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28 January 2015, 11:07 TMC: An individual was injured in a car crash on the main road of Fayda-Marj in Zahle.
28 January 2015, 10:45 LBCI: The labor unions at Casio du Liban asked for a meeting with Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi.
28 January 2015, 10:44 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Australian Ambassador at the Grand Serail.
28 January 2015, 10:21 Israeli media reports said the Jewish State's army began digging work on the northern border with Lebanon in search for Hizbullah tunnels.
28 January 2015, 10:12 VDL (100.5): The ultra elite Strike Force raided the Handasa street in Tripoli's Qobbeh and detained Kh. al-Khayat and others.
28 January 2015, 10:09 NNA: The Lebanese army arrested Palestinian Rami Lutfi al-Zankari in the camp of al-Bass in Tyre for the possession of two hand grenades.
28 January 2015, 09:50 NNA: The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested in Zahle a suspect wanted for committing robberies and theft.
28 January 2015, 09:23 TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a car on the Bikfaya main road.
28 January 2015, 09:16 Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi to VDL (100.5): It is important to keep politics away from the crisis at the Casino du Liban and reforms couldn't be made by discharging employees.
28 January 2015, 09:15 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (93.3): The security plan should be implemented in all Lebanese territories.
28 January 2015, 09:07 MP Robert Ghanem to VDL (100.5): There is no possibility to carry out a constitutional amendment to prevent the MPs from obstructing the presidential elections.
28 January 2015, 08:47 NNA: Syrian national Samer Mohammed Sobhi was found dead with a shot in the head in Akkar's border town of al-Dababiyeh.
28 January 2015, 08:31 TMC: A van collided into the traffic-light pole on al-Musharrafieh's Sayyed Hadi highway but only material damages were reported.
28 January 2015, 08:19 TMC: A collision between four vehicles on al-Jamhour's Bsous road caused bumper-to-bumper traffic. Only material damages were reported.
28 January 2015, 08:05 NNA: Israeli warplanes are heavily flying over the eastern sector as armors carried out unprecedented movements along the border near the Wazzani Hills and the Shebaa heights.
28 January 2015, 08:03 ISF detained 85 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
28 January 2015, 07:43 MTV: The bullet-riddled body of Aa. F. was found in Ain el-Hilweh camp.
28 January 2015, 07:15 Gasoline prices dropped LL400 and diesel LL1,000.
27 January 2015, 22:08 National News Agency: An Algerian man was arrested at the entrance of the Akkar town of Shadra for entering the country illegally.
27 January 2015, 21:41 National News Agency: Fierce clashes are underway in the al-Khashaa area in the Eastern Mountain Range opposite Nahle's outskirts.
27 January 2015, 21:40 LBCI: The Syrian army is repelling an assault by the takfiri groups on the al-Khashaa area which is adjacent to Nahle's outskirts and fierce clashes are underway.
27 January 2015, 21:06 OTV: Clashes erupted between Hizbullah fighters and takfiri militants in Nahle's outskirts on the eastern border.
27 January 2015, 20:13 Arsal sources to LBCI: There is no proof that al-Mawlawi has entered Arsal and only a ministerial or security convoy can secure his entry, because he would have to cross 10 checkpoints.
27 January 2015, 20:12 Maj. Gen. Munir al-Maqdah to LBCI: All reports indicate that al-Mawlawi has left the Ain el-Hilweh camp, but there is no 100% confirmation. Even if he is still in the camp, he won't stay for long, because there is no popular embracement for him.
27 January 2015, 20:03 Abi Ramia: At the personal level, I will file a lawsuit because I own two shares in the casino. I will open the file of corruption and fund squandering in the casino as of October 11, the moment the current board of directors assumed its duties.
27 January 2015, 20:02 Abi Ramia: Reform should start through sacking the casino's board of directors, because reform must begin from the top.
27 January 2015, 20:02 Abi Ramia: We call on the central bank governor to reverse the arbitrary measures and to deem all dismissal letters null and void.
27 January 2015, 20:01 MP Simon Abi Ramia at press conference from Casino du Liban: We were demanding a reform plan because the casino's situation was deteriorating and we were with the reform plans, but we were surprised by an arbitrary decision that was planned in "dark rooms" and led to firing 191 employees, without whom Casino du Liban would not have existed.
27 January 2015, 19:58 Sources close to Berri to LBCI: Speaker Berri has not interfered in the issue of Casino du Liban and he has left it to the Intra company and the central bank to take the appropriate measures.
