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Russia's Military Presence in Syria

As the threat of Western military action against the Syrian regime looms, Russia has already deployed thousands of troops in the war-torn country to back President Bashar al-Assad. 

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Five Ways Iraq has Changed since Fall of Saddam

On April 9, 2003, the US-led coalition overthrew Saddam Hussein. Fifteen years after the invasion, life in Iraq has been transformed.

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Years of Fruitless Efforts to End Syria's War

Since the start of Syria's war in 2011, numerous efforts to halt the conflict through diplomacy have failed.

As the leaders of Iran, Russia and Turkey -- which have become powerbrokers in the conflict -- meet on Syria on Wednesday, here is an overview of previous peace efforts.

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From Russia to Sex: Scandals Shake US First Family

A porn star is suing the president. A former Playboy model has apologized to the first lady for sleeping with her husband. The eldest son is divorcing and the scandal-plagued son-in-law's security clearance has been downgraded.

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Countdown to Brexit: One Year to Go

Britain is set to leave the European Union exactly one year from Thursday. Here are some key dates ahead on the path to separation on March 29, 2019:

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Quick Victory Unlikely in Egypt Assault on IS, Say Analysts

Egypt's military is conducting a sweeping assault to crush a resilient Islamic State branch in Sinai, but the jihadist group is unlikely to be vanquished quickly, analysts say.

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Syria: Evacuations from Besieged Zones

The evacuation of hundreds of rebels and their families from Harasta, a bombed-out town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, follows a string of similar operations in the seven-year war.

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1968, A Year of Uprisings and Dashed Hopes

The United States facing defeat in Vietnam. Moscow defied in Czechoslovakia. Student uprisings in Berlin, Paris and Mexico. Fifty years ago the world was rocked by revolt and dashed hopes.

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U.S.-Saudi Partnership: A Long Affair

The longstanding relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, its main Middle East ally, is founded largely on the exchange of American security for Saudi oil.

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Saudi's Crown Prince in His Own Words

Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is set to meet with US President Donald Trump in Washington on Tuesday.

Mutual rival Iran will be high on the agenda, but the 32-year-old strongman prince will also be looking to showcase his sweeping changes to Saudi society and an increasingly assertive foreign policy that includes the war in Yemen and an ongoing diplomatic feud with Qatar.

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