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30 September 2014, 13:48 VDL (93.3): Ex-PM Najib Miqati threw a luncheon banquet in honor of Patriarch al-Rahi and Grand Mufti Sheikh Daryan.
30 September 2014, 13:46 Shamkhani ended his visit to Beirut and traveled to Syria.
30 September 2014, 13:41 NNA: A grenade was found on the outskirts of the town of al-Maharbeh in Jezzine.
30 September 2014, 13:04 An Israeli military unit opened fire from the other side of the border on a shepherd in Shabaa. He escaped unharmed.
30 September 2014, 12:05 VDL (100.5): U.S. Ambassador David Hale visited Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain el-Tineh.
30 September 2014, 12:01 MTV: A Syrian was arrested in Dekwaneh's Slaf street after police found arms, mobile phones and computers at this residence.
30 September 2014, 11:36 Shehayyeb from Rabieh: I delivered a message to Aoun. We hope we could reach a settlement on the presidency.
30 September 2014, 11:19 LBCI: The security forces arrested 2 members of the families of Arsal hostages during the dispute with them at the Masnaa road.
30 September 2014, 11:17 The security forces reopened the Masnaa road.
30 September 2014, 11:13 LBCI: Dispute has been reported between families of the abducted soldiers and the security forces on the Masnaa road.
30 September 2014, 11:08 A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and MP Ahmed Fatfat at the Grand Serail.
30 September 2014, 11:08 The relatives of the hostages said at their protest site on the Masnaa road that the authorities should accept a prisoner swap without conditions.
30 September 2014, 10:48 The army said a soldier, who had been injured in the attack on an army vehicle in Arsal on Sept. 19, succumbed to his wounds.
30 September 2014, 10:32 The head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said Tehran will provide military assistance to Lebanon.
30 September 2014, 10:28 The relatives of the Arsal captives said the Masnaa road will remain blocked until 2:00 pm.
30 September 2014, 10:22 The families of the Arsal hostages blocked the Masnaa road in the Bekaa Valley.
30 September 2014, 10:18 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun and Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb dispatched by PSP leader Walid Jumblatt.
30 September 2014, 09:56 VDL (93.3): The head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council,Ali Shamkhani, visited PM Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail.
30 September 2014, 09:48 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between two vehicles on the old airport road in Beirut's southern suburbs.
30 September 2014, 09:36 VDL (100.5): Grand Mufti Daryan is holding talks with a delegation from the Tashnag party.
30 September 2014, 08:55 Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas to VDL (100.5): The Interior Minister will not discuss at the cabinet session the relocation of Arsal encampments to other areas.
30 September 2014, 08:48 ISF arrested 81 people for committing different crimes throughout Lebanon.
30 September 2014, 08:44 LBCI: The army carried out raids in Ras al-Dekwaneh overnight and arrested several suspected terrorists.
30 September 2014, 08:15 TMC: A man was injured in a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle in Corniche al-Nahr near Bourj Hammoud.
29 September 2014, 22:15 OTV: A meeting was held between Kanaan and Adwan and they agreed to continue talks tomorrow after the Change and Reform bloc gives its feedback.
29 September 2014, 21:59 LBCI: Calm returned to the Ain el-Hilweh camp after the withdrawal of the masked gunmen who had raised Islamist banners at the vegetable market intersection.
29 September 2014, 20:44 National News Agency: Masked gunmen belonging to Bilal Bader's group have deployed at the intersection of the vegetable market in the Ain el-Hilweh camp as part of a “security day.”
29 September 2014, 18:11 Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil: The Netherlands has promised to assist the Lebanese army with weapons worth 2.3 million dollars.
29 September 2014, 18:08 MTV: The army is carrying out raids in the Burj al-Barajneh area as part of the security operation.
29 September 2014, 18:06 Head of private school teachers syndicate Nehme Mahfoud called on general assemblies in all regions to convene tomorrow to vote on starting an open-ended strike from Wednesday.
29 September 2014, 16:45 Kataeb: "Necessary legislation" is only a suspicious move aimed at coping with the presidential void, in a manner that would turn the presidency into a marginal, expendable post.
29 September 2014, 16:42 General Security: Rumors that the director general's convoy was attacked in Tripoli or that the directorate general has deported Syrians are totally baseless.
29 September 2014, 15:38 A blaze erupted in the outskirts of the southern town of Barish and Civil Defense crews are trying to douse it.
29 September 2014, 15:10 Progressive Socialist party leader Walid Jumblat sent a letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy offering condolences on the beheading of French hostage Herve Gourdel in Algeria.