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Google 'Campuses' Give Tech Startups Room to Flourish

In a nod to its humble beginning in the garage of a Silicon Valley house, Google is building "campuses" around the world intended as fertile ground where entrepreneurs can flourish.

A campus that opened last month in Madrid was the fourth such start-up nurturing facility opened by a Google for Entrepreneurs team at the California-based Internet titan.

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Cuba's New Wifi Hotspots Attract Eager Users

Near the popular Hotel Habana Libre in Cuba's capital, a gaggle of young people on cellphones, tablets and laptops log onto the new wifi hotspot -- a small milestone in one of the least connected countries.

Sitting on the sidewalks, low-rise walls, or makeshift seats, several dozen people sign in at the public access wifi zone, part of the government's plan to roll out Internet access across the Communist island nation.

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Report: Turkey Restricts Facebook in Schools

Turkey has restricted students from posting pictures and opinions about school life on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, local media said Thursday. 

The changes, put forward by the Education Ministry, took effect after being published in the Official Gazette on July 1, Dogan news agency said. 

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Blind French Hikers Cross Mountains with Special GPS

Five hikers, all blind or partially-sighted, crossed a mountain range in eastern France last week thanks to an innovative GPS system that developers hope can help millions of people with vision problems.

Armed only with their white canes and the experimental smartphone app -- unaccompanied by sighted guides -- the group trekked 80 kilometres (50 miles) in six days through fields and forests in the Vosges range near the German border.

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Google Apologizes Photo App Tagged Black Couple 'Gorillas'

Google apologized after an identification program in its new photo app put a "gorillas" label on a picture of a black couple.

"We're appalled and genuinely sorry that this happened," a Google representative said late Wednesday in an email to Agence France Presse.

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Austria Court Throws out Facebook Privacy Class Action Suit

An Austrian court has rejected a class action case against Facebook for alleged privacy breaches, saying it lacks jurisdiction to decide the matter, court officials said on Wednesday.

Law graduate Max Schrems and 25,000 other users are suing Facebook for various rights violations, including what they call its "illegal" tracking of their data and its involvement in the U.S. National Security Agency's PRISM surveillance program.

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Apple Music Goes Live as Tech Giant Bids on Streaming

Apple's new streaming service went live Tuesday with a flashy radio station and artist exclusives, as the company that dominated digital music through iTunes looks to the future.

Apple Music got started with the tech giant in the unusual position of being on the back foot, as Spotify leads the fast-growing market for streaming which offers on-demand, unlimited music.

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Facebook's Zuckerberg Wants to Figure out Social Equation

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg figures there could be a formula that explains how people think.

During a wide-ranging online question-and-answer session on his Facebook page Tuesday, Zuckerberg told famed physicist Stephen Hawking he would like to find that equation.

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Canada Spy Agency Website Hacked

Hackers shut down the Canadian intelligence agency's website Tuesday, officials said.

The intrusion came two weeks after several Canadian government websites were disrupted by the hacker collective Anonymous in protest of a new anti-terror law that critics say tramples civil rights.

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Deal Struck to Abolish EU Roaming Charges

A deal to abolish mobile phone roaming charges in the European Union in 2017 has been struck in Brussels, officials said Tuesday.

The agreement will scrap roaming charges imposed on EU citizens who use their mobile phones in other member states from June 15, 2017.

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