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23 September 2014, 13:12 Geagea: The boycott has led to a vacuum and it will later lead to the election of the weakest possible candidate due to foreign meddling.
23 September 2014, 13:11 Geagea: Despite all we have endured, we still have a chance to elect a president. This vote will not be influenced by foreign powers.
23 September 2014, 13:10 Geagea: We have gone beyond what was required of us.
23 September 2014, 13:09 Geagea: If the other camp agrees, we are willing to reach an understanding with the other camp over the polls even before heading to the electoral session at parliament.
23 September 2014, 13:09 Geagea: I am a candidate who is willing to accept the nomination of another.
23 September 2014, 13:08 Geagea: We presented our candidate, proposed a solution to the deadlock, and attended electoral sessions. What else was the March 14 camp required to do?
23 September 2014, 13:07 Geagea: The divide between the March 8 and 14 camps is natural among political blocs and such divisions take place all over the world.
23 September 2014, 13:06 Geagea during press conference: Four months without a president is unacceptable, especially since there are no international or regional impediments in the elections.
23 September 2014, 12:43 LF MP George Adwan: We decided to legislate because the other party forced us to do so as a result of its paralysis of parliament.
23 September 2014, 12:30 The parliamentary session on the election of a president was adjourned to October 9 after lack of quorum.
23 September 2014, 12:28 TMC: A person was injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle on the Jal el-Dib highway.
23 September 2014, 12:26 LF chief Samir Geagea via Twitter: We have not yet received a response from the other camp to the March 14 camp's initiative on the presidential deadlock.
23 September 2014, 12:19 Al-Jadeed: The Tripoli-Dinnieh road was blocked in solidarity with the army after the death of soldier Mohammed Khaled Hussein.
23 September 2014, 12:18 LBCI: The army carried out raids in Arsal in search for suspects.
23 September 2014, 11:52 MP Ammar Houri to MTV: We will continue to attend all the electoral sessions until a new president is chosen.
23 September 2014, 11:50 NNA: A cyclist was hit by a car near Tyre's coast. He was taken to hospital.
23 September 2014, 11:30 NNA: 12 Syrians were arrested during raids in Zgharta.
23 September 2014, 11:27 OTV: Gunmen who back ex-MP Emile Naufal opened fire on an energy ministry contractor and his workers.
23 September 2014, 11:19 MP Antoine Zahra from parliament to LBCI: We regret that the head of the presidency is severed by unmasked people.
23 September 2014, 11:11 FM Bassil attended a ceremony held by Turkish President Erdogan at the Turkish embassy in New York.
23 September 2014, 11:10 MPs began arriving at the parliament to attend a session on the election of a president.
23 September 2014, 10:59 NNA: Israeli forces crossed the demarcation line at Lebanon's Ross Mountain and combed the area.
23 September 2014, 10:50 EDL's contract workers burned tires near Tannous building at the Dora bridge.
23 September 2014, 10:47 Al-Rahi called for the election of a president and the control of illegitimate weapons.
23 September 2014, 10:46 Al-Rahi: It is our duty as religious officials not to keep silent to violations of the country's principles and constitutional framework.
23 September 2014, 10:46 Al-Rahi: No party has the right to have hegemony over the country and change the type of democracy we have. There should be loyalty to Lebanon first.
23 September 2014, 10:45 Al-Rahi: It is unacceptable years after the approval of the National Pact to wonder which Lebanon we want.
23 September 2014, 10:44 Al-Rahi: It is our duty to urge our politicians to work for the people's benefit and improve the state's values.
23 September 2014, 10:44 Al-Rahi: Personal and social development is the new face of peace.
23 September 2014, 10:43 Al-Rahi: There should be administrative decentralization.
23 September 2014, 10:43 Al-Rahi: We should cooperate with the civil sector to have sustainable development.
23 September 2014, 10:42 Al-Rahi: The recent developments, economic collapse and corruption tarnished the image of the Lebanese human being.
23 September 2014, 10:42 Al-Rahi: We have a big challenge which is the protection of our common culture and its development.
