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Floating Currency: Istanbul Airport Scattered with Cash

Cash belonging to Turkey's Central Bank littered the ground of Istanbul's Ataturk Airport after bags of money split open while in transit for Zurich, local media said Friday.

Dozens of stray 10 Turkish Lira bills ($4, 3.4 euros) blew around the apron late Thursday after two sacks from a total 170 note-stuffed bags fell from the cargo hold of a Turkish Airlines plane in transit for Zurich, private Dogan news agency reported.

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Zombies Invade Tokyo Park for Lurch of the Living Dead

The living dead stalked Tokyo Saturday as some 100 zombie fans lurched around a city park for an annual gathering in grisly makeup.

Assorted representatives of the undead staggered their mindless way through Yoyogi Park covered in gore and fake blood, some making it a family outing with their zombie infants in tow and enjoying the startled reactions of passersby.

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Beaver Takes Shopping Trip Inside Alaska Hardware Store

A beaver walked into an Alaska hardware store on Friday, but couldn't find anything for his lodge.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports ( the beaver triggered the automatic doors and walked into Lowe's about 7 a.m. Friday.

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Argentine Midwives Bare Breasts for Home Birth

Argentine midwives and activists staged an unusual protest Thursday, picketing topless in front of the health ministry to demand the right to give birth at home.

Around 20 protesters bared their brightly painted breasts along a busy Buenos Aires street and held up signs urging Health Minister Daniel Gollan to protect the "right to choose where and how to give birth."

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Art Collector Leaves NY Waitresses $100,000

A long-time patron at a New York steak house chalked up a surprising addition to his final tab: $100,000, given to his favorite waitress and her niece.

Maureen Donohue-Peters, 53, got a call from a lawyer after Asian art collector Robert Ellsworth passed away, informing that her "something" had been left to her in his will.

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Skunk, Groundhog Blamed for Vandalism at Maine Cemetery

A couple of varmint vandals are hitting a small western Maine town hard.

A skunk and a groundhog have caused damage to three flat stone markers at a cemetery in Roxbury, a town with a population of fewer than 400 residents.

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Michigan Couple: Name for Son No. 13 Still up in Air

A Michigan man whose 13th son was just born says he's convinced that "medically, it's just not possible" for him and his wife to produce a daughter.

He also says it's proving a challenge to agree on a name for their newborn.

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Report: Saintly Sex Surge in Kenyan Town

Hundreds of prostitutes have flocked to a Kenyan town ahead of the beatification ceremony of an Italian nun, a key step towards sainthood, a report said Thursday.

"Who doesn't need body gratification? By the way, even Christians need sex," one woman told The Star newspaper, in the central Kenyan town of Nyeri.

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Argentine Judge to Decide Sandra the Orangutan's Fate

An Argentine judge began hearing expert testimony this week to decide what to do with an orangutan named Sandra after another court ruled she was entitled to certain human rights, including the right to be freed from the Buenos Aires Zoo.

In a world first, a court in the Argentine capital ruled in December that Sandra, a 29-year-old female, was entitled to some of the same basic rights as humans, after lawyers filed a writ of habeas corpus on her behalf, alleging unlawful imprisonment.

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It's a Girl! Zoo Finds Baby Hippo's Gender after 7 Weeks

It's a girl! Finally.

The gender of a baby hippo was surprisingly hard to find for the San Diego Zoo, taking nearly two months to uncover. But the zoo said Tuesday that it has determined with 100 percent certainty that the calf born in March is female.

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