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23 July 2014, 18:32 Al-Jadeed: Palestinian national Mohammed Jaber has been freed for ransom after he was abducted last week in the Baalbek district area of al-Khraibeh.
23 July 2014, 18:32 Al-Jadeed: An Israeli patrol found a suspicious object at the Kfarkila water drainage canal and it is inspecting the site under the eyes of UNIFIL and army troops.
23 July 2014, 18:26 MTV: Saniora stressed to Khalil during the financial meeting that the new wage scale cannot be approved in its current format.
23 July 2014, 18:22 MTV: A source who took part in the financial meeting has confirmed that salaries will be paid from the reserve, without approving a law in parliament.
23 July 2014, 17:42 LF leader Samir Geagea discussed the presidential polls with al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Samir al-Jisr, stressing the necessity to elect a president "as soon as possible" and tackling what the March 14 alliance can do to make a breakthrough in the impasse.
23 July 2014, 16:53 Finance Minister Hassan Khalil: The likely formula to resolve the issue of salaries is curbing unnecessary spending from the reserves available under Law 238 and redistributing it to secure the cost.
23 July 2014, 15:46 OTV: The salaries of public employees were discussed in talks between Kanaan and Hassan Khalil ahead of a meeting between the latter and Saniora.
23 July 2014, 13:44 LBCI: A meeting is underway between Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, Mustaqbal bloc head MP Fouad Saniora, and MP Ghazi Youssef to discuss the civil servants salaries case.
23 July 2014, 13:27 VDL (93.3): The army is carrying out an operation in search for suspects on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and Arsal.
23 July 2014, 13:11 Geagea hailed the efforts of Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi in ending the deadlock.
23 July 2014, 13:10 Geagea: Hizbullah is obstructing the elections to achieve Iranian interests.
23 July 2014, 13:09 Geagea: The main internal factor in obstructing the polls is the Change and Reform bloc's desire to see MP Michel Aoun as president.
23 July 2014, 13:08 Geagea: We could have held the elections and later addressed the constitutional amendment.
23 July 2014, 13:07 Geagea: The constitutional amendment proposal is aimed at improving one's negotiation options.
23 July 2014, 13:07 Geagea slammed the “insolence” of proposing a constitutional amendment at such a critical time.
23 July 2014, 13:06 Geagea: We have exerted all possible legitimate efforts to stage the elections. We will not surrender or despair. This may take time, but it is better than doing nothing.
23 July 2014, 13:06 Geagea: Sometimes people may feel like they are being wronged, but that does not mean that they are entitled to wronging the entire population.
23 July 2014, 13:05 Geagea: We have not surrendered and we will not surrender.
23 July 2014, 13:04 Geagea: The other camp's actions are obstructing the people's daily lives.
23 July 2014, 13:04 Geagea: The other camp's mentality does not respect democracy, the country, the people, presidency, and logic.
23 July 2014, 13:04 LF chief Samir Geagea: We would not have been upset over the vacuum had there been legitimate reasons for it. Obstructing the elections is unjustified.
23 July 2014, 12:45 The next presidential elections session will be held on August 12.
23 July 2014, 12:40 MP Geagea: The session failed because a number of MPs are not fulfilling their duties.
23 July 2014, 12:39 MP Sethrida Geagea after presidential elections session: We attended the session to respect the faith entrusted to us by the people.
23 July 2014, 12:37 Minister Abou Faour ahead of parliamentary session: The dispute over the salaries of public employees should be resolved. The Lebanese mind is creative.
23 July 2014, 11:57 PM Tammam Salam issued a memorandum that all companies and businesses will close on the first and second days of the al-Fitr holiday.
23 July 2014, 11:54 Lawmakers began arriving at parliament to attend the presidential elections session.
23 July 2014, 11:10 The March 14 alliance staged a sit-in in solidarity with the Gaza Strip.
23 July 2014, 10:30 Minister Hussein Haj Hassan during a sit-in for public employees near the ministry of industry: We back the stance of the finance minister and hope the dispute would be resolved soon.
23 July 2014, 08:53 Gasoline and diesel prices dropped by LL300.
23 July 2014, 08:19 ISF detained 68 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
23 July 2014, 08:17 ISF detained M. H. on charges of tossing grenades at army checkposts in Tripoli's Abi Samra.
22 July 2014, 21:59 Three people were injured as a dispute between young men from the Jawhar and Barhoun families erupted into gunfire in Akkar's Bebnin.
22 July 2014, 18:58 Al-Mustaqbal bloc: We announce a sit-in in solidarity with Gaza tomorrow at the ESCWA in downtown Beirut at 11 am, to condemn and reject this barbaric Israeli aggression.