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Joint Exercises Could Send Korea Tensions Soaring Again

After North Korea and the United States traded bellicose threats of nuclear conflagration, all eyes will be on an annual war game in the South next week that could send tensions spiraling back upwards, analysts say.

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More Than Two Months of the Qatar Crisis

Below are developments in the diplomatic crisis pitting Qatar against Saudi Arabia and its allies, who cut ties with Doha more than two months ago, accusing it of backing extremists.

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70 Years of Pain Across the India-Pakistan Border

From barbed grins in a carefully synchronised daily flag ceremony to murderous exchanges across barbed wire in Kashmir, the India-Pakistan border is a 70-year-old scar that will not heal.

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Will NKorea's Kim Pull the Trigger? Possible Signs to Watch

Tensions between the United States and North Korea tend to flare suddenly and fade almost as quickly — but the latest escalation won't likely go away quite so easily.

Events closer to home, including deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in Virginia, could demand more of President Donald Trump's attention in the days ahead and cut into the volume and frequency of his fiery North Korea rhetoric.

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Possible Scenarios for Next Stage of N. Korea Crisis

The crisis over North Korea's nuclear program deepened Thursday when US President Donald Trump underscored his threat to rain "fire and fury" on Kim Jong-Un's regime by saying his apocalyptic warning perhaps "wasn't tough enough."

The latest escalation in the stand-off has set the world on edge, with stock markets down and jittery observers now openly pondering whether the risk of nuclear conflict is real.

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From Poppy to Heroin: Taliban Move into Afghan Drug Production

The Taliban -- which banned poppy cultivation when it ruled Afghanistan -- now appears to wield significant control over the war-torn country's heroin production line, providing insurgents with billions of dollars, officials have told AFP.

In 2016 Afghanistan, which produces 80 percent of the world's opium, made around 4,800 tonnes of the drug bringing in revenues of three billion dollars, according to the United Nations.

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Venezuela's Military: Key Things to Know

The powerful military in riot-torn Venezuela has sworn "unconditional loyalty" to the leftist government of embattled President Nicolas Maduro. It is a key player in the ongoing political crisis.

Maduro in turn has granted it vast powers, not just in military matters but over key government ministries -- active or retired officers head 12 of 32 ministerial posts -- and in vital economic sectors including petroleum. 

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From Fighting Regime to Anti-IS, Syria Rebel Traces US Policy Shifts

From special forces officer to brigade-hopping rebel, Abu Jaafar has seen Syria's uprising from all angles. But after years of setbacks, culminating in cuts to US support, he feels disillusioned.

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Delay in Afghanistan Policy Points to White House Rift

President Donald Trump has yet to  announce a plan for Afghanistan, and delays in unveiling his strategy point to deep rifts in the White House on how to handle America's longest war.

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Scaramucci's White House -- and Other -- Woes

After months of being blocked by political rivals, Anthony Scaramucci had finally landed his coveted White House job.

Just 10 days later, the fast-talking Wall Street financier was unceremoniously fired, his wife had filed for divorce and he'd missed the birth of their child.

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