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05 May 2015, 20:59 Nasrallah: All of our countries will face the threat of fragmentation, even Saudi Arabia, and our generation should not remain silent over this issue.
05 May 2015, 20:57 Nasrallah: The Americans are not fulfilling their promises, even regarding the sale of arms to the Iraqi government.
05 May 2015, 20:54 Nasrallah: Nowadays, the Americans have revealed their true intentions through their attempt to bestow legitimacy on the fragmentation of Iraq, and this is what the Congress is trying to do.
05 May 2015, 20:52 Nasrallah on Iraq: After the IS seized control of Mosul and started threatening the rest of the provinces and the region, a U.S.-led international coalition was formed to fight it. Back then we said that the U.S. is not serious in the issue of fighting the IS and that it would utilize the threat of the IS in the region to realize its own scheme for the region. We said that the U.S. has a scheme to fragment these regions on sectarian and ethnic basis -- Arabs, Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites.
05 May 2015, 20:49 Nasrallah: Imposing pressure through killing children and women is a futile policy and the evidence is what happened in Vietnam, Gaza and Lebanon, especially during the July war, when the resistance remained resilient although everything was bombed.
05 May 2015, 20:48 Nasrallah: The world has a responsibility to confront this aggression's repercussions at the humanitarian level.
05 May 2015, 20:47 Nasrallah: The Yemeni forces have started regaining the initiative in the border regions.
05 May 2015, 20:46 Nasrallah: Today, the objective of this aggression has become clear and it has become obvious that Saudi Arabia is seeking hegemony.
05 May 2015, 20:43 Nasrallah: They claimed that they want to fight terrorism but they are offering arms to al-Qaida and bombing the popular committees to prevent them from reaching the regions where al-Qaida is operating. They have prevented any humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen.
05 May 2015, 20:39 Nasrallah: They moved to modest, achievable objectives.
05 May 2015, 20:37 Nasrallah: The launch of operation Renewal of Hope was an attempt to cover up for the failure of the first round of the war against Yemen.
05 May 2015, 20:37 Nasrallah: We are before a clear and obvious Saudi failure and a clear Yemeni victory. This is the result of the firmness and steadfastness of the Yemenis.
05 May 2015, 20:36 Nasrallah: Have they managed to achieve their real objective by restoring their hegemony over Yemen?
05 May 2015, 20:35 Nasrallah: Tell me about a single objective that has been achieved. Has Saudi Arabia restored the so-called legitimacy in Yemen? Has it managed to prevent the expansion of the Yemeni army and popular committees? Has it confiscated the arms of Ansarullah? Has it been able to return Mansour Hadi to his country?
05 May 2015, 20:34 Nasrallah: The biggest attempt at deception was what was called "the Saudi victory against Yemen" and the claim that the kingdom achieved all the objectives. Do Arab citizens accept such deception and misinformation? As an Arab citizen I want information about the objectives that were allegedly realized.
05 May 2015, 20:33 Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in a televised address on the latest developments: Once again we are before a major deception attempt, which has not stopped ever since they declared the end of operation Decisiveness Storm.
05 May 2015, 19:58 Interior Minister Mashnouq after cabinet session: The real threat in the Qalamun issue is that any military act by anyone other than the Lebanese army will negatively affect the issue of the servicemen.
05 May 2015, 19:57 Mustaqbal bloc responding to accusations by Loyalty to Resistance bloc that Mustaqbal is violating Taef: Hizbullah is reversing the facts but the Lebanese will not be deceived.
05 May 2015, 19:50 Finance Minister Khalil after cabinet session: The decision was taken to incorporate the cost of the new wage scale into the draft state budget.
05 May 2015, 19:28 Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: At least 4 Hizbullah fighters were killed in the Qalamun clashes, including a field commander.
05 May 2015, 18:43 Al-Jazeera: Two Hizbullah field commanders were killed in the Qalamun clashes.
05 May 2015, 18:12 Sky News Arabia: Ali Alayyan, the chief of Hizbullah's military operations in Qalamun, has been killed in the ongoing clashes.
05 May 2015, 17:40 Jumblat: Hariri deemed the arms clause in Resolution 1559 as unacceptable and impossible to implement as he noted that it was necessary to engage with another component of the country which is the resistance.
