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China University 'Expels Student over Genetic Blood Disease'

A student in Beijing is suing his university after he was allegedly expelled for having the rare hereditary blood disease haemophilia, reports said Friday, the latest case in China's long history of medical discrimination.

The student, identified by the pseudonym Zheng Qing, is suing the China Institute of Industrial Relations after he was officially expelled earlier this month, the government-run Global Times reported. He was previously pressured into leaving the school in September. 

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Do You Want Fries with That? Too Bad, Says KFC Japan

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan has stopped selling fries, as industrial disputes that have crimped potato exports from the U.S. took another bite out of the country's fast food market.

The chain became the latest casualty of the chip shortage that has already forced McDonald's Japan to ration its servings.

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Catcam Busts Burglars in Sweden

A Swedish woman keeping an eye on her cats via a webcam in her apartment caught burglars in the act on Wednesday and tipped off the police, who arrested them.

Police in Norrkoeping south of the capital Stockholm said they were warned by a resident who had spotted two intruders in her home unaware of the fact that they were being filmed.

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Jordanian Woman Gives Birth over Atlantic

A Jordanian woman gave birth to a premature but healthy baby girl mid-flight over the Atlantic while travelling to New York from Amman, officials said Wednesday.

The 33-year-old woman was assisted by a nurse and doctor who happened to be on board Royal Jordanian flight 261 when she went into labor, four hours before landing in the Big Apple.

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Frenchman Cashes in 73mn Euro Lottery Win... a Month On

A Frenchman came within three weeks of allowing a 73 million euro lottery win to evaporate after carrying the winning ticket around in his wallet for a month, the lottery company said Wednesday.

The man from northeastern France, an online subscriber to Euromillions, hit the jackpot on December 2, but he had stopped routinely checking his numbers.

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Protesters Jailed for 10 Days for Throwing Holy Water at Lenin Mausoleum

Two Russian performance artists were jailed for 10 days on Tuesday after throwing holy water at the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square and shouting, "Rise up and leave!"

The men were sentenced to 10 days in police cells for petty hooliganism after the protest they carried out on Monday, an Orthodox holiday, a member of their art group, Irina Dumitskaya told Agence France Presse.

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Asian Cup War Cries Get Stuck in Throat

The Asian Cup is packing a punch with its eye-popping goals and temper tantrums, but the official team chants have fallen on deaf ears.

The 16 competing sides went into battle with what organizers listed on the tournament's Twitter feed as their "Asian Cup War Cries", but most efforts got stuck in the throat.

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China Chides Cadres: No More Calligraphy Clubs

The writing is on the wall for Chinese officials caught up in the latest hotbed of graft and corruption: calligraphy associations.

The written form has long been revered as an art in China, and it was part of the civil service examinations in Imperial times. 

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Dad Gets 'No-Show' Bill after Son, 5, Misses Birthday Party

It was not what Derek Nash expected to find in his 5-year-old's school bag: A bill demanding a "no-show fee" for another child's birthday party.

Nash said the bill from another parent sought 15.95 pounds ($24.00) because his son Alex had not attended the party at a ski center in Plymouth, southwest England.

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Surprised Iran Subway Riders Brush Shoulders with President

Rush-hour passengers in the busy subway of Iran's capital have brushed shoulders with a surprising commuter — President Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani, along Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and others in his government, took the subway and other mass transit in Tehran to work Monday. It was part of their effort to mark "National Clean Air Day."

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