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22 August 2014, 12:41 VDL (93.3): A Lebanese national was kidnapped in Nigeria .
22 August 2014, 12:17 VDL (100.5): A meeting is underway between Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel.
22 August 2014, 11:51 Free Lebanon radio: Former Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir underwent a minor surgery at Notre Dame de Secours Hospital and he is doing well.
22 August 2014, 11:43 Kanaan called for the amendment of clause 2 of article 49 of the constitution to consolidate democracy and rotation of power.
22 August 2014, 11:41 Kanaan on the proposed draft-law: The president should be elected by the people in two rounds.
22 August 2014, 11:40 Kanaan: A strong president is capable of being committed and implementing his vows.
22 August 2014, 11:39 Kanaan: We now have the opportunity to abide by the National Pact. The Christians should not rush the election of a president who should be strong.
22 August 2014, 11:39 Kanaan: Any quorum in any electoral round would bring a president who is not qualified and his election would be based on settlements.
22 August 2014, 11:38 Kanaan: An electoral draft-law based on proportionality should have been adopted in 2013 to lead to the election of a president in 2014. But the parliament's term was extended rather than approving the Orthodox Gathering proposal.
22 August 2014, 11:36 Kanaan: The Christians have been marginalized because they are being elected from people from outside their sects.
22 August 2014, 11:34 MP Ibrahim Kanaan during a press conference at parliament: The problem in the election of the president is not the lack of quorum but the unconstitutional practice of politics.
22 August 2014, 11:29 TMC: 2 people were injured in a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle on al-Assad highway near Cocodi tunnel.
22 August 2014, 11:22 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is meeting with MP Bahia Hariri at the Grand Serail.
22 August 2014, 11:17 MP Ahmed Fatfat to LBCI: The Change and Reform bloc proposal is not serious and is unacceptable under the current circumstances.
22 August 2014, 11:09 EDL contract workers: Our protest is peaceful and civilized.
22 August 2014, 11:09 EDL contract workers: The lawsuit filed by Kamal al-Hayek against three workers targets 2000 employees.
22 August 2014, 11:08 EDL contract workers called on the company's board of directors to support them.
22 August 2014, 11:07 EDL contract workers: We had no other solution but to escalate our endeavors.
22 August 2014, 11:07 EDL contract workers: We are not criminals and we are demanding the implementation of the law.
22 August 2014, 11:06 EDL contract workers: Those responsible for the deterioration of the company should be referred to the general prosecution.
22 August 2014, 10:56 VDL (100.5): Fire erupted near the electricity station in Tripoli's Bahsas area and firefighters are working on extinguishing it.
22 August 2014, 10:14 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam met with Arab ambassadors at the Grand Serail over the rebuilding of the Nahr al-Bared camp.
22 August 2014, 10:10 MP Bahia Hariri left Bkirki without making any statement.
22 August 2014, 10:02 EDL urged all employees to report to work next Monday and asked security forces to protect them.
22 August 2014, 09:37 Lebanese Red Cross: Ambulances and medics rushed to Dbayeh after a horrific car accident in the area.
22 August 2014, 09:27 Around 11 people were injured in a traffic accident in Kahhaleh at dawn Friday.
22 August 2014, 09:15 VDL (100.5): A meeting is underway between MP Bahia Hariri and Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.
22 August 2014, 08:38 ISF arrested 74 people for committing different crimes across Lebanese territories.
22 August 2014, 08:36 Social Affairs Minister Rashid Derbas to VDL (100.5): The solution to the Syrian refugee crisis needs the announcement of a state of emergency.
22 August 2014, 08:28 MP Assem Araji to VDL (100.5): It is not the right time for the Change and Reform proposal. We need a two-thirds majority to make the amendment at a time when no more than 60 MPs are attending sessions.
21 August 2014, 22:07 Rifi: ISIL and Hizbullah are similar. Hizbullah has an Iranian project that aims at controlling Lebanon.
21 August 2014, 21:46 Rifi: Gunmen opened fire at Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi.
21 August 2014, 21:44 Rifi: The case of abducted troops is followed up through a cell that has our complete trust. The published reports are not true.
21 August 2014, 21:39 Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi to LBCI: Ali and Refaat Eid will be detained when they enter Lebanon.
21 August 2014, 20:09 FPM sources to MTV: The Change and Reform bloc's proposal is serious and a delegation will tour the rival parties to discuss it.
21 August 2014, 20:09 MP Serge Torsarkissian to MTV: Any constitutional amendment requires the attendance of two-thirds of lawmakers.
21 August 2014, 20:08 MP Farid al-Khazen to LBCI: The Change and Reform parliamentary bloc's constitutional amendment is an attempt to end the political crisis.
21 August 2014, 19:47 OTV: Nader al-Hariri and Hajj Wafiq Safa held several meetings to prepare for a meeting for senior officials from the two parties.
21 August 2014, 19:21 Hizbullah condemned the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley.
21 August 2014, 18:51 Hizbullah: We offer our condolences over the martyrdom of three Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades commanders.
21 August 2014, 17:02 Information Minister Ramzi Jreij after cabinet session: A report on solid waste was presented to the ministers.
21 August 2014, 16:42 PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat held talks with Beirut Maronite Bishop Boulos Matar on the latest developments.
21 August 2014, 16:13 Al-Jadeed: A rally marking the anniversary of the twin bombings at the Taqwa and Salam mosques kicked off in Tripoli.
21 August 2014, 15:31 Judicial sources to LBCI: The Military Court approved the release of Abou Taymour al-Dandashi, clarifying that he is not a leader of armed groups in Tripoli.
21 August 2014, 15:27 LBCI: Cabinet approved expanding the capacity of the waste-to-gas power plant at al-Naameh dump in order to provide power to nearby towns.
21 August 2014, 15:14 Al-Jadeed: A female Syrian refugee, N. al-Hamdo, was abducted in the North four days ago and her father has pleaded to the state to reveal her fate.
21 August 2014, 15:12 Future TV: The ministerial committee has a 15-day deadline to put plans with Sukleen and Lavajet for waste treatment.
21 August 2014, 15:06 LBCI: The fire that broke out in Jbeil's Obeidat has been extinguished.
21 August 2014, 15:05 OTV: The cabinet formed a committee constituted of PM Tammam Salam and five other ministers to communicate with companies concerned with waste treatment to put future plans.
21 August 2014, 14:29 LBCI: Abou Taymour al-Dandashi, the leader of a group involved in the fighting in Tripoli's al-Rifa, was released from Roumieh prison.
21 August 2014, 14:17 Sheikh Adnan Imama to LBCI: The Muslim Scholars Committee will meet with PM Tammam Salam on Friday to hear his response on the demands of the jihadists.
21 August 2014, 14:01 Civil Defense teams are working on extinguishing a fire that broke out at the cedar reserve in al-Shouf.
21 August 2014, 13:06 VDL (100.5): The army intelligence detained two Syrians in Chtaura over suspicion of having links to the clashes in Arsal.