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U.S. Busts Hacking/Insider Trading Ring

An international team of computer hackers and stock traders was charged with pocketing more than $100 million in illicit profits based on stolen market-moving financial information, U.S. officials announced Tuesday.

The Department of Justice charged nine people in a criminal conspiracy with making more than $30 million in illegal trades on the pilfered information.

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U.S. Internet Giants Join Effort to Curb Child Sex Abuse

Major U.S. Internet firms have joined an effort to curb the spread of images of sex abuse of children, organizers said Monday.

The Internet Watch Foundation said Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo had agreed to adopt a system to identify and block images of child sex abuse.

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Google 'Alphabet' Website Blocked in China on First Day

Tech geeks in China looking to understand Google's newly unveiled corporate structure are out of luck: the website of the new parent company, dubbed Alphabet, was blocked less than 24 hours after going live.

Google unveiled a surprise corporate overhaul Tuesday forming Alphabet, a holding company that will include Internet search and a handful of independent companies, such as the research arm X Lab, investment unit Google Ventures and health and science operations.

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Spain's 'Corrupt Mayor' App Jibes at Political Graft

Collecting obscene amounts of money, writing illegal contracts, handing out bribes -- all things you can do with a new Spanish mobile app inspired by headlines of corruption in Spain.

"Corrupt Mayor Clicker" is a free game created by three young developers who were seeking a way to "criticize the corruption in a satirical way."

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Messaging App Company Appoints S.Korea's Youngest CEO

The South Korean company behind popular mobile messenger app Kakao Talk named a 34-year-old startup investor as CEO who will be the country's youngest corporate boss.

Rim Ji Hoon was named CEO of Daum Kakao Corp. on Monday. He will turn 35 next month when the board and shareholders will vote on the decision.

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Aerial Assault Drone is Armed with Hacking Weapons

Hackers' arsenal on Sunday was beefed up with a drone armed with weapons to crack into wireless computer networks at close range, whether they be in skyscrapers or walled compounds.

David Jordan of U.S.-based Aerial Assault was at an infamous Def Con hacker gathering showing off a drone that could be dispatched on missions to land atop buildings or hover outside walls and probe for cracks in computer networks.

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Rush to Put Death Records Online Lets Anyone be 'Killed'

Hackers at an infamous annual Def Con gathering in Las Vegas on Friday got schooled in how to be online killers.

A rush to go digital with the process of registering deaths has made it simple for maliciously minded folks to have someone who is alive declared dead by the authorities.

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New Hacks Strike at Heart of Mobile Innovations

As fierce competition leads to rapid innovation in the smartphone market, hackers have pounced on cracks in defenses of developments on devices at the heart of modern lifestyles, experts say.

Smartphones have become increasingly targets for cyber criminals as people cram the gadgets with troves of personal information and go on to use them for work.

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Thai Man Jailed for 30 Yrs for 'Insulting' Royals on Facebook

A Thai man was jailed for 30 years on Friday for "insulting" the monarchy on Facebook, in one of the toughest known sentences passed under the junta-ruled kingdom's draconian lese majeste law.

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 87, is protected by one of the world's strictest royal defamation rules under which anyone convicted of insulting the king, queen, heir or regent faces up to 15 years in prison on each count.

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U.S. Teens Tune into Online Friendships

The online world is where it's at for teens looking to make friends.

A study released Thursday found more than half of US teens have met new friends through social networks or video game forums.

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