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What a Pickle! Dutch Men Nabbed with Ecstasy in Gherkin Jars

Two Dutch men ended up behind bars on Tuesday after a plan to transport more than 25,000 Ecstasy pills through France in gherkin jars turned sour.

The men, aged 43 and 48, were caught during a random control by customs agents in northern France a week ago.

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Travelers Can't Find Out-of-the-Way Hawaii Airport

An airline is complaining that passengers are getting lost and missing their flights because of a lack of road signs helping them find an out-of-the way Hawaii airport.

Mokulele Airlines is the first commercial airline to offer service out of a west Oahu airport that's at a former naval air station. On July 1, the airline began offering three roundtrip flights a day to Kahului, Maui, out of the Kalaeloa Airport.

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Thief Posed as Connecticut Wedding Guest

Police are looking for a man they say posed as a guest at a Connecticut wedding reception and stole gifts from the bride and groom.

They say the man fled the Longshore Inn in Westport on Saturday night with a birdcage filled with wedding cards, many apparently containing cash for the couple.

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Money Grows on Trees with Great Walnuts of China

Grinning with pride, a Chinese farmer held out two precious walnuts -- globes so precisely symmetrical that consumers in search of hand massages value them more highly than gold.

"Prices have skyrocketed," said Li Zhanhua, standing in the shade of the leafy green walnut trees which have made him a small fortune. "Years ago, we could never have imagined this."

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Pizza Hut Apologises for 'Pink Fat Lady' Customer Tag on receipt

Pizza Hut Singapore has launched an investigation and apologised to a customer described as a "Pink Fat Lady" in a handwritten note on her receipt after she ordered pizza for take away.

Aili Si on Sunday posted on Pizza Hut Singapore's Facebook page a photo of the receipt, saying she felt insulted at the description.

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Mickey Mouse Currency a Money Spinner for Tiny Niue

The Pacific nation of Niue has released new coins with images of Disney characters on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other -- and no, they're not taking the mickey.

The solid gold and silver coins produced by the New Zealand Mint are legal tender in the tiny Polynesian island, although experts say it is unlikely any will be used as currency as the precious metal they contain is worth far more than their nominal face value.

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Haitian Risks Jail over Plane Seat Row

It was dubbed the legroom wars and now a Haitian man risks up to 20 years in a U.S. prison for losing his cool when a passenger reclined a seat on a flight from Miami to Paris.

Edmond Alexandre, 60, was indicted Thursday in a federal court in Boston for interfering with crew members, which forced the diversion of the August 27 flight to the northeastern city.

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It is Rocket Science! World's First 3D Craft Set for Take-Off

Fueled by beer and the enthusiasm of amateurs, a British team on Friday said it was preparing to launch the world's first ever 3D printed rocket. 

Showing off the human-sized rocket in a central London office, Lester Haines, head of the "Special Projects Bureau" at technology magazine The Register, described the technical challenges and "big future" of 3D printing in aeronautics.

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Poland to Honor Wikipedia with Monument

A university professor says that a western Polish town is taking up his suggestion and will put up a monument to honor the authors of Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia which allows anyone to contribute.

Krzysztof Wojciechowski, director of the Collegium Polonicum in Slubice, said Thursday that he is in awe of the huge and reliable job done by Wikipedia, vastly popular in Poland. More than 1 million entries in Wikipedia are in Polish, rivaling the number in French or Spanish.

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No wings, but Maybe $10: Red Bull Settles False Ad Suit

A can of Red Bull won't give you wings, but those who bought the energy drink and were disappointed could end up with a few extra bucks, thanks to a class-action lawsuit.

According to the Morelli Alters Ratner law firm in New York, the Austrian drink maker recently agreed to pay $13 million to settle a false advertising complaint.

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