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24 October 2014, 17:27 Al-Jazeera: The death toll from the northern Sinai bombing has risen to 18 dead, including soldiers and civilians.

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24 October 2014, 17:12 Army chief General Jean Qahwaji arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Tammam Salam.
24 October 2014, 16:22 MTV: The army arrested a man from the Dinnawi family and another from the Salha family during a raid on their house in Tripoli's al-Mankoubin that involved an exchange of gunfire.
24 October 2014, 16:21 LBCI: There are disputes among the groups holding the captive servicemen over the issue of limiting negotiations to the Qatari envoy.
24 October 2014, 15:42 Beirut Bar Association: MP Nicolas Fattoush's insults against the head of the bar association and his violation of the law regulating the profession require taking the appropriate measures against him.
24 October 2014, 13:58 MTV: Firefighters are battling a blaze that erupted in two abutting residential buildings in Jbeil.
24 October 2014, 13:23 Al-Jadeed: Several people were injured when a car overturned on the Jiyyeh highway.
24 October 2014, 12:47 Al-Jadeed: The police vehicle in Qashlaq came under fire from the Syrian side of the border.
24 October 2014, 12:44 MTV: A joint security patrol came under fire near Qashlaq in Akkar, causing material damage only.
24 October 2014, 11:58 Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi arrived in Sydney on a two-week pastoral visit.
24 October 2014, 11:49 NNA: Two people were arrested after they tried to rob a taxi driver in Shwaifat.
24 October 2014, 11:00 OTV: A body was found in Wadi Ata in Arsal.
24 October 2014, 09:51 Daryan called on the Lebanese to hold onto the state and their constitutional institutions no matter how much efforts they should exert.
24 October 2014, 09:51 Daryan: We are a single nation and army.
24 October 2014, 09:50 Daryan: Who is benefiting from the emigration of the Lebanese?
24 October 2014, 09:50 Daryan rejected the spread of chaos.
24 October 2014, 09:50 Daryan: The Taef ended the civil war and the Lebanese established the state again. But since 2005 we are seeing efforts to contain the state, which has cost the Lebanese bloodshed.
24 October 2014, 09:48 Daryan: Fighters are using religion as a cover in their greed for power.
24 October 2014, 09:48 Daryan: Muslims today are fighting and killing each other.
24 October 2014, 09:44 Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan on the occasion of Islamic New Year: Our religion today is in crisis because of divisions and the rise of extremism.
24 October 2014, 09:14 MP Farid al-Khazen to VDL (100.5): Our stances are coordinated and we reject the extension of the parliament's tenure and resigning from the general assembly is useless.
24 October 2014, 09:13 ISF arrested 61 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
24 October 2014, 09:12 MP Jamal al-Jarrah to VDL (93.3): There is still time to discuss whether to attend the parliament's extension session or not.
24 October 2014, 08:37 TMC: Two people were injured when a car hit them on the Mirna Shalouhi highway.
24 October 2014, 08:22 MTV: The army arrested 11 suspects during raids in Dekwaneh.
24 October 2014, 08:00 MP Ahmed Fatfat to VDL (100.5): I was informed two weeks ago to limit my movement as a safety precaution. I wasn't surprised by the uncovering of Asoun network.
23 October 2014, 22:54 LBCI: Among the names received by the government are Naim Abbas, Omar al-Atrash, Joumana Hmeid, Omar Bakri, two inmates accused of involvement in the al-Tal and Behsas bombings, and the abductors of the Estonians.
23 October 2014, 22:52 LBCI: The list received by the government tonight includes the names of 44 inmates at the Roumieh and al-Rihaniyeh prisons.
23 October 2014, 22:04 National News Agency: Syrian aircraft raided the outskirts of the town of Beit Saber in Mount Hermon, dropping two barrel bombs.
23 October 2014, 21:53 OTV: Retired soldier Khaled al-Youssef was shot dead at the hands of gunmen in Tripoli's al-Qobbeh.
23 October 2014, 21:51 Al-Jadeed: Two unknown gunmen opened fire at a man on the Ibn Sina Street in Tripoli's al-Qobbeh and he was rushed to hospital.
23 October 2014, 21:37 National News Agency: Two loud blasts were heard on the western edges of Mt. Hermon and in the al-Zarqa area on the Lebanese-Syrian border, east of the town of Shebaa.
23 October 2014, 19:47 Head of Beirut Bar Association George Jreij in response to MP Fattoush: I won't allow any insult against the honor of the profession or the prestige of lawyers and their chairman.
23 October 2014, 19:46 Al-Manar: Hizbullah's two ministers talked about the security plan during the cabinet session, stressing that Hizbullah was not and will not be an obstacle in the way of any security measures in any region.
23 October 2014, 19:43 Speaker Berri to al-Manar: I have not set a date for the legislative session in which extension will be adopted, because I'm waiting for the stance of the Christian parties over the issue. I'm not concerned that someone might file a challenge, as no one will accept to take Lebanon into the abyss.
23 October 2014, 19:42 Speaker Berri to al-Manar: There are concerns that the Saudi grant might be delayed and delay would strip it of its value. Only a crazy person would reject help when there is a need and the Iranian grant must be accepted.
23 October 2014, 19:17 Minister Rifi to MP Fattoush: The case has to do with a long history of disgraceful behavior, which the public opinion knows very well.
23 October 2014, 19:16 Minister Rifi to MP Fattoush: Your problem is not with the justice minister, but rather with the Lebanese public opinion, which has unanimously condemned what you did.
23 October 2014, 18:59 Health Minister Abu Faour: The patient in Rafik Hariri hospital is not infected with Ebola virus and will be leaving the hospital.
23 October 2014, 18:18 National News Agency: The Choueifat road has been blocked at the intersection of the Coca Cola company in protest at power cuts.
23 October 2014, 18:11 VDL (100.5): The patient at Rafik Hariri hospital is infected with Malaria, not Ebola.
23 October 2014, 18:07 LBCI: The cabinet received written demands from the kidnappers of the Arsal hostages.
23 October 2014, 18:02 Jreij: There should be balance in the amount of aid offered to the refugees and the hosting communities. Direct funding must be offered to the state through programs between donors and the Lebanese authorities.
23 October 2014, 18:01 Jreij: Security forces are continuing their efforts to control security at refugee gatherings and the municipalities have been tasked with conducting statistical surveys.
23 October 2014, 18:01 Jreij: The state will obtain all the information necessary about the refugees in order to decrease their numbers according to the international norms.
23 October 2014, 18:00 Jreij: Refugees will be encouraged to return to their country or to other countries. The Lebanese laws will be implemented on them and anyone who tries to visit Syria and come back will be deprived of the refugee status.
23 October 2014, 17:59 Jreij: The cabinet endorsed the paper related to restricting the entry of refugees across the border, except for humanitarian and extraordinary cases. The names will be registered in order to verify that the measure is being implemented and no new refugees will be registered without prior approval from the social affairs ministry.
23 October 2014, 17:58 Jreij: We hope the media will take part in an awareness campaign over the dangerous Ebola disease.
23 October 2014, 17:57 Information Minister Jreij reciting cabinet's resolutions: We asked the relevant authorities to inspect the infrastructure in Dinniyeh and the areas that were affected by the heavy rains and to start repairing the damages.
23 October 2014, 17:55 LBCI: The cabinet has extended the contracts of the mobile network operators for another six months and according to the same terms.