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Epidemic of 'Ransomware' is Growing Hacking Threat

Hackers are stepping up efforts to turn their exploits into cold cash, locking a user's data unless a ransom is paid, a report found Tuesday.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, so-called ransomware increased 26 percent quarter-over-quarter, according to Intel Security.

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FBI: Attacker's Phone Possibly Accessible without Apple Help

The U.S. government has been adamant for weeks: FBI investigators need to unlock an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, and Apple Inc. was the only one that could do it.

In a stunning reversal on Monday, federal prosecutors asked a judge to halt a much-anticipated hearing on their efforts to force Apple to unlock the phone. The FBI may have found another way, and Apple's cooperation may no longer be needed, according to court papers filed late Monday, less than 24 hours before Tuesday's hearing.

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'Syrian Electronic Army' Members Face Hacking Charges

U.S. authorities Tuesday unveiled criminal charges against three members of the so-called "Syrian Electronic Army," which gained notoriety for hacking into news media outlets and making bogus social media posts.

The Justice Departments said criminal indictments named Ahmad Umar Agha, 22; Firas Dardar, 27; and Peter Romar, 36, all Syrian nationals.

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Nintendo's First Smartphone Game Attracts over One Million Users

Nintendo said Tuesday its first smartphone game attracted more than one million users three days after release -- good news for the Japanese game giant that was long reluctant to stray from its console-only policy. 

Last week Nintendo released "Miitomo" -- a free-to-play and interactive game which allows users to create "Mii" avatars -- as it tries to compete better with rivals.

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Top U.S. Court to Hear Samsung-Apple Patent Damage Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday opened the door to reducing the hundreds of millions of dollars in damages owed by Samsung to Apple in the blockbuster patent case between the world's biggest smartphone makers.

The court agreed to hear one element of the South Korean giant's appeal -- it will not reconsider Samsung's guilt, but will look at whether the penalty was excessive for copyright infringement of certain components within the electronics.

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Emojimania: Fans and Brands Crying Tears of Joy

When it comes to emojis, the future is very, very ... Face with Tears of Joy.

If you don't know what that means then you: a) aren't a 14-year-old girl. b) love to hate those tiny pictures that people text you all the time. Or c) are nowhere near a smartphone or online chat.

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Online Lodging Service Airbnb Opens Cuba Listings to World

Online lodging service Airbnb is allowing travelers from around the world to book stays in private homes in Cuba after the San Francisco-based company received a special authorization from the Obama administration, Airbnb announced Sunday.

Airbnb was the first major American company to enter Cuba after Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro declared detente on December 17, 2014. The service handles online listing, booking and payments for people looking to stay in private homes instead of hotels. Cuba has become its fastest-growing market, with about 4,000 homes added over the last year.

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Apple Aims to Bolster Lineup with New iPhone

New iPhone and iPad models likely to be unveiled Monday are aimed at helping Apple keep momentum in the fast-evolving mobile device market.

The media gathering at the company's intimate Town Hall auditorium in Silicon Valley will also give Apple a chance to restate its case for fighting a U.S. government demand that it break into an attacker's iPhone.

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Japan's Apparel Industry in Hi-Tech Bid to Secure Future

From ready-to-wear knits manufactured instantly to customized dresses produced on inkjet printers, Japan's apparel industry is turning to state-of-the-art technology in a bold bid to cut labor costs and secure its future.

At manufacturing giant Shima Seiki's factory in western Japan, garments materialize in minutes, thanks to digitally-programmed automated machines that can turn out a sample seam-free pullover in half an hour with a push of a button.

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Pope Francis Posts First Picture on Instagram

Pope Francis posted his first photo on Instagram on Saturday, a picture showing him kneeling down praying, on the third anniversary of his inauguration as Holy Father.

"I want to walk with you along the way of God's mercy and tenderness," he wrote on the photo-sharing platform, under the account name franciscus.

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