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Microsoft Debuts Hologram Goggles

Microsoft unveiled headgear on Wednesday that overlays holograms on the real world, in what it touted as the next generation of computing.

The U.S. technology titan debuted its HoloLens capabilities built into its coming Windows 10 operating system and showed off goggles that let wearers use their hands to interact with virtual objects.

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Netflix Eyes Empire as Internet TV Battle Heats Up

Netflix is ramping up efforts to conquer the world with its streaming video service, even as competition is heating up in the growing market for Internet television.

California-based Netflix said this week it wants to be in 200 markets in the next two years, up from the current 50 as it accelerates its global expansion.

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Windows 10 Aims to Be Core of Connected Devices

Microsoft pulled back the curtain Wednesday on the upcoming Windows 10 operating system focused on bringing harmony to the diverse array of Internet gadgets in people's lives.

As it previewed the new operating system, Microsoft also unexpectedly added to the roster of modern gadgets with the unveiling of headgear that overlays holograms on the real world and lets wearers use their hands to interact with virtual objects. 

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Media: Google Preparing to Launch Cellular Service

Google is getting ready to sell wireless telephone services directly to U.S. consumers after reaching deals with carriers T-Mobile and Sprint, U.S. media reported Wednesday.

The move is likely to have big impacts on the U.S. wireless industry, potentially resulting in price cuts and improved speeds.

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Syrian Group Hacks French Newspaper's Twitter Account

A group of pro-Syrian regime hackers briefly took over the Twitter account of France's Le Monde newspaper early Wednesday, tweeting several messages including one reading "Je ne suis pas Charlie".

The tweet was a negative reference to the "Je Suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) hashtag that became a popular way of showing solidarity in the wake of this month's Islamist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead.

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Dutch Hi-tech Group ASML Profits Leap 18 Percent

Dutch company ASML, which makes computer chip-making systems and is seen as a global hi-tech bellwether, on Wednesday announced a 2014 profit leap of 18 percent to 1.2 billion euros, driven by sales in the memory sector.

The company based in Veldhoven, southern Netherlands, said in a statement that its annual sales hit a "record" 5.86 billion euros ($6.78 billion), up 12 percent.

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Microsoft to Show Off More Windows 10 Features

Microsoft will use an event Wednesday to offer a wider glimpse of the next version of Windows.

The company is planning to show off new features of its flagship operating system — and possibly an improved Internet browser and more uses for Microsoft's voice-controlled digital assistant, Cortana. Executives will also demonstrate how the new Windows is designed to provide a more consistent experience and a common platform for software apps on different devices, from personal computers to tablets, smartphones and even the company's Xbox gaming console.

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Facebook Aims to Curb News Feed 'Hoaxes'

Facebook said Tuesday it would step up efforts to limit circulation of bogus "news stories" in user feeds, saying it is an annoyance for members of the huge social network.

"We've heard from people that they want to see fewer stories that are hoaxes, or misleading news," said Facebook's Erich Owens and Udi Weinsberg in a blog post.

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Report: British Spy Agency Tapped Journalists' Emails

Britain's electronic spy agency GCHQ tapped emails of journalists at some of the world's top media organisations, the Guardian reported on Monday.

The report said GCHQ gathered emails from journalists at the BBC, the Guardian, Le Monde, NBC, the New York Times, the Sun, Reuters and the Washington Post.

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Samsung Says Considering Stock Split

Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, said on Tuesday it was considering a stock split that would placate existing investors and attract new ones with a more affordable share price.

Head of investor relations Robert Yi said the South Korean tech giant had been looking into a possible split "for a while" but was still debating the benefits of such a move.

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