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Scientists Urge Artificial Intelligence Safety Focus

The development of artificial intelligence is growing fast and hundreds of the world's leading scientists and entrepreneurs are urging a renewed focus on safety and ethics to prevent dangers to society.

An open letter was signed by famous physicist Stephen Hawking, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk along with some of the top minds from universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, and Oxford, and companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM.

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Detroit Names VW Golf Car of the Year

The Volkswagen Golf was named North American car of the year at the Detroit auto show on Monday, while Ford picked up the honors in the truck category.

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New $30,000 Electric Chevy Could Mean Showdown with Tesla

General Motors is expected to roll out a new electric vehicle priced for the masses — and more cheaply than its current electric, which hasn't sold as well as expected.

With the introduction of a $30,000 Chevrolet electric car, expected to be named the Bolt, GM would set up a showdown with Silicon Valley's Tesla Motors.

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Chinese Drone Pioneer Story

An amateur photographer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, drew crowds when he used a drone mini-helicopter made by China's DJI Technology Co. to capture images of historic church steeples and other sights.

"I get some amazing photos with it," said Scott Richardson, a voice teacher who bought DJI's four-rotor Phantom 2 Vision+ model in May. "With a drone, you can hover three feet above the steeple and get a picture you can't get any other way."

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Tip Jar Goes Digital with Bitcoin Startup

Amid the roiling sea of gadgetry at the Consumer Electronics Show was a contingent of Bitcoin startups intent on bringing the controversial digital currency mainstream.

ChangeTip was among a dozen or so Bitcoin companies out to grab a bit of the spotlight at CES, which ends Friday here in Las Vegas.

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TV of the Future May be a Sphere

The TV of the future may not be a rectangle, but a sphere.

Some visitors to the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show got a peek at this new way to view 360-degree video.

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The 'Human' Side of Robots at Electronics Show

She stood on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, carried on conversations, blinked her eyes and sang a convincing rendition of "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

It would have been unremarkable if Chihira Aico were not a robot.

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Virtual Reality Enters a New Dimension

Welcome to "The Matrix"?

Not quite, but new technologies are pushing ultra-convincing virtual realities out of the realm of science fiction and into the now.

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Govt Considering Using Internet, Smartphones for 2020 Census

The days of the census taker with clipboard in hand may be numbered. The Census Bureau plans to test digital tools in preparation for the 2020 census, a change that could save millions of dollars.

People may be asked to fill out their census forms on the Internet instead of sending them through the mail. Census takers may use smartphones instead of paper to complete their counts.

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Smart and Pretty! Fashion Designers Spruce up Smartwatches

Smartwatches don't have to look ugly to be functional. Clothing and accessories designers are collaborating with engineers to produce computerized wristwatches that people will want to wear all day and night.

With Apple Inc. preparing to release a watch line that includes an 18-karat gold edition, rivals know they need to think beyond devices that look like miniature computers — with their rectangular screens and wristbands made of rubber-like materials. If the watches aren't attractive, the market won't grow beyond a small niche of users.

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