Live News

10 February 2016, 10:39 LBCI: The cabinet session kicked off at the Grand Serail.
10 February 2016, 10:38 MTV: Civil society activists blocked the Banks street in Riad al-Solh.
10 February 2016, 10:24 Agriculture Minister Akram Shehayyeb to VDL (100.5): The issue of exporting the garbage is ongoing, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction is following up.
10 February 2016, 10:14 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour to VDL (93.3): Why don't we impose taxes on the nobles and high-ranking smugglers before we impose them on the citizens?
10 February 2016, 10:12 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq to VDL (93.3): I will focus all my efforts today at the cabinet session on the issue of the Civil Defense volunteers.
10 February 2016, 09:57 VDL (100.5): Civil society activists started gathering in Riad al-Solh square to protest tax hikes that could be approved at the cabinet session today.
10 February 2016, 09:55 Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq to VDL (93.3): Taxes require a law at parliament and we will study the general financial state.
10 February 2016, 09:05 LBCI: Palestinian refugees blocked the entrance of the UNRWA headquarters in Beirut protesting the reduction in health services.
10 February 2016, 08:36 ISF arrested 77 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
10 February 2016, 08:01 Minister Rashid Derbas told VDL (93.3) the government is similar to a bus and that everybody insists to steer the wheel as it heads towards the abyss.
10 February 2016, 07:33 Gasoline prices dropped LL200 and diesel LL100.
09 February 2016, 19:41 Information Minister Jreij told al-Manar that he is against hiking taxes on gasoline.
09 February 2016, 19:00 Activists from the "We Want Accountability" campaign have erected tents in Riad al-Solh in preparation for tomorrow's sit-in, warning against slapping new taxes to fund the garbage export plan.
09 February 2016, 17:47 VDL (93.3): The army raided the residence of Abdul Rahman M. in Jabal al-Beddawi on suspicion of his terror links and later arrested him and confiscated a weapon in his possession.
09 February 2016, 17:14 Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil: The financial issue must be addressed in a comprehensive manner and there is no decision to hike the price of gasoline.
09 February 2016, 12:26 PM Salam hoped that the Lebanese would unite to salvage Lebanon the same way they united today to celebrate St. Maroun Day.
09 February 2016, 11:59 MPs Antoine Zahra and Gilberte Zouein, and Marada Movement official Youssef Saadeh held a closed-door meeting with al-Rahi.
09 February 2016, 11:39 Anti-terror police arrested a suspect wanted for murder in the area of al-Marej in Bekaa.
09 February 2016, 11:39 Matar: We welcome new initiatives that have broken the deadlocks of the past and we welcome new rapprochements.
09 February 2016, 11:36 Matar: Our national dignity should not allow us to link the presidency to issues beyond our country's borders.
09 February 2016, 11:35 Matar urged officials to resolve the dispute over the presidency.
09 February 2016, 11:34 Beirut Maronite Bishop Boulos Matar during Mar Maroun sermon: Political powers are seeking conflicting interests and we realize that the world is witnessing a spiritual crisis instead of a political one.
09 February 2016, 11:06 PM Tammam Salam arrived at St. Maroun church in Gemmayze.
09 February 2016, 10:56 Personalities began arriving at St. Maroun church in Gemmayze to attend the mass that will be celebrated by Bishop Boulos Matar.
09 February 2016, 10:51 Al-Rahi: Maronites should play their role in creating a bridge among different factions.
09 February 2016, 10:51 Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi said he gives his blessing to any initiative that removes the obstacles facing the presidential elections.