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Apple Will Promote Organ Donations in Health App

Apple on Tuesday announced that the coming version of software for iPhones will include an easy way for people in the US to become organ donors.

The California-based technology giant said that it collaborated with Donate Live America on a feature in an iPhone Health app that will let users sign up to donate eyes, organs or tissue after the release later this year of mobile operating system iOS 10

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Deaths from Heroin, Opioid Drugs in US Rise Sharply

The Obama administration on Tuesday emphasized the need for funding to treat opioid and heroin addiction, releasing new statistics showing explosive growth in overdose deaths.

From 2010 to 2014, the number of heroin overdose deaths in the United States more than tripled, while deaths from opioid drugs such as fentanyl -- which killed the singer Prince -- almost doubled, according to a new report by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Haiti Launches New AIDS Testing, Information Campaign

Haiti's Ministry of Health and the United Nations launched a new anti-HIV/AIDS campaign Friday, providing information and rapid testing to help thwart the spread of the epidemic.

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Ebola-Hit Sierra Leone Gets Mecca All Clear

Saudi Arabia's government has allocated 800 places to Sierra Leone for hajj pilgrims, lifting a two-year ban imposed due to the Ebola crisis, officials said Friday.

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Ethiopia to Throw Away 69 Million 'Poor Quality' Condoms

Ethiopia needs to toss out 69 million condoms that were paid for by international donors to fight the spread of AIDS because of their poor quality, local media reported Thursday.

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Dutch Activists Seek to Stub Out Smokers' Corner in Cafes

Dutch anti-cigarette campaigners Thursday launched a lawsuit against the government calling for an end to spaces reserved for smokers in cafes and bars.

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Huge Opium Production Fall Won't Stop Heroin Glut

Global opium production plunged almost 40 percent last year but the world remains awash with heroin, the narcotic that still kills the most people worldwide, the United Nations said Thursday.

"Heroin continues to be the drug that kills the most people and this resurgence must be addressed urgently," said Yury Fedotov, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in a new report.

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Can Google Glass Help Autistic Children Read Faces?

Like many autistic children, Julian Brown has trouble reading emotions in people's faces, one of the biggest challenges for people with the neurological disorder.

Now the 10-year-old San Jose boy is getting help from "autism glass" — an experimental device that records and analyzes faces in real time and alerts him to the emotions they're expressing.

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Millions Stretch and Bend for International Yoga Day

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called yoga a "people's mass movement" as he took to the mat Tuesday along with millions of others worldwide to celebrate the ancient practice.

Across India, sailors, soldiers, school children and bureaucrats bent and twisted their bodies from early morning at mass outdoor sessions to mark the second International Yoga Day.

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DR Congo Declares Yellow Fever Epidemic

DR Congo on Monday declared a yellow fever outbreak in the capital Kinshasa, home to more than ten million people, and in two other western provinces.

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