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29 November 2015, 12:02 Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea via twitter: Some people care too much about history, they should care a little more about the present.
29 November 2015, 11:01 LBCI: We are committed not to disclose any information on the abducted soldiers given the delicate negotiations and out of our keenness to help it succeed.
29 November 2015, 10:45 Security source to VDL (100.5): The swap with al-Nusra Front has begun but it needs some time to conclude.
29 November 2015, 10:41 NNA: A man was killed and another was injured in a vehicle collision on the Zahle highway.
29 November 2015, 10:30 VDL (93.3): The swap will take place in half an hour between al-Masyada and Wadi Hmeid.
29 November 2015, 10:28 Security sources to VDL (93.3): The negotiations are going well, no complications so far.
29 November 2015, 10:05 VDL (93.3): 20 military vehicles and General Security ambulances head to Arsal.
29 November 2015, 10:01 Security source to VDL (93.3): Security measures have been taken between Baalbek and al-Labweh paving way for a close release of the servicemen held captive by al-Nusra Front.
29 November 2015, 09:58 VDL (100.5): The army closed Arsal's Wadi Hmeid and al-Masyad crossings.
29 November 2015, 09:53 MTV: A General Security delegation arrived at al-Labweh.
29 November 2015, 09:51 MP Bassem al-Shabb to VDL (93.3): Franjieh has not been officially nominated. What is wrong with having dialogue with Franjieh being one of the four Christian poles?
29 November 2015, 09:42 MP Fadi Karam to VDL (93.3): We hope that the kidnapped servicemen are released in the next few hours.
29 November 2015, 08:18 ISF arrested 62 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.
28 November 2015, 14:21 Kataeb delegation: It is too soon to comment on whether we will support the nomination of MP Suleiman Franjieh as candidate. We do would not oppose a candidate, but a presidential platform.
28 November 2015, 14:21 Kataeb delegation after meeting Geagea: There are common visions between us and the LF. We believe in respecting the constitution and electing a president who believe in freedom, sovereignty, and independence.
28 November 2015, 14:19 Kataeb delegation: We discussed the electoral law and the need to adopt a new one. We reject the 1960s law and hope for the approval of a modern one.
28 November 2015, 13:02 Minister Elias Bou Saab from Tripoli: We are facing a huge crisis from the Syrian refugees and we hope their country's conflict will be resolved so that they can return to their home.
28 November 2015, 12:38 LBCI: LF chief Samir Geagea is holding talks with a Kataeb Party delegation at Maarab.