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Miami Beach Transforms into Fashionable Art Hub

The U.S. city of Miami Beach transformed Thursday into a hub of modern and contemporary art as part of the prestigious Art Basel show.

Organizers expect tens of thousands of expert art collectors and curators as well as casual shoppers and tourists to descend on the convention center in Miami Beach.

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Elgin Marbles Sculpture Leaves Britain for First Time

Part of the Elgin Marbles has left Britain for the first time since they were taken from the Parthenon in 1803, on loan to a Russian museum, the British Museum said on Friday.

The museum has loaned one of the statues -- taken from Greece by British diplomat Lord Elgin and which Athens has repeatedly demanded be returned -- to Russia's State Hermitage Museum.

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London Show Highlights Role of Air Power in WWI

Allied and German planes hang side by side in a show opening in London on Thursday that charts WW1's role in advancing aviation, and spotlights the work of the staff behind the scenes.

"First World War in the Air" at the Royal Air Force (RAF) museum brings together 14 aircraft including a unique British FE2b night bomber, painstakingly reconstructed over the last 20 years.

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'Field of Stars' Initiative Raises Funds for Lebanese Children Charities

We are not asking for the moon, only a star! says the slogan of the initiative.

Field Of Stars is a corporate social responsibility initiative which aims at helping children in need by raising funds and equally distributing them to 26 Lebanese children charities, a press release said.

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South Africans Keep Mandela's Memory Alive with Tattoos

Mpumelelo Masinga takes a deep drag from his cigarette, his hand trembling with apprehension.

Masinga is preparing to spend three hours at Black and White Tattoo Studio in Johannesburg getting Nelson Mandela's face tattooed on the center of his back.

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Richard III DNA Study Uncovers Illegitimate Child Mystery

A DNA study confirming that a skeleton found in 2012 was that of Richard III also found evidence of "false paternity" that raises doubts about the royal claims of centuries of British monarchs, researchers said on Tuesday.

The study said the remains matched the DNA of two descendants of Richard III's sister, Anne of York, meaning researchers are certain "beyond reasonable doubt" that the skeleton is indeed the king's.

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Is Mona Lisa Inscrutably Chinese? Italian's Theory Raises Eyebrows

An Italian historian's theory that Mona Lisa might be a Chinese slave and Leonardo da Vinci's mother -- making the 15th-century polymath half-Chinese -- sent online commentators into a frenzy Wednesday.

Angelo Paratico, a Hong Kong-based historian and novelist from Italy, told the South China Morning Post: "On the back of Mona Lisa, there is a Chinese landscape and even her face looks Chinese."

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Erdogan: Turkish Youth Know Einstein but Not Muslim Thinkers

Turkish students know Albert Einstein but can't name any Muslim scientists or scholars, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan complained on Tuesday as he called for a new curriculum in schools.

"If you ask them who Einstein is, every young person has something to say about him. If you ask who Ibn Sina is, you see the child has never heard about him," Erdogan told a teachers' forum in the southern city of Antalya.

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Iran Urged to Drop Death Sentence over Facebook Post

Iran was urged by human rights groups on Tuesday to drop the death sentence given to a man convicted of insulting the Prophet Mohammed in several Facebook posts.

Soheil Arabi was found guilty in August and the decision was upheld by Iran's Supreme Court last month.

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'Let Boys be Boys, Let Girls be Girls,' Says Australian PM

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Tuesday weighed in on a debate about gender-specific toys in the lead-up to Christmas, saying boys should be boys and girls should be girls.

Greens senator Larissa Waters has backed a "No Gender December" campaign, aimed at breaking down stereotypes around buying dolls for girls and trucks for boys.

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