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Trump to Deliver Speech on Immigration Wednesday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, beset by questions over whether he is softening his hardline stance on immigration, says he will make a speech on the subject Wednesday in Arizona.

His surrogates, including running mate Mike Pence, were out on the television talks shows Sunday with the message that Trump would unveil a "fair and humane" policy for dealing with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

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Hurricane Madeline Threatens Obama's Hawaii Travel

Hurricane Madeline is expected to pass near Hawaii around midweek, U.S. weather forecasters said Monday, possibly wreaking havoc with a planned visit by President Barack Obama and other dignitaries.

Madeline is expected to travel over or near the Big Island on Wednesday, carrying heavy rain and strong winds, according to the US National Weather Service.

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Brussels Crime Lab Attacked to 'Destroy Evidence'

Attackers rammed a car through the gates of Belgium's national crime laboratory on Monday in Brussels and then started a fire in what officials said may have been an attempt to destroy evidence. 

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Grenade Attack on Home of Kosovo TV Chief over Border Deal

A shadowy activist group in Kosovo claimed responsibility Monday for an attack on the home of Kosovo's public broadcast chief, in protest over a controversial border deal.

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Rousseff Urges Senate to Vote against 'Coup'

Suspended Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff told senators in emotional testimony at her trial Monday that voting for her impeachment would amount to a "coup d'etat."

Declaring her innocence and recalling how she was tortured under Brazil's military dictatorship in the 1970s, Rousseff warned that Latin America's biggest country was on the verge of losing its democracy.

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106 Afghan Students Detained in Pakistan Madrassa Raid

Pakistani police raided a madrassa in the restive southwestern city of Quetta and detained 106 illegal Afghan students, officials said Monday, as the government stepped up a campaign to rein in rogue religious schools. 

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New Suspected MH370 Debris Found in Mozambique

A South African hotelier said Monday he had picked up a piece of aircraft wreckage off the Mozambican coast in the latest possible find of debris from the missing MH370 flight.

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Thai Tourist Town Attackers Linked to Muslim Insurgency

Two suspects in a spate of bomb attacks on Thailand's tourist towns have links to southern Muslim rebels, police said on Monday, the first time a clear link has been made to the insurgency.

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Uzbek President in Intensive Care after Brain Haemorrhage

Strongman Uzbek President Islam Karimov is in intensive care after suffering a brain haemorrhage, his younger daughter wrote on social media on Monday.

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Curfew Lifted in Indian Kashmir but Fresh Clashes Erupt

Authorities lifted a curfew in Indian-administered Kashmir after 52 days of lockdown amid deadly violence, but street clashes broke out again Monday between protesters and security forces.

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