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Apple 'HomePod' Speaker to Take on Amazon, Google

Apple will later this year release a "HomePod" music-centric smart home speaker, challenging a market currently dominated by Amazon and Google in its latest move to weave deeper into people's lives.

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Saudi King Earns More Retweets than Trump

Donald Trump may be lighting up Twitter with strange new words and attacks on allies but in the battle for most attention per tweet the U.S. president is losing.   

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Android Software Creator Unveils 'Essential' Phone

A creator of the Android software powering smartphones around the world steps into the hardware market with a handset that promises to tackle the clutter, complexity and rapid obsolescence of current devices.

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Chess-Playing Robot Star of Taiwan Tech Fair

A chess-playing robot stole the show as Asia's largest tech fair kicked off in Taiwan Tuesday with artificial intelligence centre stage.

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‘Girls Got It’ Held its Third Edition in Tripoli, Hosts Over 400 Students

‘Girls Got IT’ a joint Initiative between five Lebanese NGOs, led by Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB) in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education and sponsored by UNICEF, hosted its third event edition on May 13, 2017 in Tripoli, at the Beirut Arab University, bringing together over 460 female students, in a record-breaking turnout, a press release said.

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Apple Opens First Official Store in SE Asia

Apple opened its first Southeast Asia store in Singapore on Saturday, drawing hundreds of excited fans to the swanky two-storey site in the city's upmarket shopping district.

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Chinese Fans Trash Blackout as Google AI Wins Again

Chinese netizens fumed Thursday over a government ban on live coverage of Google algorithm AlphaGo's battle with the world's top Go player, as the program clinched their three-match series in the ancient board game.

The artificial intelligence (AI) program won its second straight match against 19-year-old Chinese world number one Ke Jie, who will try to salvage some pride for humanity in the third and final game on Saturday.

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Facebook's Zuckerberg to Give Harvard Graduation Speech

Mark Zuckerberg is giving a commencement address at Harvard, where he dropped out 12 years ago to focus on Facebook.

Zuckerberg, 33, follows another famous Harvard dropout, Bill Gates, who spoke before its graduates a decade ago. Steve Jobs, who dropped out of Reed College in Oregon, gave Stanford's commencement speech in 2005.

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Samsung Investigating Galaxy S8 'Iris Hack'

Samsung Electronics is investigating claims by a German hacking group that it fooled the iris recognition system of the new flagship Galaxy S8 device, the firm said Wednesday.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 was a key step for the world's largest smartphone maker as it sought to move on from last year's humiliating withdrawal of the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7s, which hammered the firm's once-stellar reputation.

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Nokia, Apple Bury Hatchet in Patent Dispute

Nokia and Apple said Tuesday they were burying the hatchet in a bitter patent dispute with a cooperation agreement and an undisclosed cash payment by the US tech giant to the Finnish group.

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