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Bosnia Claims Second World's Largest Stew

A dozen Bosnian chefs claimed Saturday they set a new record for the world's largest stew, outperforming their fellow countrymen's 2014 achievement.

They worked from dawn at Sarajevo Square, with scores of onlookers joining them as the day went by.

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Texas Vet Fired over Bow and Arrow Cat Killing

A Texas veterinarian who apparently shot a domestic cat through the head with a bow and arrow before posing with the dead animal on Facebook was sacked Friday as police launched an investigation into the slaying.

Kristen Lindsey triggered an avalanche of complaints and several online death threats after posting a picture of herself smiling with the assassinated ginger and white adult male late on Wednesday.

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Turkish Airlines Chief Urges Pilots to Marry after Germanwings Tragedy

The general manager of Turkish Airlines has urged single pilots to marry, after the Germanwings tragedy blamed on a pilot with psychological problems.

The tragedy last month "taught us new things and piloting is a very critical task. The lifestyle of pilots -- be they men or women -- is very important," Temel Kotil was quoted as saying by the Hurriyet daily.

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Woman Blames Coffee-Drinking Parrot for Car Crash

State police say a woman blames her coffee-drinking pet parrot for distracting her moments before she crashed her car into a guardrail in Pennsylvania.

Troopers from Uniontown say the 35-year-old woman was driving on a South Union Township road just before 5 p.m. Tuesday when she noticed the bird pecking at the lid of her coffee cup. The woman says she struck the guardrail when she glanced down to see what the bird was doing.

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U.S. Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' Ringtone Creates Hearing Hysterics

Sen. Pat Roberts is urging people to "let it go" after his cellphone filled a somber committee hearing room with the first few bars of a song from Disney's "Frozen."

The Kansas City Star ( ) reports that the 78-year-old Kansas lawmaker was questioning Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Thursday when his phone went off. Vilsack tried in vain to repress a smile as an apologetic Roberts fumbled with his phone and quipped, "Just let it go."

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Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Site Cuts Kim Kardashian from Photo

An Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish news website has cut Kim Kardashian — one of the world's most photographed women — from a photo taken of her in Jerusalem this week.

The original photo of Kardashian, her husband, Kanye West, and Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat was altered to put Kardashian behind a restaurant receipt. Kardashian was blurred in another.

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U.S. Chief Justice Called for Jury Duty

Even the head of the highest court in the land has to report for jury duty.

John Roberts, the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, showed up for jury duty Wednesday in a Maryland county court in the Washington suburbs, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg told Agence France Presse.

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U.S. CEO Cuts Salary to Boost Employee Pay to $70,000

One startup founder is making his own effort to respond to the issue of income inequality -- cutting his own pay while seriously boosting that of his employees.

Dan Price, founder and chief executive of payment processing startup Gravity Payments, has cut his own salary by 90 percent to set a $70,000 annual minimum wage at the firm.

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Spain Socialist Chief Presses Wrong Button in Abortion Vote

The head of Spain's opposition Socialist party apologized on Wednesday for mistakenly voting in favor of a bid by the ruling conservative party to reopen a debate on the country's progressive abortion legislation.

"I deeply regret my error," Pedro Sanchez told reporters.

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Astronaut Hadfield to Release First Space Album

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is taking music to intergalactic heights with the first album written and recorded in space.

The debut album by the Canadian, 55, who skyrocketed to stardom in 2013 with his take of David Bowie's "Space oddity," will be launched in the fall.

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