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Alleged Murder Plot Shakes Georgian Orthodox Church

Georgia's Orthodox Church was rocked Monday after police announced the arrest of a priest over a suspected poisoning plot targeting a high-ranking Church figure. 

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Indonesian Muslim School Students Protest Valentine's Day

Indonesian Muslim school students staged a protest against Valentine's Day on Monday, denouncing what they said was a Western celebration that encourages casual sex.

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Russia Releases Drone Footage of Fresh Palmyra Destruction

Russia's military on Monday released drone footage showing more destruction of treasured monuments by the Islamic State in Syria's Palmyra since jihadists recaptured the UNESCO World Heritage Site late last year.

The black-and-white video dated February 5 shows part of the Roman amphitheatre reduced to rubble and the tetrapylon, a 16-columned structure that marked one end of the ancient city's colonnade, wiped out.

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Tennis: 'Disrespectful' Anthem Gaffe Leaves Germans Fuming

Andrea Petkovic says she has 'never felt so disrespected' after a gaffe involving the German national anthem during their Fed Cup tie against the United States.

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'Loaves' Church in Israel Reopens 20 Months after Jewish Arson

The church in northern Israel where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes reopened on Sunday, 20 months after an arson attack by Jewish extremists.

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China Villagers 'Beat the Buddha' for a Good Harvest

Beating a rock statue of Buddha to wish for a good new year and an abundant harvest, villagers in China's eastern Fujian province have a unique way of worshipping the deity. 

The religious ceremony held Friday in Yuxi village is one of many in the run-up to the traditional Lantern Festival, which falls on February 11 this year.

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Yusuf Islam, Formerly Cat Stevens, Thanks Turkey for UK Mosque

British musician Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, met Turkey's leader and thanked the country for its support for a mosque being built in Britain's university town of Cambridge, state media reported Thursday.

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Pope Aide Pell Hits Out at 'Anti-Religion' Agendas

Vatican finance chief George Pell Thursday hit out at calls that he return to Australia to assist in a child sex probe into him, railing against "anti-religion" agendas.

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Telling Stories of Wartime Childhood in Bosnian Museum

Ballet slippers, tinned food and drawings by a sister killed from shelling are found among the objects in a new Sarajevo museum used to tell stories of life during Bosnia's war through the eyes of children.

An unfinished letter, kept safe by a young Bosnian woman for 20 years, was started by her mother who perished when their apartment was shelled in the Balkan country's 1992-1995 civil war.

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Palestinian Authorities Seize 'Indecent' Novel

Palestinian authorities have banned a novel by a local author for indecency, the writer said on Tuesday, calling the decision an "unprecedented" attack on freedom of expression.

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