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Customs Thwart Drugs Smuggling Attempt at Airport

Customs agents at Rafik Hariri International Airport uncovered on Monday an attempt to smuggle cocaine at the facility.

A traveler arriving from Brazil via Ethiopian Airlines was arrested after the discovery of 4.5 kilograms of cocaine in his luggage.

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Hariri Denies Links to Money Laundering Lawyer

Al-Mustaqbal Movement chief MP Saad Hariri said that he has no relation to Beshara Tarabay, a lawyer who was accused in French media reports of allegedly laundering money in favor of Hizbullah, his media office said in a statement on Monday.

Hariri' media office replied to a report published in the daily As Safir claiming that Tarabay has received sums of money from a network involved in money laundering for the purpose of smuggling narcotics and that Tarabay is Hariri's lawyer.

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Report: Hizbullah Has No Nominees for Beirut Municipal Polls as of Yet

Parties are gearing up for the municipal elections that are set to kick off on May 8 in the Bekaa Valley and Beirut, in light of reports alleging that Hizbullah has no nominees so far for the Shiite seats allocated in the capital's municipal council, al-Akhbar daily reported on Monday.

Reports said that leader of al-Mustaqbal Movement ex-PM Saad Hariri has voiced hopes on Hizbullah to keep unchanged the current Shiite municipal council members Khalil Choucair and Fadi Shahrour.

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Geagea Holds onto LF Stance on Electoral Law

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea has said that a parliamentary recommendation on not adopting an electoral law before the election of a president has not been officially approved.

Geagea told As Safir daily published on Monday that the recommendation is considered “nonexistent.”

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Berri Waiting for Responses on Initiative as Christian Parties Stick to their Stances

Speaker Nabih Berri has said that he was still waiting for responses from parliamentary blocs to his proposal to include an electoral draft-law on the agenda of a session that he intends to call for.

“In light of their (the blocs’) responses, I will act accordingly. What matters for me firstly and lastly is the people’s interests,” Berri told his visitors in Ain al-Tineh on Sunday.

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Franjieh Says Either Way Future President is a March 8

Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh stated on Sunday that the most important accomplishment is that the future president will be elected from the March 8 camp whether it was founder of the Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Aoun or himself.

“The most important accomplishment has been achieved. The president will be elected from our (March 8) group and we must not lose that whether it was Aoun elected or Suleiman Franjieh,” said the MP via Skype addressing his Marada supporters in Australia.

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Lebanese-Armenians Commemorate Genocide Anniversary

Lebanon's Armenians marked on Sunday the 101 anniversary of when some 250 Armenian intellectuals were rounded up by Ottoman Turks as the first step of the genocide against them.

A demonstration marched from the Antelias Square to the town's main highway marking the genocide that was committed around the time of World War I.

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Report: Serious Talk on Electing Aoun for a Two-Year Term

A suggestion to elect the founder of the Free Patriotic Movement MP Michel Aoun as president could be underway, garnering the blessing of two political parties, the Saudi Okaz daily reported on Sunday.

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Shehayyeb: H5N1 Infected Zone is Contained, Kept under Supervision

Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb assured on Sunday that the an area detected with an H5N1 bird flu virus in al-Nabi sheet has been put under supervision, An Nahar daily reported.

“The area where the virus was detected has been controlled,” he told the daily in an interview.

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Jones Attends U.S. Embassy-Sponsored Spelling Bee Competition

U.S. Chargé d’Affaires ad interim Ambassador Richard Jones presided on Saturday over the final round of the U.S. Embassy-funded “Bee A Good Citizen” spelling bee competition, the mission announced.

Twenty-one students from grades 7 and 8 participated in the final competition at the Baakline National Library, which determined the national winners and regional winners for the Bekaa and the Chouf, it said in a statement.

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