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07 October 2015, 11:00 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and Public Works Minister Ghazi Zoaiter.
07 October 2015, 10:44 The ISF said that the package sent to the German embassy did not include any suspicious material.
07 October 2015, 10:33 The Iranian Ambassador said that Iran's former head of mission in Lebanon Roknabadi is still among the missing of the hajj stampede in Saudi Arabia.
07 October 2015, 10:21 NNA: Several youth blocked the international highway in Minnieh protesting the health minister's appointments in the area's Government Hospital.
07 October 2015, 10:10 VDL (93.3): Prime Minister Tammam Salam holds a meeting with Youth and Sports Minister Abdul Motleb al-Hennawi at the Grand Serail.
07 October 2015, 09:34 Informed sources to LBCI: Explosives experts dismantled last night a suspicious package that had been sent to the German embassy.
07 October 2015, 09:05 TMC: 3 people were injured in a collision between two vehicles on the main road of Kfarhazir in Amyoun.
07 October 2015, 09:03 MP Michel Moussa to VDL (100.5): Everybody has the intention to reach a settlement on the military promotions.
07 October 2015, 08:58 MP Marwan Hamadeh to VDL (100.5): The discussion on the characteristics of a president will take long and there is no way for the time being to agree on a head of state.
07 October 2015, 08:23 ISF arrested 67 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon/
07 October 2015, 08:12 NNA: Heavy shooting in Baalbek overnight against the backdrop of the murder of Hussein Tleis and Nader Yaghi.
07 October 2015, 07:34 Gasoline and diesel prices dropped LL300.
06 October 2015, 21:00 National News Agency: A woman was wounded by a stray bullet in Baalbek's al-Nabi Inaam neighborhood.
06 October 2015, 20:33 LBCI: Berri, Salam, Saniora, Kanaan, Harb and Pharaon held a meeting after the dialogue session.
06 October 2015, 20:29 MP Butros Harb: Tomorrow's dialogue session will be dedicated to the discussion of the characteristics of the new president.
06 October 2015, 20:26 LBCI quoting MP Suleiman Franjieh: I'm now more optimistic about the possibility of reaching a solution to the promotions crisis.
06 October 2015, 20:19 The evening dialogue session has ended at the parliament.
06 October 2015, 20:13 A delegation from Akkar's municipal union has accepted the government's plan to set up a garbage landfill in Srar during talks with Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.
06 October 2015, 19:10 National News Agency: Unknown gunmen fired heavy- and medium-caliber weapons from Ras al-Ain towards Baalbek in connection with the Sunday death of Hussein Tlais and Nader Yaghi, causing no casualties.
06 October 2015, 18:57 LBCI: Activists erected a tent at the entrance of the Naameh landfill to prevent the entry of any garbage truck.
06 October 2015, 18:13 The national dialogue session resumed at parliament.
06 October 2015, 17:30 VDL (100.5): Health Ministry inspectors shut a slaughterhouse and restaurant in Sidon.
06 October 2015, 17:25 MTV: The union of Akkar mayors accepted plans to set up a garbage landfill in Srar after meeting Interior Minister Mashnouq.
06 October 2015, 17:20 MTV: MP Ibrahim Kanaan will take part in the evening dialogue session on behalf of the FPM.
06 October 2015, 17:12 Aoun: Dialogue is "ongoing" and we hope it will yield good results.
06 October 2015, 17:09 The road has been reopened outside the Interior Ministry after the release of the activist Asaad Zebian.
06 October 2015, 17:08 MP Michel Aoun after weekly meeting of Change and Reform bloc: I call on the Lebanese to gather Sunday near the presidential palace in Baabda.
06 October 2015, 15:40 MTV: Aoun left the dialogue session due to health reasons and not because of any political debate or dispute.
06 October 2015, 15:29 The dialogue session has been adjourned to 6:00 pm to continue discussions over the issue of the presidency.
