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Banks Harvest Callers' Voiceprints to Fight Fraud

"This call may be monitored."

You hear it every time you phone your bank about a lost credit card or an unexpected charge. You may realize your bank is recording you, but did you know it could be taking your biometric data, too?

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Google Says Amazon Biggest Search Engine Rival

Google boss Eric Schmidt said Monday his company's biggest competition as a search engine came from e-commerce giant Amazon, not from its traditional rivals.

In remarks prepared for delivery in Berlin, Schmidt hit back at accusations that Google as the world's biggest search engine enjoyed unchallenged market dominance, saying that the sector was targeting the company on several fronts.

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"The Evil Within" Video Game Crafted to Be Scary Fun

Horror genre video game master Shinji Mikami is throwing open a door to wickedly crafted terror with the Tuesday release of "The Evil Within."

The Japanese video game designer known for the hit "Resident Evil" franchise has taken survival horror back to its roots with his new title being published by Bethesda Softworks.

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Zuckerberg in Indonesia for Internet-Access Push

On his first visit to Facebook-crazy Indonesia, Mark Zuckerberg met the president-elect, spread the word about his company's global Internet-access initiative and posted a photo of himself at an ancient Buddhist temple.

The Facebook CEO arrived Sunday, when he climbed Borobudur temple in Central Java and posted a widely shared photo of himself atop its stupas on his Facebook page. On Monday he met Indonesian President-elect Joko Widodo, who used social media extensively in his campaign.

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Korean Chat App Vows to Protect User Privacy

Popular South Korean messaging app Kakao Talk said Monday it will stop fully cooperating with authorities seeking to access private messages as part of a government crackdown on online criticism.

Lee Sirgoo, CEO at DaumKakao which owns Kakao Talk, apologized for its initial handling of privacy issues at a news conference called at short notice by the company.

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Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested

Over the telephone, in jail and online, a new digital bounty is being harvested: the human voice.

Businesses and governments around the world increasingly are turning to voice biometrics, or voiceprints, to pay pensions, collect taxes, track criminals and replace passwords.

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Uber-Heated Battle as Mobile Apps Rattle Asia's Taxis

Southeast Asia's notorious taxi market is undergoing a shakeout as Uber and homegrown mobile booking applications gain popularity in a region that has long endured inefficient cartels and price-gouging drivers.  

San Francisco-based Uber, which allows customers to hail taxis or private vehicles via smartphones and pay with a credit card, is expanding rapidly in the region while fending off legal and regulatory challenges in various markets across the world.

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Over 1,000 Europeans a Day Ask Google to Scrub Web

Google is being swamped with demands from Europeans trying to erase humiliating links to their past from the world's dominant Internet search engine.

Nearly 145,000 requests have been made in the European Union and four other countries by people looking to polish their online reputations, according to numbers the company released Friday. That's an average of more than 1,000 requests a day since late May, when Google began accepting submissions in order to comply with a European court that ruled some embarrassing information about people's lives can be scrubbed from search results.

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Hackers Expose Trove of Snagged Snapchat Images

A huge trove of evidently intercepted Snapchat images and videos were exposed online Friday, raising fears about what may be revealed in messages intended to vanish seconds after beng viewed.

In what was being referred to as "The Snappening," people who used a third-party program instead of the official Snapchat application had copies of supposedly transient missives squirreled away by hackers who began posting them online late Thursday.

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Bose and Beats End Beef over Headphone Patents

Audio technology veteran Bose Corporation and Beats Electronics on Friday called a ceasefire in a lawsuit over patented technology for canceling noise in earphones.

Lawyers for the companies asked a federal judge to dismiss the Bose lawsuit, saying the companies had settled their differences, without elaborating.

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