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Bose and Beats End Beef over Headphone Patents

Audio technology veteran Bose Corporation and Beats Electronics on Friday called a ceasefire in a lawsuit over patented technology for canceling noise in earphones.

Lawyers for the companies asked a federal judge to dismiss the Bose lawsuit, saying the companies had settled their differences, without elaborating.

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Sapphire Screen Maker Wants Apple Contracts Nixed

A supplier enlisted to make sapphire screens for Apple mobile devices on Friday urged a bankruptcy court to free it from contracts it branded "oppressive and burdensome."

Sapphire touch screens are a very tough synthetic replacement for the glass currently used on many Apple mobile devices, and are already used in a limited way for particularly sensitive parts of devices.

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Tesla Unveils New Electric Car for Bad Weather

Electric car giant Tesla on Thursday unveiled a new two-engine vehicle designed to perform in bad weather, featuring four-wheel drive and anti-collision technology.

Performance in inclement conditions was considered one of the weak spots of Tesla's existing models and with the new car, the company is trying to win over drivers in regions where the weather is not the nearly year-round sunshine that its California base enjoys.

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Mobile Wallet Adoption Years Away

Industry tracker eMarketer on Thursday said that use of smartphones as wallets will jump in the U.S. next year, but shoppers won't be quick to abandon cash or credit cards.

"The more things change in the U.S. mobile payments space, the more they seem to stay the same -- at least in the short term," eMarketer analyst Bryan Yeager said in a release.

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China Court Moves to Tighten Grip over 'Disorderly Internet'

China's top court is putting pressure on Internet service providers to provide the personal details of Web users suspected of "rights violations", state media said Friday.

The move by the Supreme People's Court, outlined in a judicial guideline issued Thursday, is the latest effort by the Communist Party to exert control over China's popular online social networks.

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States and Corporations Grab for Reins of the Internet

As the U.S. steps back from overseeing the group entrusted to essentially run the Internet, states and corporations are grabbing for the reins.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has gone from being behind the scenes tending to the task of managing website addresses to being center stage in a play for power on the Internet.

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Hackers Leap from Dark Basements to World Stage

Hackers are shaking off their reputations as nerdy, loner basement dwellers and rebranding themselves on the world stage as members of Internet age tribes with offbeat codes of conduct and capricious goals.

Clans of hackers such as Anonymous, LulzSec and Lizard Squad have caused havoc -- and made news -- in recent years, but the legacy of the online community stretches back decades.

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Ultrafast Internet Opens up New Possibilities, Say Experts

Superfast Internet connections are likely open up new kinds of communication such as "telepresence" and improve services such as remote health care, a survey of experts showed Thursday.

The ultrafast connections, expected to be widely deployed in the coming years, can open up a range of possibilities by delivering "immersive" experiences and virtual reality, according to the experts polled by the Pew Research Center and Elon University.

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EU Enlists Internet Giants in Fight Against Online Extremism

The European Union and U.S. Internet giants including Facebook and Twitter have agreed to work together to combat online extremism, and discussed steps that the firms are taking to block beheading videos, officials said Thursday.

EU Interior ministers and officials met representatives from the technology firms at a dinner in Luxembourg on Wednesday amid growing alarm that Islamist material is encouraging young Muslims to fight in Syria and Iraq.

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Study Shows Online Voting Not Ready for Worldwide Roll-Out

Online voting has the potential to boost election participation around the world, but is not yet ready to be widely rolled out due to security risks, a study released Wednesday said.

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