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Extradited Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Arrives in U.S.

Mexican drug baron Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, one of the world's most notorious criminals, was extradited to the United States on Thursday to face charges on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration.

Guzman heads the Sinaloa cartel, which is accused of generating much of the deadly violence in Mexico's decades-long drug war and providing tons of narcotics to the United States.

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Obama Issues 330 Commutations on Eve of White House Exit

President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of 330 people, mostly drug offenders, a record number issued in a single day, on the eve of his departure from the White House.

It is Obama's second such measure this week, including his surprise decision to commute the sentence of transgender army private Chelsea Manning, imprisoned for 35 years for handing more than 700,000 classified U.S. documents to WikiLeaks.

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Trump Arrives in Washington to Lay Claim to White House

Donald Trump jetted into the U.S. capital Thursday on the eve of the most consequential moment of his life -- his inauguration as the nation's 45th president and the setting of a four-year course of American political reform.

The Republican billionaire's arrival caps an extraordinary and improbable run for the White House that, once he takes the reins from President Barack Obama at noon Friday, will launch the United States into new and uncharted waters.

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U.N. Unanimously Backs Gambia's New President in Standoff

The U.N. Security Council on Thursday unanimously backed regional efforts to ensure a handover of power in The Gambia, throwing its full weight behind newly-inaugurated President Adama Barrow in the escalating standoff.

The council adopted a resolution drafted by Senegal that expressed "full support" to the ECOWAS regional bloc as a first wave of Senegalese troops crossed the border into The Gambia.

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Obama Slams Congress for Blocking Guantanamo Closure

U.S. President Barack Obama delivered an angry parting shot at Congress Thursday, berating Republicans for blocking his efforts to close the military prison facility at Guantanamo Bay. 

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Breaking Point Nears for Italy's Quake Survivors

For Italian mother Tamara Ottaviani, the latest earthquakes to pound her mountain village might just have been the final straw.

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Nigeria's Buhari Heads to Britain for Medical Treatment

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari's office said on Thursday he was to travel to London for health checks -- the second time in less than a year he has gone to Britain for medical treatment.

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Hope as Philippines Communist Peace Talks Open

The Philippines expressed hope Thursday of securing a permanent ceasefire deal with communist rebels waging one of Asia's longest insurgencies, as peace talks resumed in Italy.

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Collapse of Burning Tehran High-Rise Kills at Least 30 Firefighters

A high-rise building in Tehran engulfed by fire collapsed on Thursday, killing at least 30 firefighters and injuring some 75 people, state media reported.

The disaster struck the Plasco building, an iconic structure in central Tehran just north of the Iranian capital's sprawling bazaar. Firefighters, soldiers and other emergency responders dug through the rubble, looking for survivors.

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Senegal Troops Move into Gambia as New President Sworn In

Senegalese troops entered The Gambia on Thursday in support of its new President Adama Barrow, who took office demanding loyalty from his own armed forces in a tense standoff with his defeated rival.

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