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A Timeline of Escalation in the Gulf

Tensions in the Gulf have escalated in recent months amid a deepening standoff between Iran and United States over Tehran's nuclear programme, with a string of incidents involving tankers and drones.

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What Issues Are at Stake in Next Sudan Talks?

Just days after protest leaders and Sudan's ruling generals agreed a power sharing deal, they are set to meet again on Friday for talks on key remaining issues.

The two sides inked an accord Wednesday to form a joint ruling body tasked with creating a transitional civilian administration that would govern for just over three years -- a key demand of protesters.

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From Kabul to Baghdad, a Tale of Two 'Green Zones'

A labyrinth of concrete blast walls, spotlights, and checkpoints are eating up ever more of Kabul, standing in stark contrast to a similar area in Iraq's Baghdad where easing tensions have seen its barricades come down.

The tale of the two "Green Zones" provides a snapshot of the dramatically changing nature of the Afghan conflict, long overshadowed by the war in Iraq where multiple insurgiences following the toppling of Saddam Hussain in 2003 turned Baghdad into a warzone.

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Report: West Africa Wealth Inequalities Reaching Extreme Levels

West Africa suffers the most inequalities on the continent but many governments prefer to ignore problems despite economic growth, a report by Oxfam and Development Finance International said on Tuesday. 

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Five Years into War, Yemen at 'Rock Bottom'

Like most residents of Amran, a strategic gateway to Yemen's capital Sanaa, Mohammed al-Najri thought the capture of his city by Huthi rebels five years ago would not last long.

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From Libya to Texas, Tragedies Illustrate Plight of Migrants

They are trapped in squalid detention centers on Libya's front lines. They wash up on the banks of the Rio Grande. They sink without a trace — in the Mediterranean, in the Pacific or in waterways they can't even name. A handful fall out of airplanes' landing gear.

As their choices narrow on land and at sea, migrants are often seen as a political headache in the countries they hope to reach and ignored in the countries they flee. Most live in limbo, but recent tragedies have focused attention on the risks they face and the political constraints at the root of them.

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Trump-Kim III: Publicity Stunt or Leap for Peace?

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's meeting in the Korean Demilitarized Zone produced a barrage of headlines and images, but left analysts questioning whether it was a small step for publicity or a giant leap for peace.

The impromptu encounter saw Trump briefly crossing over the demarcation line -- becoming the first sitting U.S. president to step into Pyongyang's territory.

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The Crisis on the US-Mexican Border, in Three Snapshots

A father and daughter drowned in a tragic embrace. A mother begging hysterically for her son's release. Soldiers forcefully detaining a woman and her daughter at the border.

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Trade and Horse-Trade: Top Five Hot-Button G20 Issues

Global trade, geopolitical hotspots and even horse-trading over top EU jobs: G20 leaders have a lot of their plate when they meet from Friday in Osaka.

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Experts: Iran Air Defense Missiles Must be Taken Seriously

The shooting down last week of a sophisticated U.S. drone by an Iranian missile demonstrates that Tehran's air defence capabilities can pose a challenge to U.S. air superiority, experts say.

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