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Trump Fumes as U.S. Health Care Reform Bid Collapses

An angry President Donald Trump railed Tuesday against dissenters in his party who dashed his months-long effort to dismantle Barack Obama's landmark health care law.

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UN Asks Countries to Shift $40 mn to Haiti Cholera Fund

The United Nations said Thursday it will ask countries to voluntarily hand over $40.5 million remaining from the budget of the soon-to-close mission in Haiti to help victims of cholera there.

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Fast-Growing Pakistan Aims to Raise Contraception Use

Pakistan will raise the rate of contraception use to at least 50 percent within the next three years, the health minister has said, in a bid to help control its fast-growing population.

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U.N. Urges Aid to Avert Cholera-Induced Famine in Yemen

International donors must step up to prevent a cholera epidemic in war-torn Yemen from producing full-blown famine among hundreds of thousands of people, a U.N. official said Tuesday.

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Trump to Lawmakers: Get Health Care Reform Done by August

President Donald Trump heaped pressure on U.S. lawmakers Monday to pass a health care reform bill before Congress goes on its August recess, with Republicans teetering on the edge of a potentially major failure.

As Senators returned for work in Washington after a week off, Trump challenged fellow Republicans to make good on their signature campaign promise: repeal and replace "Obamacare," the reforms of his White House predecessor.

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Yemen Cholera Outbreak Tops 300,000 Suspected Cases

A cholera outbreak in Yemen has now surpassed 300,000 suspected cases, the Red Cross said Monday as the war-torn country reels from disease as well as the threat of famine.

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Decades of Trying, but Health Reform Remains Elusive in U.S.

The United States, entangled in conflict overseas and struggling economically, was at a fraught moment when the president called for a national health care overhaul.

The country "now spends more than $75 billion annually on health care... yet despite this huge annual national outlay, millions of citizens do not have adequate access to health care."

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Tailor-Made Cancer 'Vaccine' Proves Safe

Two experimental treatments for skin cancer, tailor-made to target a particular patient's tumors, proved safe in small-scale trials, their developers reported Wednesday.

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Trump Offers Support for Terminally Ill British Baby

President Donald Trump on Monday offered U.S. help to a British baby with a rare genetic disorder who is due to be taken off life support after courts ruled further treatment would prolong his suffering.

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Stigma Keeps Drug Addicts Quiet in Gaza Strip

After Umm Mazen found her husband shivering in his bed and complaining of a migraine, he confessed he was addicted to painkillers and could no longer provide for the family.

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