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Chilling: Company Plots Halloween Killing with Trump Masks

Considered Mexico's prime villains, Donald Trump and fugitive drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman are Halloween stars in this country, with a company seeking to make a killing with masks of the infamous duo.

The latex mask with the Sinaloa cartel boss's signature mustache and a black-and-white striped prison uniform sell for $30 on the Internet and some shops in Mexico City.

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South African Mother Tries to Sell Child on Internet

A South African mother appeared in court Friday charged with trying to sell her 19-month-old baby on the Internet for 5,000 rand ($380), officials said, after a police sting operation halted her plan.

Police were tipped off that the woman, aged 20, had offered her son for sale on the popular advertising website Gumtree.

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Turkish PM Mocked over '360 Degrees Difference from IS' Slip

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu faced mockery on Thursday over his grasp of both geopolitics and geometry, after saying there was "360 degrees of difference" between Turkey's brand of Islam and that of the Islamic State extremist group.

Davutoglu made the apparent gaffe on Turkish television while seeking to rebut claims that the government's failure to crack down on IS jihadists was responsible for double bombings on Saturday in Ankara that killed 99 people.

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Indian Man who Woke up on Autopsy Table Dies

An Indian man who shocked hospital staff when he woke up on an autopsy table just before a post-mortem was about to begin has died, authorities said Wednesday.

On Sunday a hospital doctor in Mumbai mistakenly certified the homeless man, who has been named as Prakash, as dead after police found him unconscious and suffering from multiple infections.

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California Contest Dubs 1,969-Pound Pumpkin the Plumpest

A rippled white whopper weighing in at 1,969 pounds took the title Monday for plumpest pumpkin at an annual San Francisco Bay Area contest.

Growers gathered with their gargantuan offerings to try to break the world record of 2,323 pounds, which was set by a Swiss grower during a competition in Germany last year.

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'Dead' Indian Man Wakes Up Minutes before Post-Mortem

A homeless Indian man who had been pronounced dead woke up on an autopsy table, shocking hospital staff who were about to begin a post-mortem, authorities said Tuesday.

Police in Mumbai said they found the man, who has not been named, unconscious and suffering from multiple infections on Sunday morning and took him to the local hospital. 

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Man Survives on Ants for Six Days in Remote Australia

A man missing for six days in a remote Australian desert in searing heat without water was found Tuesday after surviving by eating black ants, police said.

Reg Foggerdy, 62, disappeared on October 7 heading to the Shooter's Shack camp near Laverton in the West Australian Goldfields, some 950 kilometres (600 miles) northeast of Perth, on a hunting trip.

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Swedish Club for Bearded Men Mistaken for IS Terrorists

A club of bearded men posing for a photograph in the Swedish countryside with their black flag was mistaken for IS militants, prompting a visit by the police, a club member said Monday.

Andreas Fransson, 32, was with his bearded buddies on Saturday outside the ruins of Brahehus castle in southern Sweden when two police officers turned up.

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'Back in the Game' Putin Marks Birthday with Eye on Syria

Vladimir Putin marked his 63rd birthday Wednesday with a focus on Syria, as supporters sang his praises -- comparing him to a range of heroic figures from Buddha to Batman.

The Russian president has been back in the international limelight since launching a bombing campaign against the Islamic State group in Syria last week, much to Washington's chagrin.

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French PM Jokes with Robots during Japan Visit

Robots have already begun taking the place of workers in a host of industries but how long before they replace politicians?

That was the thorny philosophical question French Prime Minister encountered during a visit to Japan on Monday.

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