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New Shakespeare First Folio Discovered

A new William Shakespeare First Folio, part of the original collection of 36 plays published in 1623, has been discovered on a Scottish island, the University of Oxford said Thursday.

Emma Smith, Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Oxford University, authenticated the First Folio as genuine, making it one of the most valuable books in the world.

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French MPs Approve Contested Ban on Paying for Sex

French lawmakers on Wednesday passed a controversial law that makes it illegal to pay for sex and imposes fines of up to 3,500 euros ($3,970) on prostitutes' clients.

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Iranian Man who Killed Dog Sentenced to 74 Lashes

An Iranian man has been sentenced to 74 lashes for killing a dog, the judiciary-linked Mizan news agency reported Wednesday, after an online video showed him hurling the animal repeatedly against his car.

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Britain's Windsor Castle Gets Tourist Revamp

Windsor Castle, a home of Queen Elizabeth II and one of Britain's most popular tourist attractions, is to get an extensive facelift to improve facilities for visitors.

Tourist areas at the medieval castle west of London will be redeveloped at an expected cost of £27 million ($38 million, 33 million euros), said the Royal Collection, which looks after the British monarchy's art.

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Ancient Horse Poo Sheds Light on Hannibal's March

The route taken by Hannibal over the Alps to invade Italy has been a matter of debate for 2,000 years, but scientists may now have the answer -- thanks to some ancient horse poo.

More than 15,000 horses and 37 elephants accompanied the 30,000-strong Carthaginian army in a march on the Roman Republic in 218 BC, which sparked years of bloody conflict.

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Vatican Seeks to Spread the .Catholic Message

The Vatican has set up a new office charged with promoting the use of the .Catholic domain name, in its latest move to upgrade its communications for the digital era.

With a staff of eight IT experts, the new office will seek to expand the use of the domain name by all Church and Church-affiliated bodies with the aim of assuring Internet users they are dealing with officially sanctioned sites.

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Mango Lager? India's Thirst for Craft Beer Grows

India's version of craft brewing is seeing scores of thirsty tipplers sample everything from coconut stout to mango lager, as tastes mature in a country that has traditionally only downed strong liquor "to get a kick".

Bangalore has more than 25 thriving brewpubs -- a pub with a small brewery on the premises -- while India's other cosmopolitan cities boasting vast young populations and expanding middle classes are also catching on.

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Gaza Workers Discover what Could Be an Ancient Church

Palestinian tourism officials say construction workers in the Gaza Strip have discovered what they believe to be a Christian religious site from the Byzantine era.

Heyam al-Bitar, research director for the Hamas-run Tourism and Antiquities Ministry, said on Tuesday that the discovery included remnants of marble Corinthian pillars, foundations and crowns, some of them with a Greek cross.

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Exiled Napoleon's Island Home Recreated in Paris Exhibition

France's national army museum has recreated the home where Napoleon lived his final years, bringing furniture and belongings from the remote Atlantic Island of St. Helena to Paris for the first time since he was exiled there 200 years ago.

The exhibition that opens Wednesday offers a flavor of the atmosphere of the damp, rat-infested Longwood House, where the emperor spent his last years as a prisoner of the British government, surrounded by books and souvenirs.

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Syria Monastery Ravaged by IS was Symbol of Coexistence

On the wall of a monastery in Syria's desert, jihadists from the Islamic State group left a grim warning: "The lions of the caliphate are here to devour you." 

The Syrian army on Sunday drove out the jihadists, but the damage they have caused in a place that was once a symbol of religious tolerance seems almost irreparable.

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