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India's Goat Sellers Flock to Internet this Eid

This accompanies pictures by Sajjad Hussain and video by Agnes Bun

After decades of flocking to traditional livestock markets ahead of Eid, breeders in India are now heading online to haggle a good price for their prized animals.

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Pope Urges New Kind of 'Revolution' in Cuba: Reconciliation

Pope Francis delivered mass Tuesday in the Cuban city of Santiago, cradle of the communist island's 1959 revolution, calling for a new kind of "revolution": one of "reconciliation."

The pope, who sets off later Tuesday for his first-ever visit to the United States, delivered the last mass of the Cuban leg of his trip at a basilica to Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, the island's patron saint -- a mixed-race Mary that symbolizes its intertwined Spanish and African roots.

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Study: IS Defectors Disillusioned with Killing Muslims

A growing number of "disillusioned" Islamic State fighters are defecting from the jihadist group and could be used by governments to deter potential recruits, a report published Monday said.

At least 58 people have left the group and publicly spoken about their defection since January 2014, according to the report by the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ISCR) at King's College London.

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Divided Mongolias Find Unity in Common Ancestor Kublai

Eight centuries after the ruler of the greatest land empire in human history was born, the mighty Mongol Kublai Khan's descendants are a people divided between his homeland and the China he conquered, with both claiming him as their own.

Kublai Khan's birthday was 800 years ago Wednesday, when Mongolia will commemorate the anniversary in Ulan Bator, and China near the site of one of his capitals after he founded the Yuan dynasty in 1271.

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'Witch' Killings Haunt India's Remote Villages

As he recovers in a children's shelter in eastern India, 17-year-old Ganita Munda is haunted by the sound of his family's screams as a witch-hunting gang killed them in their home.

The teenager remembers breaking free of the attackers and fleeing his rural village home in Orissa state to a nearby forest where he hid alone in the dark for hours.

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ART4LIVES offering resilience-building workshops to help refugee children cope with war.

Lara Kalaf, Phd candidate and psychologist, launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo, to finance a new psychosocial support program for refugee children in Lebanon, called ART4LIVES.

$8,580 needs to be raised to organize the first set of workshops for 14 refugee children aged 12-14 years old in Lebanon (including, healthy meals, art material the children can keep, a safe working environment, safe transportation, etc.). Any amount raised above this initial target will help organize more of the same workshops in surrounding countries also dealing with the influx of refugees. These artistic workshops teach participants realistic ways of coping with the negative consequences of war. This is called psychological resilience and is the best way to prevent the development of psychological dysfunction in war-affected children. Art-based therapies are scientifically proven to enhance resilience and can easily be implemented in refugee camps.

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Anti-Semitic Graffiti to be Removed from Kapoor's 'Queen's Vagina'

Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on a controversial sculpture by Anish Kapoor at the Palace of Versailles in France will be removed under the supervision of the artist, authorities said Friday.

Called "Dirty Corner" but dubbed the "queen's vagina", the 60-metre (200-foot) long, 10-metre high funnel-like sculpture has been repeatedly vandalised since it was unveiled in the palace's gardens in June.

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Is Pope Francis Anti-American?

He is the self-declared foe of unbridled capitalism, rabid consumerism and have-it-all lifestyles -- but are conservatives right in fearing Pope Francis is anti-American at heart?

The pontiff's attacks on those who worship the "God of money", appeals for an ecological revolution and criticisms of an unjust global economic system that excludes the poor have all wound up economic ultra-liberals.

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Thai Temple Fights Drug Addiction with Horses and Boxing

Every morning in Thailand's far north, a convoy of orange-robed Buddhist monks and novices riding on horseback leave their mountain-top temple in the kingdom's notorious Golden Triangle region to collect alms.

At first glance these equestrian ascetics look like a throwback to a forgotten era -- but they are in fact part of an innovative drive to help young boys in this drug-ravaged region escape addiction through horses, Thai boxing and meditation.

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To Kneel or Not to Kneel: UK's Corbyn Faces Royal Dilemma

The Labor Party's new leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a new dilemma in his rocky first days in the job -- whether or not to kneel before Queen Elizabeth II.

The republican leftwinger has to formally swear allegiance to the 89-year-old monarch at a ceremony in the coming weeks as part of his new posting.

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