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Poll Finds Minimal Interest in Royal Wedding among Britons

Two in three Britons are "not interested" in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding this weekend, according to a new poll published on Tuesday.

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Turkey Detains 54 IS Suspects in Istanbul

Turkish police have detained dozens of suspected members of Islamic State in a crackdown on the extremist group in Istanbul, the private Dogan news agency reported on Tuesday.

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Mahathir to Stay Up to Two Years as Malaysia Leader, No Deal for Najib

Malaysia's 92-year-old new leader Mahathir Mohamad said he expects to stay as prime minister for up to two years and vowed not to cut any deals to keep his predecessor out of jail for alleged corruption.

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Heavy Fighting as Taliban Attack Western Afghan City

Heavy fighting has broken out in the western Afghan city of Farah after the Taliban launched a major offensive overnight to capture the restive provincial capital, with residents reporting air strikes, explosions and gunfire.

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Lima Group Countries Call on Venezuela to Cancel Polls

The Lima Group of countries seeking a peaceful solution to the spiralling crisis in Venezuela urged President Nicolas Maduro on Monday to cancel weekend elections that the group has denounced as undemocratic.

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Putin to Open Mega Bridge Linking Crimea to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday is set to unveil a 19-kilometre-long bridge linking southern Russia to the Crimean peninsula annexed from Ukraine, a highly symbolic project he has personally championed.

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'Cage Fight': Lawmakers Grow Impatient with Brexit Split

Another day, another battle. British Prime Minister Theresa May tries once again Tuesday to unite her warring ministers on a plan for post-Brexit trade ties with the EU.

With less than 11 months to go until Britain quits the bloc, London has yet to set out a detailed plan for trade and lawmakers are becoming increasingly impatient over the lack of direction.

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Dismantling of N. Korea Nuclear Site 'Well Under Way', Says US Monitor

Satellite photos indicate North Korea has begun dismantling its nuclear test site ahead of a historic summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, a US monitor said Tuesday.

In a move welcomed by Washington and Seoul, North Korea said at the weekend it will "completely" destroy the Punggye-ri test site, in a ceremony scheduled between May 23-25 in front of invited foreign media.

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Random ID Checks at Australia Airports Amid Terror Fears

Australian police will be able to conduct random identity checks at airports under sweeping new security laws, the government said Tuesday, amid heightened terror fears following an alleged plot to bring down a plane.

There has been growing concern over attacks by radicals inspired by Islamic State and other groups, with a foiled effort last year in Sydney to target an Etihad flight with a crude bomb.

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Iran Upbeat on Nuclear Deal Hopes after EU Talks

Iran's foreign minister said Tuesday that efforts to save the nuclear deal after the abrupt U.S. withdrawal were "on the right track" as he began talks with European powers in Brussels.

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