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Boy or Girl? Family with 12 Sons Awaits Baby 13

A western Michigan couple with 12 sons is expecting baby No. 13, and even though they're sticking to their tradition of not finding out in advance whether they're having a boy or girl, they said they'd be shocked if their streak is broken.

Jay and Kateri Schwandt's baby is due May 9, The Grand Rapids Press reported ( ). Even though they expect it will be another boy, the couple said they would welcome either into the family.

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Burning Passion: Chinese Rich Pay Sky-High Meteorite Prices

One small cheque to a businessman, one giant leap for a meteorite: after journeys of millions of kilometers, rocks formed from the primordial soup of the solar system have landed on the walls of a Chinese showroom.

For some of China's wealthy, the terrestrial trappings of fast cars, designer bags and deluxe apartments are worthless compared to bounty from outer space.

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Man's Own Dog Helps Police Bust Him on Drug Charge

Police in central Alabama say a man's own dog helped officers bust him on a drug charge.

Prattville Police spokeswoman Paula Barlow says the pooch named Bo followed his fleeing master, who was being pursued by officers. When the dog stopped and wagged his tail in tall grass, she says, officers found and arrested Edwin Henderson.

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Tennis-Star Sabatini Statue Left Empty-Handed by Vandals

Perhaps it was meant as a backhanded compliment.

Vandals have made off with the racket that was clasped in the hands of a newly unveiled statue of Argentine tennis star Gabriela Sabatini in Buenos Aires.

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Man Claims to Be Denzel Washington during Arrest

A Tennessee man being arrested on charges of illegal marijuana possession told police he was Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington.

Officers told 21-year-old Justin Lee Seay of Memphis he wasn't fooling anyone — and quickly found that he had violated his probation on a separate case.

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Policeman Who Asked to Smell Woman's Feet Arrested

Houston-area authorities say they believe a school district police officer who pulled over a motorist and then asked to smell her feet may have made similar demands of others.

Twenty-six-year-old Patrick Quinn is charged with two counts of "official oppression." He's free on $2,000 bond.

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X-Ray Shows Sick Tortoise Swallowed Turtle Pendant

The source of a sick tortoise's discomfort became clear after a south Florida veterinarian took an X-ray: The animal had swallowed a turtle pendant.

Dr. Don Harris said the 15-pound male African spurred tortoise named Lola hadn't pooped for a month and began acting sick over the weekend. Lola's owner brought him to the Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center in Miami, which Harris co-owns.

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'Let Him Jump' Say China Netizens over Fake Suicide Scam

A Chinese man staged repeated suicide attempts to extort cash, reports said Wednesday, provoking some online commentators to applaud his business acumen, while others called on him to jump to his death.

The 47-year-old, surnamed Li, was pictured on different sets of scaffolding around tall buildings after news of his arrest emerged, and mocking media nicknamed him "Brother Building-jumper".

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Indian Thieves Dig 40-Meter Tunnel to Rob Bank

Indian police on Tuesday were hunting for thieves who tunneled into a bank and fled with valuables worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The robbers dug a 125-foot (40-meter) tunnel from a nearby house into the state-run Punjab National Bank in northern Haryana state and stole cash, jewelery and other items over the weekend, local media reported.

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Poll Finds Some Anglican Priests Do not Believe in God

Two percent of Anglican clergy do not believe in God, according to a poll on Tuesday in which dozens of respondents said they were "not sure 'God' is more than a human construct".

Asked to choose the statement that most closely resembled their beliefs, nine percent also chose the phrase "No one can know what God is like".

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