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Hong Kong Netizens Lampoon Government Negotiators

Hong Kong government negotiators who sat down to crunch talks with student leaders have become figures of online derision with netizens mocking them as empty vases, garbage bins and Teletubbies.

Five student leaders, in their early twenties and dressed in T-shirts bearing the slogan "Freedom Now", faced off against five suited senior government officials in tense talks at a medical college campus Tuesday night.

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Convicted Murderer Sues State over Prison Porn Ban

A convicted murderer sentenced to more than a half-century behind bars is suing the state of Connecticut, saying its ban on pornography in prison violates his constitutional rights.

Dwight Pink Jr., 44, says in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in July that guards have used the policy to deny him an art book, "The Atlas of Foreshortening," which uses nude models to help show how to draw the human form.

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French Police Nab Burglar Watching TV, Bubbly in Hand

A burglar who cracked open a bottle of champagne to celebrate his caper was surprised by French police while watching television and drinking the bubbly in the house he had just robbed.

The owners of the house called police on Saturday when they returned to their home in the medieval town of Provins, southeast of Paris, to find their shutters drawn, which they had left open.

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Woman Stuck in Chimney after Online Dating Goes Bad

U.S. firefighters rescued a woman from a chimney after she became stuck while allegedly breaking into the home of a man she met online, reports said Monday.

TV footage showed emergency personnel dismantling the chimney brick-by-brick to reach the woman, stuck eight feet down, according to local television channel KTLA.

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Japan Man Arrested for Dumping a Quarter-Tonne of Porn

A pensioner who dumped almost a quarter of a tonne of pornography in a Japanese park is unlikely to be charged, police said Tuesday, because the stash belonged to an ill friend.

Hideaki Adachi was spotted unloading 17 sacks of films and magazines, which included around 500 VHS video tapes, from the back of a truck at a small park in the western Japanese city of Osaka.

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Egg Freezing: Controversial New Benefit in the U.S. Workplace

Free meals, four months of maternity leave and now egg-freezing: Facebook's latest gift to its employees has rekindled debate on the role of women in the company.

The move aims to at the very least show that "we have a lot of work to do to help companies really understand what they need to do," said Carolyn Leighton, who founded WITI, a network of women working in the tech sector.

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Man Accused of Stealing Restaurant's Plumbing

Police say they've flushed out a man accused of stealing the handles and pipes of toilets in parks and restaurant restrooms around a Florida city.

St. Petersburg police said Friday that they arrested a 28-year-old homeless man. He is accused of stealing the plumbing from Cracker Barrel, Burger King, Bob Evans and other restaurants. Police released a photo of a pile of metal toilet parts that they say Brian Rinda stole.

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Super Drunk Woman Arrested, Mistook Jail for Bar

One is a building with bars. The other is a building with a bar. A very drunk woman apparently had trouble telling them apart and ended up in a southwestern Michigan jail cell.

The Van Buren County sheriff's department says a 39-year-old woman mistook the Van Buren County jail for the bar where she was trying to pick up her boyfriend.

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Singer James Blunt Calls 'You're Beautiful' Annoying

British singer-songwriter James Blunt has described the multi-million selling song that made his name, You're Beautiful, as "annoying" and says it was "force-fed down people's throats".

The song was Blunt's break-out hit when it was released in 2005, topping charts from the United States to Australia.

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New York Teacher Still Doing the Math at 100

She was born while Europe was fighting World War I, but age is just a number to one New York math teacher, still going strong and celebrating her 100th birthday.

Madeline Scotto, who turned 100 on Thursday, works almost every day as a math coach at the Catholic school in Brooklyn where she was in the graduating class of 1928.

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