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The Basque Beret, from Peasant Cap to 'Emblem of France'

The beret has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the headgear of choice for pelota players in the Basque country, becoming a must-have accessory as far afield as China.

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War Tourism in Afghanistan: Adventure or Reckless Hedonism?

Thousands of people are fleeing the conflict roiling Afghanistan, but American backpacker John Milton recently made the reverse journey to the war-ravaged country -- for a holiday.

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An American Muslim who Fights Bigotry with Laughter

The Muslim American comedian Dean Obeidallah has spent 15 years fighting hatred and bias against Islam, armed only with his sense of humor.

Now, the bitter tones of the US presidential campaign have added urgency to his mission.

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Reverence: The Military Taboo Trump Broke

Boarding a flight? Active service members go first. Watching a sports event? Then you'll stand and applaud a group of veterans at some point during the game.

America puts its service members on a unique pedestal: they are revered and yet poorly understood.

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Malaysian Islamic Leaders Say No to Pokemon Go

Islamic leaders in Kuala Lumpur said Friday that Muslims should avoid playing Pokemon Go because the popular mobile game was harmful and could "lead to gambling."

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French Artist Eyes Record with Giant Hillside Portrait

Armed with a spray gun and lugging buckets of flour, water, and pigment, a French artist has overcome storms and burrowing moles to turn a hectare of Swiss hillside into what is believed to be the world's largest painting on grass.

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Fathers' Rights Activists Protest on UK Labor Leader's Roof

Two men campaigning for fathers' rights to see their children staged a protest Friday on the roof of British opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn's London house.

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Muslim-Majority Indonesia Outraged at 'Bikini' Snack

A noodle snack with a picture of a bikini-clad woman and the words "squeeze me" on the packaging has triggered outrage in Muslim-majority Indonesia, with consumer groups calling Friday for it to be pulled from shops.

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Greek Parliament Votes Again on Mosque Construction

Greece's parliament on Thursday voted again on resolving "bureaucratic obstacles" to building a long-delayed official mosque in Athens.

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Obama Declares Himself a 'Feminist'

In a birthday editorial Thursday, U.S. President Barack Obama described himself as a feminist and urged renewed effort to break down gender stereotypes.

The father of two girls, who was raised by a single mother, penned an essay for Glamour magazine, declaring "this is an extraordinary time to be a woman."

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