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Bidet Wielded as Weapon in Italy Brawl

Italian police arrested a man for attempted murder on Sunday after he threw a bidet out of a window to knock out his adversary during a brawl, according to media reports.

A kick-around between neighborhood boys in Pozzuoli near Naples degenerated when one player accused another of a particularly dirty foul, and the resulting scuffle deteriorated when youngsters' parents stepped in to defend their offspring.

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Afghan Version of 'Be Like Bill' Makes Online Splash

An Afghan iteration of the popular "Be Like Bill" Internet meme has gone viral online, with its Facebook posts extolling good Samaritan deeds resonating widely with the war-torn country's youth.

"Be Like Qodos" has attracted more than 66,000 likes on its Dari Facebook page in over two weeks, a sizable number in a country where few have access to the Internet.

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Italian Fugitive Mobster Caught after Sneaking to See Newborn Son

Italian anti-mafia police have captured a wanted mobster in Naples after he risked sneaking from one hideout to another to see his newborn son, local media reported Saturday.

Nicola De Martino, 23, is accused of being a member of the Camorra organized crime group and was subject to an international arrest warrant for mafia association, drug trafficking and carrying illegal firearms.

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Shark Swallows Shark in Seoul Aquarium

Visitors to a giant aquarium in Seoul on Friday were presented with the gory aftermath of a territorial dispute between two sharks, which left one dead inside the mouth and gullet of the other.

Staff at the COEX aquarium said the fight between a 2.2 meter long sand tiger shark and a banded hound shark half its size broke out on Thursday evening.

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Czech Outcry as President Mulls Shooting PM

Czech politicians of all stripes joined forces Tuesday to slam the country's outspoken president after he publicly mulled using a Kalashnikov machine gun to get rid of the prime minister, a political rival.

Both leftists, President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka were once allies but their relationship has soured amid Europe's record migrant crisis, with Sobotka supporting but Zeman staunchly opposing the influx.

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Thailand 'Angel Doll' Vendors Raided in Tax Bust

A craze in Thailand for pampering lifelike dolls to bring good fortune doesn't seem to have done the trick for some vendors, who on Tuesday were raided by police on charges of tax avoidance.

Known in Thai as "luuk thep" (child angels), the pricey dolls, which can cost up to $600, were first popularised by celebrities who claimed dressing up and feeding the dolls had brought them professional success. 

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Shark Leaps to Death on Emirati Fishing Boat

A hungry shark leaped three meters (yards) onto a fishing boat off the United Arab Emirates looking for prey only to end up as catch of the day.

The predator, around two meters (six foot) in length, took fishermen by surprise when it crashed onto on their deck Sunday, 35 nautical miles off the coast of Fujairah, local newspapers said.

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Serbian Hermit Inherits Fortune, Gives it away

An elderly hermit living in a mud hut in the Serbian mountains inherited a fortune from her estranged husband in Australia -- but swiftly gave it all away to live off her meager pension, local media reported.

Marija Zlatic, 86, who lives two hours from the nearest village in eastern Serbia, recently received 940,000 Australian dollars ($660,000, 611,000 euros) bequeathed by her husband who died there in 2011, the Vecernje Novosti newspaper said this week.

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UK Unveils Migrant Language Tests, Misspells 'Language'

Britain's Home Office was left red-faced Friday after unveiling new English tests for migrants -- but misspelling the word "language" in its announcement.

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday launched a £20 million ($28.5 million, 26 million euro) language fund to help women, particularly Muslims, who arrive in Britain after getting married but struggle to speak English.

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Spain's PM Falls Prey to Practical Joke on Radio

"I have a very free schedule": Spain's embattled incumbent prime minister fell prey to a practical joke when an imitator pretending to be Catalonia's new separatist leader managed to speak to him on the phone on radio.

The improbably successful joke broadcast Thursday by a radio station in Spain's Catalonia region, where an independence movement is gathering pace, is another blow for Mariano Rajoy whose attempts to form a government following inconclusive elections have so far fallen flat.

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