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Food Delivery Apps Spice up Indian Train Journeys

Passengers on India's vast railway network have long complained of the terrible meals on offer to sustain them on long journeys, but a slew of new services bringing fast food to their seats is changing the way they dine.

From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Domino's pizza and a host of local delicacies, today's train passengers have access to a vast array of hot dishes, all at the click of a smartphone app.

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New York Trash Man Tells Americans Wake up to Garbage

A man has been strolling around New York for two weeks weighed down with trash. Meet Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist asking America to wake up to its garbage problem.

In everyday life, Greenfield is committed to leading as environmentally sound a life as possible, but for one month he has decided to behave like the average American and generate 4.5 pounds (two kilos) of trash per day.

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Nine Australians Arested over Malaysia-Flag Underwear

Malaysian police have arrested nine Australian men who stripped down during Sunday's Formula 1 Grand Prix race to reveal underwear bearing a Malaysia-flag print.

The spectators were arrested around the time the race ended Sunday afternoon and were being investigated for "intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace" and public indecency, state news agency Bernama quoted police saying on Monday.

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Why Top Fashion Models Never Smile

They wear the world's most beautiful and expensive clothes yet their faces are the picture of blank boredom.

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Serbian Dad Takes Out Ad to Apologize to Son

It was just a small boxed notice in a national daily, yet it spoke amply about a father's pride and parenthood's tougher moments.

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Australian State Names and Shames Cheeky Offences

Consider it a warning to exhibitionists -- an Australian state has officially listed "mooning or streaking" as examples of offences which can be dealt with under the law.

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Turkish Man Attacks Bus Driver with Umbrella, Causes Pile-Up

Turkish police have detained a man who caused a mass pile-up and traffic chaos in Istanbul on Friday when he attacked a bus driver with an umbrella, reports said.

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'Man-Goat' among Winners of Spoof Nobel Prizes

A man who lived as a goat in the Alps and a scientist who studied how pants affect the sex drive of rodents are among this year's spoof Nobel prizes.

The 26th edition of the annual Ig Nobel Prizes, which celebrate the silly side of science, were handed out Thursday at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Bangladesh Zoo Throws Wedding for Lions with Meat Cake

Bangladesh zoo keepers have thrown two lions a wedding party that included a heart-shaped meat cake in the hope of drawing much-needed visitors and encouraging the animals to mate.

Some 400 guests attended the reception laden with balloons on Wednesday for long-time resident and lioness Nova and newcomer Nabha at the Chittagong zoo in the country's south.

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Urine Trouble: Japan Train Driver Pees on Track

Japanese train operator JR East has apologized after a driver urinated over the railway track while on duty because he did not want to delay services by using the toilet, media reported on Saturday.

The driver, in his 50s, felt the urge to go on Monday as his train stopped at Sakura station in Chiba, southeast of Tokyo, public broadcaster NHK and the Asahi Shimbun said.

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