27 January 2015, 19:51 Casino du Liban's administration: The taken measures are aimed at salvation and at serving the public interest away from politicization or hidden agendas.
27 January 2015, 19:51 OTV: The casino's gaming rooms, theater and all sections have shut down and will remain closed until morning, according to the employees.
27 January 2015, 18:56 Al-Jadeed: MP Walid Jumblat arrived in Ain al-Tineh for talks with Speaker Nabih Berri.
27 January 2015, 18:55 Israeli drones are hovering over the Shebaa Farms and Israeli reinforcements have been sent to the border, including Merkava tanks and personnel carriers.
27 January 2015, 17:11 Jreissati: The army should not just request political cover, but it should end the battle with extremists and bolster its positions. It should request arms from whichever side is willing to offer it.
27 January 2015, 17:10 Jreissati: We are still awaiting the shipment of weapons to the army that will enable it to properly confront terrorists.
27 January 2015, 17:07 Jreissati: Why hasn't the case of the fourth basin at Beirut port been tackled by cabinet?
27 January 2015, 17:06 Jreissati: Military posts should be bolstered and cooperation should take place with Syrian army to protect Lebanon's border.
27 January 2015, 17:05 Jreissati: The bloc noted that the Ras Baalbek attack came a day after Army chief Jean Qahwaji's visit to the area, in a sign of the extremists' belittling of the military.
27 January 2015, 17:04 Jreissati: We condemn the clashes in Ras Baalbek and the violation of Lebanese territory by terrorist groups.
27 January 2015, 17:04 Ex-Minister Salim Jreissati after Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: We hope that Saudi Arabia will continue to unite the Arab world, starting with confronting Israeli and extremist terrorism.
27 January 2015, 16:23 ISF: Security forces in Tariq al-Jedideh arrested 3 suspects for selling spoiled chicken to restaurants, seizing 250 kgs of chicken.
27 January 2015, 16:15 Al-Jadeed: The sacked employees have blocked the roads leading to Casino du Liban.
27 January 2015, 15:51 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: The fathers call on their sons to unite their stances and work with all those who have good intentions, in order to halt wars and acts of terror and revive just and comprehensive peace in this suffering region of the world.
27 January 2015, 15:50 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: Our youths are finding no other choice but to emigrate, and even if the churches double their services, they won't manage to resolve these crises.
27 January 2015, 15:49 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: The fathers call on the political and parliamentary blocs to shoulder their responsibilities and elect a president, and they hope the ongoing dialogues will lead to resolving this crisis in cooperation with the friendly countries.
27 January 2015, 15:48 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: We call for providing the needed aid for the refugees and helping them to return to their land and reconstruct their homes. We urge the liberation of the captive civilians and clergymen and an end to the war and to the financing and arming of terrorist groups.
27 January 2015, 15:47 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: The conferees thanked all the organizations that have offered aid to the refugees who are living in dire conditions.
27 January 2015, 15:46 Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: We reiterate support for the Lebanese army and call on everyone to stand by it, provide it with the full political cover and supply it with the necessary weapons.
27 January 2015, 15:46 Statement issued after meeting of Council of Patriarchs of the Orient: The fathers expressed grief over the martyrdom of eight more Lebanese Army soldiers as they were performing the duty of defending the border in the face of the terrorist groups.
27 January 2015, 15:23 The financial prosecutor filed a lawsuit against 10 Real Estate Registry employees on charges of squandering public funds, accepting bribes and abuse of authority.
27 January 2015, 14:31 Sources to LBCI: A rocket landed in the Bekaa town of Kfarzabad from the Syrian side of the border.
27 January 2015, 13:41 MTV: The explosive discovered in Alma-Zgharta was not prepared to be detonated.
27 January 2015, 13:15 OTV: An explosive was discovered in Alma-Zgharta and a military expert has been called to inspect it.
27 January 2015, 12:58 Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq to MTV: Fugitive Shadi al-Mawlawi fled to Arsal and joined al-Nusra Front.
27 January 2015, 12:04 TMC: 3 people were wounded when a car collided with a tree at the Lebanese University campus in al-Hadath. They have been taken to St. Georges Hospital for treatment.
27 January 2015, 11:28 VDL (93.3): The Lebanese army arrested a wanted suspect from Seif family during a raid in the Tripoli area of al-Beddawi.
27 January 2015, 11:25 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Iranian Ambassador at the Grand Serail.
27 January 2015, 11:18 Minister Sejaan Qazzi from the Grand Serail: Salam is thinking to consolidate the mechanism adopted in the government.