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HRW Says Russia Gives 'Green Light' to Domestic Abuses

Russian police dismiss victims of domestic violence and a recent softening of the law in this area has left women even more vulnerable, a Human Rights Watch report said Thursday.

The report, based on interviews with dozens of victims, details extreme assaults including women being choked, punched and burned by their attackers. Others were pushed off balconies and out of windows.

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Dry Danube Reveals Hidden Treasure in Hungary

A treasure trove of some 2,000 gold and silver coins has been found on the Danube riverbed in Hungary thanks to an exceptionally low water level, archaeologists said Thursday.

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Topshop Billionaire Named in 'Brit #MeToo' Scandal

British fashion industry billionaire Philip Green was named by a member of the House of Lords on Thursday as the businessman who used an injunction to suppress the publication of sexual harassment allegations by five employees.

The allegation against 66-year-old Green -- whose international clothing empire includes the popular Topshop and Topman brands -- was made after media cried foul about being "gagged" by rich and powerful tycoons.

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Sakharov Prize Awarded to Jailed Ukrainian Filmmaker Sentsov

The European Parliament on Thursday awarded the prestigious Sakharov human rights prize to jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, European sources said.

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Mexico May be Next to Legalize Cannabis

Mexico "absolutely" could follow Canada's lead in legalizing marijuana as a way to reduce violence generated by a war on drugs that "doesn't work," its incoming foreign minister said Tuesday.

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UN Committee Slams French 'Burqa Ban' for 'Violating' Rights

The UN Human Rights Committee on Tuesday criticised France's so-called burqa ban, saying the law "violated" the rights of two women who were fined for wearing full-face veils in public.

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Islam Scholar Ramadan Claims Sex was Consensual in French Rape Case

Leading Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, charged with raping two women in France, claimed Monday that he had consensual sex with both of them after previously denying any physical contact.

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Second French Priest Commits Suicide after Abuse Claims

A priest in central France accused of sexually assaulting a minor committed suicide in his church, Catholic authorities said Monday, the second French priest to take his life over abuse claims in a month.

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Lebanese Seek to Save Landmark Concrete Park from Crumbling

Close to the seafront in Lebanon's Tripoli, giant curves of concrete stand testimony to dreams before the civil war, etchings of an exhibition park never finished but already cracking.

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Hindu Hardliners Block Indian Temple to Women

Hindu hardliners blocked intersections, threatened drivers, threw stones at buses and ordered a 12-hour strike on Thursday to successfully bar women from one of India's holiest temples for a second day.

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