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Dutchman Ends 'World's Longest Electric Car Trip' in Australia

A Dutchman completed an epic 95,000 kilometer (59,000 mile) journey by electric car in Sydney Sunday in a bid to prove the viability of such vehicles in tackling climate change.

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World's First 5G Phone Released in South Korea

Samsung Electronics on Friday released the Galaxy S10 5G, the world's first available smartphone with built-in fifth-generation communications technology, as South Korea seeks to build a lead in the transformative system.

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Snapchat Launches Own Multi-Player Gaming Platform

Messaging app Snapchat, which is widely popular among younger users but has struggled to turn a profit since its creation in 2011, on Thursday unveiled new features including an integrated gaming platform, an expansion of its original series and new parnerships with developers.

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Belgium Seeks to Punish Owner of 'Sugar Daddy' Site

Belgian prosecutors are seeking a suspended prison sentence for an entrepreneur accused of promoting prostitution through a dating site for rich men and young women.

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South Korea to Launch World's First National 5G Networks

South Korea launches the world’s first fully-fledged 5G mobile networks Friday, a transformational leap that already has superpowers sparring for control of an innovation that could potentially change the day-to-day lives of billions of people.

The superfast communications heralded by fifth-generation wireless technology will ultimately underpin everything from toasters to telephones; from electric cars to power grids.

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Facebook's Call for Global Internet Regulation Sparks Debate

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's call for "globally harmonized" online regulation raises questions about how internet platforms can deal with concerns about misinformation and abusive content while remaining open to free speech.

Here are key questions about the latest proposal from Facebook:

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Facebook to Tighten Live Stream Access after Mosque Attacks

Facebook on Friday said it is tightening live video streaming rules in response to the service being used to broadcast deadly attacks on mosques in New Zealand.

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Facebook to Deploy New Transparency Tools ahead of European Elections

Facebook announced on Friday changes to the way political advertisements are handled on the social media site ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

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Twitter May Tag Rule-Breaking Trump Tweets

Twitter said Thursday it could start tagging tweets from newsworthy figures such as U.S. President Donald Trump that break its rules, while stopping short of deleting them.

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U.S. Judge Recommends Partial Ban on iPhone Imports to U.S.

A U.S. trade judge ruled Tuesday that Apple had violated a Qualcomm chipmaker patent and said she would recommend banning imports of some iPhones.

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