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As Canada Awaits, Uruguay's Legal Cannabis Project Provides Benchmark

As Canada prepares on Wednesday to become only the second country in the world to legalize the use of marijuana, experts in Uruguay say its pioneering move three years ago helped to reduce drug trafficking in the South American nation.

While the public initially rejected the project first introduced by iconic leftist president Jose Mujica, who was in power from 2010-2015, attitudes have gradually changed, with the population now largely supportive of the move.

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In Canada, Pot Legalization Poses Health and Safety Challenges

Canada will end its pot prohibition Wednesday with the goals of curbing the black market and use by youth, amid concerns around the public health and safety merits of legalization.

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Canada Makes Final Preparations before Cannabis Becomes Legal

Canada on Friday will become the second country in the world to legalize cannabis -- with the provinces left to work out the details of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's landmark measure.

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Lithuania Parliament Votes to Legalise Medicinal Cannabis Use

Lithuania's parliament on Thursday passed a law that will allow doctors to prescribe marijuana-based medicine in the Baltic EU state.

The lawmakers voted 90-0 with three abstentions in favour of the legislation that will now go to President Dalia Grybauskaite to be signed into law.

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French Health Watchdog Calls for Ban on Sunbeds

The French health watchdog Wednesday urged the government to outlaw sunlamps and sunbeds because of the "proven" risk of skin cancer, in line with similar bans already in place in Australia and Brazil.

"We recommend banning all activities linked to artificial tanning, along with ultraviolet sunlamps sold for esthetic purposes, especially those sold on the private market," Olivier Merckel, an expert at the Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES), told AFP.

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Doctor Found Guilty but Escapes Punishment in Spain 'Stolen Baby' Case

An elderly Spanish doctor escaped punishment on Monday in the country's first "stolen babies" trial, despite a court finding him guilty of taking a newborn baby from her mother for illegal adoption under the Franco dictatorship.

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HIV-Positive Mother Donates Liver to Save Her Child's Life

Faced with the only chance to save a child's life, doctors in South Africa have performed a medical first -- transplanting part of the liver from a HIV-positive mother to her HIV-negative child, it was announced Thursday.

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Suspected Cholera Cases Soar in Yemen's Hodeida

Suspected cholera cases have nearly tripled in the past three months in Hodeida, the Yemeni port city on the front line between a pro-government alliance and rebels, Save the Children said Tuesday.

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Nobel-Winning Therapy Weaponizes Immune System against Cancer

A revolutionary cancer treatment pioneered by the winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine has been hailed as the future of fighting the disease -- and it has fewer devastating side effects than chemotherapy. 

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Family of Nut Allergy Victim Call for UK Law Change

The family of a British teenager who died from an allergic reaction to a sandwich called Friday for a change in the law on food labeling, as an inquest into her death ended.

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