Live News

13 November 2019, 21:47 Protesters have removed a wall that they had started erecting inside the Nahr al-Kalb tunnel.
13 November 2019, 21:34 The Ring highway has been blocked by protesters at the Bourj al-Ghazal intersection.
13 November 2019, 20:46 The army's Intelligence Directorate referred its agent First Adjutant Charbel Hjeil to the judiciary after interrogating him over the deadly Khalde incident.
13 November 2019, 20:32 The coffin of slain protester Alaa Abu Fakhr has arrived at the Riad al-Solh Square.
13 November 2019, 19:40 The Batroun highway has been blocked in both directions.
13 November 2019, 19:23 The army has reopened the road in the Cola area.
13 November 2019, 18:56 MTV: The young men who were evacuated from the Jal el-Dib building flashed pro-FPM signs in the face of the protesters.
13 November 2019, 18:53 Security forces have evacuated a number of men from the encircled building in Jal el-Dib.
13 November 2019, 18:32 The army is encircling a Jal el-Dib building suspected of containing gunmen.
13 November 2019, 17:52 The road has been blocked in both directions on the Cola bridge.
13 November 2019, 16:12 The army is reopening the internal road in Jal el-Dib.
13 November 2019, 15:33 Al-Jadeed: The clash between protesters and a number of citizens has renewed in Jal el-Dib.
13 November 2019, 15:06 Security forces have contained the clash in Jal el-Dib.
13 November 2019, 14:49 MTV: Knife-wielding men stabbed several protesters in Jal el-Dib as they tried to open the road by force.
13 November 2019, 14:40 Clashes erupted in Jal el-Dib between protesters and unidentified men where stones were hurled and three individuals were injured.
13 November 2019, 14:12 Demonstrators protested in masses near Baabda Presidential Palace and security forces prevented them from crossing the barbed wire and barricades surrounding the area.
13 November 2019, 13:42 Hariri met with the French envoy and discussed the latest developments in Lebanon.
13 November 2019, 13:05 LBCI: An officer conveyed to protesters near the Presidential Palace a suggestion to choose ten of them as representatives to meet Aoun and they refused.
13 November 2019, 12:53 Aoun: Economic conditions are worsening as a result of what the country is going through. The situation will gradually improve when we begin oil and gas exploration.
13 November 2019, 12:49 Aoun to French envoy: I will continue my contacts to hold the binding parliamentary consultations to name a new PM.
13 November 2019, 11:45 NNA: French envoy delivers a message to Aoun from Macron on the willingness of France to help Lebanon.
13 November 2019, 11:41 Press Office of Hariri: Hariri asked the army and ISF chiefs to ensure the safety of demonstrators.
13 November 2019, 09:09 Scuffles erupted between the army and protesters in Chevrolet neighborhood amid attempts to open the road and one protester was arrested.
13 November 2019, 08:36 NNA: Heavy deployment of the Lebanese army on the road near the Presidential Palace in Baabda amid tight security measures.
13 November 2019, 08:25 The coastal Naameh-Jiyyeh is blocked by demonstrators.
13 November 2019, 08:24 Protesters blocked the Ring Bridge highway amid security reinforcements.
13 November 2019, 08:22 The Chevrolet highway is blocked with burning tires and vehicles parked in the middle of the road.
13 November 2019, 08:20 MTV reporter in Tripoli: The highway is blocked with burning tires and dirt mounds.
13 November 2019, 08:17 Protesters blocked mostly with burning tires several highways and roads in different parts of Lebanon.