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Xiaomi Beats Samsung in Chinese Smartphone Market

Xiaomi, a Chinese handset maker little known in the West, overtook tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. to become China's top-selling smartphone brand in the second quarter, a market research company said Tuesday.

According to Canalys, Xiaomi sold 15 million smartphones in China during the second quarter, more than a three-fold surge from a year earlier. It surpassed Samsung, which had the leading position in China for more than two years, as well as local brands such as Lenovo and Huawei.

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Thailand's Censors Ban 'Tropico 5' Computer Game

A video game distributor says Thailand's film and video censors have banned a city-building simulation game for computers because it could hurt the country's security.

New Era Thailand marketing manager Nonglak Sahavattanapong said Monday the censorship office blocked sales of "Tropico 5" because they feared its content might affect peace and order.

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From Tsunami Lifeline to Listing, Line Sends Message to Chat Rivals

A messaging app launched in the aftermath of Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Line is moving towards a possible dual listing in Tokyo and New York as it jostles for space in an increasingly crowded and imaginative market.

Combining instant messaging with shopping, gaming and other features such as letting users send each other cute cartoon "stickers", Line is hugely popular in Japan, particularly among teenagers. 

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Apple Closes Acquisition of Beats Music

Apple said Friday it closed its $3 billion deal for Beats, the high-end audio equipment and streaming music service, a tie-up that could allow the iPhone maker to reach new audiences.

"Today we are excited to officially welcome Beats Music and Beats Electronics to the Apple family," Apple said on its website.

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Hitchhiking Robot Thumbs its Way Across Canada

A talking robot assembled from household odds and ends is hitchhiking thousands of kilometers across Canada this summer as part of a social experiment to see if those of its kind can trust humans.

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Brief Facebook Outage Prompts Complaints on Twitter

A brief Facebook outage on Friday prompted a flurry of complaints and comments on Twitter less than two months after a similar incident affected users worldwide.

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Microsoft Sues Samsung in U.S., Alleging Contract Breach

Microsoft on Friday fired a legal salvo at longtime partner Samsung, accusing the South Korean giant of breaching a contract over licensing of technology used in the competitive smartphone market.

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Malaysia's Mahathir Calls for Internet Censorship

Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has called for the Internet to be censored to preserve "public morality", in what the opposition suggested Saturday was an attempt to silence government critics.

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Twitter: Govt. Requests for User Data Increased

Twitter said government requests for user data grew sharply in the past six months as more countries asked for a greater amount of information about users.

More than half of the requests came from the United States, as has been the case since Twitter began issuing its "transparency report" in 2012. Typically, the requests are part of criminal investigations. To obtain non-public information about users — such as email addresses — law enforcement agencies have to get a subpoena or court order. Requests for the contents of communications — such as direct messages or non-public tweets — require a search warrant.

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Facebook Unveils Free Internet App, Starting in Zambia

Facebook on Thursday unveiled an app to allow people around the world with mobile phones but no Internet access to access online services for health, education and basic communications.

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