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25 November 2015, 14:03 Franjieh: MP Michel Aoun is the March 8 camp's presidential candidate, but if the March 14 camp makes a proposal, then we are willing to consider it.
25 November 2015, 14:03 Franjieh: We respect the opinion of the other side and take it into consideration.
25 November 2015, 14:02 Franjieh: We all have our convictions and united by Lebanon. We should set aside our interests and place Lebanon's interests as a priority.
25 November 2015, 14:02 Franjieh after dialogue session: We hope the media would cease making claims about us.
25 November 2015, 13:58 Future TV: The national dialogue session ended.
25 November 2015, 13:58 LBCI: The next dialogue session will be held on December 14.
25 November 2015, 13:23 Judge Saqr Saqr charged 26 people with belonging to the IS group, including 13 detainees who are part of a network linked to the Bourj al-Barajneh bombing.
25 November 2015, 13:18 LBCI: PSP leader MP Walid Jumblat left the dialogue session.
25 November 2015, 12:56 VDL (93.3): Berri called during dialogue session for activating the role of the government, adding that priority should be given to electing a president.
25 November 2015, 12:50 LBCI: The army is shelling with heavy artillery the positions of gunmen on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and Arsal.
25 November 2015, 12:30 VDL (93.3): The army is shelling gunmen in the outskirts of al-Qaa.
25 November 2015, 12:07 The national dialogue session is underway at Speaker Nabih Berri's Ain el-Tineh residence in the absence of MPs Michel Aoun and Sami Gemayel.
25 November 2015, 11:58 PM Tammam Salam arrived at Ain el-Tineh to attend the national dialogue session.
25 November 2015, 11:56 Mustaqbal bloc chief MP Fouad Saniora arrived at Ain el-Tineh for the national dialogue.
25 November 2015, 11:43 PSP leader MP Walid Jumblat arrived at Ain el-Tineh to attend the dialogue session.
25 November 2015, 11:36 LBCI: MP Ibrahim Kanaan, representing MP Michel Aoun, arrived at Ain el-Tineh to take part in the national dialogue session.
25 November 2015, 11:05 MP Suleiman Franjieh arrived at Ain el-Tineh to attend the national dialogue session.
25 November 2015, 09:16 LBCI: Mecanique employees in Hadath stage a sit-in demanding that the operating company improve the salaries as promised.
25 November 2015, 08:41 MP Khodr Habib to VDL (93.3): Linking the Lebanese settlement to the Syrian one is illogical.
25 November 2015, 08:36 MP Mohammed Hajjar to VDL (100.5): It too soon to say that al-Mustaqbal movement has adopted the nomination of Franjieh for presidency.
25 November 2015, 08:29 Culture Minister Rony Araiji to VDL (100.5): Nominating (Suleiman) Franjieh for the presidency has been suggested, and MP Michel Aoun is still our candidate.
25 November 2015, 08:21 ISF arrested 73 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.
25 November 2015, 08:18 Gasoline prices dropped by LL100 while diesel prices dropped by LL200.
24 November 2015, 21:12 Al-Jazeera: Three Hizbullah fighters have been killed in Aleppo's southern countryside.
24 November 2015, 17:24 U.S. President Obama to PM Salam: For the sake of Lebanon's stability and security, now is the time for Lebanese leaders to act in the national interest and elect a president.
24 November 2015, 17:24 Kataeb Party: The return of the presidential issue to the top of the national priorities is a positive development.
24 November 2015, 17:16 Bassil: Political authority must stem from real popular will through a fair electoral law and a president who represents his people.
24 November 2015, 17:09 FM Bassil after weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc: We are in a world war and Lebanon is concerned with it and any victory against terrorism is a victory for us.
24 November 2015, 16:40 Ex-PM Hariri met MP Sami Gemayel in Paris and the two agreed on the need to "exert every possible effort to end the presidential void," Hariri's office said.