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Geert Wilders Relaunches Mohammed Cartoon Competition

Far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders said he was reviving a Prophet Mohammed cartoon competition Saturday, more than a year after cancelling a similar contest that sparked demonstrations and death threats.

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Report: Defrocked U.S. Cardinal Gave Money to Top Clerics

A U.S. cardinal gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to powerful Catholic clerics including two popes while facing accusations of sexual harassment, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

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Anti-Racist Group Protests Tweets about Black Miss France 2020

An anti-racist association said Friday it has filed a complaint with French prosecutors over racist comments posted on social media after a black woman from Guadeloupe was chosen Miss France 2020.

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Russian Church Cuts Ties with Egypt's Coptic Pope over Ukraine

The Russian Orthodox Church said Thursday it has cut ties with the leader of Egypt's Orthodox Copts, Pope Tawadros II, after he recognized Ukraine's independent Church.

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Glittering Symbol of Press, Newseum Set to Close Its Doors

Just steps from the U.S. Capitol, the Newseum's gleaming glass-and-steel structure has for over a decade been a shining symbol for the press and free expression.

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Bethlehem Welcomes Pilgrims for Christmas Celebrations

Pilgrims from around the world gathered Tuesday in the biblical city of Bethlehem, revered by Christians as the birthplace of Jesus, to celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land.

Palestinians and foreigners began converging on the  "little town" in the Israeli-occupied West Bank from early morning, with Christmas Eve festivities taking place in and around the Church of the Nativity.

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Cartoon Muslims in India Publicity Blitz after Deadly Protest

India's ruling party launched a video with animated Muslim characters on social media Monday in a publicity blitz aiming to bust "myths" around a new citizenship law that has sparked deadly protests.

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Looking Down on a Decade through Images

There has been no shortage of big news over the last decade. Spanning the globe, some stories were expected while others caught the world off guard. Some were so massive they were visible from space, captured through state-of-the-art imaging satellites belonging to technology company and imagery provider Maxar Technologies. Together, The Associated Press and Maxar assembled a selection of the most striking images.


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Final Goodbye: Recalling Influential People who Died in 2019

A lauded writer who brought to light stories overshadowed by prejudice. An actress and singer who helped embody the manufactured innocence of the 1950s. A self-made billionaire who rose from a childhood of Depression-era poverty and twice ran for president.

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At Christmas, Bethlehem Says Denied Full Gifts of Tourism

Less than an hour after a group of Indian tourists arrive at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, they exit smiling, directly board their bus and head back to Jerusalem.

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