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Airbnb Acquires Travel Planning Tool Vamo

Airbnb, the peer-to-peer accommodation platform, has acquired the trip-planning tool Vamo for an undisclosed amount.

Under the deal, Airbnb will take on the staff and technology of Vamo, but will shut down by October 1 the tool that uses Big Data to help travelers find deals for multi-destination trips.

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Apple Accused over $71 Million in Chinese Taxes

A Chinese subsidiary of U.S. tech giant Apple failed to pay 452 million yuan in taxes (now $71 million) due at the end of 2013, Beijing's finance ministry said.

Apple has already paid the back taxes, along with late fees totalling 65 million yuan, the ministry said on its website.

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Apple Presses Deeper with New iPhones and More

Apple is bolstering its money-pumping iPhone line while looking to dive deep into businesses with iPads and dominate living rooms with Apple TV hardware tuned to app-loving lifestyles.

Tricked-out new iPhone 6 models, along with overhauled Apple TV hardware and iPad Pro tablets with enlarged screens, were major announcements at the technology titan's media event Wednesday in San Francisco.

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Tech World Waits for iPhone News and Hopes for Magic

The tech world on Wednesday will have its eyes on Apple, expecting new versions of the company's coveted iPhone but hoping for magic in the form of unexpected innovation.

Apple remained mum even as rumors ran rampant about what is in store at an upcoming San Francisco media event.

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Google Expands Home Delivery in U.S.

Google on Tuesday expanded its shopping home delivery service into the midwestern portion of the United States, covering an additional 25 million people.

Google Express shopping service launched two years ago added Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin to the roster of states where it will let people order online from selected shops and then get the goods to doorsteps.

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Instagram Steps up Advertising Effort, Adds 30 Markets

Instagram unveiled plans Wednesday to expand its offerings to advertisers, opening up possibilities for global marketing efforts on the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network.

"Starting this month Instagram is open for business and available to advertisers large and small," Instagram said in a statement.

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Facebook Business Pages Closer to Becoming Online Shops

Facebook pages moved closer to replacing small business websites Tuesday, announcing features designed to make it easier for shops to hawk their wares.

Changes to business pages at the leading social network included raising the profile of features that allow customers to take actions such as booking an appointment or browsing, and allowed for more customized approaches to layouts.

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Apple Event Expected to Focus on iPhones, TV

Apple is expected to unveil updated iPhones Wednesday along with an Apple TV revamp that may signal a push into online television streaming dominated by Netflix.

Apple remained mum even as rumors ran rampant about what is in store at the San Francisco media event.

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Report: Google May Return to China with Android App Shop

Google is talking with Chinese authorities and smartphone makers about opening an online shop in China stocked with applications for Android-powered mobile devices, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The move would mark a return for the U.S. Internet firm, which moved its online search service from Mainland China to Hong Kong in 2010 after a cyberattack targeting Gmail users and a clash over censorship.

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Intel Putting $50 mn into Quantum Computing Research

U.S. chip colossus Intel on Thursday said that it will put $50 million and engineering resources into an alliance on quantum computing that could radically advance complex problem-solving.

Intel Corporation plans a 10-year collaboration with Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and TNO, the Dutch Organization for Applied Research, to make real the kind of quantum computing that could tackle seemingly insurmountable problems.

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