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Naked Trump Leaves NY in Giggles until Demolished

A naked statue of Donald Trump, complete with bulging belly and elaborate yellow hair, caused laughter and merriment in New York Thursday until it was ripped up by park wardens.

Hands clasped across ample belly, the sculpture was unveiled in Union Square, gazing out across the busy street with an engraved plaque saying "The Emperor Has No Balls," witnesses said.

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Baby Girl Born Mid-Air on Flight to Philippines

A woman gave birth to a premature but healthy baby girl mid-flight while travelling from the United Arab Emirates to the Philippines, forcing the plane to carry out an emergency landing in India.

The mother, whose due date was two months away, went into labor on board the Cebu Pacific Air flight Sunday as it flew from Dubai to Manila, her fellow passenger Missy Berberabe Umandal posted on Facebook.

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'Clapping for Usain Bolt' Forces Evacuation of JFK Airport

New York's JFK airport has been evacuated after bystanders mistook fans celebrating Usain Bolt's 100m victory for gunfire.

Police received reports of possible gunshots at about 9:30 pm local time on Sunday, NBC reported, which was shortly after Bolt crossed the finish line ahead of Justin Gatlin.

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Pentagon Clamps Down on Pokemon Go

In the latest bizarre news surrounding the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, U.S. Defense Department officials on Friday said employees should not download the game onto their government-issued smartphones.

"You can imagine a number of reasons [why] that wouldn't necessarily be a prudent thing to do," Pentagon deputy press secretary Gordon Trowbridge told reporters. 

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Blazing Toilet Rolls Help Australian Medic Plane Land

It was a bizarre sight -- 20 toilet rolls set on fire and lined up in rows after being drenched in fuel.

But for pilot Geoff Cobden, it was the only way he could safely land his plane in the dark of night in a remote area of Australia to help fly a critically ill woman to the nearest hospital hundreds of kilometers away.

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Indian Cricketer Fined $300 for Lion Selfies

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja has been fined $300 for clicking selfies with endangered Asiatic lions in the country's west despite a ban on such photos, a senior forest official said on Wednesday.

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Eiffel Tower Evacuated in Safety Drill Muddle

Paris's Eiffel Tower was on Friday evacuated in error after an employee mistook a safety drill for a real incident, a police source said in the increasingly jittery terror-hit country.

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Saudi Princess Says Robbed of Million-Euro Watch in Paris

A Saudi princess told police she was attacked in central Paris and robbed of a million-euro ($1.1 million) watch, authorities said Friday.

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Germans Arrested as Spanish Stunt Sparks Terror Alert

Five young German women were arrested after a flashmob stunt at a Spanish resort sparked a terror alert, police said Wednesday.

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U.S. Woman Accidentally Shoots Self while Snapchatting

A woman in the U.S. state of Florida tried to Snapchat a video of herself holding a gun but instead accidentally shot her cellphone, injuring her right hand, authorities said.

Regina Powell, 22, said she was "foolishly playing" with the .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun, trying to make a Snapchat video, when it went off, the Volusia county sheriff's office said.

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