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Apple Slams Qualcomm Suit Seeking iPhone Ban in China

Apple has rejected as "meritless" a legal move by Qualcomm to ban iPhone sales in China, the latest salvo in a bitter patent battle between the two US tech giants.

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Battle of the Online Sex Crimes in High-Tech S. Korea

Tony Kim has been paid to watch porn for the last six years, spending his days staring attentively at graphic videos of naked women and sexual liaisons. 

He is part of an anti "revenge porn" force in Seoul tasked with finding private sexual images posted online without permission, and removing them.

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Researchers Warn of Cyber Risks for Olympic Games

The Olympic Games offer a tempting target for hackers and other malicious actors, with potentially devastating consequences for one of the world's premier sporting events, researchers said Tuesday.

A report by University of California researchers said the efforts to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election should serve as warning about the impact of a cyber-attack on the games.

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New Cars Increasingly Crammed with Distracting Technology

The infotainment technology that automakers are cramming into the dashboard of new vehicles is making drivers take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel for dangerously long periods of time, an AAA study says.

The study released Thursday is the latest by University of Utah professor David Strayer, who has been examining the impact of infotainment systems on safety for AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety since 2013. Past studies also identified problems, but Strayer said the "explosion of technology" has made things worse.

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New Pixel Smartphone Headlines Google Device Launch

Google on Wednesday unveiled a redesigned version of its Pixel smartphone, part of a refreshed line of devices as part of the tech giant's efforts to boost its presence against hardware rivals.

The new Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL are the first Google-made devices since Google announced the acquisition of key segments of Taiwan-based electronics group HTC.

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2013 Hack Hit all 3 Billion Yahoo Accounts

A 2013 hack affected all three billion accounts at Yahoo, triple the original estimate, the online giant's parent company said Tuesday following a new analysis of the incident.

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U.S. Backs Lebanese Health Ministry's 'Ambitious' Mobile App

Through the Loubnaniyoun NGO, the U.S. Government is supporting the Lebanese Health Ministry's effort to create a mobile application that enables citizens to access, apply for, and receive approvals for over 100 essential public health services, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Elizabeth Richard said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the signing ceremony the ministry and Loubnaniyoun, Richard described the app as a “groundbreaking initiative.”

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Google Unveils New Moves to Boost Struggling News Organizations

Google announced new steps to help struggling news organizations Monday -- including an end to a longstanding "first click free" policy to generate fresh revenues for publishers hurt by the shift from print to digital.

The moves come amid mounting criticism that online platforms are siphoning off the majority of revenues as more readers turn to digital platforms for news.

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Twitter Aims to Boost Appeal with New 280-Character Tweet Limit

Twitter is testing allowing tweets to be expanded to 280 characters -- double the existing limit -- in the latest effort to boost flagging growth at the social network.

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Saudi Arabia to Unblock Internet Calling Apps

Saudi Arabia will lift its ban on internet calling applications on Wednesday, authorities said, easing restrictions online as the conservative kingdom faces new criticism over censorship.

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