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US Probes Second Suspected Tesla Car Autopilot Crash

US highway safety officials said Wednesday that they are investigating a second crash of a Tesla car that may have been operating on the vehicle's pioneering self-drive Autopilot technology.

A week after a fatal Florida crash came to light involving the luxury electric car's Autopilot hands-free system, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it was looking at a non-fatal accident that took place on July 1 in Pennsylvania.

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BlackBerry Kills Off Its Classic Smartphone

BlackBerry on Tuesday said that it is killing off its Classic smartphone with a physical keyboard as part of an effort to modernize its lineup.

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The SE Factory Program: A Joint Initiative between Bader and The Nawaya Network

How do we arm youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds with high-caliber skills to succeed in the local job market? How do we use education as a means to youth integration? How do we fill the demand gap for skilled software developers in Lebanon and contribute to keeping bright minds in the country?

The Nawaya Network and Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program thought that one answer is SE Factory, an intensive 3-month coding bootcamp targeting youth with the right technical background, helping them become professional software engineers by developing the necessary practical experience desired by the job market. The program runs at almost no cost to the students.

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Apple Considering Tidal Music Purchase

Apple is exploring the purchase of rival music streaming service Tidal, which is run by rap star Jay-Z, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The paper said Apple is interested in using the company to beef-up its own year-old steaming service Apple Music.

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Oracle Told to Pay HP Billions in Chip Dispute

A California jury on Thursday ordered business software giant Oracle to pay Hewlett Packard Enterprise $3.1 billion for backing off a promise to support data servers powered by Itanium chips.

Oracle said it had acted properly in the situation and that it planned to appeal to a higher court.

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US Man Claims Apple Owes Him a Fortune for iPhone Idea

A Florida man who claims Apple made a killing with his iPhone idea is suing the technology giant seeking billions of dollars.

A lawsuit filed in a federal court in Florida this week by Thomas Ross argued that Apple "hijacked and exploited" a design he came up with in 1992 for an "electronic reading device."

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Google's Madrid Offices Raided in Tax Probe

Google's offices in Madrid were being searched in a tax probe Thursday, an internal source said, just over a month after police raided the Internet giant in Paris in a similar investigation.

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Algerians Celebrate Return of Social Media after Blackout

Algerian internet users flocked back to social media on Friday following several days of blackout as the government sought to prevent a repeat of leaks of high school test papers.

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U.S. Military's Cyber Force Reluctant to Cut Internet to IS Jihadists in Syria

The U.S. military is wary of cutting Internet connections to Islamic State strongholds such as Raqa in Syria, even though the Pentagon is waging cyber-war against the jihadists, officials said Wednesday.

Cyber Command -- better known as CYBERCOM -- officially started attacking the tech-savvy IS group in April, in what was the command's most important offensive since being established in 2010.

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Israel Plans Law against Using Facebook for 'Terror'

Israel's justice and internal security ministers on Wednesday announced plans to propose legislation banning the use of Facebook to advance what they label as "terror."

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