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13 Die from Suspected Toxic Liquor in India

At least 13 people died Wednesday, a local official said, after they apparently drank toxic homemade liquor in India's eastern Bihar -- despite a state-wide ban on alcohol.

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Iranians Fight Rising Infertility and Taboos

With infertility rising in pollution-plagued Iran, a growing number of couples must navigate the country's web of social and religious taboos as they seek treatment. 

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Indian PM Says 20 Million Toilets Built in Two Years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday his government had built more than 20 million toilets and brought electricity to thousands of villages as he delivered an Independence Day report card.

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Italian Carries Zika in Sperm for Record Six Months

An Italian man carried Zika in his sperm for six months after showing the first symptoms of the virus, twice as long as in any previously reported case, according to a new study.

Doctors at the Spallanzani Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome said their monitoring of the now-recovered patient pointed to the possibility of the little-understood virus reproducing itself in the male genital tract.

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Mosquito Traps Laced with Human Scent Help Fight Malaria

Dutch and Kenyan scientists have designed a unique mosquito trap which uses human odour to attract the malaria-carrying insects, helping cut the number of cases dramatically, researchers said Wednesday.

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Indian Police Arrest Doctors over 'Organ Trade'

Indian police said Wednesday they have arrested the head of an upmarket hospital in Mumbai and four doctors on suspicion of organ trafficking.

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How Much Exercise Will Lower Chronic Disease Risk?

The daily dose of activity needed to lower the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease by at least 20 percent is several times the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization, researchers said Wednesday.

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Zika-Hit Miami Neighborhood Safe, Says Florida Governor

A trendy Miami neighborhood at the epicenter of the first U.S. outbreak of the Zika virus is safe to visit, Florida Governor Rick Scott said Sunday.

"We are doing a very good job of working to get rid of the mosquitoes," he said on NBC's Meet the Press. "We have been able to reduce the area that we had a concern about by 10 blocks on Friday."

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Measles Behind Myanmar Outbreak that Has Killed 30

Myanmar health officials have confirmed that a measles outbreak is behind the deaths of more than 30 people, mostly children, in a remote part of the country as authorities rush to treat victims.

The outbreak has struck the far corner of Myanmar's northern Sagaing region, a remote and mountainous area which borders eastern India and is populated by people from the Naga tribes.

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Zika Suspected in 6 Deaths in Honduras

Six people have died and 10 babies have been born with defects in Honduras in cases feared to have been caused by Zika, the health minister said Tuesday.

Tests were being carried out to confirm whether the cases were the result of the virus, which is most commonly transmitted by mosquitos and, more rarely, through sexual contact.

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