end of the 2006 war with Israel.

“We in the PSP find ourselves in our land on an occasion of such a type and magnitude,” PSP general secretary Zafer Nasser told al-Jadeed television in live remarks from the rally.

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Nasrallah Calls on Some Parties Not to 'Eliminate Others' in Their Sects

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday stressed that his party is not seeking to eliminate others in Lebanon despite its “victory” in the region, as he called on some parties not to “eliminate others in their sects.”

“We do not want to eliminate anyone and let no one blow disputes out of proportion. These are illusions and fears and the Lebanese must activate the government and parliament to address the pressing files,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech marking the end of the 2006 war with Israel.

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Israeli Drone Causes Blaze, Mine Explosions on Lebanon Border

An Israeli reconnaissance drone on Friday caused a fire that blew up several landmines on the Lebanese-Israeli border, Lebanon’s National News Agency said.

The drone “dropped flammable material over several points on the border, triggering a huge blaze along the border opposite the al-Abbad military post that faces the Marjeyoun town of Houla,” NNA said, adding that the flames have spread into Israel.

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Aoun Marking July War: Victory Will Be Repeated If War is Repeated

Marking the anniversary of July 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon, President Michel Aoun said on Friday, "if war is to be repeated, then we hope victory will be repeated as well,” the National News Agency reported.

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Retired Servicemen Appeal Budget before Constitutional Council

The retired servicemen filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council on Friday against some articles in the newly approved 2019 state budget aiming to cut some of their benefits.

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