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Israeli Gunfire Kills 2 Gaza Border Protesters

Israel troops on Friday shot dead two Palestinians taking part in protests along the Gaza border, the Palestinian health ministry in the enclave said.

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Knife-Wielding Israeli Arab Man Shot in Jerusalem

Israeli police in the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday shot a knife-wielding Israeli Arab man who tried to stab an officer near the Damascus Gate, a spokesman told AFP.

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Macron, Merkel Warn of 'Humanitarian Risks' in Syria's Idlib

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced concern Friday about the humanitarian situation in the rebel-held Syrian region of Idlib, which is shaping up to be the country's next big battleground.

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One Dead as Tunisia Security Forces Arrest Migrants

A migrant died early Friday as Tunisian security forces clashed with a group of Tunisians and Africans embarking on a clandestine sea crossing to Italy, a security official said.

The police intervened to stop a boat that had been launched off the coast of the central city of Sfax at around 2:30 am (0130 GMT), said Tunisia's National Guard spokesman Houssemeddine Jebabli.

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Yazidi 'ex-Sex Slave' Trapped Both in Iraq and in German Exile

A young Yazidi woman who fled to Germany but returned home to northern Iraq says she cannot escape her Islamic State group captor who held her as a sex slave for three months.

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U.N. Invites Yemen Government and Huthis to Peace Talks

The United Nations has invited Yemen's government and Iran-backed Huthi rebels to Geneva next month for talks on resolving the country's civil war, a spokeswoman said Friday. 

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Netanyahu Questioned again Over Alleged Graft

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went through a new round of questioning on Friday, police said, amid graft allegations that have threatened to topple him.

The premier was questioned at his official residence in the context of investigations by the national economic crimes unit, a police statement in Hebrew said.

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Saudi Arabia Says It's Given $100 Million to Northeast Syria

Saudi Arabia said early on Friday that it has contributed $100 million to northeast Syria for "stabilization projects" in areas once held by the Islamic State group and now controlled by U.S.-backed forces.

The Saudi Embassy in Washington said the money "will save lives, help facilitate the return of displaced Syrians and help ensure that ISIS cannot reemerge to threaten Syria, its neighbors, or plan attacks against the international community." ISIS is an alternate acronym for the militant group.

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Iraq Says Six 'Criminals' Executed

Six "criminals" were executed by hanging in Iraq this week, the justice ministry said on Thursday, without specifying if they were jihadists.

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UN Palestinian Schools to Open On Time despite U.S. Freeze

Hundreds of UN-run schools for Palestinian refugees will open on time after fresh funding temporarily staved off a financial crisis triggered by a US contributions freeze, the United Nations said on Thursday.

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