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Honda's New ASIMO Robot, more Human-Like than Ever

It walks and runs, even up and down stairs. It can open a bottle and serve a drink, and politely tries to shake hands with a stranger. Meet the latest ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot.

"Hello New York! Thank you for coming today!" the little guy chirped in English, the recorded voice of a teenaged boy, at his U.S. debut Wednesday in a Manhattan hotel. 

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Researchers: Satellite Telecom Vulnerable to Hackers

Security flaws in many satellite telecommunications systems leave them open to hackers, raising potential risks for aviation, shipping, military and other sectors, security researchers said Thursday.

A paper released by the security firm IOActive found "multiple high risk vulnerabilities" in all the satellite systems studied. 

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Microsoft Reports Strong Sales of XBox One

Microsoft said Thursday it has sold more than five million XBox One consoles since they were launched in November.

The news came a day after video game competitor Sony said it had sold more than seven million PlayStation 4 consoles since mid-November.

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'Chief Yahoo' David Filo Returns to Board

Yahoo announced the nomination Wednesday of three new board members, including company co-founder David Filo, who earned the nickname and formal job title of "Chief Yahoo."

Filo was named along with Charles Schwab, head of a big investment firm bearing his name, and H. Lee Scott, former president and chief executive at Walmart.

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Sony's PlayStation 4 Sales Top Seven Million

Sony says it has sold seven million PlayStation 4 worldwide since its launch last year and admitted it can't make them fast enough, in a welcome change of fortune for the Japanese consumer electronics giant.

"The response from the global gaming community for PS4 (PlayStation 4) has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice," Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., said in a statement.

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'Heartbleed' Fix May Slow Web Performance

The heartache from the Heartbleed Internet flaw is not over, and some experts say the fix may lead to online disruption and confusion.

The good news is that most sites deemed vulnerable have patched their systems or are in the process of doing so.

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Tech Giants Look to Skies to Spread Internet

The shortest path to the Internet for some remote corners of the world may be through the skies.

That is the message from U.S. tech giants seeking to spread the online gospel to hard-to-reach regions.

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Ultra-High Definition TV Featured at World Cup

The World Cup will showcase the latest in TV technology that industry leaders hope will usher in a new era in sports broadcasting.

Japanese electronics giant Sony, in partnership with FIFA, will produce a World Cup film in ultra-high definition 4K, the next generation of broadcast and media resolutions.

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Survey: 18% of U.S. Internet Users had Data Stolen

Some 18 percent of U.S. Internet users have had important personal data such as bank account information stolen and the problem appears to be getting worse, a survey showed Monday.

The Pew Research Center study carried out in January showed a sharp increase from mid-2013, when 11 percent reported being victimized.

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Gaza Cops Trade Bullets for Laser-Tech in Training

Security forces in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip are using technology to practice shooting on laser simulators, saving money spent on ammunition in the cash-strapped Palestinian territory.

In a converted gym, four uniformed officers aim at targets with Kalashnikov assault rifles converted to fire beams of laser light, whose path is recorded on a computer in a control room and monitored by an instructor.

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