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From Restrictions to Reforms: Saudi Treatment of Women

Saudi Arabia has decided to allow adult women to travel without seeking approval from a so-called male "guardian", a flagship reform as the petro-state seeks to overhaul its ultra-conservative image.

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US-China Trade Talks: What Next?

US and Chinese negotiators have agreed to further meetings next month after brief talks in Shanghai resurrected discussions on ending the trade war between the world's two biggest economies.

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Staying Power: The World's Longest-Serving Leaders

Teodoro Obiang Nguema, president of Equatorial Guinea for 40 years on Saturday, is the world's longest-serving living leader apart from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, on the throne for 67 years.

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Boko Haram: From Islamist Sect to Armed Insurgency

Boko Haram started out as an Islamist group railing against corrupt officials in northeast Nigeria but its decade-long insurgency has now devastated the region. 

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Iran Poses Loyalty Test for 'British Trump' Johnson

Iran's seizure and continued detention of a UK-flagged tanker deals Boris Johnson an immediate loyalty test: Britain's new prime minister may have to choose between Gulf escorts led by Europe or the United States.

Which way Johnson leans could set the tone for a complex agenda that includes withdrawing from the EU, striking a trade deal with the US, and maintaining or breaking European efforts to keep alive the deal curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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Who Blinks First? Boris Johnson's Risky Brexit Bet

Britain's incoming prime minister Boris Johnson has bet big on a risky Brexit strategy that he hopes will take the UK out of the EU on favourable terms.

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Theresa May: A Legacy Sunk by Brexit

Theresa May had a mission to fight Britain's "burning injustices" through strong and stable leadership -- but her legacy as prime minister will be anything but.

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A Timeline of Escalation in the Gulf

Tensions in the Gulf have escalated in recent months amid a deepening standoff between Iran and United States over Tehran's nuclear programme, with a string of incidents involving tankers and drones.

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What Issues Are at Stake in Next Sudan Talks?

Just days after protest leaders and Sudan's ruling generals agreed a power sharing deal, they are set to meet again on Friday for talks on key remaining issues.

The two sides inked an accord Wednesday to form a joint ruling body tasked with creating a transitional civilian administration that would govern for just over three years -- a key demand of protesters.

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From Kabul to Baghdad, a Tale of Two 'Green Zones'

A labyrinth of concrete blast walls, spotlights, and checkpoints are eating up ever more of Kabul, standing in stark contrast to a similar area in Iraq's Baghdad where easing tensions have seen its barricades come down.

The tale of the two "Green Zones" provides a snapshot of the dramatically changing nature of the Afghan conflict, long overshadowed by the war in Iraq where multiple insurgiences following the toppling of Saddam Hussain in 2003 turned Baghdad into a warzone.

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