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Israel Army Vows to Strike Hizbullah Arms Convoys, Warns Lebanese Govt.

Israel will continue to “prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hizbullah” and "in the next war there will be a clear address: the Lebanese government,” Israeli army chief Gadi Eisenkot said on Sunday.

"There’s been quiet on the Lebanese border for over a decade. The security situation and peace are common interests to both Israel and Lebanon, but the IDF (Israeli army) will not be deceived by the tranquility," Eisenkot said at a ceremony marking a change in the Northern Command, in remarks published on the English-language website of The Jerusalem Post newspaper.

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Thousands Rally in Beirut against Taxes as Hariri Arrives in Person to Address Them

Thousands of protesters flocked to the Riad al-Solh Square in downtown Beirut on Sunday to voice rejection of the new taxes that the parliament has approved as part of measures aimed at funding the long-stalled new wage scale.

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Aoun Won't Sign Elections Decree, to Address 'Message to All Lebanese'

President Michel Aoun will not sign a decree that calls on electoral bodies to hold parliamentary elections on June 18, a media report said.

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Lebanon Rescues 3 Siberian Tiger Cubs En Route to Syria

An animal rights group in Lebanon is caring for three dehydrated, maggot-infested Siberian tiger cubs that were rescued on their way to a zoo in neighboring war-ravaged Syria.

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Jumblat to Taimur: Carry Your Grandfather's Heritage and the Banners of Palestine and Lebanon

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat on Sunday called on his son Taimur to “carry the heritage” of his grandfather and PSP founder Kamal Jumblat, while stressing the importance of “reconciliation and dialogue.”

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Nasrallah: New Taxes Unnecessary to Fund Wage Scale, Concessions Must be Made to Reach Electoral Law

Hizbullah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed on Saturday that the party will put a comprehensive suggestion on the alternatives to fund the long-stalled wage scale and stressed that new taxes targeting the poor need not be imposed, as he urged political parties to make concessions in order to approve an electoral law.

“It has been agreed that the major parliamentary blocs will meet together to review and discuss the wage scale,” said Nasrallah in a televised speech marking the birthday of Fatima al-Zahra, daughter of Muslim prophet Mohammed.

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Berri Accuses Banking Mafias of Obstructing Wage Scale Funding

Speaker Nabih Berri accused on Saturday what he described as “banking mafias” of obstructing funding for the long-stalled wage scale file.

“Banks mafias and maritime institutions have mobilized efforts in all directions in a bid to prevent funding for the wage scale,” Berri said in a statement released Saturday.

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Khatib: Electoral Laws Similar to 1960 Will be Rejected

Environment Minister Tarek Al-Khatib criticized the majoritarian 1960 parliamentary electoral law stressing that the entire political parties in Lebanon do not want it to rule the upcoming polls in May.

“ The 1960 law is very bad and all political parties reject it,” he said, adding “We won't accept a last moment 60's- like electoral law.”

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Bassil Satisfied With 'Unprecedented' Corporate, Banks, Property Taxes

Head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc, Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil said on Saturday that the state made a big achievement by imposing new taxes on big sectors in the economy that are able to bear the burden of new tax impositions

“We were able to make a big achievement by imposing taxes never imposed before on maritime and real estate property and on banks and corporate,” said Bassil after an extraordinary meeting held by the bloc against the backdrop of protests that thwarted a parliament's decision to impose a new batch of taxes to fund a long-stalled wage scale.

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Senator Richard Burr Visits Lebanon

Senator Richard Burr led a delegation of five senators including Senators John Cornyn, Marco Rubio, James Lankford, and Tom Cotton on a visit to Lebanon from March 17 to March 18, the US embassy said in a press release on Saturday.

The delegation met with Prime Minister Saad Hariri during their visit and discussed the close relationship and security cooperation between the United States and Lebanon.

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