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Polish Man Says he Crossed Atlantic by Kayak

A 67-year-old Polish retiree has claimed he kayaked solo across the Atlantic, taking six months to make the ocean crossing from Portugal to Florida.

Aleksander Doba said on his Google+ page that he arrived in Florida late Thursday after setting off from Lisbon on October 5 in the 21-foot (6.4 meter) white and yellow kayak he calls "Olo."

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U.S. Capitol Superheroes Fail to Break World Record

Two women wear super-hero costumes in an attempt to break the world record for the largest gathering of individuals dressed as comic-book characters, in Washington, on April 18, 2014

A man dressed as a super-hero in an attempt to break the world record the largest gathering of individuals dressed as comic-book characters, in Washington, on April 18, 2014 View Photo

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Bryant U. Cracks Down on Selfies at Graduation

Rhode Island's Bryant University is asking students to resist the urge to take selfies with its president while receiving their diplomas.

University President Ronald Machtley (MAYK'-lee) says students ask him to take selfies on the Smithfield campus all the time. But he says having more than 800 students snap photos with him as they get their degrees will slow down the already hours-long ceremony.

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Japan Firm Offers Glowing Fingernails for Those Phoning Home

If you thought a finger that glows when you phone home was strictly the preserve of extra-terrestrials, think again: a Japanese firm has unveiled nails that light up when you make a call.

Unlike "E.T." in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film, modern-day Japanese fashionistas need only pick up their Android-powered smartphone to set their finger glowing.

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Ex-Russian Alaska 'Too Cold' to Annex, Putin Jokes

Russia's President Vladimir Putin gives his annual televised question-and-answer session with the nation in Moscow, on April 17, 2014

In a patriotic fervor, Russians are asking President Vladimir Putin to bring back the U.S. state of Alaska, sold off to the United States in Tsarist times. Putin's answer? It's too cold.

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U.S. City Flushes Reservoir after Man Urinates in it

The U.S. city of Portland, Oregon, is ditching 38 million gallons of drinking water from a reservoir after a teenager was caught on camera urinating into it, officials said Thursday.

The water -- enough to fill nearly 60 Olympic-size swimming pools, according to reports -- will be discarded despite tests finding no evidence of contamination.

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A Fetish for Full Body Suits in Japan

By day, she is a mild-mannered office clerk, whose modest make-up and conservative hairstyle make her blend in to any crowd.

By night, she dresses in a skin-tight, all-in-one Spandex body suit that covers everything -- including her eyes -- and sits in bars, alone but liberated, she believes, from the judgement of others.

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N. Korea Protests to UK over Kim Jong-Un Hair Poster

North Korea has written an official letter of complaint to Britain over a London hair salon's advert implying leader Kim Jong-Un has a bad hairstyle, the Foreign Office confirmed Thursday.

The Stalinist state has failed to see the funny side of a discount haircuts advert featuring Kim at the M&M Hair Academy in Ealing, west London.

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Nebraska Toddler Gets Stuck Inside Claw Machine

Authorities say a toddler has been reunited with his mother after employees found him playing inside a claw crane machine at a Nebraska bowling alley.

Lincoln police say a 24-year-old woman called 911 Monday afternoon because her 3-year-old son was missing from her apartment.

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German Shepherd Called to Jury Duty in New Jersey

At least one prospective juror in New Jersey could take a bite out of crime.

Cumberland County has summoned IV Griner to jury duty. The only problem is IV is a 5-year-old German Shepherd.

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