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WhatsApp Service Stumbles Briefly

Facebook-owned smartphone messaging service WhatsApp temporarily crashed in an array of countries from the U.S. to India, potentially affecting hundreds of millions of users.

Reports of people having trouble with WhatsApp in countries including Japan, India, Malaysia, Colombia and the United States hit the Internet about 0200 GMT Tuesday.

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ArabNet - $718M Invested in the MENA Digital Ecosystem since 2013

In its 7th edition, ArabNet Beirut is set to further its growth of the regional digital ecosystem by bringing the latest innovations to Beirut, on March 1-2-3, 2016, in strategic partnership with DMS (Choueiri Group) and Beirut Digital District.

A key player in the digital space, ArabNet is bringing opportunities needed for the Levantine/regional creative youth to move forward, via 4 key-competitions and more.

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'Unicorns' May Be Mauled by Bear Market

After a year in which free-flowing capital fueled unprecedented growth in so-called tech "unicorns," the sector is bracing for a slowdown which could thin the herd.

Unicorns -- a term coined for the usually rare billion-dollar, privately funded startups -- have been proliferating in the United States, China and elsewhere as venture capital investors bet on the next Google or Facebook.

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Thanks to Big Data, U.S. Parties Know all about Voters

If you're an American voter and have provided personal information to a company, chances are data groups have shared it with political parties to help them target potential supporters.

One of the main players is NGP VAN, which manages the Democratic National Committee's database.

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Pope Hits out at Internet Trolls

Pope Francis spoke out Friday over the increasingly aggressive nature of much political discourse and the use of social media as a forum for personal abuse.

In a message published on the same day that the Twitter-friendly pontiff met Apple boss Tim Cook, Francis said digital technology and the Internet could help bring people together but also had the potential to create deep wounds.

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China's Online Population Nears 700 Million

China's Internet users -- already by far the world's most numerous -- rose to nearly 700 million last year, authorities said Friday, more than twice the population of the United States.

Beijing imposes strict controls on online content, while e-commerce is a vital part of its efforts to transform the economy into one driven more by consumer demand.

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Anonymous Messaging App Stirs Controversy in Israel

A new Israeli app launched by a company with investors including Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj has been accused of encouraging teen bullying and Internet trolls.

The Blindspot app allows users to send anonymous messages, photos and videos to their contacts without the receiver being able to trace it.

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France to 'Modify' AZERTY Keyboard to Improve French Writing

The French are known for being sticklers about the correct use of language, but they have discovered something is getting in the way of perfect prose: the AZERTY keyboard.

A recent report from the communications ministry said the layout of French keyboards makes it "nearly impossible to write in correct French."

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Facebook Gets in Game with New Sports Hub

Facebook announced a drive Thursday to be a place for sports with a new online hub for news and sharing on sporting events.

The "Facebook Sports Stadium" will offer live updates of scores, posts from friends and commentators as well as information on where to watch games live.

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Apple Files with India Government to Open First Stores

Apple said Wednesday it has asked the Indian government for permission to open its first stores in the country, paving the way for its feted brands to join the fast-growing smartphone market.

While it has 31 stores in China alone and others in Japan and Hong Kong, the world's biggest technology company by market value has held off from opening its own stores in India. 

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