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Brexit Scenarios: The Paths Ahead

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation on Friday with the Brexit process in total disarray.

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France's 'Yellow Vests': Noisy, But Not an Electoral Force

Christophe Chalencon, a blacksmith with right-wing views, is on the campaign trail around France seeking to turn his fame as a "yellow vest" protester into a seat in the European parliament. And it's no easy task. 

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How Europe Will Choose Its Next Generation of Leaders

This week's European parliamentary elections will launch a scramble for the continent's top leadership jobs, but won't decide the winners.

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Once Again, Iraq Caught Up in Tensions between U.S. and Iran

When U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down with Iraqi officials in Baghdad last week as tensions mounted between America and Iran, he delivered a nuanced message: If you're not going to stand with us, stand aside.

The message, relayed to The Associated Press by two Iraqi government officials, underscores Iraq's delicate position: Its government is allied with both sides of an increasingly contentious confrontation.

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Political Pitfalls: Iran Tests 'America First' Pledge

President Donald Trump won the White House pledging to wind down the nation's many foreign entanglements and put "America First." But as his administration in recent days has sent mixed signals on the prospects of a military conflict with Iran, Trump's campaign trail promise is being put to the test.

With the 2020 election approaching, the political pitfalls ahead for the first-term Republican president could be serious.

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Hard-Won 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal

In a hard-won deal struck in 2015, Iran agreed to freeze its nuclear programme in return for the lifting of punishing international sanctions.

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'Feels Terrible': Iran a Year after U.S. Sanctions Reimposed

Alireza says he used to dream of a better future in Iran and even saw himself getting a new car or house, but those days are now gone after he lost his job to reimposed US sanctions.

"My purchasing power has been cut, and my life is under pressure," said Alireza, an Iranian car industry veteran. "I no longer see myself as middle-class. It feels terrible."

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War, Civil Strife, Modernity: Thailand's Enduring Monarchy

Thailand's monarchy has survived major upheavals and a turbulent domestic political scene.

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Powerful, Rich and Shrouded in Secrecy: Thailand's King Rama X

A king married four times with a penchant for piloting jets; a shrewd tactician with a hefty fortune and the army's loyalty -- snippets from the closely-guarded life of Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn who remains an enigma to his subjects.

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Iconic Places of Protest Around the World

Thousands of anti-government protesters have been camped outside the Sudan army headquarters in Khartoum for three weeks, staying put to demand civilian rule even after Omar al-Bashir quit power on April 11.

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