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Discover Rome at a Run with Jogger Guide Tours

Want to discover Rome and keep fit in the process? Jogger guides in the eternal city are taking tourists from around the world on a trot from the Colosseum to the Vatican.

For those worried what all those pizzas and ice-creams are doing to their waistline, taking to the streets of the historic center at dawn not only lets visitors stay trim but gives them an experience of Italy's capital when the tourist crowds are still tucked up in bed.

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Frenchwoman Pays Taxes with 30 Kilos of Small Change

A disgruntled taxpayer in southern France paid her annual bill using 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of small change in protest at the way taxes are collected.

The unemployed 28-year-old woman, who gave her name only as Audrey D., had to pay 1,107 euros ($1,435) in tax on her 2013 salary, which was on average 1,400 euros.

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Miss Uganda Gets Dirty in Major Rebranding

Miss Uganda organizers have unveiled a major rebranding of the annual beauty pageant, trading the glamour of the catwalk for an army-sponsored agricultural boot camp.

This year's crop of 20 finalists will swap perfecting their strut under stage lights for a stint at farming poultry and cattle as well as lessons in packaging farm produce, before the overall winner is crowned on October 25.

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Holy Smoke: Vatican Car Seized with Cocaine, Cannabis

The Vatican was left red-faced Tuesday after it emerged that a car bearing its diplomatic plates had been stopped in France with four kilograms of cocaine on board.

The car -- which also contained 200 grams (seven ounces) of cannabis -- belonged to 91-year-old Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mejia, emeritus librarian at the Holy See, who retired in 2003 and who is currently bedridden.

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Austrian Traffic Cop has Crap Day

A traffic cop in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding, police said on Tuesday.

A bucket containing the slurry exploded three meters (yards) from the officer after he triggered a trip wire at a site often used for speed traps, police in the southern state of Carinthia said.

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Scientists' Colossal Squid Exam a Kraken Good Show

It was a calm morning in Antarctica's remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a mile below the surface.

A colossal squid: 350 kilograms (770 pounds), as long as a minibus and one of the sea's most elusive species. It had been frozen for eight months until Tuesday, when scientists in New Zealand got a long-anticipated chance to thaw out the animal and inspect it — once they used a forklift to maneuver it into a tank.

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George the Goldfish has 'High Risk' Brain Surgery

A goldfish called George was on the mend in Australia Tuesday after undergoing "high risk" brain surgery in an operation the vet described as "fiddly".

The 10-year-old fish had a tumor protruding from its head, leaving his owner with two options: to have it operated on or have the fish put to sleep.

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Birds' Nests Land Chinese Man in Soup

A Chinese man was arrested in Colombo while trying to smuggle out swallows' nests with a street value of $50,000 on Tuesday, hours before the country's president was due to arrive.

The man was carrying nearly five kilograms (11 pounds) of the rare birds' nests, a delicacy in China, customs spokesman Leslie Gamini told Agence France Presse.

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Boa Constrictor Captured after Escaping Idaho Cage

A 9-foot Columbian boa constrictor named Trinity that escaped its southwest Idaho cage has been found after two days on the loose.

Trinity didn't appear to have traveled far after being spotted Sunday in the garage that holds the snake's cage.

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Net Pains for North Korea Reporters at Asian Games

North Korea's reporters at the Asian Games will have to file stories using fax because their web access is restricted in South Korea, an official said Tuesday.

Seoul's Ministry of Unification said North Korean media would not be given special access to their country's websites, which are blocked in South Korea.

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