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Bolivia's Evo Morales Plans to Open Restaurant after Politics

Bolivian President Evo Morales said he plans to open a barbeque restaurant after retiring from politics, a local newspaper reported Friday.

Morales is slated to win next year's election to serve a third term until 2020, after he could turn his attentions from politics to hospitality.

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Condoms Hottest Item at Asian Games

Athletes are snapping up thousands of free condoms being given out at the Asian Games, organizers said Thursday.

"We've been handing out condoms over the past three days but their daily ration of 5,000 runs out quickly every day," Choi Hyeung-Dae, a games organizing committee official told Agence France Presse.

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Senators Cross the Aisle for U.S. Survival TV Show

Two U.S. senators from opposing camps took their shared interest in spearfishing to the South Pacific for a reality TV show intended to teach gridlock Washington a lesson in teamwork.

"Rival Survival" finds Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, and Martin Heinrich, a Democrat from New Mexico, sweating it out for a week on a desert island with a camera crew in tow.

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Pope's Skull Cap Raises over 100,000 Euros on eBay

An Italian TV show managed to coax Pope Francis into handing over his white skull cap and has already raised over 100,000 euros in less than 24 hours by putting it on eBay.

The host of satirical show "Le Iene" (The Hyenas) got up at the crack of dawn to ensure he had a front row position for one of the pope's regular appearances in St Peter's Square in Vatican City.

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Ig Nobel Winner: Using Pork to Stop Nosebleeds

There's some truth to the effectiveness of folk remedies and old wives' tales when it comes to serious medical issues, according to findings by a team from Detroit Medical Center.

Dr. Sonal Saraiya and her colleagues in Michigan found that packing strips of cured pork in the nose of a child who suffers from uncontrollable, life-threatening nosebleeds can stop the hemorrhaging, a discovery that won them a 2014 Ig Nobel prize, the annual award for sometimes inane, yet often surprisingly practical, scientific discoveries.

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Man Apologizes for Drug-Filled Football Toss

A Michigan man is apologizing for trying to throw a football loaded with drugs and cellphones into a state prison yard.

Christen D. Moore on Wednesday called the June attempt "a thoughtless and immature decision." The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports ( ) the 22-year-old's comments came during his sentencing hearing, where he got 17 to 60 months on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner.

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Police: Video Shows Man Used Banana to Rob Store

Police in Philadelphia say a man used a banana he swiped from a convenience store counter to simulate a gun while he robbed the place.

Police on Wednesday posted surveillance video ( ) of the holdup reported in the East Parkside neighborhood.

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Discover Rome at a Run with Jogger Guide Tours

Want to discover Rome and keep fit in the process? Jogger guides in the eternal city are taking tourists from around the world on a trot from the Colosseum to the Vatican.

For those worried what all those pizzas and ice-creams are doing to their waistline, taking to the streets of the historic center at dawn not only lets visitors stay trim but gives them an experience of Italy's capital when the tourist crowds are still tucked up in bed.

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Frenchwoman Pays Taxes with 30 Kilos of Small Change

A disgruntled taxpayer in southern France paid her annual bill using 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of small change in protest at the way taxes are collected.

The unemployed 28-year-old woman, who gave her name only as Audrey D., had to pay 1,107 euros ($1,435) in tax on her 2013 salary, which was on average 1,400 euros.

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Miss Uganda Gets Dirty in Major Rebranding

Miss Uganda organizers have unveiled a major rebranding of the annual beauty pageant, trading the glamour of the catwalk for an army-sponsored agricultural boot camp.

This year's crop of 20 finalists will swap perfecting their strut under stage lights for a stint at farming poultry and cattle as well as lessons in packaging farm produce, before the overall winner is crowned on October 25.

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