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Google Workers Want Plug Pulled on Plan for China Search

Google workers on Tuesday posted an open letter calling on the internet giant to abort plans for "a censored search" service in China or risk setting a dangerous precedent.

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Uber Hit with UK, Dutch Fines for Data Breach

Britain and the Netherlands fined ride-hailing giant Uber more than one million euros (dollars) on Tuesday for hiding a huge data breach for more than one year.

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Facebook Election 'War Room' Goes Quiet -- for Now

Facebook said on Monday a "war room" set up to defend the social network from abuses aimed at influencing elections in Brazil and the US has gone quiet.

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From Parcel Delivery to Security, Singapore Bets Big on Drones

Hi-tech Singapore is planning to roll out a swarm of drones for tasks that include delivering parcels, inspecting buildings and providing security, but safety and privacy concerns mean the initiative may hit turbulence.

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Samsung Apologizes over Sicknesses, Deaths of Some Workers

Samsung Electronics apologized Friday for illnesses and deaths of some of its workers, saying it failed to create a safe working environment at its computer chip and display factories.

The announcement by the South Korean technology giant came weeks after the company and a group representing ailing Samsung workers agreed to accept compensation terms suggested by a mediator and end a highly-publicized standoff that went on for more than a decade. The company's apology was part of the settlement.

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Facebook's Zuckerberg Says He is Not Considering Resigning

Embattled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday he has no plans to resign, sounding defiant after a rough year for the social platform.

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Facebook Shuts More Accounts Aimed at Political Meddling

Facebook on Tuesday said it shut down more accounts aimed at influencing the US midterm election and that it is exploring a possible link to Russia.

"As we've continued to investigate, we detected and removed some additional Facebook and Instagram accounts," head of cybersecurity policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in an update posted at the social network.

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Samsung Folding Screen Lets Smartphone Open into Tablet

Samsung on Wednesday showed off a folding screen that lets a smartphone open into a tablet, heralding it as the future for portable devices.

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Google Touts Progress in Fight against Piracy

Google said Wednesday it is making strides in helping internet users legitimately get songs, films and apps while choking off revenue to websites with stolen digital content.

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Senegal Launches African 'Cyber-Security' School

Senegal on Tuesday inaugurated a cyber-security school to strengthen West Africa's defenses against computer hackers and use of the internet for terror funding and propaganda.

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