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Queen Guitarist Rocks out with Victorian 3D Photos

Queen guitarist Brian May on Monday launched an exhibition from his collection of Victorian 3D photographs, united for the first time with the famous paintings they tried to recreate.

Staged using props and actors, the "stereoscopic" cards were a British middle-class craze from the 1850s to the 1870s -- giving anyone with a viewer a three-dimensional glimpse of the era's celebrated but rarely seen artworks.

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Australia Abandons Controversial Niqab Segregation Plan

A controversial plan to make women wearing the burqa or niqab sit in separate glassed public enclosures at Australia's Parliament House due to security concerns was abandoned Monday after an outcry.

The backdown followed a decision on October 2 by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate President Stephen Parry to seat people wearing face coverings in areas normally reserved for noisy school children while visiting parliament.

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'Bad Hijab' Link to Acid Attacks on Iranian Women

A series of acid attacks on women in the historic Iranian city of Isfahan has raised fears and prompted rumors that the victims were targeted for not being properly veiled.

Police have declined to comment on a motive but suspects have been arrested and an investigation is ongoing, General Hossein Ashtari was quoted as saying by the official IRNA news agency.

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Reformist Pope Paul VI Moves Step away From Sainthood

Pope Paul VI, who banned contraception but presided over Vatican reforms in the 1960s, moved one step away from sainthood on Sunday as Pope Francis beatified him.

The beatification mass took place in a sun-drenched St Peter's Square, with a red tapestry bearing an image of Paul VI smiling with open arms unfurled from the basilica.

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Early Velazquez Painting Returns to Spain for Exhibition

An oil painting attributed to 17th-century Spanish master Diego Velazquez, found languishing in a back room of Yale University, has been returned to Spain for an exhibition in Valazquez's hometown Seville.

The large painting, "The Education of the Virgin Mary", has been on show since Wednesday at the Santa Clara arts centre as part of a show of the painter's early works made when he still lived in the southern Spanish city.

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U.S. to Recognize Gay Marriage in Seven More States

The US government announced Friday it would recognize same-sex marriages in seven additional states, after the Supreme Court declined to take up the debate.

A total of 26 of the 50 US states, and the capital Washington, now legally recognize gay and lesbian marriages, giving them the same legal rights and federal benefits as married heterosexual couples.

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Warsaw Upgrades Exhibit of Saved Sudanese Art

Warsaw's National Museum has added state-of-the art multimedia and installed new settings to enhance Europe's only exhibition of Christian-era wall paintings saved by the Poles from flooding in Sudan in the 1960s.

Thanks to a donation by philanthropist Wojciech Pawlowski, the museum was able to arrange the fragile, damaged wall paintings in settings reminiscent of the 8th-century cathedral that they had adorned.

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Billionaire Donates Cubism Collection to NY Museum

One of the finest cubist collections in the world, painstakingly pieced together by a U.S. billionaire and pledged to the Metropolitan Museum in New York opens to the public on October 20.

Featuring 81 works of art by four artists, the museum says it will be the most important exhibition dedicated to the pioneers of the early 20th century avant-garde art movement in more than 30 years.

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Underworld Queen Persephone Uncovered in Greek Myth Mosaic

An imposing mosaic uncovered in the largest antique tomb ever discovered in Greece depicts the myth of the abduction of Persephone, Zeus's daughter who became goddess of the underworld, the Greek culture ministry said Thursday.

The 4.5 meter by three meter (15 foot by 10 foot) floor mosaic was discovered in a huge tomb that was discovered in August in Amphipolis, a northern Greek town. It dates back to the fourth century BC.

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London Pays Homage to Immortal Myth of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes never existed but his fictional address of 221B Baker Street still receives a steady flow of letters addressed to the famously intuitive detective.

The latest tribute comes in the form of a Museum of London exhibition opening Thursday entitled "The Man Who Never Lives and Will Never Die" and billed as the biggest in 60 years.

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