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Three Hurt in Suspected Terror Attack outside UK Parliament

A car swerved into passers-by then slammed into a barrier protecting Britain's Houses of Parliament in a suspected terror attack on Tuesday.

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Turkey Crisis Risks Souring Military Ties with US

The crisis in US-Turkish relations, which already has put Turkey's economy under massive strain, also risks souring military ties between the two NATO allies, unleashing unknown geopolitical consequences.

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A Year On, Suspicion and Silence in Spain Jihadists' Hometown

Suspicion, incomprehension and a thick silence reign in the mountainous town of Ripoll a year after jihadist attacks in Catalonia. 

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Arms, Investment and 'Instructors': Russia Boosts Africa Role

Touting military cooperation and "instructors," arms deals and investment, Russia is making a comeback in Africa after years of inactivity and now aims to rival European countries and even China, analysts say.

Moscow has worked hard over the last three years to strengthen its position in Africa, a pace that seems to have accelerated in recent months, they say.

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US State Poised for First Execution with Fentanyl

Nebraska was scheduled Tuesday to carry out America's first execution employing the opioid fentanyl as part of a four-drug combination that has never before been used.

The powerful synthetic painkiller -- a key cause of death in America's opioid and heroin abuse epidemic -- was to be the second injection administered to Carey Dean Moore, sentenced to death for two 1979 murders. 

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N. Korea Suspends Tour Visas ahead of Anniversary

North Korea has stopped processing tourist visas for foreigners ahead of a high profile anniversary next month, according to a China-based tour operator.

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Iran Holiday Costs Norway Fisheries Minister His Job

Norway's rightwing Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg quit on Monday after breaching security protocol when he went on holiday to Iran with an Iranian-born former beauty queen, in a major media scandal.

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Amnesty Launches External Probes after Second Staff Suicide

Rights group Amnesty International said on Monday it will conduct "full and independent external inquiries" into the suicides of two of its staff in the last three months.

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Rogue White House ex-Employee Releases Trump Tape

Former White House staffer and TV celebrity Omarosa Manigault Newman has released a recording of a private conversation with President Donald Trump after she was fired.

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At Least 100 Security Forces Killed in Fight for Afghan City

At least 100 security forces have been killed in the ongoing struggle to push the Taliban from the embattled Afghan city of Ghazni, a government minister said Monday, four days after the fighting began.

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