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Pan-Islamic Body Warns Trump's Travel Ban Emboldens Extremists

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation warned on Monday that the travel ban imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump would strengthen the position of extremists worldwide.

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Jihadist Rule in Mosul Sparked Backlash against Religion

In recaptured areas of Mosul, the extreme interpretation of Islam that jihadists forced on the local population for more than two years has sparked a backlash against religious observance.

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Netherlands Launches Fund after Trump Cuts Abortion Funds

The Netherlands on Saturday launched a website to attract international donations to compensate for a decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to end funding to foreign charities that support abortion, the foreign ministry said.

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Miami's Little Havana Named a 'National Treasure'

Little Havana, the neighborhood that is the heart and soul of Miami's Cuban diaspora, was named a U.S. "national treasure" on Friday.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a private organization, added the neighborhood to its list of sites it believes should be protected from developers, saying in a statement that it "stands as a testament to the immigrant spirit that built America."

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Czech Court Nixes Discrimination Suit in School Hijab Ban

A Czech court on Friday rejected a discrimination suit by a Somali refugee who was banned from wearing a hijab in a nursing school, the first case of its kind in the EU state.

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Indian Governor Resigns after Womanizing Claims

The governor of an Indian state has resigned after dozens of his staff signed a petition calling for his removal, alleging that he is a serial womanizer.

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Top Court Strikes Down France's Anti-Smacking Law

A French law condemning the smacking of children has been struck down by the Constitutional Council, dismaying opponents of a practice for which France has been rapped by the U.N.

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Chinese Lunar New Year Feast Begins with Drums and Dumplings

Four men in traditional yellow costumes bang large drums to announce the start of the New Year's banquet in Liuminying village. Inside the village's meeting hall, 100 tables are set with a dozen plates, bearing sausages, nuts and fruit.

Sitting in a storage shed outside are thousands of half-moon shaped dumplings, made by hand the day before, ready to be boiled and served.

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Berlin Now 'Home Sweet Home' for Syrian Pastry Chefs

A Syrian family of pastry chefs, the Sakkas, once delighted the people of Homs with their sugar-soaked Levantine delicacies, until a rain of bombs turned them into refugees.

Now, after a four-year odyssey, they have reopened the family's sweet-tooth haven in Berlin, a baklava shop called the "Damaskus Konditorei".

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Millions Travel for China's Lunar New Year Festival

REFILES to add graphic tag // This story accompanies video by Etienne Lamy-Smith and photo production filed in the lead-up to the holidays by photographers including Nicolas Asfouri and Fred Dufour

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