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Bolivia's Farmers Criticize Morales, Fight Centralization

Bolivian dairy farmer Jose Roca's blue eyes glow with anger when he talks about indigenous ex-president Evo Morales and his supporters. "They call us racists, separatists, all the bad adjectives are for us," he says.

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Three Injured in Blast at Texas Chemical Plant

Three people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Texas on Wednesday which sent a huge fireball into the sky and triggered a mandatory evacuation, officials and witnesses said.

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Chile Simmers after Another Night of Unrest

Looters sacked a hotel and several supermarkets in Chile in another night of unrest as tensions flared in the crisis-hit South American country.

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Albania Races against Time to Find Earthquake Survivors

Emergency workers in Albania on Wednesday pulled dust-covered corpses from the ruins of buildings gutted by a violent earthquake, in a tireless search for survivors as the death toll crept towards 30.

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Myriad Frustrations Draw Colombians Back onto Streets

Colombians unhappy with President Iván Duque's response to nearly a week of boisterous protests are taking to the streets again Wednesday demonstrating over issues ranging from tax reform to shark hunting quotas in the biggest display of unrest the nation has seen in decades.

The daily protests jolting the South American country are proclaiming an unusually diverse set of complaints, though with one similar refrain: an opposition to a government that many believe only looks after the most privileged citizens.

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Hong Kong Police Face Renewed Pressure to End Campus Siege

Hong Kong's embattled government faced renewed pressure Wednesday to end a 10-day police siege of a university, as search teams found no evidence of any protesters still holding out and a major tunnel near the campus reopened.

The Polytechnic University said it has decided to halt its search after a sweep of the trash-littered campus for a second straight day failed to find anyone left behind. On Tuesday, one person was found — a young woman in weak condition.

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Four Migrants Die Trying to Reach Spain, Several Missing

Four migrants died and more than a dozen were missing after a packed dinghy ran into trouble while trying to reach Spain, coastguard officials said Wednesday.

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Merkel Defends 'Bulwark' NATO after Macron Criticism

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday put up a spirited defence of NATO after French President Emmanuel Macron's criticism, saying Germany has a bigger interest today in ensuring the bloc stays together than even during the Cold War.

Days before leaders of the transatlantic alliance are due to hold a summit, Merkel said NATO had been a "bulwark for peace and freedom" over the past 70 years.

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Supreme Leader Says Iranians Foiled 'Very Dangerous' Plot

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday praised the country's people for foiling a "very dangerous" plot, after violence erupted during protests this month against a fuel price hike.

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HRW Says Iran 'Deliberately' Suppressing Unrest Death, Arrest Tolls

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday accused the Iranian authorities of "deliberately covering up" deaths and arrests during a crackdown on demonstrations across the country earlier this month.

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