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China Demands U.S. Stop Actions that 'Undermine' Its Sovereignty

A top Chinese official on Friday demanded in high-level talks that the United States not violate the Asian power's sovereignty, criticizing U.S. military patrols in the South China Sea and its comments on human rights. 

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Somalia Blasts Leave around 20 Dead, Dozens Wounded

About 20 people were killed and dozens wounded Friday in a string of explosions near a popular hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu, police said.

"We are getting (information that) about 20 people died in the attack and more than 40 others were wounded. Most of these people were civilians who were passing by the area when the attack occurred," Abdulahi Ahmed, a Somali security official, said.

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India to Sell 'Enemy Shares' of People who Fled to Pakistan

India's government is to sell more than $400 million worth of shares left behind by people who fled to Pakistan or China after wars with those countries.

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Sweden Jails Man for Sending Death Threats to Ministers

A Swedish court on Friday jailed a 43-year-old man for seven years for sending death threats and an unidentified white powder to 21 cabinet ministers, including the prime minister.

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UK PM Faces Fury of Northern Irish Allies over Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May drew the fury of her crucial Northern Irish allies on Friday after seemingly accepting an EU-backed Brexit solution they fervently oppose.

London's latest political spat underscores the trouble May's fractured government faces in passing through parliament any Brexit arrangement it thrashes out with Brussels over the coming days.

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Boeing Jet Crash-Lands at Guyana Airport, Six Injured

A Boeing jetliner carrying 126 people crash-landed at the airport in Guyana's capital Georgetown on Friday, injuring six people, the transport minister said.

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Sri Lanka's Disputed Government Admits it Lacks Majority

Two weeks into a showdown between rival prime ministers, the Sri Lankan president's party admitted for the first time Friday that it does not have a majority to get its candidate through a parliamentary vote of confidence.

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Austria Accuses Colonel of Spying for Russia for Decades

Austria has a launched a probe into a colonel suspected of spying for Russia for several decades, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Friday, the latest in a string of cases where Moscow has been accused of espionage in EU states.

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Afghan Leaders, Taliban Attend Peace Talks in Moscow

Moscow on Friday hosted international talks on Afghanistan aimed at kickstarting direct negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban militant group, both of whom sent delegations.

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IS Claims Attack after Australia Knifeman Kills 1, Hurts 2

Police said a Somali immigrant killed one person and wounded two others in a rush-hour stabbing spree in the heart of Australia's second city Friday, labelling it a terrorist attack.

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