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18 September 2020, 15:41 MP Ali Bazzi to al-Jadeed: We are in a sectarian system and as long as we are in this system, no one has the right to isolate any sect.
18 September 2020, 13:25 LBCI: Macron is to personally hold a series of contacts with political leaders in Lebanon in a bid to solve the hurdles obstructing the government formation.
18 September 2020, 13:23 LBCI: France insists its initiative succeeds even if it has to introduce some changes to it.
18 September 2020, 12:57 Presidency media office: Macron held telephone talks with Aoun on the need to expedite the government formation.
18 September 2020, 12:05 Geagea: Thwarting an initiative only to prove someone wrong is a blatant attempt to sabotage the country.
18 September 2020, 11:59 Geagea: AMAL Movement and Hizbullah have publicly declared they want the finance portfolio and to name the Shiite ministers, and this is what led to the suspension of the French initiative.
18 September 2020, 11:57 Geagea: Insistence to retain specific portfolios for specific political parties strikes the French initiative to the core.
18 September 2020, 11:55 Geagea: The French initiative is an initiative of specifications, not individuals.
18 September 2020, 11:54 Geagea: Although the Lebanese Forces did not vote in favor of designating Adib, but we support the choice bringing a new PM to form a new government
18 September 2020, 11:51 Geagea: Interrogating Ali Al-Amin is unacceptable and summoning every opinion contradicting to Hizbullah in the Shiite community is unacceptable.
18 September 2020, 11:49 Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea at a press conference from Maarab: The French initiative is meant to reduce the burden on Lebanese after the Beirut port explosion. It is not meant to solve the Lebanese crisis.
18 September 2020, 09:35 LBCI: A hearing session kicked off at Mount Lebanon's Justice Palace to question Shiite cleric Ali al-Amin over accusations of "meeting Israeli officials in Bahrain."
17 September 2020, 19:32 Al-Manar: Khalil and al-Khalil learned from Adib that the obstacle is at the Center House and that the French are continuing their efforts.
17 September 2020, 19:29 Health Ministry: Lebanon recorded 685 new COVID-19 cases and four deaths over the past 24 hours.
17 September 2020, 19:17 Caretaker PM Diab has signed a decree relieving detained Beirut Port chief Hassan Qureitem of his duties.
17 September 2020, 17:32 Adib from Baabda: We don't have much time and I'm counting on everyone's cooperation.
17 September 2020, 17:30 Adib from Baabda: I discussed with the president the difficulties we are facing in the formation of the new government.
17 September 2020, 17:29 Adib: I agreed with the President to give more time to the ongoing consultations.
17 September 2020, 17:28 MTV: Adib will consult with Aoun on whether he should step down or wait.
17 September 2020, 17:26 MTV: Adib told the Shiite duo that he is committed to the French initiative.
17 September 2020, 17:20 MTV: The U.S. Treasury has imposed sanctions on two firms and an individual allegedly linked to Hizbullah.
17 September 2020, 17:19 Al-Jadeed: The PM-designate told the Shiite duo that he does not want to form a government without them although he cannot bow to their conditions.
17 September 2020, 16:57 Al-Jadeed: Adib did not tell Khalil and al-Khalil that he is inclined to step down.
17 September 2020, 16:56 PM-designate Mustafa Adib has started his meeting with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace.
17 September 2020, 16:55 MTV: Adib wants to give the French initiative a last chance, especially that the French do not want this initiative to fail.
17 September 2020, 16:54 MTV: All efforts have so far failed but Adib will not step down today in order to give more time to the contacts.
17 September 2020, 16:44 Fahmi issued a memo allowing cinemas, theaters, amusement parks and internal children playgrounds to reopen at 50% capacity.