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For U.S. Presidential Hopefuls, You (Sometimes) are What You Eat

Was Gerald Ford beaten by a tamale? Did Swiss cheese cost John Kerry the White House? Will Donald Trump lose after chowing down on fried chicken on a private jet?

Food can play a key role in how candidates solicit votes for the most powerful job on the planet.

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Another French Riviera Resort Bans Burkinis

A second resort on France's Riviera coast, Villeneuve-Loubet, announced on Saturday a ban against burkinis after Cannes banished the full-body swimsuit from its beaches.

The town's mayor told AFP that he made the decision to bar the burkini worn by some Muslim women because of sanitary reasons.

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Hunt for Nazi 'Gold Train' Resumes in Poland

Treasure hunters on Friday relaunched their search for a lost Nazi gold train allegedly loaded with loot and buried in southwestern Poland, despite there being no scientific evidence it exists.

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History Textbooks Missing One Side of Yugoslav Story

A quarter-century has elapsed since Yugoslavia began its bloody collapse but students and teachers say that when it comes to recounting the conflict, history books are brief and biased.

During the war-torn 1990s, the Yugoslav Federation broke apart -- and the nationalism and ethnic tensions that drove the violence remain imprinted in textbooks today, they say.

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Neizvestny, Sculptor who Confronted Khrushchev, Dies at 91

Ernst Neizvestny, a Russian-born sculptor who publicly debated modern art with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and went on to create his final memorial, died in the United States Tuesday.

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Low-Caste Indians Beaten Up over Dead Cow

An angry mob in southern India attacked two low-caste cousins who they suspected of slaughtering a cow, police said Wednesday, the latest such attack by self-styled protectors of the animals.

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Pokemon Booted Out of French World War I Memorial

A French World War I memorial has been removed from Pokemon Go following complaints about players gathering to do battle at a site containing the remains of 130,000 soldiers, the site's management said.

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Marseille 'Burqini Pool Party' Nixed in Secular France

A Marseille waterpark has canceled plans to host a private event for Muslim women wearing burqinis -- full-body swimsuits -- after they sparked outrage in secular France, authorities and the park said Tuesday.

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Serbia PM Announces First Openly Gay Minister

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced a new cabinet line-up on Monday that included the first openly gay ministerial candidate in the conservative Balkan country.

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At Ancient Syria Site, IS Discovers then Destroys Treasures

When the Islamic State group captured Tal Ajaja, one of Syria's most important Assyrian-era sites, they discovered previously unknown millennia-old statues and cuneiform tablets, and then they destroyed them.

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