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Shoes Speak Louder than Kills in London's City

Graduates applying for jobs in London's finance sector risk being overlooked if they wear brown shoes, a government-commissioned report into social mobility said Thursday.

"Opaque" dress codes practiced by those from more formal backgrounds are being used to judge candidates, with brown shoes a fashion faux-pas that many from poorer backgrounds may not be aware of, said the study.

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Berlin to Require Mums to Come Clean on 'Milkmen's Kids'

Germany has drafted a law requiring mothers to inform their partners if their children were fathered by another man, Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday.

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Drug Users Aren't Human, Says Philippine President

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is waging a bloody war on crime, has justified the large-scale killing of drug users by suggesting the victims were not human.

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Massages for Pups as Tel Aviv Celebrates Dog Day

Dog owners were given massages alongside their pups on Friday as the Israeli commercial capital of Tel Aviv celebrated its first festival for four-legged residents.

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Outrage after India Hospital Workers Crush Old Woman's Corpse

A video of Indian hospital workers crushing the dead body of an elderly woman and hoisting it from a pole because of a shortage of ambulances has become the second incident in a week to spark outrage in India.

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Netflix Taunts N. Korea on-Demand TV Service on Twitter

Netflix is poking fun at North Korea's recent foray into on-demand TV, calling itself a "Manbang knockoff" on its Twitter bio.

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Vietnamese Woman Cuts Off Limbs for Insurance Payout

A Vietnamese woman paid a friend to cut off her hand and foot in a bid to claim a handsome insurance payout, state-run media reported Thursday.

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Canada to U.S. Tourists: Please Leave Your Guns at Home

A rash of gun-toting Americans visiting Canada prompted its border agency to launch a public awareness campaign Monday reminding Americans about their northern neighbors' relatively strict firearms laws.

"Canadian laws are different than U.S. ones," the Canada Border Services Agency said in a statement.

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PM's Super Mario Turn Drops Jaws in Japan

Japan on Monday reacted with a mix of surprise, delight and cynicism at the sight of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dressed up as video game icon Super Mario in a comical cameo at the close of the Rio Olympics.

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Pakistani Takes 'Revenge' on Women by Stabbing 17

A Pakistani man has stabbed 17 women this year, killing one, in a misogynistic spree because he wanted "revenge" for a cruel stepmother, police in the garrison city of Rawalpindi said Friday.

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