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The 1990s Balkans Wars, Yugoslavia's Bloody End

The 1990s break-up of Yugoslavia unleashed a series of bitter wars marked by atrocities, genocide and massacres that left more than 130,000 people dead.

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Worst Attacks against Civilians since 2015

Bloody assaults at two New Zealand mosques that left at least 40 people dead are the latest in a series of attacks on civilians by extremists around the world.

Here is a rundown of some of the most serious since 2015.  

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To the Bitter End, IS Militants Remain Organized and Brutal

As final defeat looms, militants of the Islamic State group have remained organized and ruthless to their last breath. Keeping institutions functioning in their last shred of territory, they are continuing benefits like food and money to supporters while their religious police and fighters still impose their rule of fear and brutality.

Refusing to surrender, the militants have tried to squeeze out any last possible gain. Over the past three weeks, they secured the evacuation of more than 10,000 of their exhausted and wounded followers, looking to ensure long-term survival and continued conflict.

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The India-Pakistan Crisis: What We Know

A string of violent escalations have pushed India and Pakistan to the brink of conflict, sparking global alarm and calls for restraint between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

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India v Pakistan: A History of Conflict over Kashmir

India and Pakistan have fought two wars and countless skirmishes over Kashmir, the Himalayan region claimed in full by both nuclear-armed rivals.

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On Jerusalem's Edge, a 'Nowhere Land' for Palestinians

Palestinian residents of Kufr Aqab, just north of Jerusalem, could be forgiven for thinking they live under two governments at once, or perhaps none at all. 

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Venezuela: A Month of Crisis

Opposition chief Juan Guaido stunned the world on January 23 when he declared himself acting president of Venezuela, plunging the crisis-hit country into new turmoil.

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Shutdown Saga Offers Lesson in Divided Government

When you want results in a polarized Washington, sometimes it pays to simply leave the professionals alone to do their jobs.

That seems to especially be the case now in an era in which liberal House Democrats are sharing power in Washington with a GOP-led Senate and President Donald Trump.

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The U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan since 2001

The United States led the Western intervention in Afghanistan 17 years ago to rid Al-Qaeda of its sanctuaries following the 9/11 terror attacks.

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Catalonia: Key Dates in Fight for Independence

The trial of 12 Catalan separatist leaders involved in a bid to secede from Spain starts on Tuesday.

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