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Japan Court Rejects 'Right to be Forgotten' on Google

Japan's Supreme Court has rejected a man's demand that news search results of his arrest on sex charges be deleted from Google, ruling that to do so would violate freedom of expression.

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'Father of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura Dies at 91

Masaya Nakamura, the Japanese video game pioneer known as the "father of Pac-Man", has died aged 91, his company said Monday.

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A Commuter's Dream: Entrepreneurs Race to Develop Flying Car

People dreamed of soaring above traffic congestion even before George Jetson entranced kids with his cartoon flying car. Inventors and entrepreneurs have long tried and failed to make the dream a reality, but that may be changing.

Nearly a dozen companies around the globe, including some with deep pockets such as European aircraft maker Airbus, are competing to be the first to develop an aircraft that will enable commuters to glide above crowded roadways.

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New Wave of Robots Set to Deliver the Goods

The robots of the future will be coming soon, rolling along at a lumbering pace with those goods you just ordered.

The six-wheeled, knee-high robots from startup Starship Technologies are part of a new wave of automated systems taking aim at the "last mile" delivery of goods to consumers.

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An Uneasy Silicon Valley Denounces Trump Immigration Ban

Silicon Valley heads have slammed U.S. President Donald Trump's temporary ban on refugees and many Muslims from entering the United States, fearing it could prevent them from accessing a global reservoir of talent.

The sweeping immigration crackdown moved many tech bosses to criticize measures that could impact sector employees.

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Fears Grow over Jihadist Cyber Threat

Jihadists have yet to shut down a power grid, paralyse a transport network or banking system or take over a key industrial site from afar, but experts say the threat of such a cyber attack should be taken seriously.

Analysts fear that while extremist groups may not have the necessary skills themselves, they could hire someone else to wreak havoc.

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Saudi Vulnerable to 'Shamoon 2' Virus

Saudi computer security systems are vulnerable to the "Shamoon 2" virus, a senior communications official warned Thursday, confirming reports of a fresh cyberattack on the kingdom.

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Software Giant SAP Sees Silver Lining in Global Upheaval

Software giant SAP said Tuesday that Brexit and geopolitical upheaval would boost rather than hinder future growth as it upped sales and profit targets for the next few years.

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Samsung Blames Galaxy Note 7 Fires on Faulty Batteries

The world's biggest smartphone maker Samsung blamed faulty batteries on Monday for the fires that hit its flagship Galaxy Note 7 device last year, as it sought to draw a line under the humiliating recall.

Samsung Electronics was forced to discontinue the smartphone, originally intended to compete with Apple's iPhone, after a chaotic recall that saw replacement devices also catching fire.

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China's Online Population Reaches 731 Million

The number of internet users in China -- already the world's highest -- reached 731 million in December, authorities said, as e-commerce drives consumer demand across the Asian giant. 

Total internet users rose 6.2 percent from the end of December 2015 and equals the entire population of Europe, the government-linked China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said in a statement Sunday on its website.

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