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Traditional Army Day Ceremony Canceled Due to Presidential Vacuum

A ceremony will be held at the Fayadieh Military Academy to mark the 69th anniversary of the Lebanese army's founding instead of the traditional ceremony due to the ongoing presidential vacuum.

The traditional military parade held to mark the Army Day will not be held this year because of the failure of the political arch-foes to agree on a presidential candidate.

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Hearing Reset for Lebanese Suspect in U.N. Soldier Deaths

A federal immigration court judge delayed a hearing Thursday for a Lebanese-born man suspected by the Irish government in the deaths of two United Nations peacekeeping soldiers in Lebanon in 1980.

Mahmoud Bazzi's initial immigration court appearance was rescheduled for Aug. 11 to give him time to hire a lawyer.

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Hizbullah Mourns Top Official al-Hajj, Sources Say Died in Iraq

Hizbullah top official Ibrahim al-Hajj was laid to rest on Thursday in the Bekaa town of Qalya, as party sources revealed that the leader was killed Iraq and not in Syria's battles, which was suggested in earlier reports.

Al-Jadeed television announced on Thursday the death of al-Hajj in Iraq during his participation in operations aimed at “protecting holy shrines” there.

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No New Wage Scale Soon as Bou Saab Hints at Adopting Solution without SCC Consent

The new wage scale impasse has entered a new critical phase, as deadlines for university admissions are approaching while students have not secured their certificates because of the ongoing boycott of official exams' correction.

Amid the ongoing crisis, Education Minister Elias Bou Saab stated on Thursday that he is ready to adopt a solution that does not necessarily please the Syndicate Coordination Committee, explaining that he was keen on students' rights.

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Lebanese Community in Libya Demands Evacuation amid Deteriorating Security Conditions

The Lebanese community in Libya urged on Thursday national authorities to evacuate Lebanon's expats from the African country, where deadly clashes are currently taking place between rival militias.

The state-run National News Agency said on Thursday that it was contacted by the Lebanese community in the Libya, which urged Lebanon's authorities to “move quickly and evacuate the expats because of the deteriorating security conditions that were caused by ongoing clashes between rival groups.”

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Geagea Denounces Gaza 'Massacre,' Says Lebanon Drawn Back to 'pre-History'

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea considered on Thursday that Lebanon has been drawn back to a “pre-historic” phase, not because of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's acts, but because of some political factions' stances.

“The presidential vacuum that we are witnessing is unacceptable, and it is no longer a farce only but a tragedy that is being reflected in a parliamentary and a ministerial vacuum,” Geagea stated during a meeting with a delegation of the World Lebanese Cultural Union.

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Kataeb Objects Parliament Term Extension, Rejects Turning Arsal into 'Confrontation Zone' between Syria Rivals

The Kataeb Party on Thursday strongly opposed extending the parliament's term, rejecting also transforming the border region of Arsal into a zone of “confrontation” between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime.

The Kataeb warned again on Thursday of “the repetitive postponement of parliamentary sessions dedicated for electing a new head of state,” the party's political bureau said in a statement after its weekly meeting.

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Lebanon Honorary Consul in Benin Shot Dead en Route to Togo

The Lebanese honorary consul in Benin was shot dead by gunmen while on his way from the African country's capital Cotonou to neighboring Togo, a statement released by the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry's statement detailed on the incident: “On Wednesday evening, Lebanon's honorary consul in the Republic of Benin Asaad al-Shaghouri was on his way from Cotonou to his house in Togo where he was scheduled to inaugurate a new business venture, a construction material company called La Roche.”

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Military Police Impersonators Abduct Citizen in Bekaa's Talya

Unidentified assailants on Thursday claimed being members of the military police and kidnapped a man in the Bekaa town of Talya, only to release him shortly afterwards.

"Two men kidnapped Nicolas al-Murr after stealing jewelry he was wearing and taking some of his money,” MTV reported, adding that the robbery and the abduction took place inside al-Murr's shop in Talya.

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Arrest Warrants Issued against 3 Lebanese over ISIL, Nusra Affiliation

Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Sawan issued on Thursday arrest warrants against three Lebanese on charges of belonging to terrorist organizations.

"Judge Sawan issued three arrest warrants against Lebanese nationals on charges of belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Al-Nusra Front,” the state-run National News Agency reported.

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