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06 March 2015, 22:50 National News Agency: A young man was critically wounded after he fell off the seventh floor of al-Salam Complex near Tripoli's al-Qobbeh.
06 March 2015, 21:56 National News Agency: Syrian child Hadil Ziad Khiryati, 12, was hit by a car on the al-Fayda bridge in Zahle and the driver rushed her in critical condition to the Lebanese French Hospital.
06 March 2015, 21:31 Army Command: An Israeli reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace over the town of Alma al-Shaab before flying over the South, Beirut and its suburbs, Riyaq and Baalbek for more than 8 hours.
06 March 2015, 18:21 Geagea: As long as the country's situation remains the same, I cannot rest.
06 March 2015, 18:20 Geagea: Saad Hariri is free and will remain free and we're still in harmony as we were before.
06 March 2015, 18:18 Geagea to Nasrallah: Hizbullah is harming Shiites and all Lebanese through its practices.
06 March 2015, 18:17 Geagea: All Lebanese parties must not interfere in the regional schemes so that no one practices hegemony over Lebanon.
06 March 2015, 18:17 LF leader Samir Geagea in an interview on al-Jadeed radio: The relation with Aoun is still in the preliminary stages.
06 March 2015, 18:13 NNA: Two people were arrested in the South on charges of fraud and stealing electrical cables.
06 March 2015, 17:48 MP George Adwan: The government must quickly prepare and send the draft state budget to the parliament, in line with the Constitution, and it must include the new wage scale.
06 March 2015, 17:01 TMC: One person was wounded when a vehicle collided with the cement barrier on the al-Zahrani highway leading to Sidon.
06 March 2015, 16:45 FM Bassil after Latin American tour: The trip involved 31 meetings with Lebanese expats and 12 MoUs and agreements. There are 107 officials of Lebanese origin and 9 to 14 million people of Lebanese origin while we only have 5 ambassadors there.
06 March 2015, 15:36 The Ministry of Health announced that its investigations are still ongoing in the case of the toddlers Abdul Raouf Munir al-Hawli and Iman Rabih Eid and that the results will be announced once the probe ends.
06 March 2015, 15:32 The Ministry of Health has reinstated the contract signed with the Hotel Dieu De France Hospital after its directors visited the ministry and pledged to fully abide by the contract's terms.
06 March 2015, 14:32 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq held talks with U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale, who stressed the importance of Lebanon exercising diligence against challenges.
06 March 2015, 14:25 LBCI: State security arrested a gang that forges entry and exit documents for Syrians.
06 March 2015, 14:14 Civil Defense rescue team try to save an individual who accidentally fell into a well in the area of Bir Hassan.
06 March 2015, 14:03 NNA: Defense Minister Samir Moqbel met with Swiss Ambassador Francois Paras where discussions focused on the convention to remove landmines from south Lebanon.
06 March 2015, 13:56 MTV: The army intelligence referred a Syrian to the judiciary. He is suspected of guarding the servicemen kidnapped by the IS.
06 March 2015, 12:11 Qazzi: The compensation that we vowed for Casino du Liban sacked employees will not be deducted.
06 March 2015, 11:55 VDL (100.5): The decomposed corpse discovered in Ain el-Hilweh is that of Khaled Mustafa Rahhal, a member of Fatah.
06 March 2015, 11:36 The top U.N. official for humanitarian aid, Valerie Amos, completed her visit to Lebanon calling for continued international support to help maintain the country's stability.
06 March 2015, 11:28 VDL (100.5): An unidentified and disintegrated corpse of a man placed in a plastic bag was found in a grove in Hay Hettin in Ain al-Hilweh.
06 March 2015, 11:20 VDL (100.5): The car located in Biddawi doesn't contain any explosives.
06 March 2015, 11:20 VDL (93.3): Security forces continued their campaign to remove violations in Tripoli markets.
06 March 2015, 11:19 VDL (100.5): Minister Alain Hakim is chairing a meeting for the the National Council for prices policy.
06 March 2015, 10:51 LF official Melhem Riachi to al-Jadeed: Dialogue with the FPM is ongoing and fruitful.
06 March 2015, 10:37 VDL (100.5): A suspicious Mercedes was found near Salah Eddine mosque in Biddawi area.
06 March 2015, 10:07 MP Sethrida Geagea to Free Lebanon: Samir Geagea has the capabilities to become a president.
06 March 2015, 09:33 VDL (100.5): Sheikh Abbas Zgheib's car came under gunfire in the area of al-Mreijeh overnight.
06 March 2015, 08:46 Minister Michel Pharaon ruled out in remarks to VDL (93.3) the discussion of controversial issues at the cabinet. It would be better to make appointments after the election of a president.
06 March 2015, 08:46 MP Samir al-Jisr to VDL (93.3): We hope that the dialogue between Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal succeeds. The agreement now is based on implementing the constitution where everyone vowed not to obstruct the government’s work.
06 March 2015, 08:20 Change and Reform MP Ibrahim Kanaan left to Paris to take part in the Free Patriotic Movement's conference where he is expected to deliver a speech.
06 March 2015, 08:12 ISF detained 80 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
06 March 2015, 07:45 MP Jean Oghassabian to VDL (100.5): Hizbullah is seeking the deployment of the army in the Dahiyeh in fears of security gaps.