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Traditional Nepal Cheese is a Hit Overseas -- as Dog Snack

A chewy cheese made by generations of yak herders in Nepal has become an unexpected hit overseas -- as a dog treat -- bringing entrepreneurs and Himalayan farmers a windfall.

Known as "Churpi", the dried cheese made from churned yak's milk and cow's milk has long been a popular snack domestically.   

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Frenchman Packs Russian Wife in Suitcase to Enter EU

A Frenchman tried to smuggle his Russian wife into the European Union by hiding her in a massive suitcase, without realizing there had been no need for the would-be James Bond scheme.

Poland's border guards detained the man, who authorities said was in his 60s, on Friday at the railway station in Terespol, an eastern town on the border with Belarus.  

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Rumble in the Rectory: Irish Priest Takes to the Ring

An Irish Catholic priest gave a whole new meaning to "white collar boxing" at the weekend after taking to the ring to battle a parishioner in a charity fight.

Father Pierre "Jalapeno" Pepper donned the boxing gloves for the first time as part of his parish's fundraising "Saint Patrick's Weekend Punch-Up", ahead of Ireland's national day on Tuesday for its patron saint.

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Japanese Woman 'Strangles Husband' over Missing Gift

A 43-year-old Japanese woman who allegedly tried to strangle her husband because he did not give her a present in return for a Valentine's day gift was being quizzed by police on Monday.

Japanese men are supposed to offer presents to their partner on March 14, known as White Day, in return for the chocolates and other goodies they received on February 14, Valentine's Day.

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Chinese Man Wins Payout over Panda Bite

A Chinese man who sued local government officials over an attack by a wild panda has won more than $80,000 in compensation, his lawyer said Monday.

The animals are renowned for their lovable appearance but despite their placid, bamboo-chewing image they are members of the bear family and have a fearsome bite.

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Indian Bride Dumps Groom for Bad Maths

An Indian bride walked out of her wedding after the bridegroom failed to solve a simple maths problem, leaving hundreds of disgruntled guests behind.

Police in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh where the wedding had been organised said the woman's relatives put the groom to the test after becoming concerned about his level of education.

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Crocodile Found in New Jersey Basement during Drug Raid

Five drug raids in New Jersey have led to the seizure of the normal assortment of marijuana, ecstasy and guns and the removal of one not-so normal thing: a crocodile.

The Mercer County prosecutor's office says authorities found a small crocodile living in the basement of a Trenton house during a raid Thursday and turned it over to animal control. Along with the crocodile, authorities found marijuana there. Two men were arrested.

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Falconer Catches Aggressive Owl that Terrorized Dutch Town

A falconer has captured an aggressive eagle owl that terrorized a Dutch town by swooping out of the sky and sinking its talons into residents' heads.

The bird earned the nickname "terror owl" in Purmerend, 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of Amsterdam where it attacked some 50 people in the last year.

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'Not Cool': Fans Launch Pizzas at Breaking Bad Roof

The real-life house portrayed as the home of Walter White on "Breaking Bad" is being bombarded with pizzas, thrown on its roof by pranksters hoping to recreate an iconic scene from the hit television series.

But the Albuquerque, New Mexico police, the show's creator and the house's occupants are all looking to put a stop to the drive-by peltings.

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Buffalo Gores Abattoir Butchers then Rampages through Manila

A water buffalo gored two butchers at a slaughterhouse before going on a rampage through the Philippine capital Saturday, terrorizing hundreds of people and tossing furniture in the lobby of a small hotel.

The three-year-old female, weighing nearly half a ton, injured a total of three people with its 18-inch (46-centimeter) horns and caused the evacuation of about 200 call center workers during its two-hour bid for freedom. 

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