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Iranians Feel Strain of Turmoil and Sanctions

On a crisp winter's day the snow glistens on the mountains above Tehran, but the mood is as heavy as the pall of pollution that often shrouds Iran's capital.

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From Sex Scandals to Impeachment: The Unsinkable Donald Trump

Impeached for abuse of power, President Donald Trump's acquittal by the Senate is just the latest escape for the real estate tycoon turned politician who has repeatedly defied the odds.

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In Former Syria Rebel Stronghold, Nothing was Spared

Once the throbbing heart of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, Maaret al-Numan is an eerie ghost town where few buildings have been spared by nine years of war.

Following a major ground offensive, the Syrian army captured the town in the northwestern province of Idlib on Wednesday, a key prize in its push to reconquer the country's last rebel enclave.

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Key Dates in Britain's Relations with the EU

Here are the key dates of Britain's often troubled history within the European Union, which comes to an end on Friday.

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The Global Spread of the Coronavirus: Where Is It?

A virus similar to the SARS pathogen has claimed 132 lives since emerging in a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, and spread around the world.

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Trump's Mideast Peace Plan: From Idea to Reality

U.S. President Donald Trump, who has announced his long promised "ultimate deal" for Israeli-Palestinian peace, has since coming to office maintained a staunchly pro-Israel stance. 

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Lebanon at a Crossroads after 100 Days of Protests

When Nazih Khalaf heard that protests were taking place Oct. 17 in Lebanon's capital over government plans to impose new taxes, he was just returning from south of Beirut where he'd been working to put out deadly wildfires that had been raging for days.

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Lebanon's New Govt. Faces Multiple Challenges, Growing Unrest

Lebanon's new government, made up of members nominated by Hizbullah and its allies, got down to business Wednesday, a day after it was formed. Questions arose immediately about its ability to halt a spiral of economic and political collapse.

As the government headed by Hassan Diab held its first meeting, protesters briefly closed off major roads in and around the capital Beirut, denouncing it as a rubber stamp for the same political parties they blame for widespread corruption. Later on Wednesday, a few hundred protesters from northern and eastern Lebanon engaged in violent confrontations with security forces in downtown Beirut.

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Forming a New Government in Lebanon: What's the Snag?

Lebanon is facing its worst economic crisis since its civil war, an unprecedented protest movement and mounting international pressure for reform, yet under-fire politicians have yet to form a government.

This raises questions about what is holding up the creation of a new cabinet and what comes next for a crumbling country that can ill-afford delays.

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Libya Peace Still Elusive despite 'Small Step' in Berlin

A peaceful solution to Libya's protracted conflict remains uncertain despite an international agreement struck in Germany, analysts say, as a fragile ceasefire between warring factions brought only a temporary truce.

On Sunday in Berlin, world leaders committed to ending all foreign meddling in Libya and to uphold a weapons embargo as part of a broader plan to end the country's conflict.

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