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Biden and Iran Show They're Tough -- and Diplomacy Falters

U.S. President Joe Biden took office with promises of a return to diplomacy with Iran, but both sides' determination not to look weak has jeopardized prospects of a quick breakthrough.

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The Carlos Ghosn Saga: Key Dates

The rollercoaster saga of former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has made international headlines, from his shock 2018 detention in Japan to his audacious escape the following year.

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Iran and Israel: From Allies to Deadly Enemies

Israel considers Iran an "existential threat" but the two countries were once long-time allies under the shah.

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Complex Culture Clash as Venezuelan Migrants Flood into Chile

Anyier sits at the side of the road gasping for breath as the beating sun and 3,700-meter (12,000-foot) altitude take their toll.

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Iran's Footprint in Eastern Syria

Syria's complex battle ground includes tens of thousands of fighters from several nationalities trained and armed by regime ally Iran, a deployment that has worried the United States and Israel.

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Nuclear Issue Key as Iran Readies for Rouhani Replacement

Iran will vote in June for a successor to President Hassan Rouhani and his moderate-reformist government, but politics in the country is dominated by the nuclear issue and no frontrunner has emerged. 

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Courts Close in on Syria Government

A German court on Wednesday jailed a former Syrian intelligence agent for complicity in crimes against humanity in the world's first prosecution over state-sponsored torture by the Syrian government.

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Rocket Strikes on U.S. in Iraq Seen as 'Message from Iran'

Renewed rocket attacks on US targets in Iraq show Iran-aligned factions are heaping pressure on the government while Tehran may be seeking leverage over America's new administration, analysts say.

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Libyans Remember Revolution that Ousted Kadhafi but Brought Chaos

Libyans marked the 10th anniversary Wednesday of the start of the uprising that toppled longtime ruler Moamer Kadhafi, ending decades of dictatorship but throwing the country into violent chaos.

In western Libya, festive crowds gathered in public squares to watch anniversary fireworks and military parades, but in the east, which has had a separate government for years, the mood was more sombre.

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NATO Faces Conundrum as it Mulls Afghan Pullout

After 20 years of military engagement and billions of dollars spent, NATO and the United States still grapple with the same, seemingly intractable conundrum — how to withdraw troops from Afghanistan without abandoning the country to even more mayhem.

An accelerated U.S. drawdown over the past few months, led by the previous U.S. administration, has signaled what may be in store for long-suffering Afghans.

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