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Sony Plans to Launch Virtual-Reality Headset in 2016

Sony plans on putting its virtual-reality headset on the market next year.

The gaming and electronics company announced Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference that its VR system nicknamed Project Morpheus will debut in the first half of 2016.

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Italy Adopts Plans to Shift into Internet Fast Lane

Italy's government adopted a six-billion-euro plan Tuesday to modernize its Internet network and improve access to broadband in hopes of shedding its reputation as one of Europe's online laggards. 

The plan that the government's economic development minister labelled a "digital revolution" aims to boost broadband access by 2020 in compliance with European Union objectives.

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Newly Found Online Security Flaw Stems from 1990s

A newly discovered Internet security flaw could leave many websites vulnerable to hackers because of weak U.S. encryption standards in the 1990s, researchers said Tuesday.

The flaw dubbed "FREAK" could leave thousands of websites open to attacks if the problem is not patched, according to papers released by French and U.S. researchers.

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Build-Your-Own Google Handset Reconstructs Smartphone

With a smartphone that slots together piece by piece like Lego, US Internet giant Google is trying to reinvent the mobile as most phone makers are honing sleeker handsets.

The company aims to challenge its rival Apple's thin iPhones with the Google Ara project, giving smartphone aficionados the option to build their phone themselves.

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Dating App Tinder Premium Plan Aims at Under-30 Crowd

Smartphone dating app Tinder launched a premium paid subscription version on Monday, but drew criticism over a pricing system that charges older users more.

Tinder Plus, which has been tested since late last year, has subscription fees varying by age and country.

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Old-Economy Sectors are Now Tech, Too

Forget about old economy and new economy. Everything is now part of the tech economy, a prominent US research panel said Monday.

New technologies ranging from cloud computing to data analytics are transforming virtually all industries, including old-economy sectors like manufacturing, said the report by the National Academy of Engineering.

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Netflix to Launch in Australia, New Zealand this Month

U.S. video streaming service Netflix on Tuesday said it will launch in Australia and New Zealand this month, with access to season three of hit political drama House of Cards a key drawcard.

The move comes amid an increasing shift to Internet-based on-demand television globally, with the California-based company leading the field.

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Emerging World Drives Cheap Smartphone Boom

Phone and Internet firms are rolling out cheaper handsets and may turn to hot-air balloons to boost network coverage in developing countries, where sales of smartphones are booming.

Even though mobile network coverage is generally weaker in the developing world, firms are mining a gold rush of new clients in China, India and beyond, as smartphone demand slows in the rich world.

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Twitter Working with Probe on 'IS' Threats against Founder

Twitter said Monday it was working with law enforcement officials on unspecified threats, amid reports that the social network had been targeted for blocking accounts linked to the Islamic State.

"Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials," a Twitter spokesman said, without elaborating.

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Wrist Action: Phone Firms Bet on 'Year of Smartwatch'

Defying skepticism and geek-stigma, mobile phone firms are determined this year to sell you a wristwatch wirelessly connected to your mobile phone.

Numerous models have hit the market over the past year but 2015 will see an explosion, analysts say, with manufacturers making their watches and other wearable connected devices more elegant and useful.

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