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'I Select on Penis Length,' Says Female Coach of German Men's Team

The first woman to coach a men's team in one of Germany's top five leagues is tackling sexism by sarcastically suggesting her selections are based on penis lengths.

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For Sudan Women, Protests are a Fight for Their Rights

Sudanese protester Aseel Abdo said she had to leave her family home after being threatened with arrest for joining demonstrations against President Omar al-Bashir that have rocked the country.

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Vatican Says Abuse Meeting to Make Bishops 'Aware of Rules'

A meeting next month on the protection of children should give world bishops concrete guidelines for preventing and reporting abuse, the Vatican said on Wednesday.

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'Upskirting' Becomes Illegal across UK

When a man took a picture under her skirt with impunity, it was the final straw for Gina Martin -- whose campaign has produced a change in British law.

Her experience put Martin on the frontline in a fight to make the practice of so-called "upskirting" illegal, one that has seen her face lawmaker resistance and even online resistance.

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Millions Take Plunge in Giant Indian Religious Festival

More than 20 million Hindu pilgrims ritually bathed in India's holy rivers on the opening day of the Kumbh Mela, a gigantic festival billed as the world's largest human gathering.

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Cows Walk on Fire in India's Harvest Festival

Indian devotees led decked-up cows over burning hay to celebrate the Hindu harvest festival in a ritual seeking good fortune and protection from harm.

The Makar Sankaranti festival marks the advent of spring and is celebrated by kite-flying and other regional festivities in the month of January.

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Shah's Last Palace, Secluded Refuge in Iran, is Now a Museum

The shah of Iran's last refuge before fleeing his country in 1979 was a palatial estate nestled against the Alborz Mountains — a place no Iranian ever dreamed of visiting.

Today, it costs them around $1.

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Saudi Teen Refugee, Now in Canada, Wants to Fight for Other Women

A Saudi teen who caused an international sensation by defying her family and seeking asylum abroad on Tuesday vowed to fight for women's freedoms in her first public address since she was taken in by Canada.

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New 'Gay Purge' Underway in Russia's Chechnya

A Russian LGBT rights group on Monday reported a new wave of persecution against gay people in Chechnya, in which it says around 40 people have been arrested and two killed. 

Chechen authorities immediately denied the claims which come two years after an international outcry when gay men said they had been tortured by law-enforcement agencies in the majority-Muslim Russian republic.

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Regional Lawmaker is Germany's First Transgender MP

Transgender woman Tessa Ganserer will make history in Germany when she takes up her seat in the Bavarian regional parliament next week, three months after winning reelection as Markus Ganserer.

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