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Apple Sorry for Software Glitch, Defends New iPhones

Apple made a rare apology Thursday for a software bug that has seen iPhone users lose service, while seeking to quell a storm over reports that its new handsets are susceptible to bending.

The slew of negative headlines saw a steep drop in Apple stock, as the U.S. tech giant acknowledged the software glitch, offering a temporary fix immediately and a full update "in the next few days."

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Election Apps Bring Smartphone Democracy to Brazil

Have you ever wanted to pelt a politician with a tomato? Or wished for that perfect candidate to come along and sweep you off your feet?

In Brazil, where the explosion of smartphones is putting a new twist on next month's elections, there's an app for that.

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Robot Cheerleading Squad Showcases Sensor Technology

A team of cheerleading robots made their dancing debut in Tokyo on Thursday as creator Murata Manufacturing demonstrated its cutting-edge sensor technology.

With curtains pulled back and Japanese pop music pulsing in the background, 10 doll-like robot girls with illuminated pom-poms rolled out onto a stage to perform their choreographed routine.

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Struggling BlackBerry Releases New Phone

Hoping for a comeback, embattled Canadian company BlackBerry has launched a new smartphone.

Chief executive John Chen on Wednesday unveiled a large-screen, square sized phone called the Passport to a Toronto audience. London and Dubai also hosted launch events. No event was held in the U. S. where analysts say there is little demand or carrier interest.

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New iPhones Run into Software, Bending Complaints

Apple's newest iPhones ran into some glitches Wednesday after users complained that a new software update blocked their calls, while a widely circulated video showed the larger of the two new models is vulnerable to bending.

Apple said it would stop providing the software update, which it began distributing Wednesday morning to fix several issues in last week's iOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPads.

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Microsoft TV Plug-in Gadget Mirrors Mobile Screens

Microsoft on Tuesday put its spin on Google's Chromecast with a device that lets people mirror what's on Windows-powered tablets or smartphones on their television screens.

The U.S. technology giant unveiled Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor, a thumb-drive-size gizmo that plugs into HDMI and USB ports in televisions, and then wirelessly connects with tablets, computer or smartphones running Miracast software.

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Solar-Powered Family Car Stella Rides California Coast

A solar-powered family car completed its drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco fueled by good vibes and pure California sunshine.

And after turning the heads of gobsmacked onlookers during its journey up California's scenic Pacific Coast Highway, the creators of "Stella" are dreaming of a day when their futuristic vehicle is a commonplace sight.

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Samsung Launches Note 4 'Phablet' ahead of Schedule

South Korea's Samsung launched the latest version of its oversized Galaxy Note smartphone earlier than expected Wednesday after U.S. rival Apple reported record sales of its latest iPhone 6.

Samsung said the Galaxy Note 4 -- initially scheduled for launch in October -- would hit stores in South Korea and China this week before being sold in 140 nations by the end of next month.

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China Blocks 'Privacy' Search Engine DuckDuckGo

China has begun blocking the privacy-protecting search engine DuckDuckGo, which avoids storing user data or tracking online activity, according to the company and security researchers.

DuckDuckGo, which gained popularity following revelations of U.S. government surveillance online, has only a tiny share of the search engine market but recently became an option as the default for iPhones in the new iOS 8 mobile platform.

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BlackBerry Sets New Phone Launch in Revival Bid

BlackBerry is set to unveil its latest smartphone Wednesday, in a move aimed at reviving the fortunes of the struggling Canadian tech group.

The BlackBerry Passport with a square 4.5-inch screen and physical keyboard will be priced at $599 without a contract in the United States, chief executive John Chen told the Wall Street Journal.

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