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Mashnouq: Roumieh Prison Riot over, Hostages Released

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq announced that the riot at Roumieh prison, staged by Islamist inmates on Friday, is over, reported As Safir newspaper on Saturday.

He told the daily that the situation at the facility “was back to normal and that the officers who were taken hostage by the rioters have been released.”

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Anti-IS Former Syrian General Found Killed in Arsal

A former Syrian army general who deserted in 2013 was found murdered in Lebanon near the border on Friday, with his family suspecting that Islamic State group jihadists killed him.

"General Yehya Zahra, who had deserted from the Syrian army, has been assassinated. His bullet-riddled body was found Friday near a refugee camp for Syrians at Arsal" near the border, a Lebanese security source told AFP.

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Hariri Accuses Nasrallah of 'Deception' over Yemen, Says Hizbullah Behavior 'Imported from Iran'

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri on Friday accused Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of “falsification and deception” regarding the Yemeni conflict, noting that Hizbullah's Yemen rhetoric is “imported from Iran” and does not serve Lebanon's interest.

“Following in the footsteps of (Iran's supreme leader) Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has excelled in falsification, deception and the shows of intimidation and sectarian mobilization,” said Hariri via Twitter, only minutes after Nasrallah launched scathing tirades against Saudi Arabia over its Arab-backed airstrikes in Yemen.

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Nasrallah Slams Saudi as Source of 'Takfiri Ideology', Says Yemen Dispute Must Not Affect Lebanon

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah launched a vehement attack against Saudi Arabia on Friday, accusing it of being the source of the “takfiri ideology” in the world, as he called for avoiding a dispute in Lebanon over the Yemeni crisis.

“Intimidation or threats will not prevent us from continuing to declare our condemnation of the aggression against Yemen,” said Nasrallah via video link, addressing a Hizbullah rally titled Solidarity with Aggrieved Yemen.

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Amid Hammoud Denies Fleeing Lebanon, Stresses He's 'Under the Law'

Al-Mustaqbal movement official Amid Hammoud denied on Friday that he had fled Lebanon over confessions by militia leaders in the northern city of Tripoli that he provided them with weapons and ammunition.

In a phone interview with LBCI television, Hammoud revealed that he has been in Turkey since ten days and that he resides there on a “near-permanent basis,” declining to respond to any accusations.

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Islamists Riot in Roumieh's Ward D

Islamist inmates at Roumieh prison staged a riot on Friday and reportedly held hostage a number of guards.

Media outlets said the Islamists began to riot at Ward D, where they had been transferred earlier in 2015.

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Dog Rescues Kfarshouba Shepherd from Kidnap by Israeli Army

Israeli troops on Friday made an incursion into Lebanese territory in a bid to abduct a shepherd but the attempt was foiled by the Lebanese man's dog, a media report said.

"The Israeli army staged an ambush in the Jabal al-Rous area inside Lebanese territory but failed to abduct the shepherd Samer Diab after his dog attacked the Israeli troops," LBCI television reported.

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ISF Denies Ordering Traffic Police Not to Issue Fines Based on New Law

The Internal Security Forces denied on Friday delaying the implementation of the controversial new traffic law, which was expected to kick off on April 22.

“No memo was issued concerning the matter,” ISF said, pointing out that any decision regarding the issue could only be taken by the parliament.

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Army Raids Tripoli Arms Depot

The Lebanese army said on Friday that it seized mortar shells and explosives during a night raid in the northern city of Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh area.

A military communique said an army unit raided a depot at the grocery market on Thursday night after receiving information that militants had stashed weapons there.

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Franjieh Backs Qahwaji against Vacuum, but to Go Ahead with 'Unanimous' Decision of Resignation

Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh has said he would back the extension of Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji's term to avoid vacuum in the military leadership but would also call on the minister representing him in the cabinet to resign if the March 8 alliance took a unanimous decision about it.

Franjieh told As Safir daily in an interview published on Friday that he supports a call to appoint Commando Regiment chief Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz as army chief when Qahwaji's term expires at the end of September.

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