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Ebola Sleuths Scour DR Congo Jungle for Source of Outbreak

Medical sleuths are deep in the jungle of the DR Congo trying to track down the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak in the country.

It is a different strain than the one that has swept three west African countries this year, killing nearly 4,900, and its toll of 49 so far is extremely modest in comparison.

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Dubai Cuts Profile as Mideast Plastic Surgery Hub

Dubai, the emirate known for its celebration of over-the-top glamour and luxury, is racing ahead to dominate the Middle East's plastic surgery market with plans to attract half a million medical tourists in six years.

Where cosmopolitan Beirut was once the region's best known city for going under the knife, turmoil in Syria and violence often spilling into Lebanon is driving away wealthy Arab tourists. After splashing out on medical infrastructure over the past years, Dubai already ranks globally and aims to move up the list of top international destinations for medical tourism.

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Extra Powers to Tackle Deadly Bat Virus in Australia

An Australian state is set to unveil tougher measures to tackle bats after three flying foxes were found to be carrying the deadly lyssavirus, officials said Thursday.

The New South Wales government fears transmission of the potentially fatal Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) to humans and the state's health department has issued a warning to residents not to approach the bats.

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Rwanda Ends Ebola Checks on Travellers from U.S., Spain

Rwanda lifted Thursday Ebola travel restrictions on travelers who had been in the United States and Spain after the president publicly told the health minister it was not necessary.

Health Minister Agnes Binagwaho had this week ordered all travelers who had been in the United States and Spain within the past three weeks to send updates to her ministry each day they are in Rwanda.

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Rwanda Imposes Ebola Checks on U.S. and Spanish Travelers

Rwanda has boosted travel restrictions to stem the spread of the Ebola virus, ordering travelers who have been in the United States and Spain to send daily updates, the health minister said Wednesday.

"Every day... they should call us or send an internet message," stating their health condition, Minister of Health Agnes Binagwaho told Agence France Presse.

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Ebola Airport Checks Expand; Nurses Get Training

The U.S. government is closing a gap in Ebola screening at airports while states from New York to Texas to California work to get hospitals and nurses ready in case another patient turns up somewhere in the U.S. with the deadly disease.

Under the rule going into effect Wednesday, air travelers from the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea must enter the United States through one of five airports doing special screenings and fever checks for Ebola. A handful of people had been arriving at other airports and missing the checks.

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At Least Four Months to Contain Ebola: Red Cross Chief

The Ebola epidemic will take at least four months to contain even if all necessary steps are taken, the global head of the Red Cross said Wednesday, warning of "the price for inaction".

The deadliest-ever outbreak of the haemorrhagic fever has claimed more than 4,500 lives in West Africa, and experts warn the rate of infections could reach 10,000 a week by early December.

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Paralysed Man Walks Again after Breakthrough Treatment

A paralyzed Bulgarian man can walk again after receiving revolutionary treatment in Poland in a breakthrough hailed by one of the British scientists responsible as "more impressive than a man walking on the moon".

Darek Fidyka was paralyzed from the chest down following a knife attack in 2010, but can now walk using a frame after receiving treatment in which nerve cells from his nose were transplanted into his severed spinal column, according to research published in the journal Cell Transplantation on Tuesday.

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Ebola Study: Screen Travelers on Exit, not Entry

Screening air travelers on departure from Ebola-hit countries is far smarter than monitoring them when they arrive abroad, experts said on Tuesday.

Instead of relying on a shield at their own borders, countries should help Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone boost capacity to spot Ebola cases, they said.

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Study: Antibiotics May Help Animals Spread Salmonella

Giving animals antibiotics may make them sicker and could lead some to spread even more salmonella than they would have otherwise, U.S. researchers experimenting on mice said Monday.

The findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences could point to a new concern over feeding healthy livestock low doses of antibiotics to help them grow and stave off common illnesses, a practice that critics say may fuel drug-resistant superbugs.

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