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Facebook Defeated in French Court Ruling

The Paris appeal court on Friday upheld a ruling that Facebook can be sued under French and not Californian law.

The ruling applies to a case in which a French teacher wants to sue the U.S. social media giant over his claims that his page was censored when he posted a graphic painting of a woman's nude lower half by Gustave Courbet.

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Uber to Pay $28.5M to Settle Safety Ad Lawsuits

Uber says that it will pay $28.5 million to settle two lawsuits that said the ride-hailing firm misled customers about its safety procedures and fees.

The company told a federal judge in San Francisco that it wants to settle the class-action lawsuits by paying about 25 million riders who made U.S. trips between January 1, 2013, and January 31, 2016.

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Visa Buys nearly 10 Pct Stake in Dorsey's Company, Square

Visa is now a major shareholder in Square, the mobile payment services company co-founded and led by Jack Dorsey.

Shares of Square spiked 14 percent before the opening bell Friday.

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Court: Facebook Can Be Sued in France in Nude Painting Case

Facebook lost a crucial legal battle Friday as a Paris court ruled the social network can be sued in France over its decision to remove the account of a French user who posted a photo of a famous 19th-century nude painting.

The ruling by the Paris appeals court could set a legal precedent in France, where Facebook has more than 30 million regular users. It can be appealed to France's highest court.

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Twitter Resumes Skid on Disappointing Quarterly Report

Twitter shares skidded Thursday after its quarterly update failed to ease concerns that the messaging platform's growth initiatives are sputtering.

In early Wall Street trade, Twitter shares fell 4.4 percent to $14.32, extending their long decline and hitting fresh lows since the social network group went public in 2013.

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Tinder-Style Apps Score as Online Dating Grows

The age-old quest for love is moving inexorably online for young and old Americans alike -- whether this means swiping on their phone for a hot date, or using matchmaking sites to find the perfect mate.

The 18 to 24 crowd has warmed to smartphone apps like Tinder that help them spot a match among a crowd of strangers. And the over-55 age group is growing more comfortable about meeting new love interests via dating sites.

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Internet is Growing Market for Illegal Drugs, Says EU Watchdog

The Internet is now a growing and varied market place for trading illegal drugs in Europe, the European Union's watchdog agency said on Thursday.

"Almost any kind of illegal drug can be bought today on the Internet and delivered by mail, with no face-to-face contact between buyer and dealer," said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship.

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London Black Cab Drivers Block Streets in Uber Demo

Drivers of London's traditional black cabs blocked some of the city's busiest streets Wednesday in a protest at the lack of regulations imposed on Uber.

Thousands of drivers brought their vehicles to a standstill around Parliament Square and Whitehall, near the Houses of Parliament, tooting their horns at regular intervals to make their discontent clear.

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Twitter Lets Hot Tweets Rise to Top of Timelines

Twitter revamped its timeline Wednesday, allowing the "best" tweets to rise to the top, despite warnings of a revolt from members loyal to the real-time flow of the messaging platform.

The tweaked format aims to inject new life into the struggling one-to-many messaging service by moving away from a pure chronological timeline to one determined by algorithm, as used by social network leader Facebook.

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Japan Camera Makers Battle Smartphone Onslaught

Highschooler Nao Noguchi is a perfect illustration of why Japanese camera sales have plunged the past few years -- she uses her smartphone for everything and cannot understand why anyone would bother with a separate device for photos.

"It is easy to take your smartphone out of your pocket if you want to take a picture of someone or something. And you can send the pictures to friends quickly" on social media, said the 17-year-old on a day trip to Tokyo's historic Asakusa district with her friend Rina.

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