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Teen Charged with Murdering 7-Year-Old Girl in Britain

A 15-year-old girl has been charged in Britain with killing a seven-year-old girl who died of her injuries after being found on a playing field, police said Wednesday.

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It's Gonna be Huge: China Factory Hatches Giant Trump Chickens

A Chinese factory is hatching giant inflatable chickens resembling Donald Trump to usher in the Year of the Rooster.

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Snap! Selfie-Seeking Tourist Bitten by Thai Croc

A French tourist was bitten by a crocodile inside a Thai national park as she tried to get close to the fearsome animal to take a selfie, an official said on Monday.

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Indian Tycoon Throws Mass Wedding for Fatherless Brides

An Indian diamond trader has thrown a mass wedding for more than 200 fatherless brides and given each of them gifts worth thousands of dollars, to help poor women start a new life. 

Mahesh Savani performed the Hindu wedding ritual of 'Kanyadaan' -- the practice of giving away one's daughter in marriage -- for 236 fatherless brides from poor families at a mega-wedding event in the western state of Gujarat at Christmas. 

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Sri Lanka's Record Xmas Tree Pruned Due to Work Delays

Sri Lanka surpassed the world record for the tallest artificial Christmas tree Saturday despite building delays forcing organisers to prune the structure by almost half, an official said.

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In Icy Alaska, Footwear Options Abound to Stay Upright

Residents of Alaska's largest city grapple with icy streets up to seven months a year. Fortunately, there are a number of footwear options for staying upright.

A Canadian entrepreneur is offering a new style: boots with a button on the heel that triggers pop-out cleats on the sole. Click the button again and the cleats retract.

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My Ikea Nights: New Craze Irks Swedish Furniture Giant

A new fad that has people hiding out in IKEA stores overnight and walking out the next morning has left the Swedish retailer less than amused.

In Europe, pranksters seeking a thrill have followed in the footsteps of Bram Geirnaert and Florian Van Hecke, two Belgian students who filmed and posted on YouTube a video clip about the night they spent last summer at an Ikea store in Ghent.

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Pope's New Mission: Buying His Own Shoes

Pope Francis was the toast of social media on Wednesday after successfully completing his latest groundbreaking mission: popping out of the Vatican to buy himself some new footwear.

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Greek Anarchists Claim to Poison Popular Food ahead of Christmas

Four prominent Greek and multinational food companies face the prospect of yanking goods from supermarket shelves during the Christmas holidays after a contamination threat by anarchists, police said Tuesday.

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Pakistan's National Carrier Mocked for Goat Sacrifice

Pakistan's embattled national carrier has been widely mocked for sacrificing a goat next to a plane to ward off bad luck, weeks after one of the country's worst air disasters.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) turboprop plane built by European manufacturer ATR plummeted into a mountain in a northern region on December 7, bursting into flames and killing all 47 people on board.

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