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Hong Kong Banks Turn to Start-ups for Tech Edge

Hong Kong's towering skyline is dominated by major banks and investment houses -- but smaller start-ups are playing an increasing role on the financial landscape.

The number of "FinTech" start-ups in Hong Kong -- offering technology tailored to the world of finance -- is rising rapidly, taking advantage of the city's position as an industry hub and gateway to China.

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Twitter Sets Modest Goals to Diversity its Workforce

Twitter is setting modest goals to diversify its workforce while it fights a proposed class-action lawsuit that says the online messaging service discriminates against its female employees.

The hiring targets were released Friday along with data showing that Twitter primarily employs white and Asian men in high-paying technology jobs, like most of its industry peers.

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Instagram Images no Longer Just Squares

Instagram on Thursday broke its square mold with an update that adds portrait and landscape formats to the image-sharing smartphone application.

"Square format has been and always will be part of who we are," Instagram said in a blog post.

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Apple Event Set for Sept 9 in San Francisco

Apple on Thursday sent out invitations to a Sept. 9 media event, hinting that Siri virtual assistant software in its mobile devices will play a role.

In trademark enigmatic style, the emailed invitations provided little more than the time and place of the event. Beneath graphics based on the Apple logo was written "Hey Siri, give us a hint."

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Facebook Celebrates One Billion Users in Single Day

Facebook boasted of a new benchmark Thursday in its seemingly inexorable march to Internet ubiquity: a billion people used the social network in a single day.

"We just passed an important milestone," chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg declared in a post on his Facebook page.

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Messaging App Line Says Still Considering IPO

Popular Japanese messaging app Line said Friday it was still considering plans for an initial public offering, after a report said it had shelved the sale for a second year in a row.

Line's owner, South Korean Internet firm Naver, was preparing an IPO for the company in 2014, but reportedly postponed it to focus on the messaging app's expansion.

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Review: New Phones, Tablets Keep Samsung at Android Helm

Samsung's new smartphones and tablets might not offer enough to entice current iPhone and iPad users to switch, but they keep Samsung at the head of the class among Android gadget makers.

The new Galaxy devices come weeks before comparable updates from Apple are expected. In a sense, if Samsung can't beat the competition in sales, it can at least beat it to store shelves.

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U.S. Prosecutors Say Video Game Maker's Secrets Swiped

U.S. prosecutors said Tuesday that a staff member of video game maker Machine Zone has been charged with stealing trade secrets after learning he was to lose his job.

Jing Zeng, 42, could be sentenced to a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of $250,000 if convicted in the case filed in U.S. federal court in San Francisco.

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Smartphone Growth Creating Etiquette Challenges

It's OK to use your smartphone walking down the street or on public transportation. But not at a family dinner. And definitely not in church.

Users of mobile devices are struggling to find the rules of the road for how and when to use the devices around others, but a survey out Wednesday shows a surprising consensus.

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Driverless Truck Meant to Improve Safety in Work Zones

Roving construction crews - the kind you see blacktopping a road, painting lines, inspecting a bridge or installing a traffic signal - are often protected from oncoming traffic by a specialized truck outfitted with a crash barrier.

The crash trucks, fitted with a device called a truck-mounted attenuator, have been credited with saving lives. But the workers who drive them are inevitably placed in harm's way, "literally waiting to be struck," said Robert Roy, president of Royal Truck & Equipment Inc. in Coopersburg.

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