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Chinese Man who Wrote Online Post Given One-Year Prison Sentence

A man who wrote a social media post critical of China's decades-old land reform policies was sentenced to a year in prison, reports said Tuesday, amid a tightening of civil liberties and free speech.

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Samsung Prevails over Apple in $399 Million Patent Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned a $399 million patent infringement penalty imposed on Samsung for copying Apple's iPhone design, in a case watched for its implications for technology innovation.

The shorthanded justices ruled 8-0 that Samsung should not be required to forfeit the entire profits from its smartphones for infringement on design components, sending the case back to a lower court.

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Major Tech Firms Team Up to Curb 'Terrorist Content'

Major U.S. tech firms announced Monday they would work together to curb the spread of online "terrorist content," responding to pressure from governments around the world.

The announcement by Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google-owned YouTube aims to use "digital fingerprints" to block or remove violent content or efforts to recruit social media users for attack cells.

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China Users Complain of Combustible iPhones

Several Chinese iPhone users have claimed that their handsets caught fire or exploded, according to a Shanghai consumer watchdog which called on tech giant Apple to address the complaints. 

Fresh on the heels of Samsung's worldwide Galaxy Note 7 safety fiasco, the state-run Shanghai Consumer Council said it had received eight reports in recent months of iPhones that spontaneously combusted while being used or charged.

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Big Data Helped Trump even after He Scorned It

Donald Trump derided the use of data and technology tools for his presidential campaign -- but those techniques might well have propelled him to victory.

Trump's stealth digital campaign, thrown together hastily in the final months of the campaign, allowed the Republican billionaire to fine-tune his message and reach voters in crucial Rust Belt states that gave him an Electoral College majority.

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Apple Reveals Autonomous Vehicle Ambitions

Apple has revealed it is investing heavily in autonomous vehicles in a letter asking the government to make it easier to develop self-driving cars.

The company is "excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation," Apple said in a November 22 letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offering Apple's opinion about draft regulations for the sector.

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New Hacking Attempt on Saudi Government Computers

Saudi authorities have detected fresh attempts by hackers to disrupt government computers, a report said Friday, after security firm Symantec warned of a revival of malware used in previous cyberattacks.

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Nokia Brand Ready for Smartphone Comeback in 2017

Nokia, once the world's top mobile phone maker, will make a comeback on the smartphone market in the first half of 2017, the company and its licensee said Thursday.

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'One App, Two Systems' for China App Censorship

China's hugely popular social media app WeChat operates different censorship systems for Chinese- and overseas-based users, a research group found, applying the Communist country's rules to mainland-registered accounts even when their owners are abroad.

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Germany Ramps Up Warning of Russia Cyber Attacks ahead of Vote

Germany warned Tuesday of a rise in cyber attacks orchestrated by Russia in a bid to disrupt next year's election, a day after Europe's top economy suffered its biggest hacking strike.

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