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Israeli Spy Device Found in South, 12 Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Tripoli

An Israeli spy device was discovered Wednesday in the outskirts of the southern town of Bani Hayyan in the Marjeyoun district, media reports said.

Hizbullah's al-Manar television said the device was found in the town's al-Arid area.

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Presidential Elections Delayed to Oct. 21 as Harb Laments 'Postponement Farce'

The presidential elections were postponed for the 29th time on Wednesday after a lack of quorum at parliament.

Speaker Nabih Berri scheduled the next session for October 21.

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Lebanese Man Shot Dead, Syrian Hospitalized in Arsal Attacks

Gunmen killed a Lebanese man while a Syrian was hospitalized in separate attacks in the northeastern border town of Arsal, the state-run National News Agency reported Wednesday.

NNA said that Talal al-Braidi, also known as Talal Zino, was shot dead by armed men near his house in the Arsal area of al-Shafaq.

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Police Arrest Palestinian Would-be Migrants in Tripoli

The Internal Security Forces arrested on Wednesday scores of Palestinians while trying to leave the port of the northern city of Tripoli on a migrant boat, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The ISF Intelligence Branch made the arrest of 40 Palestinians, including women, who reside in the southern refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh, said NNA.

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Man Lands in Hospital over Stray Cow in Naameh

A stray cow has left one person injured after two vehicles collided on the Naameh highway south of Beirut, the Traffic Management Center and Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said.

Several cars collided as the cow was crossing the highway, said VDL.

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Sarcastic Berri Says on the Verge of Joining Protests over Waste Crisis

Speaker Nabih Berri has mockingly said that he was on the verge of joining civil society activists in anti-government demonstrations sparked by the garbage crisis.

In remarks to his visitors, Berri said: “Let no one talk to me about any issue before we settle the waste crisis.”

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Lebanon Remains a 'Priority' but World Response for Refugee Aid Remains Weak

The U.N. chief's Deputy Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Philippe Lazzarini, has lamented that the response of the international community to the needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other countries is weak.

In an interview with An Nahar daily published on Wednesday, Lazzarini said: “The response does not meet the needs.”

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Yaalon Warns Israel Won't Tolerate Transfer of Advanced Weapons to Hizbullah

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has warned that Israel will not tolerate advanced weapons reaching Hizbullah, which has fought alongside Syrian troops.

“Those who try to violate our sovereignty – we will strike them, and those who try to transfer advanced weapons to terror elements, with an emphasis on Hizbullah, we will strike them, and those who try to transfer chemical weapons to terror elements, we will strike them,” Yaalon said on Tuesday during a visit to Gaza-border communities.

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STL Amicus Curiae Prosecutor to Appeal Khayat Verdict

The Amicus Curiae Prosecutor for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Kenneth Scott, announced on Tuesday that he will appeal the decisions of the Contempt Judge acquitting Ms. Karma Khayat on Count 1 of Judge David Baragwanath’s Order in Lieu of Indictment and acquitting the company al-Jadeed S.A.L. on both Count 1 and Count 2.

“While we are waiting for the Judge's written decision, we anticipate also appealing the sentence,” the Amicus Curiae Prosecutor stated.

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Aoun Denies Settlement over Security Appointments: We Won't Attend Dialogue if Situation Persists

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun denied on Tuesday claims that a settlement was reached over the contentious security appointments file, demanding that the “rights be restored to those concerned in the matter.”

He said after the Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: “We will no longer attend the national dialogue sessions if the situation persists.”

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