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Sobbing Japanese Politician Tenders Resignation

A Japanese politician who was seen sobbing over dubious spending in a video that went viral resigned Friday.

The local legislative assembly accepted the resignation of Ryutaro Nonomura, but also decided to pursue criminal charges against him.

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Obama Pays Up after Jumping Queue

At Franklin's, a famed barbecue joint in Texas, pushing to the front of the line will cost you.

President Barack Obama learned this lesson the hard way on Thursday when he stepped into the meat-lovers paradise in Austin.

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Crete Counts on Cravings to Catch Mystery Croc

A Greek reptile expert on Friday began an operation to trap a two-meter long crocodile that mysteriously appeared in a man-made lake on the tourist island of Crete last weekend.

"We are placing our hopes on the crocodile's hunger," herpetologist Petros Liberakis, who works at the island's natural history museum, told Skai TV.

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Sex Museum Gets New Yorkers in the Mood

Shouts, giggles and selfies. Mildly titillating and lots of fun, bouncing around on giant inflatable boobs is the hit attraction of a hot and steamy New York summer.

As temperatures rise and hemlines shorten, visitors flock to the Museum of Sex to jump up and down on an adult moonbounce (or bouncy castle) called "Jump for Joy" and nicknamed "House of Boobs."

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Cambridge University Secret Chocolate Stash Found in Book

Students revising for exams in a Cambridge University library were left a secret cache of brain food - bars of chocolate in a hollowed-out book.

The snacks were found concealed in an edition of The Oxford Companion to English Literature during a stock-take.

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Malaysia Lawmaker Apologises for World Cup Hitler Tweet

A Malaysian lawmaker apologized Thursday for a tweet praising Adolf Hitler following Germany's World Cup win over Brazil, after Prime Minister Najib Razak rebuked him for his "unacceptable" statement.

Bung Mokhtar Radin, a politician with Najib's ruling United Malays National Organisation, congratulated Germany on Wednesday by posting on Twitter, "Well done... Bravo... Long Live Hitler".

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Maine Police Get Facebook Boost with Stuffed Duck

Police here believe they have quacked the code for finding followers on social media.

The 80-officer Bangor Police Department, which serves a city of about 33,000, has attracted more than 20,000 likes on its Facebook page after humorous pictures of a stuffed duck were added. The duck, dubbed "Duck of Justice" or "DOJ," appears in pictures of police cars, department members and K-9 cops, often accompanied with some pithy text about law enforcement.

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News Flush: Japanese Toilet Exhibition Making a Splash

In a country known for its high-tech 'smart loos', a Japanese exhibition dedicated to what gets flushed down them and featuring a giant toilet slide is making a splash in Tokyo.

Children wearing poo-shaped hats slid excitedly down a chute into a lavatory standing five metres (16 feet) high, following the "Journey of Poo" at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

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Bad Day at the Office: India Hotel Valet Crashes Lamborghini

A valet at a five-star hotel in the Indian capital caused $335,000 worth of damage to a Lamborghini Gallardo after crashing it into a concrete wall in front of horrified guests, a report said Thursday.

A photograph of the aftermath at Le Meridien hotel, published in the Times of India newspaper, showed the severely crumpled front end of the sleek white supercar with its hood forced up. 

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U.S. Farmer Loses Phone, Found on Japanese Island

U.S. farmer Kevin Whitney thought his iPhone was lost for good when it fell into a grain elevator last year. Eight months later, his phone was returned unscathed after it was found in Japan.

Whitney lost his phone in October after it slipped out of his shirt pocket as he was unloading grain from a truck into a silo holding roughly 290,000 bushels of grain.

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