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China Starts Assembling World's Biggest Radio Telescope

China has started assembling the world's largest radio telescope, which will have a dish the size of 30 football pitches when completed, state media reported as Beijing steps up its ambitions in outer space.

The five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) nestles in a bowl-shaped valley between hills in the southwestern province of Guizhou, images posted online show.

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Survey: Nearly Half of China's Population Now Online

China has 668 million Internet users, accounting for 48.8 percent of the country's total population, as e-commerce boomed in the world's second-largest economy, authorities said.

A total of 18.94 million new users -- more than the population of Chile -- were added in the first six months of this year, the semi-official China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said in its biannual report.

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Microsoft Joins Effort to Curb 'Revenge Porn'

Microsoft announced Wednesday it was joining an effort to curb so-called "revenge porn," by helping victims remove links to sexually explicit images of them posted without their consent.

"When someone shares intimate images of another person online without that person's consent, the effects can be truly devastating," said Microsoft chief online safety office Jacqueline Beauchere in a blog post.

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Twitter Accessible in Turkey after Blockage

Twitter users in Turkey could again access their accounts on Wednesday following an hours-long blockage after a court decision banning the publication of images of a deadly suicide bombing in all print, visual and online media, a Turkish official said.

"We notified Twitter about 107 URL addresses that must be removed in compliance with the court order," the official told AFP, saying that Twitter blocked those addresses after talks with the government.

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U.S. Team Beats Iranians in Robocup Football Final

A team of American humanoid robots defeated foes from Iran on Wednesday in the final of an annual football tournament for intelligent sporting machines held in China.

In a tightly fought final, a team designed by the University of Pennsylvania and named THORwIn scored five goals compared to four from Iranian team Baset Adult-Size, organizers said.

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Time Will Tell if Apple Watch Catches on, as Apple Fans Wait

For all those who hailed the iPhone as the "Jesus Phone" in 2007, the Apple Watch's arrival has hardly been the second coming.

Sure, it can do many useful, even delightful things, such as showing us incoming texts and email, tracking our heart rate during exercise or letting us send digital doodles to friends. But is that enough to spend $350 or more, especially when it requires wearing a watch again? After all, smartphones have negated the need for watches to tell time.

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Gun-Firing 'Drone' Built by U.S. Teen under Investigation

The Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday it was investigating an online video that shows an alleged home-made "drone" firing a handgun in the Connecticut countryside.

The 14-second video called "Flying Gun" shows a homemade multi-rotor hovering off the ground, buzzing furiously and firing a semiautomatic handgun four times at an unseen target. 

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Toshiba President, Top Executives Quit over $1.2 Bn Scandal

The president of Toshiba and seven other high-level executives and directors resigned on Tuesday over a $1.2 billion accounting scandal blamed on management's overzealous pursuit of profit that has battered one of Japan's best-known firms.

Hisao Tanaka and vice chairman Norio Sasaki -- also a former president -- stepped down after an independent report found senior management complicit in a years-long scheme to pad profits.

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Apple Has Cash Cow in iPhone Even as Phone Industry Slows

Smartphone sales may be slowing for some tech companies, but not for Apple.

Analysts expect another powerhouse performance from the California tech giant when it reports quarterly financial results Tuesday. Apple's signature iPhones remain popular, even as other smartphone makers are seeing demand slow down.

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University of Michigan Opens Test 'City' for Autonomous Cars

Automakers and researchers say a new simulated city at the University of Michigan could help speed the development of driver-less and connected cars.

The 32-acre site on the university's campus officially opened Monday. The $10 million testing ground will be run by the Mobility Transformation Center, a partnership between the university, state and federal governments and auto and technology companies.

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