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Armani's Italian Factories to Make Medical Overalls

Fashion brand Armani said on Thursday it would start making single use medical overalls for hospital workers at all its Italian factories. 

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Jerusalem's Church of Holy Sepulcher Shuts as Israel Ups Anti-Virus Measures

Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed by Christians to house Christ's tomb, was shut Wednesday, as Israel tightened movement restrictions and the Palestinians announced their first novel coronavirus death.

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Arab Schoolkids Told 'Turn on the TV' for Lessons at Home

Either on television as in Libya or on tablets in the IT-savvy Gulf monarchies, in the time of novel coronavirus millions of schoolchildren around the Arab world are now learning lessons at home.

Governments across the region have shuttered schools forcing pupils to stay away in a bid to combat the virus, but at the risk of deepening an already worrying educational divide.

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Saint Corona Name Vexes Austrian Tourist Village

The Austrian village of Sankt Corona am Wechsel may need to rethink its tourism campaign, its mayor said Monday after the new coronavirus pandemic has drawn some unwanted attention.

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Religion in Conservative Mideast Adapts to Coronavirus

In the Middle East, where the three main monotheistic faiths shape daily life, the coronavirus pandemic has seen religious leaders support constraints unthinkable just a few weeks ago. 

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Saudi Halts Prayers in Mosques over Coronavirus

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday suspended prayers inside all its mosques except the holiest two sites in Islam as it steps up efforts to contain the new coronavirus, state media reported. 

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Italians Take to Singing at Windows to Beat Virus Blues

Italians are beating the social isolation imposed by the country's coronavirus lockdown by taking to their windows and singing in unison, with videos of the phenomenon racking up thousands of views online.

Since Monday a series of decrees from the Italian government have drastically limited citizens' movements, with vast swathes of the economy shut down and people instructed to leave the house only when strictly necessary.

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250,000 Pilgrims Mass in Pakistan despite Coronavirus Warnings

Hundreds of thousands of Islamic worshippers gathered in eastern Pakistan this week amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, ignoring government warnings that such events could propagate the disease.

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Saudi Aramco Disavows 'Racist' Images of 'Human Sanitizer'

Energy giant Saudi Aramco has sought to distance itself from accusations of "racism" triggered by images of a migrant worker wearing a dispenser to hand out sanitizer to white-collar staff.

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Sudan Women Decry Slow Progress on Rights since Bashir's Fall

Sudanese women were at the forefront of the protests that toppled autocrat Omar al-Bashir but 11 months on, activists are disappointed at a lack of progress on women's issues.

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