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Suspects Charged over Chanel, Chopard Heists in Paris

Eight men have been charged over heists of millions in luxury goods from Chanel and Chopard boutiques in Paris, a source close to the investigation said Saturday.

Robbers made off with one million euros ($1.1 million) from the Chopard shop, just off the Champs-Elysees, during a December hold-up, said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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US Company Says in Saudi Talks for Theme Parks

The US company Six Flags is holding talks with Saudi Arabia to build theme parks in the conservative Muslim kingdom, which aims to provide more entertainment options for its residents.

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Iran Police Stop Levi's Catwalk Show

Iranian police cancelled a catwalk show set to mark the opening of an unofficial Levi's store in a Tehran shopping center, the Tasnim news agency reported Thursday.

The event was cancelled by "a last-minute police intervention" just before male models were set to walk on stage before a crowd of about 150 on Wednesday night, the hardliner-linked news agency said.

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Ukraine Opera Singer Killed in Separatist East

A Ukrainian opera singer who performed for two decades in France before joining Kiev's volunteer forces fighting pro-Russian insurgents has been killed in the separatist east, officials said Wednesday.

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Chinese Internet on Edge of Outrage after Lady Gaga Meets Dalai Lama

Poker faces were in short supply after Lady Gaga met the Dalai Lama, with Chinese social media users erupting in fury Monday.

The pop star met with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader at the United States Conference of Mayors in Indiana, where the Nobel laureate gave the keynote speech.

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Prince Guitar, Bowie's Hair Sold for Over $150K

Bidders paid a combined total of more than $150,000 for a lock of David Bowie's hair and Prince's iconic "Yellow Cloud" guitar Saturday at a Beverly Hills auction.

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Rock Stars and Celebrities React with Dismay to Brexit

Britain's bestselling novelist and two of its rock idols have mourned the country's "disastrous" vote to leave the EU, claiming it will lead to the break up of the country.

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U.S. Jury Clears Led Zeppelin of Stealing 'Stairway' Intro

A U.S. jury found Thursday that British rock group Led Zeppelin did not steal the intro to their signature track "Stairway to Heaven" from a long-defunct Los Angeles rock band.

The jury in federal court in Los Angeles rejected claims by songwriting duo Robert Plant and Jimmy Page that they had no access to "Taurus," by the 1960s psychedelic five-piece Spirit.

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France to Extradite U.S. Rapper Gibbs to Austria

A French court on Thursday ordered the extradition of U.S. rapper Freddie Gibbs to Austria, where he is accused of rape, his lawyer Michael Malka said.

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With or Without You: U2 Back Britain Staying in the EU

Irish rockers U2 said Wednesday that a European Union without Britain seemed "unimaginable", a day before the tight vote on whether to leave the bloc.

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