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Hongkongers Pooh-Pooh Waste Treatment Plant, Despite Free Spa

It is billed as a groundbreaking way to deal with Hong Kong's human waste, and even includes an onsite spa free to residents, but a new eco-friendly sludge treatment plant has not washed with some locals.

The sustainable T-Park development blends into coastal hills near the town of Tuen Mun in the north of Hong Kong, a sleek low-rise building with a roof shaped like a wave.

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Young Vietnamese Quiz Obama on Rap, Weed and Good Looks

Barack Obama fielded questions Wednesday on everything from rap and weed smoking to his good looks at a lively meeting with young Vietnamese, who see the U.S. leader as a far cry from their staid Communist rulers.

The U.S. President, on the final leg of a three-day trip to Vietnam before flying to Japan, held one of his trademark town hall gatherings with hundreds of youngsters in the country's buzzing commercial and creative capital Ho Chi Minh City.

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Canadian PM Trudeau Shows Romance is not Dead

Whoever said romance was dead has obviously not met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Indian Pilots Grounded for Mistaking Road for Runway

An Indian airline has grounded two pilots for attempting to land their plane on a road which they mistook for a runway, the airline and reports said Monday.

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Indian Power Minister's Speech Hit by Power Cut

India's power minister was left red-faced Friday after the electricity went out during a press conference in New Delhi held to highlight the country's achievements in reducing power cuts.

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In Finland, a Burger King with a Sauna

Finland's Parliament has one. Nokia has one. And now a Burger King restaurant in downtown Helsinki has its own sauna.

Hanne-Mari Ahonen, brand manager for Burger King in Finland, on Wednesday said the idea was to combine local traditions with serving burgers.

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Home of Pizza Smashes Record with Mile-Long Margherita

Naples has reclaimed the world record for the longest pizza after more than 200 chefs rolled out and cooked a mile-long margherita on the waterfront of the doughy delicacy's home city.

The record-breaking snack measured up at exactly 1,853.88 meters (6,082 feet), smashing the previous record of 1,595.45 meters (5,234 feet) set at last year's World Expo in Milan, Italy's food and agriculture board Coldiretti said.

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Brexit Leader Johnson Wins 'Insulting Erdogan Poetry Prize'

Leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson has won a British prize that called for rude poems about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in solidarity with a German comedian facing prosecution for doing the same.

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Sorry! Weather Agency Apologizes after Fax Triggers Quake Alert

It was a bad day at the office for one unfortunate employee of South Korea's weather service Wednesday, after a mistakenly-sent fax triggered an earthquake alert.

The message warning of a 6.5-magnitude quake was part of a five-day disaster response exercise and should never have been faxed.

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No More Sashimi, Thanks: Raw Fish Sustained Malaysia Castaways

Four people who survived 10 days adrift in the South China Sea subsisted on raw fish and water droplets as a series of rescue opportunities slipped agonizingly by, one of the survivors said Monday.

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