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01 February 2015, 20:52 PM Salam: The Damascus attack is a barbaric, condemned act and I call for depriving the terrorists of the chance to realize their strife schemes.
01 February 2015, 20:37 LF chief Geagea made a televised address to deny rumors claiming that his convoy had come under gunfire, noting that he did not leave his house today and did not have a convoy anywhere in Lebanon.
01 February 2015, 19:42 Al-Manar: Eighteen wounded people who survived the Damascus bombing have arrived in Dahieh.
01 February 2015, 19:40 The second batch of the Lebanese pilgrims who survived the Damascus blast have arrived in Msharrafiyeh.
01 February 2015, 19:37 Hizbullah on Damascus blast: It's an evidence of the barbarity of these terrorists, whose criminal acts are serving the interests of the Zionist entity.
01 February 2015, 19:17 MTV: The convoy carrying the Lebanese citizens who survived the Damascus terrorist blast has arrived in Dahieh.
01 February 2015, 19:09 The Oshaq al-Hussein pilgrimage campaign identified the six people killed in the bus bombing as Mohammed Ahmed Meqdad, Mahdi Youssef Meqdad, Qassem Hatoum, Ali Abbas Ballouq, Shadi Houmani and Mohammed Hassan Ayyoub.
01 February 2015, 19:00 The press office of LF chief Geagea denied as totally baseless reports claiming that his convoy had come under gunfire on the Jounieh-Harissa road.
01 February 2015, 14:55 VDL (100.5): Al-Nusra Front Twitter accounts posted photos of a Saudi youth, claiming to have carried out the bus bombing Damascus.
01 February 2015, 14:48 Al-Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that targeted the Lebanese bus in Damascus.
01 February 2015, 14:38 Civil Defense teams retrieved the corpse of the citizen who had drowned off the Raouche shore.
01 February 2015, 14:37 TMC: Two people were wounded in a traffic accident on the Abou Qamha main road in Hasbaya.
01 February 2015, 14:25 NNA: Security forces arrested in Shadra a suspected defector from the Syrian army, turning him over to army intelligence.
01 February 2015, 14:16 LBCI: The Damascus bombing targeted a bus transporting Lebanese Shiite travelers visiting a religious shrine in the area.
01 February 2015, 13:26 NNA: Syrian Mohammed al-Hayek was killed after being run over by a Honda vehicle in Tripoli.
01 February 2015, 13:04 Civil Defense teams saved a citizen from drowning off the Raouche coast and they are still searching for another.
01 February 2015, 11:56 VDL (93.3): Israeli jets carried out mock raids in the South, breaking the sound barrier.
01 February 2015, 10:57 Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi to al-Jadeed: The Central Bank governor is intervening to resolve the Casino du Liban case to ensure that the rights of all employees are preserved.
01 February 2015, 10:39 VDL (93.3): Israeli jets flew at medium altitude over southern regions.
01 February 2015, 09:41 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (93.3): On the strategic level, there is no loser in the dialogue between the FPM and LF.
01 February 2015, 08:28 NNA: The army arrested at one of its Arsal checkpoints Abdul Karim al-Hujeiri for belonging to a terrorist group.