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Iran's President Hopes Biden Unravels Trump's Iran Policies

Iran's president reiterated his hope Wednesday that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden would return America's Iran policy to where he left things as vice president four years ago, state TV reported, rejoining Tehran's nuclear deal with world powers.

Hassan Rouhani said that if Iran and the U.S. could find a path back to "the situation on Jan 20, 2017," President Donald Trump's inauguration day, "it could be a huge solution for many issues and problems."

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Azerbaijan Moves into Second District Handed Back by Armenia

Azerbaijani soldiers and military trucks rolled into the district of Kalbajar on Wednesday, reclaiming the second of three regions Armenia is handing back under a deal that ended weeks of fighting.

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Ethiopian Leader Rejects International 'Interference' in War

Ethiopia's prime minister is rejecting growing international consensus for dialogue and a halt to deadly fighting in the Tigray region as "unwelcome," saying his country will handle the conflict on its own as a 72-hour surrender ultimatum runs out on Wednesday.

"We respectfully urge the international community to refrain from any unwelcome and unlawful acts of interference," the statement from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's office said as government forces encircled the Tigray capital, Mekele, with tanks. "The international community should stand by until the government of Ethiopia submits its requests for assistance to the community of nations."

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France Says Will Apply 'Digital Tax' for 2020 despite US Retaliation Threat

France will require online technology giants to pay a new "digital tax" on their 2020 earnings, the finance ministry said Wednesday, despite Washington's warning that it could retaliate with new tariffs on French imports.

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Don't Relax Virus Rules Too Quickly, Says EU Chief

European countries should not ease coronavirus restrictions too quickly, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen warned on Wednesday, stressing the risk of a post-Christmas third wave.

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EU Chief Warns Brexit Deal Must Not Hurt Single Market

The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen warned Wednesday any post-Brexit trade deal must not undermine the EU single market.

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Brazil Police Arrest Supervisor in Deadly Carrefour Beating

Brazilian police on Tuesday arrested the supervisor of a Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre where security guards beat a black man to death, and accused her of collaborating with the killers.

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Pennsylvania Certifies Biden Election Win

Pennsylvania officially certified Democrat Joe Biden's election victory in the state over Donald Trump on Tuesday, a day after the president agreed to a transition but stopped short of conceding.

Governor Tom Wolf tweeted that the Pennsylvania Department of State had "certified" the results of the November 3 vote, after Michigan did the same on Monday, in the latest setback to Trump's attempts to overturn his defeat.

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Sudan Govt Says 'Not Aware' of Israeli Delegation Visit

Sudan's government on Tuesday denied having information about the visit of an Israeli delegation to Khartoum announced the day before by an official from Tel Aviv.

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Biden Transition Gets Govt OK after Trump Out of Options

The federal government recognized President-elect Joe Biden as the "apparent winner" of the Nov. 3 election, formally starting the transition of power after President Donald Trump spent weeks testing the boundaries of American democracy. He relented after suffering yet more legal and procedural defeats in his seemingly futile effort to overturn the election with baseless claims of fraud.

Trump still refused to concede and vowed to continue to fight in court after General Services Administrator Emily Murphy gave the green light Monday for Biden to coordinate with federal agencies ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration. But Trump did tweet that he was directing his team to cooperate on the transition.

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