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Greece's Skirt-Wearing, Selfie-Attracting Guard Unit Turns 150

Already dressed in white leggings and black garters, Greek presidential guard Christos Lialis stands absolutely still so his watch mate can affix his many-pleated fustanella skirt, the unit's world-renowned symbol.

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EU Criticizes Macedonia Name Referendum Boycott Call

The senior official who oversees the European Union's enlargement program on Friday criticized Macedonia's president for urging citizens to boycott a vote on changing the country's official name.

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Instagram Model Murdered at Wheel of Porsche in Baghdad

Iraqi model and Instagram starlet Tara Fares has been shot dead at the wheel of her Porsche convertible in central Baghdad, sending ripples through social media circles.

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Conflict and Drought Ravage Iraq's Prized Date Palms

Sweet Iraqi dates adorn tables in homes across the country, but the fruit tree and national symbol has come under threat from conflict and crippling drought.

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Golden-Age Glitterati Return on Canvas to Old Lebanon Hotel

Inside an abandoned century-old hotel near Lebanon's capital, paintings of the Arab world's once powerful and famous hang around a worn poker table, testimony to its glamorous past before the civil war.

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Trump Takes a #MeToo Stand -- for the Men

With #MeToo firing up millions of women against sexual abuse by male bosses and President Donald Trump routinely weighing in on the side of the accused, America faces an all-out war of the sexes ahead of November elections.

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Archaeologists Discover 'Massive' Ancient Building in Egypt

Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a "massive" ancient building in the town of Mit Rahina, 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, south of Cairo.

The Antiquities Ministry said archaeologists also uncovered an attached building that includes a large Roman bath and a chamber likely for religious rituals.

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Kuwait Activists Combat Rise in Banning of Books

In 2014, the Kuwaiti press hailed Gabriel Garcia Marquez as a literary "giant". But since his death, the Colombian writer and a slew of others have been banned as censorship takes root in the Gulf state.

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Regional 'Burqa Ban' Up for Vote in Switzerland

A second Swiss canton will vote Sunday on whether to introduce a regional "burqa ban", a controversial law that would prohibit all face-covering garments in public spaces.

The ballot in northeastern St. Gallen is to be held as voters across the country also determine whether a moratorium on genetically modified crops should become a full-out ban.

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Making, Drinking Arak a Source of National Pride in Lebanon

Every part of Lebanon's national drink, arak, is infused with tradition — from distilling the aniseed-tinged liquor to the ritual of mixing it at the table, when the transparent liquid suddenly turns milky white as water is added.

Arak is a staple of big Sunday meals. With a sweet taste and high alcohol content, around 40 percent, it's best consumed with food — lots of it. That makes it perfect for Lebanon's traditional meze, spreads of never-ending small dishes that family and friends linger over for hours.

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