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Intel Putting $50 mn into Quantum Computing Research

U.S. chip colossus Intel on Thursday said that it will put $50 million and engineering resources into an alliance on quantum computing that could radically advance complex problem-solving.

Intel Corporation plans a 10-year collaboration with Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and TNO, the Dutch Organization for Applied Research, to make real the kind of quantum computing that could tackle seemingly insurmountable problems.

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Google Launches Music Streaming Service in Japan

Google has launched a music streaming service in Japan, becoming the latest tech giant to push into the world's number two music market, despite mixed results among earlier arrivals.

The U.S. company said that its Japanese edition of Google Play Music features more than 35 million tunes available at a cost of 980 yen ($8) a month.

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Wikipedia Blocks Accounts Linked to Paid Edits

Wikipedia on Wednesday said that it has blocked more than 300 accounts being used by people being paid to create or tweak entries at the communally sourced online encyclopedia.

Weeks of investigation revealed 381 accounts being used at the English version of Wikipedia for "black hat" editing in which people took money to promote outside interests without disclosing they were on someone's payroll, according to a blog post.

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Hackers Raid Apple Accounts Via Jail-Broken iPhones

Hackers targeting jail-broken iPhones have raided more than 225,000 Apple accounts, using them for app-buying sprees or to hold phones for ransom, researchers said on Tuesday.

Jail-broken means modified to run apps not sanctioned by Apple.

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Google Changes Logo to Better Suit Mobile Devices

Google on Tuesday refreshed its logo to better suit mobile devices that are supplanting desktop computers when it comes to modern Internet lifestyles.

Google's logo keeps its four-color scheme but shifts to a soft sans-serif font. The company is also replacing the well-known blue lower case "g" icon with an upper-case "G" combining blue, green, red and yellow.

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In Virginia, TechShop Lets 'Makers' Tinker, Innovate

It's hard to miss the plane that sits triumphantly in the midst of a store in Washington's suburbs. But there are no wings, cockpit or motor attached to its shiny fuselage.

And the man tinkering with it is neither a professional technician nor an occasional handyman. 

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India Regulator Accuses Google of Online Search Abuse

India's competition investigators have accused Google of abusing its market dominance in online searches in the country, deepening the U.S. Internet giant's woes with governments around the world. 

Three years after starting its investigation, the Competition Commission of India's preliminary report said Google favored its own services when customers ran searches, suggesting breaches of competition law.

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Axel Springer, Samsung Join Forces in Mobile Media Content

German media giant Axel Springer and Korean electronics group Samsung said Tuesday they are joining forces in a mobile media partnership.

The two companies said they would collaborate in producing digital media exclusively for Samsung customers, beginning with a news platform in Germany and Poland that will be rolled out in other European markets next year.

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Tech Tips: Windows 10 Privacy Settings Worth Checking

Microsoft's new Windows 10 system offers more personalization than before, but it also collects more data than people might be used to on PCs, from contacts and appointments to their physical location and even Wi-Fi passwords.

The information is used by Cortana, Microsoft's voice-activated digital assistant, and other new features that try to be helpful by remembering a user's likes and habits. Apple and Google have developed similar services for smartphones in recent years. Microsoft's new features are a big part of its strategy to make Windows more relevant in a world where people use multiple devices throughout the day.

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Samsung Unveils Circular Smartwatch, but are Apps Available?

Samsung is juicing up its smartwatch with a circular face and more battery life than the Apple Watch, but it's unknown how many apps will be available for it.

The limited selection of apps is one of the main challenges facing Samsung's smartwatches. They have been around for longer than the Apple Watch but haven't generated as much interest or sales.

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