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Hariri Praises Closing Statement of Middle East Peace Conference

Prime Minister Saad Hariri praised the closing statement of the Middle East peace conference in Paris, which renewed the commitment to the two-state solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On Twitter Hariri said: “We thank France for organizing the Mideast Peace and we thank President François Hollande for his just and courageous stance”.

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Kataeb Says Decision was Right to Stay Out of Govt.

The Kataeb party said on Monday it took the right decision when it decided to stay out of the government in light of what it described as fight over distribution of shares among political parties.

“In light of the latest developments as for the electoral law, oil and gas decrees, the Costa Brava crisis, the birds threatening flights safety and the corruption in various state administrations, it was right to stay in the opposition side,” a senior Kataeb source told al-Joumhouria daily on condition of anonymity.

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Hizbullah Warns of 'Frustration' if 1960 Electoral Law Re-Endorsed

Hizbullah has renewed adherence to endorsing an electoral law based on proportional representation system, which head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad dubbed as the “rightful” decision.

Holding the parliamentary elections based on proportional representation system is the “best formulation to achieve justice and efficiency in parliamentary representation,” he said.

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Report: SA Sets Conditions in Return for Reactivating Aid Programs for Lebanon

Saudi Arabia has set some conditions in return for reconsidering the activation of military and economic aid programs for Lebanon that have been halted in 2016, media reports said Monday.

Al-Joumhouria daily said that senior Saudi officials told President Michel Aoun during his visit to the Kingdom last week, that in order for SA to revitalize relations with Lebanon, it is crucial that the term of Aoun demonstrates “independence” away from any Lebanese parties' attempt to control it.

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Protesters Rally in Airport as MEA Head Says He Sent Seagull 'Hunters'

Activists from the You Stink campaign and the civil society staged a protest Sunday inside Beirut's airport against the nearby Costa Brava garbage landfill and the manner in which Lebanese authorities have addressed the presence of seagulls threatening flight safety around the airport.

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Four Wounded in Fresh Ain el-Hilweh Clash

Four people were wounded Sunday in an armed clash in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, media reports said.

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Hizbullah Condemns Bahrain's Execution of Three Shiites

Hizbullah on Sunday condemned the execution of three Bahraini men found guilty of killing three policemen, calling it "a crime" and "extrajudicial killing" that would undermine any chance for a political solution in Bahrain.

The Iran-backed group, which has been critical of the Bahraini government's crackdown on the Shiite-led uprising, said international silence toward what takes place in Bahrain must be met with the "largest solidarity campaign."

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Qaouq Says Govt. a 'Failure' if 1960 Electoral Law Re-Endorsed

Senior Hizbullah official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq warned Sunday that the new government's performance would be deemed a “failure” and the new presidential tenure would suffer a major setback should the controversial 1960 electoral law be re-endorsed.

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Mustaqbal 'Besieges' Rifi as Hariri Throws Support behind Mashnouq

The war of words between Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq and former justice minister Ashraf Rifi took a new turn after Prime Minister and al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri threw his support behind Mashnouq.

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Efforts to Reach New Electoral Law Stumble as 1960 Law Chances Surge

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq's declaration that it will be difficult to pass a new electoral law before the deadlines expire has given the impression that the country is headed once again to the controversial 1960 law.

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