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Ghajar Says Power Supply to Improve as of Wednesday

Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar announced Tuesday that power rationing will decrease as of Wednesday, following weeks in which the country witnessed prolonged blackouts amid a fuel shortage crisis.

“The first (fuel) ship will arrive in the evening and power supply will improve as of tomorrow, Wednesday,” Ghajar said after a Cabinet session, noting that the first ship will improve daily supply by two hours and that three more ships will arrive soon.

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Lebanon's Rising Power Cuts Add to Gloom of Economic Crisis

Lebanese are buying candles in bulk, turning to traditional kerosene lamps and throwing away rotten food because of prolonged power cuts that plunged the country into darkness this week, adding to the gloom of a deepening economic crisis.

The country's electricity company and the powerful operators of generators had been rationing power since late June as fuel supplies dwindle amid uncertainty over the next shipment.

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STL Schedules Status Conference in Hawi-Murr-Hamadeh Case

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s Pre Trial Judge, Daniel Fransen, will hold a Status Conference on July 22, 2020, the STL said on Tuesday.

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Govt. Names EDL Board, Postpones Decision on Bifani Resignation

Cabinet on Tuesday appointed the members of the board of directors of state-run Electricite du Liban as it postponed taking a decision on the resignation of Finance Ministry Director General Alain Bifani.

The six board members appointed by Cabinet are Tarek Abdallah, Hussein Salloum, Samer Slim, Karim Saba, Habib Srour and Shadi Kraydi.

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Aoun Urges BDL Audit, Diab Sees Growing 'Ray of Hope'

President Michel Aoun on Tuesday stressed the need to audit the accounts of the central bank, describing such a move as “an essential element for studying the financial and monetary situations at Banque du Liban.”

“It also has great importance in the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund,” Aoun added during a Cabinet session.

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Saudi Ambassador 'Hails' Patriarch's Sunday Remarks

Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi met Tuesday in Dimane with Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid el-Bukhari who praised Rahi’s Sunday remarks, the National News Agency reported.

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Lebanon Hospitals Face Shutdown amid Crisis, Haroun Says

President of the Syndicate of Private Hospitals in Lebanon, Sleiman Haroun sounded the alarm on Tuesday saying that private healthcare facilities are compelled to admit emergency cases only shall the economic crisis and ailing conditions persist.

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Report: Lebanon Probes Millions of Dollars Brought from Turkey

Lebanon’s judicial and security apparatuses intensified investigations after seizing $9 million dollars with Turkish and Syrian individuals coming from Turkey on board two private planes, Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Tuesday.

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Israel Crosses Technical Fence with Lebanon

An Israeli infantry patrol and two Merkava tanks crossed the technical fence with Lebanon off al-Wazzani parks on Tuesday maneuvering behind a smoke screen in the process, the National News Agency reported on Tuesday.

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Italy Says Hitti Held Important Meeting with Di Maio

Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti on Monday held an “important and positive” meeting in Rome with his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s Foreign Ministry said.

The meeting “can be capitalized on, because Italy is very keen on standing by Lebanon, which is going through a dangerous economic crisis that might subject the entire population to grave threats,” a diplomat from the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a phone interview with Lebanon’s National News Agency.

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