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Strip Bars and Drugs Uncovered in Philippine Jail Raid

A raid on the Philippines' biggest jail on Monday uncovered drug lords "living like kings" in secret luxury cells with strip bars, sex dolls, a jacuzzi and methamphetamines, the justice secretary said.

Police commandos in full battle armor and tracker dogs swooped down on the infamously crowded and corrupt Bilibid prison complex before dawn to verify reports that drug rings were operated from behind bars.

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Police: DNA from Beard Leads to Burglary Arrest

Police say a suspect was caught by a whisker when DNA from his beard hair led to his arrest.

Sheriff's deputies in upstate New York say an intruder armed with a knife had confronted a woman in her home in Vienna last December but the woman grabbed his beard before he fled.

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Cleveland Baby Born at 10:11, 12/13/14

Baby Hazel was born at just the right minute: 10:11 on 12/13/14.

Seven-pound, 14-ounce Hazel Grace was born Saturday morning to Leisha Campbell and Shawn Zimmerman at Cleveland's Fairview Hospital. Her family already knew she'd be born on Saturday's special date. They didn't know she'd get the minute right, too.

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NC Man Bounces Checks for $58K in Postage Stamps

Perhaps Javorick Alexander Moore has a really long Christmas card list. Or a lot of pen pals.

The 40-year-old Greensboro, North Carolina, man was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison for bank fraud after writing more than $58,000 in bad checks for postage stamps.

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Sex Protest Outside UK Parliament over Porn 'Censorship'

Demonstrators take part in a mass "face-sitting protest" outside the Houses …

Campaigners in favor of hardcore pornography staged an unusual "face-sitting" protest outside the British parliament on Friday against new rules banning a series of extreme sex acts from online videos.

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11-Year-Old Arkansas Girl Hails Cab ... to Florida

An 11-year-old Arkansas girl paid a cabbie $1,300 to take her to meet a boy in Florida, but authorities caught up with the runaway in Georgia, and found her safe, after her parents reported her missing.

Bryant police used cellphone records to determine the girl hailed the cab in Little Rock Dec. 5 after talking to a 16-year-old Jacksonville, Florida, boy she met two years ago, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported Friday ( ).

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Kitsch but cool -- UK Falls in Love with the Christmas Jumper

Christmas jumpers, once only thought stylish by knitting-needle wielding grannies, are enjoying a renaissance in Britain after being adopted as a festive fashion statement by young revelers.

Responding to soaring demand for the colorful and eccentric creations, vintage clothing group Beyond Retro has opened a temporary store selling only Christmas jumpers in London's trendy Old Street.

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Moscow Metro Brings in Spot Checks after Couple has Sex in Tunnel

Moscow's metro said on Friday it was carrying out emergency checks of its system after a young couple made their way into a tunnel and had sex on the rails.

Moscow has a subculture of enthusiasts who explore its maze of tunnels including the metro system, called "diggers", and a young couple this week published photos of themselves romping naked on the rails.

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Boxing: 24-Carat Khan to Wear Sport's Most Expensive Shorts

Britain's Amir Khan will wear boxing's "most expensive shorts" when he steps into the ring to face Devon Alexander in a welterweight bout in Las Vegas this weekend.

Former Olympic silver medallist Khan will wear shorts, made of white nappa leather, silk and featuring a waistband made of 24-carat gold thread, with a reported value of at least £20,000 ($31,430).

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NY Brewery Builds Christmas Tree out of 300 Kegs

A western New York brewery has constructed a Christmas tree out of hundreds of beer kegs. All that's missing is the beer.

The Genesee Brewing Co. built the 23-foot-high Christmas tree out of 300 stainless steel kegs outsides its Brew House in downtown Rochester.

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