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Report: Berri Seeking to Launch Consultations among Rival Leaders

Speaker Nabih Berri has been holding contacts with Lebanese political parties to revive the all-party talks that he had launched in 2006, al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Thursday.

Berri has been holding consultations to bring the rival politicians on the dialogue table either in Ain el-Tineh or in parliament, the daily said.

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Al-Rahi Following up Controversy on Cabinet Decrees

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is closely following up the issue of decrees that have been signed without the approval of all cabinet members, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

The newspaper said that MP Ibrahim Kanaan from Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun's Change and Reform bloc met with al-Rahi in Bkirki on Tuesday and discussed the issue with him.

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Asiri Says Latest Travel Warning Linked to Recent Developments

Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh Asiri has said that the recent travel warning issued for Lebanon came out of Riyadh's keenness on the safety of its citizens.

Asiri told pan-Arab daily al-Hayat published on Thursday that Saudi Arabia fears its citizens could be harmed in the latest events that shook the country.

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Govt. Refers Waste Management File to Municipalities, Continues to Search for Landfill

The cabinet agreed on Thursday to refer the trash disposal file to municipalities during a “productive” session that witnessed the boycott of ministers from the Free Patriotic Movement, Hizbullah, and their allies.

The government decided during the meeting that lasted over three hours to refer the waste management issue to municipalities that will agree to handle it.

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Many Held for 'Hurling Firecrackers' at ISF in Riad al-Solh as Protesters March to Hamra

The Internal Security Forces on Wednesday arrested a number of individuals who were “distributing powerful firecrackers in the Riad al-Solh Square and hurling some of them at security forces,” state-run National News Agency reported.

Earlier in the evening, NNA said some young men had hurled several firecrackers across the barb wire that is installed outside the Grand Serail.

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Palestinian Rivals 'Agree Ceasefire' in Ain el-Hilweh

A ceasefire between armed rivals in Ain el-Hilweh, Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp, has restored calm after several days of clashes, Palestinian sources said Wednesday.

The agreement in the camp, near the southern port city of Sidon, came on Tuesday following street battles that erupted on Saturday night.

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Asir Charged with Plotting Assassinations, Attacks on Army

Salafist cleric Ahmed al-Asir has been charged with forming terrorist cells in the southern city of Sidon, reported al-Jadeed television on Wednesday.

Judge Dany Zhenni also charged him with plotting the assassination of political and religious figures and inciting to attack the army.

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One Dead as Assailants Open Fire at Army during Baalbek Raids

One person was killed on Tuesday as an army unit came under fire as it was carrying out a raid in the eastern region of Baalbek in search of wanted suspects, the military announced in a statement on Wednesday.

It said that Moussa al-Dayqa and a number of other gunmen began shooting at the army as it raided the Hazin-Baalbek area.

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More Protests Threaten Cabinet as Trash Crisis Deepens

A movement that has been organizing protests in downtown Beirut against endemic corruption said on Wednesday that it was ready to hold more demonstrations to give back the people their rights, deepening a crisis that started over piles of uncollected garbage in the streets of the capital and Mount Lebanon.

“We wanted to send a message through our demonstration that we are ready to sacrifice ourselves to gain our rights,” said the “We Want Accountability” movement at a press conference it held in Riad al-Solh Square a day after several protesters were injured in a scuffle with police.

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Israeli Army Uproots Trees, Steals Soil on Entrance of Adaisseh

The Israeli army uprooted several trees that are located outside the technical fence on Lebanon's southern border and also stole the soil at the entrance of the town of Adaisseh, the state-run National News Agency reported Wednesday.

Two excavators carried out logging and uprooting trees outside the fence between Kfar Kila and Adaisseh with the support of a Merkava tank and a number of Humvees.

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