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Start-Ups in Spotlight at New Hong Kong Tech Meet

Tech entrepreneurs gathered in Hong Kong Friday showing everything from next-generation wearables to "smart" sex toys as investors seek to tap into the Asian market, seen as a breeding ground for start-ups.

The inaugural RISE technology conference is the first Asian version of Web Summit, an event held annually in Dublin since 2010 where app-based taxi-hailing firm Uber raised its first millions.

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Facebook Ready to Test Internet-Beaming Drones

Facebook on Thursday said it is ready to begin test flights of a high-altitude drone designed to provide Internet access to remote locations of the world.

The Aquila drone has a wingspan on par with that of a Boeing 737 jet; weighs less than a small car; can remain aloft for three months or so, and will beam Internet service to the ground from altitudes ranging from 60,000 to 90,000 feet (18,000 to 27,000 meters).

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Google Rejects French Demand over Global Right to be Forgotten

Google on Thursday rejected a French demand to globally apply the so-called right to be forgotten, which requires the company to remove links to certain information about users if asked.

It was responding to a call by France's national data protection authority, CNIL, to globally implement a May 2014 ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that allows people to ask search engines to delist links with personal information about them.

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Rovio's Angry Birds are Back in a Sequel to Save the Company

Finnish game maker Rovio launched Angry Birds 2 on Thursday, a sequel to what the company claims to have been the most downloaded mobile game series of all time.

"With new towers to topple, pigs to pop and missiles to master, Rovio is thrilled to announce the launch of Angry Birds 2," the company said in a statement.

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Google Adds 20 Languages to Instant Translation App

Google announced Wednesday it was adding 20 new languages for its mobile translation application that reads text and instantly converts to another tongue.

The smartphone app now can read 27 languages and instantly convert the text without an Internet connection, the tech giant said.

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Facebook Profit Dips as Expenses Bite into Revenue

Facebook reported a dip in its quarterly profit Wednesday but said revenues surged on mobile advertising gains, as its user base neared 1.5 billion.

The world's biggest social network saw higher expenses cut into its bottom line, as it invests in new technologies and seeks to build a "family" of applications.

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Galaxy S6 Fails to Reverse Profit Decline at Samsung

Samsung Electronics suffered a fifth straight drop in quarterly earnings as the Galaxy S6 failed to reverse its declining fortunes in global smartphone sales.

The company's overall earnings drop during the April-June quarter was 8 percent but it reported a much bigger decline of 38 percent in the mobile division's income. The sharp profit drop in the mobile business came despite its ambitious start to the quarter with the launch of two flagship smartphones: the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge featuring a curved side display.

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Ultra-local 'Facebook' Turning City Neighbors into Friends

Perched on makeshift seats next to a buffet with fresh fruit, elderflower cordial and homemade muffins, neighbours laugh and chat on a leafy patch amid modern apartment blocks in Vienna's 15th district.

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Little by Little, Germans Look Beyond Cash to Shop

Tourists and business travelers visiting Germany are often surprised when they reach to pay for their beer, metro tickets or even a large restaurant bill that their credit cards are not welcome.

Habits, however, are slowly changing in Europe's top economy, as younger consumers leapfrog from cash to convenient electronic forms of payment.

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U.S. Senator Objects to Anti-terrorism Rules for Online Sites

A Democratic senator skeptical of broad government surveillance objected Tuesday to a bill that would have required social media and online sites like Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook to alert U.S. authorities of any terrorist activity.

The proposal had been tucked into a broader bill authorizing intelligence programs throughout the 2016 budget year and became the subject of several private meetings on Capitol Hill between congressional staff and industry officials.

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