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Two Arrested for 12 Billion Password Sale Attempt

Police arrested two men in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland suspected of trying to sell some 12 billion stolen user names and passwords via an online website, Dutch police said Friday.

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Dutch Tech Firm Caught in U.S.-China Row

Dutch computer chip machine manufacturer ASML found itself on Friday at the center of a row between Beijing and Washington over the delivery of a hi-tech system to China.

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Toyota Investing $400 Million in Flying Car Company

Japanese car giant Toyota said Thursday it is investing nearly $400 million in a company working on commercializing electric flying cars for "fast, quiet and affordable air transportation services."

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Tough Love for Amazon's Bezos in India

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos on Friday promised to create a million new jobs in India in a farewell love letter to the country, after ending a tough visit that reportedly included a snub by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Tinder, Grindr Accused of Illegally Sharing User Data

Popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr are sharing the personal data of their users to third parties in breach of EU regulations, a Norwegian consumer rights group said Tuesday.

A new report by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) details how Grindr, which markets itself as the "world's largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans and queer people," shares the GPS data, IP addresses, ages and genders of its users with a multitude of third-party companies to help them improve advert targeting.

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Facebook again Declines to Limit Political Ad Targeting

Facebook has decided not to limit how political ads can be targeted to specific groups of people, as its main digital-ad rival Google did in November to fight misinformation. Neither will it ban political ads outright, as Twitter did last October. And it still won't fact check them, as it's faced pressure to do.

Instead, it is announcing much more limited "transparency features" that aim to give users slightly more control over how many political ads they see and to make its online library of political ads easier to use.

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'Sex Tech' Aims to Rise Above Negative Image

Sex toys are for relaxation. For education. For healing after childbirth. For long-term or long-distance relationships. For women's emancipation. 

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Mali Presidency Not behind 'Trump Fuck-Up' Tweet

A former Malian government official claimed responsibility Tuesday for embarrassing tweets from the president's account which labelled the U.S. assassination of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani as a "fuck-up."

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita's official Twitter account had posted Monday that "no one is around to tell Trump that he committed a fuck-up" by ordering the assassination. 

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China's Farmers Reap Rich Harvest through Video-Sharing Apps

"Do you want a piece?" beekeeper Ma Gongzuo says, looking into the camera of a friend's smartphone before biting into the dripping comb of amber-colored honey.

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Samsung Unveils AI-Powered Digital Avatar

A Samsung lab on Tuesday unveiled a digital avatar it described as an AI-powered "artificial human," claiming it is able to "converse and sympathize" like real people.

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