05 May 2015, 17:39 Jumblat: Hariri did not tackle the issue of the arms of the resistance in any way whatsoever and he was an Arab nationalist.
05 May 2015, 16:59 Jumblat: "They'll either kill you or me," Hariri told me on February 8, 2005.
05 May 2015, 16:47 Al-Manar: Five vehicles were destroyed and 12 militants were killed in the clashes between Hizbullah fighters and armed groups in the outskirts of Tufail and Brital.
05 May 2015, 16:47 A cabinet session dedicated to the 2015 state budget has kicked off at the Grand Serail under PM Tammam Salam.
05 May 2015, 16:35 Jumblat: There was no law except on paper and the law that was being enforced was the law of the Lebanese-Syrian security apparatus.
05 May 2015, 16:33 Jumblat: The guard platoon outside Hariri's house was curtailed and suspicious movements took place outside my house in Beirut. The army and General Security staged intimidation patrols.
05 May 2015, 16:31 Jumblat: Every public employee who spoke to Walid Jumblat would receive threats and we knew that through daily practice.
05 May 2015, 16:23 Jumblat: I believed that when the Syrians withdraw, we would devise a joint defense plan to repel any Israeli attack on Lebanon, as we are two Arab countries engaged in a historic confrontation with Israel. Joint battles were fought in the Bekaa plain in 1982 but I was insistent on Syria's withdrawal. However, I wanted coordination with Syria in the event of an Israeli aggression.
05 May 2015, 16:21 Jumblat: Lebanon must be a "safe flank" for Syria but Lebanon also has the right to have its independent policies and this was my stance when I was an ally of Syria.
05 May 2015, 16:15 Jumblat on period after Hariri's resignation in October 2004: After Hariri's resignation, we held weekly consultations on how to engage in the confrontation that was aimed at forming a government that would be independent from Syrian hegemony.
05 May 2015, 16:13 Al-Manar: Fierce clashes erupted between Hizbullah and the armed groups in the outskirts of Tufail and Brital.
05 May 2015, 16:11 VDL (93.3): The army is carrying out a broad crackdown in Tripoli's fish market in search of fugitives.
05 May 2015, 16:02 The STL has resumed its session.
05 May 2015, 14:06 The army intelligence arrested two people accused of transferring money to Lebanon from Islamic State members abroad.
05 May 2015, 13:49 Jumblat: Hamadeh's assassination attempt was an interpretation of Assad's threat to Hariri.
05 May 2015, 13:42 Jumblat: Syrian Vice President Khaddam visited Hamadeh and said he had also been the target of an assassination attempt plotted by Rifaat Assad. He was indirectly referring to the Syrian regime.
05 May 2015, 13:37 Jumblat: After the attack on Hamadeh, Hekmat al-Shehabi called me and told me to be careful.
05 May 2015, 13:34 Jumblat: When MP Marwan Hamadeh was targeted in an assassination attempt, the people remembered the murder of Kamal Jumblat.
05 May 2015, 12:23 Jumblat: The day Hariri was assassinated, we met and took a decision to confront the Syrian regime and its leader.
05 May 2015, 12:12 A meeting is underway between French President Francois Hollande and Mustaqbal leader Saad Hariri in Riyadh.
05 May 2015, 12:09 Jumblat: Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and I had the same conviction on the necessity of Syria's pullout from Lebanon based on the Taef.
05 May 2015, 12:06 Jumblat said there were campaigns against Patriarch Sfeir by pro-Syrian politicians.
05 May 2015, 12:05 Jumblat: Sfeir was honest. He had called for Syria's full and unconditional withdrawal from Lebanon.
05 May 2015, 11:58 Jumblat: There was no difference between the Lebanese and Syrian intelligence apparatuses because they had one leader – Assad and his representative Lahoud.
05 May 2015, 11:56 Jumblat said he was among officials who sought to expand the opposition against Lahoud's extension.
05 May 2015, 11:50 Jumblat: Hariri always used to hold onto the Taef Accord.
05 May 2015, 11:50 Jumblat: After the extension of Lahoud's term, I said “enough.” It is time for Lebanon to become an independent state.