06 October 2015, 15:17 ISF: Activist Asaad Zebian was arrested for defiling the Lebanese flag.
06 October 2015, 15:15 You Stink activists have reopened the Hamra road and headed to the Sanayeh area to block the road outside the Interior Ministry.
06 October 2015, 15:11 The relatives of the Arsal captives reopened the Raouche road and headed towards Speaker Berri's Ain el-Tineh residence where they will hold a sit-in.
06 October 2015, 15:09 TMC: The Raouche road was reopened and traffic is gradually returning to normal.
06 October 2015, 14:58 LBCI: Health Minister Wael Abou Faour ordered the withdrawal of medical supplies, made by the brazilian Silimed company, from the market.
06 October 2015, 14:54 The road in front of the Central Bank was blocked by protesters after the arrest of activist Asaad Zebian.
06 October 2015, 14:53 Security reinforcements were brought to the central bank and Tourism Ministry where the "You Stink" campaign is protesting.
06 October 2015, 14:50 Civil society protesters: We demand each Lebanese citizen to write their concerns on the Lebanese currency.
06 October 2015, 14:43 Families of kidnapped servicemen from Raouche: We might head at three in the afternoon to the house of one of the officials.
06 October 2015, 14:42 VDL (100.5): Financial Public Prosecutor judge Ali Ibrahim ordered the detention of Y.A. for trespassing on public property.
06 October 2015, 14:22 The national dialogue session resumed, after a lunch break, in the absence of MP Michel Aoun who left the meeting.
06 October 2015, 14:22 NNA: Israeli warplanes hover over the villages of Hasbaya, al-Arqoub and Jabal al-Sheikh.
06 October 2015, 13:56 Civil society activists continue their march and head to Banque du Liban in Hamra.
06 October 2015, 13:44 The dialogue session tackled the trash crisis file.
06 October 2015, 13:42 VDL (93.3): A closed meeting takes place between Speaker Nabih Berri and PM Tammam Salam and the dialogue session will resume at 2:00 pm.
06 October 2015, 13:41 The "You Stink" campaign kicked off a surprise march from a building affiliated to the Finance Ministry.
06 October 2015, 13:37 Future TV: MP Michel Aoun left the national dialogue session.
06 October 2015, 13:17 LBCI: The health ministry issued warnings against al-Rahi hospital, Hotel Dieu, and Sacre Coeur for dumping medical wastes without any treatment.
06 October 2015, 13:15 The families of the Arsal captives said they will hold another sit-in after the Raouche protest.
06 October 2015, 12:37 Relatives of Arsal hostages: We will block the Raouche road for three hours and we will take escalatory action from now on. Our case is a red line that cannot be crossed.
06 October 2015, 12:27 The relatives of the Arsal captives blocked the Raouche main road.
06 October 2015, 12:25 NNA: Unknown assailants opened fire at dawn at a jewelry shop in Baalbek. Its owner was killed during a shooting.
06 October 2015, 12:23 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq and U.S. ambassador to Lebanon David Hale.
06 October 2015, 12:09 The fourth dialogue session kicked off at the parliament.
06 October 2015, 12:05 The Lebanese army said it arrested Youssef Abdullah Awdeh and confiscated weapons and ammunition.
06 October 2015, 12:02 Minister Shehayyeb said that another location for a landfill in the Eastern Mountain range of Bekaa has been set, adding that he will not disclose its precise location until it is ready.
06 October 2015, 11:58 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway in presence of MP Michel Aoun and MP Mohammed Raad on the sideline of the dialogue session.
06 October 2015, 11:54 Minister Shehayyeb confirmed that the work on setting up the Srar landfill is almost completed.
06 October 2015, 11:47 The families of the Arsal captives began gathering at Riad al-Solh square to head towards the Manara area and cut the road near the bain militaire.
06 October 2015, 11:34 VDL (100.5): Grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan is holding a meeting with a Progressive Socialist Party delegation.
06 October 2015, 11:31 VDL (93.3): MP Walid Jumblat arrived at Nejmeh Square to take part in the dialogue.