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Pakistani Artists Look to Counter Violent Extremism

At a militant training camp in Pakistan, a new recruit asks his instructor why his comrades are attacking churches and mosques rather than enemy bases. "This world is full of sin. It needs to be bathed in blood," the instructor replies, nurturing seeds of doubt that will eventually lead the young man to turn away from violence.

It's a scene from a three-part comic book, titled "The Guardian," that a private group has started to distribute in Pakistani schools to help combat extremism. The author, 31-year-old Gauher Aftab, says it was inspired by his own experience of nearly joining militants fighting in Kashmir as a teenager.

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U.S. Anglicans to Vote on Allowing Gay Marriage in Churches

Episcopalians are set to vote Wednesday on allowing religious weddings for same-sex couples, just days after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide.

In 2003, the U.S. branch of the global Anglican Communion made the trailblazing move of electing the first openly gay bishop. Since then, many dioceses have allowed their priests to perform civil same-sex weddings.

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Rare Images of Armenian Genocide Survivors on Show in Italy

Rare, moving images of survivors of the 1915 Armenian genocide will be shown in Bologna on Thursday as part of the 29th edition of the city's "Cinema Ritrovato" (Rediscovered Cinema) festival.

A significant historical source that was discovered completely by chance, buried away and forgotten in the U.S. Library of Congress, the silent film dates from 1923 and includes images of children packed onto boats in Turkey and lines of refugees trudging along roads.

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Adria and Cirque du Soleil Fuse Art and Cuisine in Ibiza

Take top Spanish chefs Ferran and Albert Adria, the founder of circus troupe Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte, and Japan's foremost pop artist Takashi Murakami and mix them all on Spain's Mediterranean party island of Ibiza. 

The result is "Heart" -- an explosion of taste, color and sound designed to delight all the senses.

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Anti-Gay Beating Sparks New Row in Morocco

Videos showing a crowd attacking a presumed homosexual in public in Morocco because of his appearance triggered fresh controversy Tuesday over social intolerance in the conservative Muslim country.

The website Goud posted a three-minute video of the man trying in vain to take shelter in a taxi to escape angry youths in the central city of Fez.

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Fallen Egypt Archaeologist Wants International Grand Museum

For more than a decade, he was the self-styled Indiana Jones of Egypt, presiding over its antiquities and striding through temples and tombs as the star of TV documentaries that made him an international celebrity.

But four years after the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak and nearly ended his own career, Zahi Hawass can be found in a cramped Cairo office, lamenting the state of the antiquities bureaucracy he once ruled like a pharaoh and dreaming of a new museum whose fate lies in limbo.

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Aboriginal Experience Inspires Artist Abramovic Decades On

Performance artist Marina Abramovic is known for putting her body on the line -- from cutting herself, to walking thousands of kilometres along China's Great Wall, to having a loaded gun pointed at her head.

The charismatic Belgrade-born art pioneer counts celebrities such as pop star Lady Gaga among her fans, while her performances attract people in the thousands.

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UNESCO Condemns 'Barbaric' IS Attacks on Heritage Sites

The U.N. cultural organization Monday condemned the "barbaric assaults" the Islamic State group has launched on World Heritage sites in Iraq and Syria, saying they may amount to war crimes.

Meeting in Bonn, Germany, UNESCO delegates said the IS attacks on sites such as Iraq's ancient city of Hatra recalled the "mindless destruction" by other Islamist extremists in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in Mali's Timbuktu and elsewhere.

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Report: China's Great Wall is Disappearing

Around 30 percent of China's Ming-era Great Wall has disappeared over time as adverse natural conditions and reckless human activities -- including stealing the bricks to build houses -- erode the UNESCO World Heritage site, state media reported.

The Great Wall is not a single unbroken structure but stretches for thousands of kilometres in sections, from Shanhaiguan on the east coast to Jiayuguan in the windswept sands on the edge of the Gobi desert.

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Assassin who Sparked WWI Gets Statue in Belgrade

A statue of a Bosnian Serb nationalist whose assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 101 years ago sparked World War I, and who is seen here as an icon of Serb patriotism, was inaugurated here Sunday.

The two-meter (6.6-foot) high bronze statue of Gavrilo Princip was unveiled in a park in downtown Belgrade and the event was attended by several hundred people, according to an Agence France Presse photographer.

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