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SCC Calls for Tuesday Strike in Public Sector over Wage Scale Draft

The Syndicate Coordination Committee on Monday called for a strike in state administration and in public educational institutions on Tuesday to protest the content of the new wage scale.

"We have decided to suspend work in all public institutions, including ministries, administrations, and municipalities on Tuesday,” the SCC said in a statement after a meeting on Monday evening.

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Car Theft Gang Leader Arrested in Bekaa's al-Taybeh, Fugitive Killed in Hourtaala

Two Internal Security Forces members were hurt Monday in a raid that involved the arrest of Hussein Ismail, a top leader of a car theft gang in the Bekaa, while another fugitive was killed in the town of Hourtaala.

The ISF, which announced Ismail's arrest via Twitter, said two of its members were wounded in the shootout that accompanied the operation that took place at al-Taybeh region in the Bekaa.

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Berri Seeks to Reassure Jumblat over Wage Scale as National Struggle Front Remains Skeptical

Speaker Nabih Berri sought to appease on Monday Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat, who has expressed fears over the state's failure to fund a new wage scale deliberated by lawmakers.

In remarks carried by local dailies on Monday, Berri said: “When Mr. Walid checks the chart, he will be reassured and find the reform articles that have been introduced (to the draft-law) to prevent squandering of funds and corruption.”

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Al-Manar Reporter Hajj Hassan Killed with Cameraman, Technician in Maalula

An al-Manar television crew came under gunfire Monday during its coverage of the Syrian army's recapture of the Christian town of Maalula from rebel hands, which resulted in the death of the reporter Hamza al-Hajj Hassan along with a cameraman and a technician.

Al-Manar said 27-year-old Hajj Hassan and his two colleagues -- cameraman Mohammed Mantash and technician Halim Allaw -- were killed when "armed groups" opened fire at their convoy in Maalula.

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Hariri Congratulates Moqren for Being Named Saudi Future King

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday congratulated Saudi prince Moqren bin Abdul Aziz, who has been recently named second in line for the Gulf kingdom's throne.

According to a statement issued by Hariri's press office, the two men met at the prince's office at al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh.

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40 Suspects Charged over Tripoli Clashes

The military prosecutor charged on Monday 40 suspects for their involvement in the fighting in the northern city of Tripoli, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said the charges were issued against them by State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr.

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Suleiman: New Wage Scale is Legitimate Right, but it Mustn't Impact Economy

President Michel Suleiman stressed on Monday that the new wage scale is a legitimate right to those demanding it, but the people's interests must be taken into consideration before endorsing it.

He explained: “A balance must be struck between revenues and expenses in a manner that will not negatively impact the economy.”

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Renewed Tension at Tyre's al-Bass Camp

An armed dispute in a Palestinian refugee camp in the southern city of Tyre renewed on Monday, forcing the army to deploy on its outskirts to contain the incident, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said the sons of Jaafar Hajou – a man injured during a fight in al-Bass camp on Sunday - opened fire near the house of Youssef Draz, who fired back in the air.

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Hizbullah Shifts Tactics, Narrative for Syria Fight

Hizbullah is gaining new combat experience in Syria, shedding its guerrilla tactics to fight alongside an army, and shifting its narrative to explain the battle against "Sunni extremists".

Its forces, who used their homeground advantage and methods such as underground tunnels against Israel's army in Lebanon, are now the targets of unconventional warfare on unfamiliar terrain in Syria.

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Mutilated Bodies Discovered in Shouf, Ouzai as Hanging Child Found in Shhim

A Syrian was stabbed multiple times before his body was set on fire in the Shouf district, the state-run National News Agency reported on Monday.

The body of Muhannad al-Aatli, 45, was found inside his room in the area of al-Saadiyat, it said.

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