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28 May 2015, 22:37 Geagea: I have concerns over possible assassinations against al-Mustaqbal movement leaders to scare people and tell them "it is the IS."
28 May 2015, 22:27 Geagea: If we want to fight terrorism, we must protect and help moderate Sunnis in Lebanon. This cannot happen through fighting in Syria or Yemen or through issuing a verdict similar to Samaha's verdict.
28 May 2015, 22:25 Geagea: Hizbullah's presence in Syria and a verdict such as Michel Samaha's verdict are factors that pave the ground for the presence of groups similar to the IS in Lebanon.
28 May 2015, 22:23 Geagea: We don't want anyone to protect the churches of Christians in Lebanon. Has Nasrallah defended Syria's Christians and or prevented the enslavement of women in Iraq? We have men who know how to defend.
28 May 2015, 22:21 Geagea: Who devises the defense strategies in Lebanon?
28 May 2015, 22:20 Geagea: Hizbullah is sitting and talking with Nouhad al-Mashnouq, so why don't they talk with him about the issue of Arsal instead of launching this media campaign?
28 May 2015, 22:18 Geagea: If there are terrorists in Arsal, let Sayyed Hassan give their names to the army so that it performs its duty.
28 May 2015, 22:18 Geagea: Does Sayyed Hassan know about Arsal more than its residents? Who represents Arsal, al-Mustaqbal movement or Hizbullah?
28 May 2015, 22:17 Geagea: The army is deployed in all the corners of Arsal.
28 May 2015, 22:16 Geagea on Arsal: The Lebanese army has the ability to control the situation and there are no indications that the IS will enter Lebanon.
28 May 2015, 21:59 Geagea: Hizbullah will not endorse any president that it does not want but we will maintain our stance that calls for a strong republic.
28 May 2015, 21:57 Geagea: When we finish the presidential elections, we will propose a constitutional amendment to prevent the obstruction of the elections in the future.
28 May 2015, 21:54 Geagea: The quorum for the election of a president during the first session is half+1 and this debate has been running for 50 years in Lebanon. Boycotting sessions is not the right approach and any constitutional article not confined to a certain quorum should follow the half+1 rule.
28 May 2015, 21:53 Geagea: All parties are not ready for parliamentary elections but I would be the first to participate in legislative polls if it was scheduled.
28 May 2015, 21:51 Geagea: We agreed with our allies over the issues that require urgent legislation, such as the electoral law, the state budget and the law of renaturalization.
28 May 2015, 21:48 Geagea on Aoun's latest initiative: We did not discuss Aoun's initiative prior to its launch and when I met the Change and Reform delegation we agreed that a referendum would require a constitutional amendment. The issue would rather be a poll but everyone already knows that Aoun and Geagea are the strongest candidates.
28 May 2015, 21:45 Geagea: I agreed with Aoun on coordinating our stances regarding the characteristics that the next president must enjoy and we didn't agree on the principle of picking a third candidate.
28 May 2015, 21:42 Geagea: Aoun respects the Constitution, but according to his own interpretation.
28 May 2015, 21:41 Geagea: Aoun's characteristic is his representation of popular bases.
28 May 2015, 21:41 Geagea: A real president is one who respects the Constitution and the laws, who has courage and who has a vision to overcome the current crisis.
28 May 2015, 21:40 Geagea: My nomination was not at any moment aimed at blocking Aoun's candidacy and it was a normal thing for me to run for the presidency.
28 May 2015, 21:38 Geagea: I'm still a presidential candidate. My chances are low but not nonexistent and from the very first moment I did not insist on my nomination. I said if there is a presidential race, I'm willing to nominate myself, but noted that I would congratulate the winner.
28 May 2015, 21:36 Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea in an interview on LBCI: If we are real Lebanese, we must not surrender to the ongoing events and we must activate the culture of life.
28 May 2015, 18:10 OTV: ISF chief Ibrahim Basbous told the families of the servicemen that the issue of the swap deal with al-Nusra is making progress.
28 May 2015, 18:00 Army chief Qahwaji: The extraordinary circumstances that the country is going through and the internal debates over certain junctures will not at all affect the army's determination to preserve civil peace.
28 May 2015, 16:50 Loyalty to Resistance bloc: The remarks voiced by members of al-Mustaqbal party will not enable them to cover up for their embracement of terrorists.
28 May 2015, 16:49 Loyalty to Resistance bloc on regional situations: Political solutions are the method to preserve the unity of the countries of the region.
28 May 2015, 16:48 Loyalty to Resistance bloc: A president must be elected in order to respond to the requirements of this critical period and he must be representative of Christians so that the institutions can regain their constitutionality.
28 May 2015, 16:47 Loyalty to Resistance bloc: The resistance is ready to do the necessary steps in this regard and together with the people and the army it had achieved the equation of victory. The legitimacy of the resistance will remain as long as there is a threat against Lebanon.
28 May 2015, 16:46 Loyalty to Resistance bloc after its weekly meeting: Lebanon's interest lies in preserving partnership.
28 May 2015, 15:31 The STL Trial Chamber has wrapped up the hearing sessions of ex-PM Saniora.
28 May 2015, 15:28 Civil Defense firefighters doused a fire that erupted in bushes and trees on the Kharayib-Zahrani highway.
28 May 2015, 15:17 The Lebanese army deployed heavily in Arsal and erected checkpoints at the entrances of the encampments.
28 May 2015, 13:28 Speaker Nabih Berri called for a parliament session on June 3 to elect a president.
28 May 2015, 13:09 The cabinet session ended and a new session was set for Monday to discuss the issue of Arsal and security appointments.
28 May 2015, 12:34 MTV: The cabinet appointed the members of the Higher Judicial Council.
28 May 2015, 12:24 Judge Fadi Sawan issued an arrest warrant against two Syrians for belonging to a terrorist group and fighting against the army.
28 May 2015, 10:16 PM Salam chaired a cabinet session at the Grand Serail.
28 May 2015, 10:10 PM Tammam Salam will travel to Saudi Arabia on June 2. During his two-day trip he will meet with King Salman and top Saudi officials.
28 May 2015, 10:09 Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi ahead of the cabinet session: Arsal is a red line.
28 May 2015, 09:57 Defense Minister Samir Moqbel ahead of the cabinet session: The army is ready to retaliate to any attack on Arsal and its outskirts.
28 May 2015, 09:35 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Saudi Ambassador at the Grand Serail.
28 May 2015, 09:29 MP Elie Marouni to al-Mustaqbal: Aoun is responsible for the regression regarding the presidential file.
28 May 2015, 09:18 Firefighters doused overnight a huge blaze at Beirut's Sky Bar, which caused severe material damage.
28 May 2015, 09:11 MP Mohammed Hajjar to VDL (93.3): Arsal is the victim of illegitimate arms whether those coming from Syria or belonging to Hizbullah.
28 May 2015, 08:49 The Red Cross said two people were killed when their motorcycle hit a wall in the Rmeileh area at dawn.
28 May 2015, 08:35 MP Robert Ghanem to VDL (100.5): Suggestions made a Bkirki meeting are merely a solution to the lingering vacuum.
28 May 2015, 08:32 ISF arrested 42 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon's territories.
28 May 2015, 07:42 TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a vehicle in the area of Karantina.