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Mustaqbal Slams 'Campaign' Seeking to 'Sabotage' Its Ties with KSA

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday decried what it called “a distortion and incitement campaign” targeted against “al-Mustaqbal Movement's relation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

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Aoun-Berri Row Flares Anew after Ruling by Justice Ministry Committee

A new war of words erupted Tuesday between the Change and Reform bloc and AMAL Movement, after the Committee of Legislation and Consultations of the Justice Ministry issued a recommendation on the controversial officers seniority decree.

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Fugitive Wounded and Arrested in Beirut Southern Suburb

A fugitive was arrested Tuesday in the Beirut southern suburb of Raml al-Aali after a clash with the army.

“A patrol from the Intelligence Directorate raided in the Raml al-Aali area the house of Qassem Khaddouj, who was wanted on charges of drug trade and shootings,” an army statement said.

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Jubeir: Iran a 'Danger Source' Due to Role in Lebanon, Yemen and Syria

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel a-Jubeir accused Iran on Tuesday of being the “biggest source of danger in the region” because of its role in Lebanon, Yemen and Syria.

“Iran has supplied the Huthis with missiles that targeted Saudi Arabia,” he said in a press conference with his Belgium counterpart.

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Aoun: Govt Has Contributed to Stability...Lebanon Must Stage Timely Polls

President Michel Aoun affirmed that Lebanon's government has enclosed all the political components in the country and contributed to the establishment of stability despite some differences “that enrich democratic life,” as he stressed the need to hold parliamentary elections on time.

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Berri Urges 'Boycott' of Trump Administration until 'Jerusalem Decision is Reversed'

Speaker Nabih Berri on Tuesday renewed his call for relocating Islamic embassies from Washington and for the boycott of US President Donald Trump's administration until the latter reverses a controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

“I call on all Islamic embassies to move locations from Washington and to boycott Trump's administration until he revokes his position regarding Jerusalem,” said Berri from Iran in a conference for the Parliamentary Union of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Member States.

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Report: Parties Getting Ready for Elections, Alliances Taking Form

Political parties are gearing up for Lebanon's legislative elections which spoils rumors about any possible postponement or the introduction of amendments to the electoral law system based on which the elections are going to be staged, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Tuesday.

Ministerial sources of the March 8 alliance told the daily: “The entire political parties have started preparing for the elections and forming electoral lists and striking alliances. Talks about postponing the elections or attempts to make some changes have been dropped.”

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Canada Urges Its Citizens to Avoid Non-Essential Travel to Lebanon

Canada has urged its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Lebanon and to completely refrain from visiting certain areas in the country over security concerns.

“Exercise a high degree of caution in Lebanon due to an unpredictable security situation and the risk of terrorist attack,” says a warning message published on the Canadian foreign ministry's website.

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Berri from Iran: My Proposal on Officers Decree Benefits Everyone

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri arrived Monday in Tehran to take part in a conference for the Parliamentary Union of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) Member States.

“I congratulate the supreme guide (Ali Khamenei), the Iranian people and the Iranian shura council on their victory against the sedition,” Berri said upon his arrival, referring to the latest wave of protests in Iran.

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Hariri Lays Cornerstone for Emirati Embassy, Says UAE, KSA Will Always Support Lebanon

Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed Monday that the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf countries will always support Lebanon.

“Gulf states have always viewed Lebanon as a democratic country and they will always support the Lebanese people regardless of the political parties,” said Hariri during a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for the new building of the UAE embassy in Beirut, which he sponsored.

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