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Dozens of Chinese Held in Kenya 'Cyber Bust'

Police in Kenya are holding 77 Chinese nationals accused of running a cyber crime network and mysterious "command center" from upmarket houses in Nairobi, officials and reports said Thursday.

Kenyan police believe the gang were "preparing to raid the country's communication systems" and that they possessed equipment capable of infiltrating bank accounts, Kenya's M-Pesa mobile banking system and ATM machines, according to the Daily Nation newspaper.

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PlayStation: 20 Years after a Grey Box Changed Gaming Forever

Twenty years ago, a small grey box of electronic tricks made its debut in Japan, heralding the birth of the global gaming phenomenon that changed the entertainment landscape, launching titles that now outstrip sales from Hollywood's biggest franchises.

The original PlayStation, which hit stores in early December 1994, brought revolutionary graphics, engrossing gameplay and the kind of complex virtual worlds that had only previously been available in an arcade.

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Australian Retail Giants Pull Grand Theft Auto V after Protest

Australian retail giants Target and Kmart said Thursday they will stop selling controversial crime-themed blockbuster video game "Grand Theft Auto V" over concerns that it glamorizes violence against women.

Target, a popular department store chain, acted after a petition authored by three former sex workers, which has been signed by more than 40,000 people, called it "sickening".

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Twitter Tries to Make it Easier to Report Abuse

Twitter is trying to make it easier for victims and witnesses of online harassment to report it.

The short messaging service said Tuesday that the new tools will roll out to users over the coming weeks. It's available now for a small group of Twitter's 284 million members. Among other changes, the updates streamline the process for reporting abuse, especially on mobile devices.

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Facebook Argentina Fined over Fake Profiles

Facebook Argentina was ordered to pay a firefighter one million pesos ($177,000) for failing to comply with an order to delete insulting fake profiles of the plaintiff, the Ministry of Justice said Tuesday.

The plaintiff, whose identity was not disclosed, called on the social network for over a year to delete fake profiles by people who wrote insults related to a labor dispute.

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Amazon's Bezos to be 'bold' despite failures

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos acknowledged Tuesday missteps which have cost the tech giant billions, but said that is the price for taking "bold bets."

"I've made billions of dollars of failures at," Bezos told a New York conference sponsored by the news website Business Insider.

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Paris Domain Names Sell Like Hot Croissants

Companies and lovers of the City of Lights snapped up 6,600 ".paris" Internet domain names in a mere two hours on Tuesday, far exceeding expectations. 

Deputy Paris Mayor Jean-Louis Missika said the city had a target of selling 10,000 of the domain extensions over the next two years, but now it appears that goal will be largely surpassed.

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Hawking Warns AI 'Could Spell End of Human Race'

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that development of artificial intelligence could mean the end of humanity.

In an interview with the BBC, the scientist said such technology could rapidly evolve and overtake mankind, a scenario like that envisaged in the "Terminator" movies.

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Jurors to Hear Steve Jobs Testimony at Apple Trial

A billion-dollar class-action lawsuit over Apple's iPod music players heads to trial on Tuesday in a California federal court after nearly a decade in legal wrangling.

Attorneys for consumers and electronics retailers claim Apple Inc. used software in its iTunes store that forced would-be song buyers to use iPods instead of cheaper music players made by rivals. The software is no longer used, but the plaintiffs argue that it inflated the prices of millions of iPods sold between 2006 and 2009 — to the tune of $350 million. Under federal antitrust law, the tech giant could be ordered to pay three times that amount if the jury agrees with the estimate and finds the damages resulted from anti-competitive behavior.

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Gift Guide: How to Choose a New Cellphone

Now is a good time to get a smartphone. The latest devices hit shelves in time for the holiday shopping season, and there's likely to be a lull in new releases until next spring. So why wait?

Here are some things to consider before hitting stores. If you're upgrading from an older model, you can skip the first part aimed at first-time smartphone buyers.

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