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LF MPs File Lawsuit over 'Theft' at Beirut Port

Lebanese Forces bloc MPs Ziad Hawat and Imad Wakim on Wednesday filed a lawsuit with the public prosecution over “theft operations targeting goods at Beirut’s port.”

The lawsuit says the incidents include “the theft of a van, which was taken from the port’s premises, according to a report aired by the MTV station on August 13, 2019.”

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Al-Rahi from Beiteddine: Article 95 a Guarantee, Defense Strategy Essential

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Wednesday held talks with President Michel Aoun at the summer presidential palace in Beiteddine.

“The visit was to congratulate President Aoun on moving (to Beiteddine), which has created a nice atmosphere after the tensions that Lebanon witnessed,” al-Rahi said after the meeting, adding that his visit to Beiteddine is aimed at “consolidating the historic reconciliation” between Druze and Christians in Mount Lebanon.

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Reports: Lebanon's Credit Rating Won't be Downgraded

International credit rating agency Standard & Poor's will keep Lebanon’s credit rating at its current level of B- in the report that it will issue on Friday, contrary to some expectations that it will be downgraded to CCC, media reports said.

Al-Joumhouria newspaper said the reports are based on “high-level contacts between Lebanon, the U.S., a host of other countries, the agency itself and similar international agencies.”

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Presidency: Defense Strategy Needs New Approach, Consensual Atmosphere

The Presidency on Tuesday said that the remarks voiced Monday by President Michel Aoun over the national defense strategy were “misinterpreted” by some media outlets and news websites.

“The military developments in the region neighboring Lebanon over the past years require a new approach for the issue of the defense strategy that would take into consideration these developments, especially after world powers and terrorist groups intervened in the wars that several countries that neighbor Lebanon witnessed, which created changes in the goals and strategies,” the Presidency said, explaining Aoun’s remarks.

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Arslan Urges 'Real Partnership' in Mt. Lebanon after Baabda Meeting

Lebanese Democratic Party leader Talal Arslan on Tuesday described the Baabda reconciliation as a “first step” towards resolving the crisis created by the deadly Qabrshmoun incident, but noted that more steps are needed.

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Bassil Vows to Continue Botched Mt. Lebanon Visit

Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Tuesday promised to continue a botched visit to the Chouf and Aley districts which was marred by a deadly incident in the town of Qabrshmoun.

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Mustaqbal Slams Those who 'Opened Fire' at Hariri's U.S. Visit

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc on Tuesday lashed out at parties who “opened fire” at Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s visit to Washington, as it called for resuming dialogue over a national defense strategy.

“The bloc condemns some stances and hypotheses that accompanied the Washington visit and approached it based on partisan calculations and narrow wishes,” Mustaqbal said in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

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Hariri: US Sanctions Have Specific Approach, Sectarianism Affecting Waste Solutions

In light of reports about possible US sanctions on allies of Hizbullah, Prime Minister Saad Hariri said the US sanctions are “clear in their approach” and that Lebanon’s ties with the US treasury are “good.”

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Hariri Returns to Beirut, Opens Second Airport Expansion Phase

Prime Minister Saad Hariri opened on Tuesday the second expansion phase of the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut in a move to ease congestion at the airport.

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PSP Says ‘No Dispute...Only Political Differences’ with FPM

Progressive Socialist Party MP Bilal Abdullah stressed there was “no sharp dispute” with the Free Patriotic Movement, but only some “political differences over some files.”

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