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What is Ashura? How this Shiite Muslim Holiday Inspires Millions

Tens of millions of Shiite Muslims from around the world visited Iraq on Sept. 10 this year to see the shrines of Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohammed, and his brother Abbas on the day of “Ashura.”

This annual pilgrimage marks the 10th day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic new year. As the Islamic calendar is a lunar one, the day of Ashura changes from year to year.

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Tunisia: Cradle of the Arab Spring

Eight years after triggering the Arab Spring, Tunisia is held up as a model of democratic transition, while other countries that experienced the mass uprisings are gripped by chaos, repression or war.

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Will Tunisia Continue to Democratize?

Despite priding itself on being the sole country to emerge from the Arab Spring uprisings as a functioning democracy, Tunisia faces challenges on its new political path.

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France Pushes Risky Bet on Detente with Moscow

French President Emmanuel Macron senses an opportunity to bring Russia's Vladimir Putin back in from the cold and potentially help usher in peace in Ukraine, an ambitious -- and risky -- undertaking that Western allies might not welcome.

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Mugabe: Liberation Hero Turned Despot

Robert Mugabe, who has died aged 95, used repression and fear to hold on to power in Zimbabwe for 37 years until he was finally ousted when his previously loyal military generals turned against him.

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Yemen Quagmire Showcases Hazards of Saudi Power Play

Saudi Arabia is confronting the perils of its combative foreign policy as it slides further into a military quagmire in Yemen, one of a series of strategic missteps under the ambitious crown prince, analysts say.

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A Look at Foreign Military Bases across the Persian Gulf

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As new U.S.-led naval patrols in the Persian Gulf raise the stakes with Iran and Tehran's nuclear deal collapses, the ongoing tensions have drawn renewed attention to foreign military bases in the region.

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Israel's Fight against Iran and Its Proxies

An Israeli strike in Syria against what it said was an attack plan by an Iranian force came amid allegations it has also targeted sites in Iraq.

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75 Years Later, US World War II Veterans Say: Never Forget

Seventy-five years ago, they helped free Europe from the Nazis. This weekend, U.S. veterans are back in Paris to celebrate, and commemorate.

Now in their 90s, these men aren't afraid to cry about what they saw in World War II. And they want everyone to remember what happened back then, so that it doesn't happen again.

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Salvini: Italian Far-Right Leader Down but Not Yet Out

With his "Italians first" rallying cry and his tub-thumping against Islam and illegal migrants, Matteo Salvini's stint as Italy's deputy prime minister and interior minister made him the country's most popular and controversial politician.

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