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04 March 2015, 12:58 State Security in the North arrested a Lebanese man wanted on several arrest warrants in the northern area of al-Haykaliyeh.
04 March 2015, 12:36 LBCI: Beirut's governor issued a decision to close all unlicensed beauty institutes in the capital.
04 March 2015, 12:02 Russian FM Sergei Lavrov after meeting Bassil in Geneva: We support Lebanon's sovereignty and oppose meddling in its internal affairs.
04 March 2015, 11:42 TMC: A person was injured when a pickup truck and a car collided under the Naqash bridge towards Antelias.
04 March 2015, 11:38 VDL (100.5): Education Minister Elias Bou Saab and a delegation of the SCC arrived at the Grand Serail to meet PM Tammam Salam for discussions on the wage scale file.
04 March 2015, 11:04 The Health Ministry raided a number of bakeries in Tripoli's Daftardar area, and took samples of meat, thyme and cheese for tests.
04 March 2015, 10:57 NNA: ISF began removing violating kiosks and car parking established on public property in Akkar's al-Abddeh.
04 March 2015, 09:25 NNA: Al-Youssef hospital administrative employees, who had been held for questioning in the baby's death, have been released.
04 March 2015, 09:21 OTV: The voices of anti-aircraft fire could be heard on the outskirts of Arsal.
04 March 2015, 09:05 MP Robert Ghanem to VDL (93.3): The intentions of the ministers on the working mechanism will become clear during the upcoming cabinet sessions.
04 March 2015, 08:41 MP Kamel al-Rifai to VDL (100.5): It is in Hizbullah's interest that the state implements a security plan in Beirut.
04 March 2015, 08:32 LBCI: Al-Youssef hospital staff in Akkar's Halba blocked the facility's main entrance to protest the arrest of several administrative employees to question them on the death of a baby.
04 March 2015, 08:18 ISF arrested 70 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
04 March 2015, 07:17 Gasoline prices increased by LL800.
03 March 2015, 19:51 MTV: Reports of a meeting that gathered MP Michel Aoun and General Jean Qahwaji are untrue, although there are contacts to secure such a meeting.
03 March 2015, 19:15 Mustaqbal bloc: Hizbullah is responsible for pushing the country to the highest level of danger and it is trying to impose its presidential candidate as a sole nominee.
03 March 2015, 19:07 Romain Caillet to AFP: If every person who meets jihadists for interviews will turn into a terror suspect, this will affect a lot of people, and I will continue my work from France.
03 March 2015, 17:12 Bou Saab: The bloc discussed the draft laws that are being stalled in the parliamentary committees and the need to activate them. There are subcommittees and joint committees that are tackling all laws except for those submitted by us and we will exert serious efforts to debate them, topped by the denaturalization and army laws.
03 March 2015, 17:11 Bou Saab: When a component of the government voices objection over a certain decree, this should not mean paralysis, unless there are objections from more than one component.
03 March 2015, 17:10 Bou Saab: The premier's call for consensus is essential but there should not be any obstruction. This means that a minister or two ministers must not be allowed to block decrees in the cabinet.
03 March 2015, 17:10 Bou Saab: We should not be talking about the cabinet's mechanism and the issue of one third or two thirds, as this is a cabinet of necessity and cooperation with all parties is necessary to facilitate the affairs of citizens. We are with productivity and against obstruction.
03 March 2015, 17:09 Bou Saab: Aoun talked about the Levantine Christian meeting and the conspiracies against Christian presence as well as the massacres in Iraq and Syria.
03 March 2015, 17:09 Bou Saab: The cabinet cannot continue its work normally in the absence of a president.
03 March 2015, 17:08 Education Minister Elias Bou Saab after weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc: The FPM will hold a central rally to commemorate the May 6 anniversary and remind of the massacres that the region witnessed.
03 March 2015, 16:57 Kataeb: Complete internal stability is not possible without a president, who safeguards the constitution and national pact.
03 March 2015, 16:52 A General Security source told AFP that Romain Caillet was barred entry to Beirut on suspicion that he is affiliated with terrorist groups.
03 March 2015, 16:52 Hizbullah condemned the murder of Bader Eid, calling on the concerned authorities to exert all efforts to unearth his killers.
03 March 2015, 16:39 Owners of old rent law buildings: We reject the amendments proposed by the administration and justice committee to the new rent law because it has already taken effect.
03 March 2015, 16:13 LBCI: The army opened fire at suspected gunmen activity in Wadi Hmeid and no clashes erupted between the military and extremists.
03 March 2015, 15:41 Al-Jadeed: The army targeted movements by militants on Wadi Hmeid's peripheries and Arsal's outskirts.
03 March 2015, 15:15 LBCI: The Saadiyat-Dibbiyeh road has been blocked at the al-Sayyar neighborhood in protest at the runover death of the child Mahmoud Kheir.
03 March 2015, 15:02 Al-Jadeed: Residents of al-Dibbieh - Iqlim al-Kharroub blocked the road near al-Nour mosque over the failure to create speed bumps on the main road.
03 March 2015, 14:57 Al-Jadeed: A baby died after being refused admission at a hospital in Akkar because her family did not have sufficient funds for her treatment.
03 March 2015, 13:58 Arsal residents told MTV there is heavy shelling on the town's outskirts.