05 May 2015, 11:46 Jumblat said he used to call for good ties with Syria because of geopolitics.
05 May 2015, 11:46 Jumblat said he used to call for good ties with Syria because of geopolitics.
05 May 2015, 11:42 Jumblat: The failure to abolish political confessionalism was an excuse for the Syrians to remain in Lebanon.
05 May 2015, 11:40 Jumblat: Assad used to be and is still is a tyrant.
05 May 2015, 11:38 Jumblat: Taef had called for abolishing political confessionalism but this has not been achieved and could not be achieved by the Lebanese.
05 May 2015, 11:31 Jumblat: Ties between Hizbullah and the Syrian regime have always been good.
05 May 2015, 11:28 Jumblat said that at first he was not in favor of UNSCR 1559 and held onto the Taef Accord.
05 May 2015, 11:18 PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat resumed his testimony at the STL.
05 May 2015, 11:10 The Lebanese army said it arrested several wanted suspects during raids it carried out at dawn in the area of Sahra al-Shweifat.
05 May 2015, 10:53 Salam: We are exerting efforts to run the state, but the absence of a president and the paralysis of the parliament are weakening the government.
05 May 2015, 10:53 Salam: The cabinet can never replace the president.
05 May 2015, 10:53 Salam: The army and security forces are maintaining the country's stability.
05 May 2015, 10:53 Salam: The political stability is a must to safeguard the country.
05 May 2015, 10:52 Salam: Harming the national security is forbidden.
05 May 2015, 10:51 Salam: The cabinet was able to maintain limited stability.
05 May 2015, 10:51 Salam: We have to reach a political breakthrough and have a will to prioritize the nation's interests.
05 May 2015, 10:49 Salam: The sharp political rift banned us from making important decisions.
05 May 2015, 10:49 Salam: The private business sector has been keeping the conomy intact.
05 May 2015, 10:48 Salam: All the crises, including the Syrian refugees, weakened the Lebanese economy, which was recently hit by ceasing the land exportation.
05 May 2015, 10:47 Salam: The Lebanese economy has been suffering during the past decade.
05 May 2015, 10:47 Salam: Lebanon is holding onto its Arab nationality.
05 May 2015, 10:46 PM Salam at the Arab Economic Forum: On behalf of the Lebanese people i thank the GCC, in particular Saudi Arabia.
05 May 2015, 10:42 Rafik Hariri University Hospital employees protested to demand the payment of their salaries.
05 May 2015, 10:15 Director of the Chamber of Commerce for Mount Lebanon and Beirut Mohammed Shuqair at the Arab Economic Forum: The security situation in Lebanon is stable and Arabs should spend the summer vacation in Beirut.
05 May 2015, 10:11 The owners of cable TV providers held a protest near the Justice Palace, demanding the state to prevent local Lebanese channels from increasing fees on subscribers.
05 May 2015, 10:09 The abducted servicemen held captive by al-Nusra Front warned in a new video from attempts to involve the Lebanese army and Hizbullah in al-Qalamoun battle: We will pay the price.
05 May 2015, 10:07 Head of the Association of Banks in Lebanon Francois Bassil at the Arab Economic Forum: The ongoing presidential vacuum is abnormal and is impacting the state.
05 May 2015, 09:48 PM Tammam Salam arrived at Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel to attend the Arab Economic Forum.
05 May 2015, 09:26 MP Ahmed Fatfat to VDL (100.5): Hizbullah is rushing to the battle of Qalamun to cut the road to the Lebanese army's expansion on the border.
05 May 2015, 09:14 NNA: The robber of a supermarket in Sidon was arrested by the ISF Intelligence Branch.
05 May 2015, 08:27 VDL (93.3): The army detained 50 Syrian nationals without identification papers in several towns in Akkar.
05 May 2015, 08:10 Al-Jadeed: The army is raiding Syrian encampments in Akkar.
05 May 2015, 07:40 MP Atef Majdalani to VDL (93.3): We all agree that the cabinet should continue its work.
05 May 2015, 07:29 ISF arrested 75 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
04 May 2015, 21:35 Al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah stressed during their 11th dialogue session "the need to maintain the regularity and continuity of the work of state institutions."