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Trump Says Pharma 'Getting Away with Murder'

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked the pharmaceutical industry for high drug prices and for manufacturing overseas, saying he will create new procedures for bidding on drugs.

The industry is "getting away with murder," Trump said in his first press conference since he was elected, sending pharma stocks plunging.

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Living Close to Major Roads Increases Dementia Risk

People living near major roads have a higher chance of developing dementia, according to a large-scale study published in British medical journal The Lancet on Thursday.

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France Moves to suspend Vitamin D Supplement after Baby Dies

France has moved to suspend sales of a vitamin D medication following the death of a 10-day-old baby in December who had being given the supplement, health officials said Wednesday.

The decision was taken as a precaution by France's ANSM agency that oversees the safety of medicines and health products, Health Minister Marisol Touraine said in a statement.

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Special Anti-Polio Drive Kicks off in Southwestern Pakistan

A Pakistani health official says a special five-day anti-polio drive is being launched in the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province after traces of polio virus were found in the sewer system.

Syed Faisal Ahmed, the coordinator for Emergency Operation Centre in Quetta, said Monday that some 400,000 children under age five will be immunized against the deadly virus.

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Fighting Haiti's Cholera Outbreak Requires More Funds

The cholera outbreak that hit Haiti after Hurricane Matthew slammed the island has been contained but persists due to lack of funding, according to the United Nations.

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Nigeria's 'Plastic Rice' Real but Inedible

Around 100 bags of "plastic rice" seized in Lagos have turned out to contain real but contaminated rice, authorities said Friday in Nigeria, where prices for the staple have rocketed.

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Croatia Reports Bird Flu in Farm Poultry

Croatia on Friday announced the discovery of a highly contagious strain of bird flu in poultry at a small family farm on the country's northern border with Hungary.

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Britain Gets Creative in Fighting Rampant Food Waste

One of Europe's worst offenders on food waste, Britain is beginning to get its act together thanks to a surge in volunteer initiatives that help the poor as well as creating a bit of seasonal cheer.

"That's what I come out for, to have a little chat... It's not only the food," said Bassia Hamech, 76, as she was served a bowl of hot soup in a kitchen in east London run by a charity called FoodCycle.

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Suspects Held after Pakistan Alcohol Poisoning Kills 34

Pakistani police on Wednesday caught three men accused of preparing home-made liquor mixed with aftershave that killed 34 people including a fourth suspect after they consumed the toxic brew on Christmas Eve.

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Peru Brain Museum Puts Most Complex Organ on Display

It powers everything we do, yet remains one of our biggest mysteries.

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