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Flash Floods, Earthquake in Indonesia Kill over 80

The number of people killed after torrential downpours triggered flash floods and mudslides that tore through mountainside villages in Indonesia's easternmost province has climbed to 79, with dozens of others missing, officials said Monday.

On Sunday, the disaster-prone country was hit by an earthquake, triggering a landslide that hit a popular waterfall on the tourist island of Lombok, killing at least three people and damaging hundreds of homes.

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Australian Teen Who Egged Senator Hailed Online as 'Heroic'

An Australian teen who egged a far-right senator over his offensive comments about the Christchurch mosque attacks has been hailed as "heroic" by internet users, who have raised thousands of dollars in support of his protest. 

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Boeing Crashes Cast Spotlight on U.S. Aviation Regulator

Was the United States complacent in its certification of the Boeing 737 MAX? 

That's a question everyone is asking after Addis Ababa said flight recorded data showed "clear similarities" between last week's Ethiopian Airlines crash and that of Indonesia's Lion Air five months earlier.

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Facebook Scrubs 1.5mn Christchurch Attack Videos but Criticism Goes Viral

Facebook says it removed a staggering 1.5 million videos showing harrowing viral footage of the Christchurch mosque rampage but criticism of social media giants for failing to block images of the "real-time terror attack" is also spreading fast.

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Australia Boosts Security for Mosques, Places of Worship

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday announced more funding to defend religious establishments against potential attack in the wake of the mosque massacres in neighbouring New Zealand.

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Dealer Who Sold Arms to Mosque Killer Rejects Responsibility

The New Zealand arms dealer who sold weapons to the suspected mosque attacker said Monday he felt no responsibility for the deaths of 50 worshippers who were gunned down.

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China's Xi to Visit Italy, France as Rome Joins 'New Silk Road'

Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Italy, Monaco and France this week, the foreign ministry said Monday, with Rome expected to join his global trade infrastructure programme despite reservations in other European countries.

Xi will pay state visits from March 21 to March 26, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a statement, without providing more details about his itinerary.

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NZ Cabinet Agrees Tougher Gun Laws in 'Principle'

New Zealand's cabinet agreed measures to tighten gun control laws "in principle" Monday, just days after a deadly mass shooting killed more than 50 people.

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Born into al-Qaida: Hamza Bin Laden's Rise to Prominence

The boy is only 12 years old and looks even younger and smaller kneeling next to the wreckage of a helicopter, flanked by masked jihadis carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles with bandoliers strapped across their chests.

Hamza bin Laden, with a traditional Arab coffee pot to his right and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher to his left leaning against the debris, made his worldwide television debut reciting a poem in a propaganda video just weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks planned by his father Osama.

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Brazil's Bolsonaro Heads to U.S. to Cement an Alliance with Trump

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro left for Washington on Sunday to meet with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump and cement a budding conservative-populist alliance that, in part, aims to ramp up pressure on Venezuela.

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