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Ashes of Late Writer Garcia Marquez Head Home to Rest in Colombia

The ashes of the late Nobel Prize-winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be laid to rest near his seaside home in Colombia on Sunday.

The bestselling author of the modern classic "One Hundred Years of Solitude" died in April 2014 in his adopted home of Mexico at the age of 87.

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Pope under Fire for Meeting French Cardinal Accused of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Pope Francis came under fire Friday after meeting Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the Lyon archbishop who is suspected of covering up for a pedophile priest in a scandal that has rocked the Church in France.

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Russian Artist Convicted over Pro-Kiev Protest

A Russian court on Thursday convicted artist Pyotr Pavlensky of vandalism for a 2014 performance called "Freedom" inspired by Ukraine's anti-government protests.

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Auschwitz Finds Inmate Jewelery in False-Bottomed Mug

A gold ring and necklace hidden by an Auschwitz prisoner in a false-bottomed mug for fear of looting by German Nazis has been discovered at site of the death camp, the Auschwitz museum said Thursday.

More than 70 years after the liberation of the World War II camp in occupied Poland, staff discovered the jewelery in a rusting enamel mug, one of thousands of pieces of kitchenware now on display at the museum.

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Largest U.S. Muslim Center Targets Spike in Islamophobia

Sitting on a red and green carpet inside a mosque in a suburb of Washington, Nabill Abdulle describes an invisible force. You can't see it, he says, but "it's there."

Islamophobia haunts the Muslims of Lanham, Maryland -- 30 minutes north of the U.S. capital -- as the country's divisive election campaign fuels fears already heightened by Islamic State group attacks in Brussels and Paris.

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Jailed Russian Artist Says Guards Cracked Rib in Beating

Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky, who is on trial for setting fire to the security service headquarters in a protest, said Tuesday that guards convoying him from court had beaten him, cracking his rib.

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Kosovo Holds First Ever Gay Pride March

A few hundred people from Kosovo's gay and lesbian community held their first ever pride parade Tuesday, seeking acceptance and respect of their rights in the conservative society.

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Booker Triumph Ushers in New Era for South Korean Writers

South Korean writer Han Kang's Booker prize marks a major victory for a decade-long effort to drag one of Asia's oldest but, until recently, least-known literary traditions into the global market.

Literary merits aside, the success of Kang's novel "The Vegetarian" was aided by a number of factors that have coincided with South Korea's emergence as an increasingly prominent player on the global cultural stage.

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French Thinker Bernard-Henri Levy Goes to War against IS

The globe-trotting French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy made a dramatic late entry into the Cannes film festival Monday with a "close-up look" at the Kurds' battle against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

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Iran Cracks Down on Instagram Modelling, 8 Arrested

Iran has arrested eight people for working in "un-Islamic" online modelling networks, particularly on Instagram, the head of Tehran's cybercrimes court said on state television.

The arrests were made under a two-year-old siting operation named "Spider II", targeting among others models who post photos online without the hijab covering the hair that is compulsory for women in public in Iran since its 1979 Islamic revolution.

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