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'Islamic' Kindergartens Cause a Stir in Austria

A debate is raging in Austria after a study suggested that Islamic kindergartens in Vienna were helping to create "parallel societies" or even produce the dangerous homegrown radicals of the future.

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Refugees Bring Dying Italy Village Back to Life

In the foothills of the Aspromonte mountains in southern Italy, the silence of a once-dying village is broken by the laughter of a small group of refugees.

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Egypt Copts Mark Solemn Good Friday

Egyptian Copts observed a solemn Good Friday with prayers and fasting, as the community reeled from a pair of church bombings that killed dozens on Palm Sunday.

The government had declared a state of emergency and called in the army to protect "vital" installations following last week's suicide bombings claimed by the Islamic State group.

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Afghan Women Embrace a New Empowerment

When Nadia's heroin addict husband began assaulting her with a metal rod, she did something unthinkable for many women in Afghanistan -- she left him. 

Domestic abuse is endemic in the deeply patriarchal country, but for the first time a growing number of Afghan women are embracing divorce as a new kind of empowerment. 

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N. Korea Seeks to Brighten Image with White 'Fairyland'

The penthouse apartments at the top of the tallest tower in Pyongyang's showpiece development offer impressive views, ice green wallpaper and purple sofas – but had no hot water when the project opened Thursday.

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Slaughtered French Priest Hamel on Path to Sainthood

The French Catholic priest who was murdered by two teenage jihadists in his Normandy church last year could soon be beatified, a first step toward being declared a saint, church officials said Thursday.

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22 Dead in Blaze at Senegal Religious Retreat

A fire ripped through makeshift shelters at a Muslim religious retreat in Senegal, killing at least 22 people and triggering a stampede, firefighters said Thursday.

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'Accept Me' Campaign Launched to Promote Culture of Accepting the Other in Arab Societies

A campaign called “Accept Me” has been launched in the Arab world to promote the culture of accepting the other.

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Philosopher Says Speed Threatens Democracy: Q&A

Christophe Bouton, a philosophy professor at Montaigne University in Bordeaux, who wrote "The Time of Urgency", says that democracy is threatened by a contemporary preoccupation with speed.

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Living in Cuban Time

In Cuba, it sometimes seems time stopped in the 1960s.

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