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Lithuania Claims One-Third Of Russian Diplomats are Spies

Lithuania on Monday alleged that one-third of Russian diplomats in the EU and NATO Baltic state were working for spy agencies, and warned that Moscow could test the alliance with unconventional tactics.

Lithuania's intelligence agency said it kicked out three Russian spies last year, adding that Moscow was increasingly interested in the NATO member's military infrastructure.

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Uzbek Strongman Karimov still Calls the Tune

Uzbekistan's strongman leader Islam Karimov has kept a stranglehold on power in the Central Asian state for a quarter of a century, even at the expense of his own children.

Long lambasted for brutally crushing dissent by rights groups, the former Soviet apparatchik -- in power since 1989 -- has reportedly placed his eldest daughter under house arrest after a bitter family feud, with her compared him to Stalin.

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Policeman Killed in Chile Clashes

A police officer was shot dead and three wounded in a night of violent protests in the Chilean capital commemorating the victims of the dictatorship of August Pinochet.

The officer was shot in the chest in the capital's southern Pedro Aguirre Cerda community, where protesters clashed with police during a yearly "Day of the Young Combatant" remembrance.

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Crash Pilot Showed Suicidal Tendencies in Past, Say Prosecutors

The co-pilot believed to have deliberately crashed a Germanwings plane into the French Alps was classified as suicidal "several years ago" but had appeared more stable of late, German prosecutors said Monday.

As investigators in both countries tried to zero in on a potential motive, it emerged that that the first officer, Andreas Lubitz, was receiving treatment from neurologists and psychiatrists who had written him off sick from work a number of times.

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Myanmar, Rebels Agree Landmark Draft Peace Deal

Myanmar peace negotiators agreed the draft text of a historic nationwide ceasefire agreement on Monday, as the country edges closer to ending decades of conflict between ethnic minority groups and the government.

The tentative deal, which comes as heavy fighting between the military and rebel groups continues to ravage a northern border area, sets out the framework for a countrywide ceasefire -- a key target of the government as the nation heads towards crucial elections later this year.

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Death Toll in Chile Floods Rises to 17

At least 17 people were killed in flash floods that hit a normally arid region of northern Chile last week, and 20 remain missing, authorities said Monday.

The latest death toll from the devastating floods was released after five more bodies were found late Sunday and early Monday, as rescue workers continued dealing with the aftermath of the torrential rains in Atacama region, home to the world's driest desert.

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Atomic Deal Would Reward Iran for Yemen 'Aggression', Warns Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned world powers on Monday that any nuclear deal they strike with Iran would be seen as a reward for Tehran's alleged "aggression" in Yemen.

"The agreement being formulated in Lausanne sends a message that there is no price for aggression and on the contrary -- that Iran's aggression is to be rewarded," he said, referring to Iranian support for Shiite Huthi rebels in Yemen.

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Dutch Seek BUK Missile Witnesses in MH17 Crash Probe

Dutch experts probing the MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine appealed Monday for witnesses who saw the transport or firing of a BUK surface-to-air missile around the time of the disaster.

"Investigators are looking at all scenarios. One of these scenarios is that the plane was shot down at 16:20 pm local time on July 17," the Dutch public prosecutor's office said in a statement.

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Landslide Win for Uzbek Strongman in Predictable Poll

Uzbekistan's strongman President Islam Karimov on Monday extended his decades-long grip on power following a weekend poll decried by Western vote monitors as lacking genuine competition.

Karimov, 77, who has ruled over Uzbekistan since 1989, two years before the country gained independence from the Soviet Union, had three challengers.

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French PM Cancels Germany Trip after Election Defeat

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced Monday he was canceling a trip to Germany in the wake of his party's drubbing in local polls.

The Socialists suffered a major defeat in Sunday elections, losing around half the local councils they controlled.

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