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Israeli Ministers Endorse Bill to Export Medicinal Cannabis

Israeli ministers on Sunday endorsed a draft bill to legalize export of cannabis for approved medical use, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's office said, without elaborating.

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Philippine Education Ministry Rejects School Condoms

The Philippine education ministry has rejected a plan to distribute condoms in schools, authorities said Friday, blocking a move meant to stop one of Asia's fastest growing HIV epidemics.

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Nearly 100 Mentally Ill Patients Died in S. Africa Fiasco, Probe Finds

At least 94 mentally ill patients died after South African authorities moved them last year from hospital to unlicensed health facilities that were compared to "concentration camps," a government investigation revealed Wednesday.

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Low Social Rank Bigger Health Risk than Obesity

People on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder may live two years less on average than those at the top, according to a large-scale study published Wednesday.

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Pence Tells Anti-Abortion Rally It is 'Historic' Time for the Cause

Anti-abortion advocates descended on the U.S. capital on Friday for an annual march expected to draw the largest crowd in years, with the White House spotlighting the cause and throwing its weight behind the campaign.

"The #MarchForLife is so important. To all of you marching -- you have my full support!" President Donald Trump tweeted as thousands streamed onto the National Mall, within view of the White House.

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Yemen Could Face Famine in 2017

The United Nations aid chief warned Thursday that Yemen was sliding deeper into humanitarian crisis and could face famine this year.

The poor Arab country has been engulfed in war since a Saudi-led coalition launched a bombing campaign in March 2015 to push back Iran-backed Huthi rebels who had seized the capital Sanaa and other cities.

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Dutch Call for Fund to Offset Trump Abortion NGO Move

The Netherlands on Tuesday called for an international fund to support health centers offering abortion services in developing countries, after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a halt to U.S. government financing.

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Fears over Bird Flu in China after 9 Deaths this Year

Nine people have died of bird flu in China this year, state media reported Wednesday, after the World Health Organization (WHO) urged all countries to promptly report human infections.

Disease control centres in three provinces including northern Henan, central Hunan, and southern Guangdong have reported at least nine deaths from the virus, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

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Britons Sizzle over Chips and Toast Cancer Warnings

A government health warning over the potential dangers of toast, roast potatoes and chips -- all traditional staples of the British diet -- had the country's tabloids hitting out Monday.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said acrylamide -- a chemical substance formed when foods with high starch content are cooked at very high temperatures -- "has the potential to cause cancer in humans".

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Egypt's Military to Form Pharmaceutical Company

The Egyptian government has given the military the go-ahead to establish a pharmaceuticals company in a market hit by shortages and a dollar crunch that has driven up prices.

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