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People-Rating App Sparks Firestorm

Creators of an app that will let people assign ratings to those they know vowed to launch as planned next month as planned despite online outrage at the idea.

Peeple has been likened by critics and supporters alike as a Yelp-style review service at which people are rated, without their consent, the same way a person might give a grade to a restaurant or an airline.

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German Wind Power Output Topping 2014 Total

Germany's wind power generation by September surpassed last year's total, thanks to favorable weather conditions and an expansion of wind farms, industry bodies said Thursday.

The cumulative total production from land-based and offshore wind farms so far this year was 59 billion kilowatt hours, topping the 57.4 billion kWh for all of 2014.

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Uber Campaigns against Tough Rules Proposed in London

Ride-sharing giant Uber launched a petition that had more than 116,000 signatures by Thursday against proposed regulation in London that would force drivers to pass English language and map reading tests.

"We understand that black cab drivers are feeling the pressure from services like Uber," the company's British branch said on its website.

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Microsoft and Google Call Truce in Patent Wars

Technology titans Microsoft and Google on Wednesday announced that they have agreed to end all patent infringement litigation against each other.

Legal battles between the companies included suits over technology for Internet-linked mobile devices, WiFi and digital video.

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New TiVo DVR Will Skip through Entire Commercial Break

TiVo wants to help you skip TV commercials.

With one press of a button on the remote, TiVo's new digital video recorder will skip the entire commercial break. That's quicker than the 30-second forward feature found on previous TiVos. On the new TiVo Bolt, TiVo will tag the start and end of commercial breaks so that viewers can skip that section when watching on their recordings. The feature will work with about 20 over-the-air and cable channels, including the major broadcast networks, mostly during prime-time hours.

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Golden Oldies: Retro Videogame Fans Flock to Tokyo

Tossed aside as outdated junk by some, old videogames such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man are now getting a new lease of life in Tokyo's vibrant Akihabara district, as growing numbers of die-hard fans seek out vintage classics to relive their youth.

Inside Super Potato, a famed retro videogame store, devotees browse isles packed with everything from Legend of Zelda figurines to immaculately packaged old Sega Mega Drives, while Super Mario toys dangle from the ceiling overhead.

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Yahoo to Spin off Alibaba Stake Despite Tax Question

Yahoo notified U.S. regulators that it is proceeding with plans to spin off its multi-billion-dollar stake in Alibaba despite the unanswered question of what the tax bill could be.

Yahoo's board of directors has authorized the company to pursue the transaction "as previously disclosed, except that the completion of the spin-off will not be conditioned upon receipt of a favorable ruling from the IRS," the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Junta Mulls 'Great Firewall' for Thailand

Thailand's junta is facing growing opposition over plans to introduce a single Internet gateway for the country to make it easier to monitor the web and block content.

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition against the proposal, which has been dubbed the "Great Firewall of Thailand"  -- a play on China's draconian Internet censorship program -- by commentators, analysts and netizens.

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BBC Wins Big by Betting on Chat App to Deliver Ebola Tips

The BBC won a prestigious Online News Association award for public service journalism Saturday for its use of the chat application WhatsApp to distribute information about Ebola in stricken areas during the 2014 outbreak.

The group was honored for its use of a new platform to distribute lifesaving information, such as how the disease was spread and where to get help, in English and French, in format that would reach readers wherever they were.

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BlackBerry Unveils Android Phone in New Reboot Effort

BlackBerry announced plans Friday to sell an Android-powered smartphone, in the latest reboot effort from the faded star of the sector.

The Canadian firm said its would begin selling "Priv," describe as "a flagship handheld device that will run on the Android operating system with BlackBerry security," expected to be available later this year.

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