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Hostage Video Shows IS 'Fears Isolation and Attack'

A dramatic change of tone in the latest hostage video released by the Islamic State has convinced experts that the jihadist group is isolated and fearful of a U.S. assault.

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Harassment Haunts Somalis in Kenya, a Year after Westgate Attack

Mass arrests, extortion, deportation and suspicion: one year since Somali gunmen staged a four-day massacre in Nairobi's Westgate mall, Somalis in Kenya say the attack has left their community battling harassment and denigration.

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The Filipino 'Warrior Peacekeepers' Guarding the World's War Zones

After nearly two decades on the frontlines against Muslim insurgents in the Philippines' violence-plagued south, Army Captain Teodoro Nicor is looking forward to guarding a war zone abroad.

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PM: Australian Parliament 'Potential Jihadist Target'

Federal police are to take over security at Australia's parliament, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday, describing the building as a potential terror target, following revelations that Islamic State jihadists were plotting "demonstration executions".

"Parliament House certainly is a potential target," Abbott said.

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Residents Grab Guns to Deter Looters in Mexico Resort

Residents of Mexico's Los Cabos resort armed themselves with guns and machetes in hurricane-battered neighborhoods Thursday to defend their homes from looters, as troops were deployed.

The government sent extra federal police and soldiers to the Baja California peninsula to counter widespread looting that erupted after Hurricane Odile tore down homes earlier this week.

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Sheriff: U.S. Man Kills 6 Grandchildren, Daughter

A once-convicted felon killed six of his grandchildren, including an infant, his adult daughter and himself in a shooting at the man's home in a small north Florida town Thursday, a sheriff said.

Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert Schultz at a news conference identified the man as 51-year-old Don Spirit. He would not say if the woman killed was the mother of any of the two boys and four girls, some of whom spent a lot of time at the home.

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Security Council: Ebola Threatens World Peace

The U.N. Security Council on Thursday declared the Ebola outbreak a threat to world peace and called on countries to provide urgent aid to West Africa, the epicenter of the growing crisis.

The 15-member council unanimously adopted a resolution after U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that the number of Ebola infections -- already more than 5,000 -- was doubling every three weeks, notably in Liberia.

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U.S. Warns Hungary against Stifling Civil Society

The United States on Thursday warned Hungary against trying to muzzle civil society groups,following controversial police raids on two foreign-backed organizations.

"These police raids appear to be aimed at suppressing critical voices and restricting the space for civil society to operate freely," the US said at a gathering of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

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Former U.S. Officer Leaked Secrets to Chinese Girlfriend

A former U.S. Army officer has been jailed for seven years for leaking confidential military information to his Chinese girlfriend in Hawaii.

Benjamin Pierce Bishop, an ex civilian defense contractor and retired lieutenant colonel, also admitted retaining classified information at his home.

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Russia Evicts Crimean Tatars from Assembly

Russian authorities have ordered Crimean Tatars to leave their assembly building, in a move that the leader of the ethnic minority -- which opposed Russia's annexing of Crimea from Ukraine -- called a return to Soviet oppression.

Bailiffs told the Tatars' governing body, the Mejlis, that its members had until Friday to vacate their building in Simferopol, the regional capital of Russian-annexed Crimea, activists said.

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