23 September 2014, 10:41 Al-Rahi: The Christians and Muslims in Lebanon are a single family with the same culture.
23 September 2014, 10:41 Al-Rahi called for unity and cooperation with the Mufti on social and development issues.
23 September 2014, 10:40 Al-Rahi from Dar al-Fatwa to Mufti Daryan: We back your inauguration speech.
23 September 2014, 10:36 Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi arrived at the Dar al-Fatwa for talks with Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan.
23 September 2014, 10:29 EDL contract workers: We will continue to hold strikes, and if need be we will erect tents but we won't block roads.
23 September 2014, 10:28 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour held talks with MP Ahmed Fatfat.
23 September 2014, 09:48 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (100.5): The al-Mustaqbal bloc has no information on any developments regarding an agreement on a president.
23 September 2014, 09:45 Army radio: Israel downs Syria aircraft on Golan Heights
23 September 2014, 08:54 Minister Rony Araji to VDL (93.3): The army will be under the constant threat of kidnapping if any swap was made.
23 September 2014, 08:51 LBCI: Syrian warplanes raided the area of Sarj al-Ghanam on Arsal's outskirts to target gunmen.
23 September 2014, 08:47 MP Khaled Zahraman to VDL (93.3): Strong efforts are being exerted to hold a legislative session to approve essential issues.
23 September 2014, 08:42 ISF arrested 73 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
23 September 2014, 08:40 VDL (93.3): Soldier Mohammed Hussein was killed when the Beddawi barracks came under fire.
23 September 2014, 08:30 VDL (93.3): 3 soldiers were injured when gunmen opened fire on the Lebanese army's barracks in al-Beddawi.
23 September 2014, 08:08 VDL (100.5): One person was injured in a crash on Elias Hrawi highway.
23 September 2014, 08:03 TMC: One person was killed in a traffic accident on Jal el-Dib highway.
22 September 2014, 22:38 LBCI: The Qalamun sit-in committee has given the government 12 hours to act, threatening to block the Mhammara-Dahr al-Baydar road and the Qalamun highway from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm.
22 September 2014, 19:56 Wife of captive soldier Ali al-Bazzal to MTV: They did not demand Hizbullah's withdrawal from Syria nor the release of prisoners from Roumieh.
22 September 2014, 19:56 Wife of captive soldier Ali al-Bazzal to MTV: Al-Nusra has postponed his execution for a week. They are waiting for indications that the negotiations will be resumed and demanding a humanitarian corridor. They are also demanding an end to the persecution of Syrians and the release of all detainees who were arrested after the Arsal battles.
22 September 2014, 19:55 Wife of captive soldier Ali al-Bazzal to MTV: For the sake of his safety, I will not be able to reveal the identity of those who accompanied me to meet with al-Nusra Front. I was not able to meet my husband and they said he is present in another region.
22 September 2014, 19:44 LBCI: Ali Sukkariyeh has been freed in Wadi Hmeid after he was abducted by gunmen two days ago.
22 September 2014, 19:38 OTV: The wife of captive soldier Ali al-Bazzal has met al-Nusra Front and received a list of their demands.
22 September 2014, 18:51 VDL (93.3): A number of people were wounded in a traffic accident between a motorcycle and a car on the Dekwaneh bridge in Ashrafiyeh in Beirut.
22 September 2014, 17:35 OTV: The Lebanese army is shelling the armed groups in Arsal's outskirts.
22 September 2014, 16:48 The Kataeb Party urged the government to shoulder its responsibilities towards the soldiers and devise alternative plans, domestically and at the level of the international community, stressing that the priority is only for the election of a president.
22 September 2014, 16:21 Muslim Scholars Committee: We urge Syrians in Lebanon to be wary of Syrian regime attempts to drag them into a confrontation in Lebanon.
22 September 2014, 16:20 Muslim Scholars Committee: We hope that the government will resolve the case of Islamists in Roumieh jail or issue an amnesty for the prisoners.
22 September 2014, 16:19 Muslim Scholars Committee: The committee has exerted all possible efforts to release the soldiers, but its attempts were obstructed by certain sides.
22 September 2014, 16:19 Muslim Scholars Committee: The solution to the crisis does not lie with the government or Qatar, but a camp that is obstructing negotiations.
22 September 2014, 16:17 Muslim Scholars Committee: Arsal has revealed the truth on the ground, demonstrating that a political camp is luring the army into a confrontation with the people.