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Queen Elizabeth II Pulls Off Epic Photobomb

A photobomb fit for a queen!

The Australian women’s hockey team received a royal photobomb on Thursday when Queen Elizabeth II made an unscheduled visit during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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Romanian City Opens Plastic Bottle Bridge in Litter Protest

Timisoara in western Romania on Wednesday inaugurated a 23-meter (75 feet) bridge made of more than 157,000 collected plastic bottles to warn against the devastating effects of litter.

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Sniffing out a Partner at a London Pheromone Party

In a bar in trendy east London, dozens of people mill about, sniffing from plastic bags. But there are no drugs inside -- just slightly smelly T-shirts.

These adventurous single men and women are at a "pheromone party", an alternative dating trend based on the idea that smell plays a key role in the choice of a sexual partner.

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Police Probing Switch of Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

Police are searching for four or five people they believe scaled to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge's two towers in the dead of night, disabled lights illuminating two large American flags and then replaced the flags with bleached-white ones.

The security breach at one of the city's most secured landmarks didn't appear to be the work of terrorists or even a political statement, said the police department's deputy commissioner for counter terrorism and intelligence, but was likely done by people familiar with climbing or bridgework who may even have scaled the bridge before.

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U.S. Man Claims Africa Land, Makes Daughter a 'Princess'

Fathers often see their daughters as royalty. But a few months ago, when Emily Heaton said she wanted to be a princess, her father Jeremiah quickly found her a kingdom.

Many little girls would have been satisfied with the wooden turrets and ramparts of the castle in the community playground of rural Abingdon, Virginia, where the Heatons live. But Jeremiah was thinking bigger.

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Beetles Devour George Harrison Tribute Tree

A tree planted in a Los Angeles park in memory of the late George Harrison of the Beatles has been killed by beetles, a city councilor said Tuesday.

Tom LaBonge, whose district includes Griffith Park, told Agence France Presse that the Japanese black pine tree, planted about 12 years ago, would be replaced at a community planting that is due to take place in November.

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Reports: China Censors Squash Giant Inflatable Toad

Chinese reports about a giant inflatable toad have been deleted from the Internet after social media users compared the puffed-up animal to a former Communist Party chief.

The installation of a giant inflatable duck in Hong Kong's harbor last year sparked a national craze for oversized blow-up wildlife, with several Chinese cities launching their own imitations.

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Black-and-White Stripes Are the New Orange

A Michigan sheriff says he's trading his inmates' orange jumpsuits for black-and-white stripes, in part due to pop culture.

Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel tells The Saginaw News (http://bit.ljaily/1p7egTU ) that all-orange jumpsuits are increasingly viewed as fashionable, especially because they're seen on popular TV shows such as the Netflix smash hit "Orange Is the New Black."

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Pastry Pranks: Vandals Smear Cars with Baked Goods

There's mischief afoot in one suburban Portland neighborhood, but police say it doesn't involve the typical spray paint or broken windows. No, we're talking pastry here — maple bars smeared on cars, doughnuts left atop windshield wipers, pastries littering a yard.

One woman told officers she's seen more than a dozen incidents of food smeared on cars. Not just pastry, but yogurt, cakes and eggs. She alerted police July 11.

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Failed Marx Letter Sale Disappoints Chinese Capitalists

A letter by the late Karl Marx, the German philosopher who offered an alternative to capitalism, has failed to sell in Communist-ruled China because the auctioneer set too high a price.

The Shanghai-based Hosane auction house set a starting price of 8.0 million yuan ($1.3 million) but failed to find a single bidder on Monday, the Global Times newspaper reported.

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