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Twitter Tweets Start to Sing

Twitter on Thursday began letting people instantly listen to music and other audio by clicking on tweets from the popular messaging service.

The new Twitter Audio Card feature, launched in partnerships with SoundCloud and Apple's iTunes store, will allow users to stream audio live from the Twitter app.

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Study: Cost of Cyber Attacks Jumps for U.S. Firms

Cybercrime costs are escalating for U.S. companies and attacks are becoming more complicated to resolve, a study showed Wednesday.

A survey of 59 U.S. firms by the Ponemon Institute with Hewlett-Packard found the average annual cost of responding to cyber attacks was $12.7 million, up 96 percent over the previous five years.

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Netflix Hammered by Weak Subscriber Growth

Netflix shares plunged Wednesday after its quarterly report showing disappointing subscriber growth for the streaming video group which has been expanding globally.

Shares in Netflix sank around 25 percent in after-hours trade after the California group said it gained just three million members in the past quarter, to boost its subscribers to 53.1 million worldwide.

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Microsoft's Skype Launches Video Messaging App

Microsoft-owned Skype on Tuesday unveiled a new app enabling users to send short video messages to stay "connected between calls."

The smartphone app called Skype Qik allows users to create and send videos up to 42 seconds long.

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Facebook Challenging Google in Online Ad Market

For years, Google has been the undisputed leader in online advertising, but Facebook is gaining quickly in the fast-evolving market.

Google is still collecting about a third of the $140 billion Internet ad market in 2014, but Facebook's share has doubled over the past two years to nearly eight percent, according research firm eMarketer.

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New iPads Aim to Boost Apple in Premium Tablet Market

With the global tablet computer market showing signs of cooling, Apple's expected unveiling of its new iPads Thursday looks to shore up its position at the high end.

The iPad event in a small auditorium on Apple's campus in the Silicon Valley city of Cupertino comes with Google reportedly set to introduce a new Nexus tablet powered by Android software and manufactured by Taiwan's HTC.

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Russia Used Windows Flaw to Spy for Years

Hackers based in Russia used a flaw in Microsoft Windows to spy on NATO, European governments and other organizations as far back as 2009, security researchers said Tuesday.

A report by the cyber-security firm iSight Partners said the flaw dubbed "Sandworm" allowed the cyber spies to gain access to computers using all versions of Windows for PCs and servers during the past five years.

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Banks Harvest Callers' Voiceprints to Fight Fraud

"This call may be monitored."

You hear it every time you phone your bank about a lost credit card or an unexpected charge. You may realize your bank is recording you, but did you know it could be taking your biometric data, too?

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Google Says Amazon Biggest Search Engine Rival

Google boss Eric Schmidt said Monday his company's biggest competition as a search engine came from e-commerce giant Amazon, not from its traditional rivals.

In remarks prepared for delivery in Berlin, Schmidt hit back at accusations that Google as the world's biggest search engine enjoyed unchallenged market dominance, saying that the sector was targeting the company on several fronts.

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"The Evil Within" Video Game Crafted to Be Scary Fun

Horror genre video game master Shinji Mikami is throwing open a door to wickedly crafted terror with the Tuesday release of "The Evil Within."

The Japanese video game designer known for the hit "Resident Evil" franchise has taken survival horror back to its roots with his new title being published by Bethesda Softworks.

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