Live News

04 September 2015, 22:37 LBCI: The health of one of the hunger strikers outside the environment ministry has detriorated and he will be transferred to hospital.
04 September 2015, 20:10 Bassil: The garbage crisis should be resolved through setting up a large incinerator for the waste of Beirut, its suburbs and the rest of regions. Solutions must be decentralized and through municipalities.
04 September 2015, 19:56 Aoun in brief televised message to FPM rally: I'm proud of you and I will remain proud because you have preserved the Free Patriotic Movement through your solidarity and loyalty … You heeded the call and I thank you for this glorious day, which will be the beginning of reform for our country.
04 September 2015, 19:53 Bassil: We the Lebanese should elect our president, not foreign forces. We won't accept a “wooden president” who does not understand people's golden equation. We won't accept a former PM who told us in cabinet that this country does not digest reform.
04 September 2015, 19:51 Bassil: We want a state that has a transportation system, telecommunications and services. Our dream is to have a parliament elected through a proportional representation law.
04 September 2015, 19:46 Bassil: Our dream is to have a strong army, security forces and resistance.
04 September 2015, 19:45 Bassil: We want a parliament that represents all Lebanese and regions and a cabinet that does not violate the Constitution and laws.
04 September 2015, 19:42 Bassil: We want a state enjoying 24/24 power supply through renewable energy. We want a state that has water resources, where dam projects are not suspended under the excuse of environmental concerns.
04 September 2015, 19:40 Bassil: They want to deprive us of the dream and our dream is to have a state, not a farm. We are the sons of this land. We want a free president elected by his people … We want a “clean” president who does not cover up for corruption … We want a state whose parliament does not extend its own term in violation of its jurisdiction.
04 September 2015, 19:37 Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil at FPM rally in Martyrs Square: They thought that they could force us out of political life and squares, but we returned to this square and we will return it to all Lebanese.
04 September 2015, 18:05 Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Tammam Salam.
04 September 2015, 16:43 Free Patriotic Movement supporters have started flocking to Beirut's Martyrs Square to take part in a mass rally called for by FPM chief MP Michel Aoun.
04 September 2015, 15:15 Internal Security Forces chief Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Basbous called on media outlets to be objective when covering live news and to refrain from distorting the image of the ISF members.
04 September 2015, 13:26 The ISF said it has arrested a drug dealer in the Tripoli area of Bab al-Ramel.
04 September 2015, 13:12 The Lebanese army arrested several wanted Lebanese in Haret Hreik and 18 Syrians for entering the country illegally.
04 September 2015, 12:53 VDL (100.5): PM Salam is holding talks with Telecom Minister Butros Harb.
04 September 2015, 12:43 TMC: An individual was injured when hit by a vehicle on the main road of Halba-Qobayet.
04 September 2015, 12:36 VDL (100.5): Civil Defense firefighters doused a fire that swept through bushes close to the town of Jdeita.
04 September 2015, 12:35 You Stink' activist Marwan Maalouf to VDL (93.3): We will not make any activity in the next few hours, but will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce the next steps to be taken.
04 September 2015, 12:14 VDL (100.5): PM Salam is holding talks with the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Lebanon.
04 September 2015, 11:15 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with a delegation of European Union ambassadors.
04 September 2015, 10:56 NNA: An Israeli drone overflew the villages of Marjayoun.
04 September 2015, 10:47 MP Moeen al-Merehbi to VDL (100.5): We care about developing Akkar and not the trash crisis.