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Italian Mafia Boss Nabbed with Compromising Stash ... of Books

One of the most wanted fugitive bosses of the notorious Calabrian mafia was arrested Thursday in what the government hailed as a "beautiful" victory for Italy's fight against organized crime.

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In Morocco's Fez, World's Oldest Library Holds Gems

Nestled in a labyrinth of streets in the heart of Morocco's ancient city of Fez, stands the world's oldest working library.

Its sculpted dark wooden door stands almost hidden on the edge of a square where artisans hammer away at copper in a deafening din, delighting passing tourists.

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Cuba's Rumba, Belgian Beer Join UNESCO's 'Intangibles'

Cuba's sensual rumba dance and Belgium's thriving beer culture brought new effervescence to UNESCO's coveted list of "intangible" heritage on Wednesday.

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Gun that Almost Killed Poet Rimbaud Goes under Hammer

The most famous gun in French literature, the revolver with which Paul Verlaine tried to kill his lover and fellow poet Arthur Rimbaud, is going under the hammer on Wednesday.

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Indian Court Orders Cinemas to Play National Anthem

All cinemas must play the national anthem before screening movies and audiences should stand for it, India's highest court ruled Wednesday, drawing angry accusations of an assault on civil liberties.

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Cultural Heritage in Jihadist Crosshairs

From Syria to Iraq, via Mali and Afghanistan, Islamist fighters have targeted priceless cultural heritage sites after denouncing them as un-Islamic.

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Saudi Prince Alwaleed Says Women Must Drive

An outspoken billionaire Saudi prince has called for an "urgent" end to his country's ban on women driving, saying it is a matter not just of rights but of economic necessity.

"Stop the debate: Time for women to drive," Prince Alwaleed bin Talal said on his official Twitter account.

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Dutch MPs Approve Partial Ban on Burqa Wearing in Public

Dutch MPs on Tuesday voted by a large majority to approve a ban on wearing the Islamic full-face burqa in some public places such as schools and hospitals.

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Does My Hair Look OK? World's Oldest Person Turns 117 in Style

Emma Morano, humanity's last known survivor of the 19th century, turned 117 in style on Tuesday, dressing up for the occasion and demanding to know "does my hair look all right?" before having her photograph taken.

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Women Enter India Historic Mosque after Legal Battle

Dozens of women entered the inner sanctum of a historic mosque in India on Tuesday after winning a bitter legal battle for a ban on female worshipers to be lifted.

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