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Reconstruction of Sarajevo Library Nearing End

Workers are rushing to finish the reconstruction of the Sarajevo Library — a landmark destroyed during the Bosnian war — in time for the June ceremonies marking the centenary of the assassination that ignited World War I.

The reconstruction has taken 18 years — nine times longer than the building's original construction 120 years ago by the Austro-Hungarian Empire that ruled over Bosnia then and built it to be the City Hall. Later it was turned into the National Library.

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Adultery Website Tests the Law in S. Korea

Noel Biderman insists he has no problems sleeping at night after launching an adultery hook-up site in South Korea where marital infidelity is a crime punishable by up to two years in prison.

Biderman is the CEO of Canada-based -- slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair" -- which claims more than 25 million subscribers in 35 countries and launched in South Korea last month.

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"Safineh", sometimes I forget that Beirut is a Port, and it kills me to keep forgetting.

Safineh is the latest collaboration between Gabriel Ferneine, talented visual artist, and Trash Inc (i.e. Nabil Saliba, the music composer) around an inspirational video,

The edit was strictly made of footage taken from one particular spot on an Ashrafieh rooftop in Beirut, for the duration of 3 years. It shows some parts of Ashrafieh, but focuses on the main port of Lebanon: Beirut Port.

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Harvard Study Suggests 'Jesus' Wife' Text not Fake

New scientific tests suggest a fragment of papyrus in which Jesus speaks of "my wife" is more likely an ancient document than a forgery, according to an article published Thursday by the Harvard Theological Review.

The text, which is written in Coptic and is roughly the size of a business card, specifically contains the phrase "Jesus said to them, my wife."

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Krakow Prays to Its Saint John Paul II

These are busy times for a sanctuary named after John Paul II in southern Poland, as pilgrims flood into the site and others phone in prayers ahead of the Polish pope's canonization.

"This is his main shrine, where people feel John Paul II's living presence," says Sister Elwira at the John Paul II Centre in the Lagiewniki suburb of Krakow.

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World's Top Architects Show Off Their Own Homes

Leading world architects showed off features of their own homes this week at an international design fair in Milan -- with eye-catching objects including indoor trees, red walls and a stair-bookcase.

Among the big names in attendance were US architect Daniel Libeskind, Italy's Massimiliano Fuksas and Japan's Shigeru Ban -- winner of this year's prestigious Pritzker Prize, known as the "Nobel prize of architecture".

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Group: Chinese Christians Plea to Stop Church Demolitions

Chinese Christians have asked the government to halt what they claim is an orchestrated campaign to demolish churches, a US-based religious rights group said.

The China Aid Association said worshippers in the eastern province of Zhejiang had urged local authorities to stop dismantling crosses and churches on the grounds that they violate building codes.

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New Technology Unwraps Mummies' Ancient Mysteries

Our fascination with mummies never gets old. Now the British Museum is using the latest technology to unwrap their ancient mysteries.

Scientists at the museum have used CT scans and sophisticated imaging software to go beneath the bandages, revealing skin, bones, preserved internal organs — and in one case a brain-scooping rod left inside a skull by embalmers.

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Rare Sarcophagus, Egyptian Scarab Found in Israel

Israeli archaeologists have unearthed a rare sarcophagus featuring a slender face and a scarab ring inscribed with the name of an Egyptian pharaoh, Israel's Antiquities Authority said Wednesday.

The mystery man whose skeleton was found inside the sarcophagus was most likely a local Canaanite official in the service of ancient Egypt, Israeli archaeologists believe, shining a light on a period when pharaohs governed the region.

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Last Corvette Retrieved from U.S. Sinkhole

The mangled remains of a powerful Corvette — barely recognizable to its former owner — were pulled from the depths of a sinkhole at a Kentucky museum Wednesday, completing weeks of painstaking work to retrieve eight classic cars that were gobbled up by the gaping hole.

The 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette was buried in dirt and rocks, deep beneath the surface of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. The mood was somber as the crumpled car, which boasted 700 horsepower thanks to performance enhancements, was pulled to the surface.

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