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'#JeSuisNico' Trends after Sarkozy Weaves to Front of Paris Rally

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was the butt of Internet jokes on Monday after he managed to shimmy his way to the front of the historic march in Paris on Sunday.

A bunch of photo-shopped images of the former leader popping up in world events started appearing on the web within hours of the march, complete with the hashtag #JeSuisNico.

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Hello, Police? My Toilet is Blocked

A quarter of all urgent calls to Japanese police last year were not emergencies, including one in which the caller asked for help removing an insect from their ear.

More than 2 million of those who dialled 110 -- Japan's emergency police number -- were calling with requests for assistance in less-than dire situations, a survey by the National Police Agency has shown.

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China Mocks Hapless 'iPhone Armour' Smuggler

A man nabbed for attempting to smuggle 94 smartphones into China by strapping them to his body was mocked by amused netizens Tuesday after pictures of his "iPhone armour" went viral.

Online images of the man show him covered in dozens of handsets, held together under his outer clothes with clingfilm and masking tape, with commentators comparing him to comic superhero Iron Man.

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Qatar Removes 'Offensive' Bottles from Lingerie Store Shelves

Authorities in Qatar have ordered bottles of perfume pulled from the shelves of a lingerie store after the name of the product -- "Victoria's Secret: Strawberries and Champagne" -- was deemed offensive.

Perfumes as well as creams and a body mist product were all removed from the shelves at one of Qatar's main shopping centers, the Landmark Mall in Doha.

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29 Arrested over Malaysia 'Birthday Orgy'

Police in mainly Muslim Malaysia arrested 29 people including two auxiliary police officers in a raid on a birthday party which they said Monday had turned into a drug-fueled orgy.

Officers were called to a hotel in the town of Klang near the capital Kuala Lumpur early Sunday after a complaint about noise in one of the rooms.

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Man Steals Money, Caught after Drunken-Driving Crash

Police in Rochester, New Hampshire, say a man suspected of stealing money from a gas station was captured about an hour later after he crashed his car while driving drunk.

WMUR-TV reports ( ) that police arrested 27-year-old Daniel Wilson after responding to the accident scene on Charles Street near Knight Street around 3 p.m. Saturday. Police say he crossed the double yellow line and crashed into a parked car. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle.

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Aussie Ball Boy, 12, Becomes China's Penalty Hero

If China go far in this Asian Cup, they may have a 12-year-old ball boy to thank.

Unassuming Brisbanite Stephan White has been hailed in China after helping goalkeeper Wang Dalei save a crucial penalty in the 1-0 win over Saudi Arabia.

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China Travelers Open Emergency Exits to Protest Flight Delay

Upset by a delayed flight, at least two Chinese passengers decided to open emergency exit doors in protest as the plane was taxiing, forcing it to abort takeoff and landing them in jail instead, police said Sunday.

The latest in a growing number of air rage cases involving Chinese travelers happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the southwestern city of Chengdu, after the China Eastern flight was delayed by a snow storm.

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Canada Museum Acquires World's Oldest Ice Hockey Stick

A Canadian museum has snapped up the world's oldest-known ice hockey stick -- made out of maple -- for $300,000.

The "Moffatt stick" was hewn in the 1830s in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, "from a single piece of sugar maple," the Canadian Museum of History said Friday.

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Interstate Pileup Leaves Road Covered in 500 Pounds of Fries

A six-vehicle pileup on Interstate 90 in South Dakota left the road covered in 500 pounds of McDonald's french fries.

The Argus Leader ( ) reports that emergency personnel in McCook County in the southeast part of the state spent Friday morning removing the fries from the road.

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