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French Student Protests Intensify alongside 'Yellow Vest' Revolt

Around 200 French high schools were blocked or disrupted Thursday by students protesting a raft of education overhauls, on a fourth day of action called to coincide with anti-government demonstrations which have rocked the country in recent weeks.

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Can UK Renounce Brexit? EU Court Decides Monday

The European Court of Justice is expected to announce on Monday whether or not Britain can unilaterally halt its march towards Brexit, a day before a make-or-break vote by MPs on the divorce deal.

Europe's top court has been asked to rule on whether, having activated the so-called "Article 50" countdown towards departure, London could simply stop the clock.

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2 Dead, Dozens Hurt as Iran Says 'Foreign-Backed Terrorists' behind Police Blast

A suicide car bombing followed by an armed assault killed at least two people and wounded dozens outside police headquarters in the port city of Chabahar in restive southeastern Iran on Thursday.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused "foreign-backed terrorists" of being behind the attacks and vowed to bring them to justice.

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'Major Violence' Feared for French Protests Saturday

The French government fears "major violence" from protests planned for Saturday, the presidency told AFP after weeks of demonstrations over rising living costs blamed on the government of Emmanuel Macron.

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Five Missing after Two U.S. Military Planes Crash off Japan

Rescue operations were underway Thursday for five US marines missing after two American military aircraft crashed during a refuelling operation off the coast of Japan, the Japanese defence minister said.

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Top Huawei Executive Detained in Canada, Angering China

A top executive and daughter of the founder of Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the United States, officials said Thursday, angering Beijing days into a trade war truce with the US.

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Bush to Be Buried after Four-Day Tribute

George H.W. Bush was to be laid to rest Thursday, concluding a four-day tribute to the 41st president that saw America briefly set aside its political divisions.

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Welcoming Refugees May Have Ushered in Merkel's Final Act

Opening Germany's doors to more than a million refugees may come to define Chancellor Angela Merkel's legacy, a landmark moment in her career that sparked a backlash which could hasten her political exit.

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Poll: French Back 'Yellow Vest' Protests despite Govt. U-Turn

Most French people still back the "yellow vest" protests raging across the country and even more believe government concessions to the protesters are insufficient, according to a survey published Wednesday.

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EU Steps Up Fake News Fight before Elections

The European Union launched Wednesday a system for member countries to alert each other to online disinformation spread by opponents such as Russia to undermine next year's key elections.

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