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17 September 2014, 07:54 Gasoline 95-octane rated fuel prices dropped by LL300, 98-octane rated fuel and diesel dropped by LL200.
16 September 2014, 22:57 Aoun: The war against terror must be comprehensive or else it will turn into a war over influence.
16 September 2014, 22:52 Aoun: The issue of the IS cannot be resolved through a certain axis. It will lead to chaos if (the coalition) is not inclusive.
16 September 2014, 22:51 Aoun: We're not with a certain state against another state. We're saying that the U.N. Security Council resolution must be implemented and that all parties that want to fight IS must be included.
16 September 2014, 22:50 Aoun: As Lebanese, we cannot be in a certain axis against another axis. We are certainly against terrorism and we hope the U.N. will oversee all military operations against terrorism.
16 September 2014, 22:46 Aoun: I don't think that the international anti-terrorism coalition has reached its wanted size and it must include all states that are directly affected, which means Iraq and Syria, and no one must be excluded.
16 September 2014, 22:35 Aoun: I don't fear a return to the 1975 war as there is unity among Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, who are guarding side by side. There is no threat because the enemy is external.
16 September 2014, 22:34 Aoun: It is not a secret that all Bekaa border towns are monitoring what's happening and that everyone has a rifle at their home. All people there have armed themselves as a precaution.
16 September 2014, 22:28 Aoun: The cabinet is showing solidarity and unity and we backed the decisions taken during its sessions. We said that the army will lose in any negotiations with terrorists.
16 September 2014, 22:23 Aoun: An officer told me that the Army Command received an ultimatum on August 2 to release Imad Jomaa or face clashes and the fighting erupted during the night. The Army Command must conduct a probe and pinpoint the mistakes and things must not remain mysterious.
16 September 2014, 22:21 Aoun: Arsal had been a supply base long before Hizbullah went to Syria and so was Wadi Khaled. Everyone knew that and we raised the alarm and our ministers talked with Miqati during cabinet sessions.
16 September 2014, 22:19 Aoun on Arsal's incidents: This is an accumulation. I asked Miqati several times not to dissociate himself from Arsal and Akkar, and what happened recently was a bigger infiltration into Arsal. Terrorism must be tackled the moment it starts, just like when you deal with a fire.
16 September 2014, 22:16 Aoun: All the problems started and escalated in Arsal during the presence of a president.
16 September 2014, 22:15 Aoun: Let Fatfat talk about March 14 because he is not Hizbullah's confidant. I did not discuss the issue of the presidency with Nasrallah.
16 September 2014, 22:13 Aoun: I won't accept to discuss with March 14 the issue of choosing any other candidate.
16 September 2014, 22:12 Aoun: I will not relinquish the confidence placed in me by the people and I may lose the battle but I won't give up the presidency. I'm a reformist man and drastic changes occur in all countries during crises. No one should say "this is not the right time" for electing the president by the people.
16 September 2014, 22:09 Aoun: I'm not impeding the presidential vote and I told everyone who asked me that I don't mind that a president be elected in parliament, but I have the right not to elect anyone.
16 September 2014, 21:51 Aoun: Negotiations with al-Mustaqbal movement stopped when they proposed extending Suleiman's term. As for the issue of elections, I proposed proportional representation and I didn't receive an answer from Mustaqbal.
16 September 2014, 21:45 Aoun: Some ask me, "have you met this ambassador, have you talked to this state?" What kind of president gets elected this way? Michel Aoun does not accept to be the president of such a state. We want to have friendship ties with everyone but we don't want to be negated by everyone. It is unacceptable to have a president who is subordinate to foreign interests. The president must rule and he cannot rule if he is a follower.
16 September 2014, 21:43 Aoun: I have not proposed any constitutional amendment and I don't have the capability to do it, so why are they considering my election as a coup against Taef?
16 September 2014, 21:42 Aoun: Where should we get the president from? From Somalia? Denying the president's popular representation is a crime against democracy.
16 September 2014, 21:37 Aoun: The president who should represent the Lebanese people cannot be "a doorman in Baabda" and nothing at all prevents granting him powers.
16 September 2014, 21:36 Aoun: The mechanism of electing the president does not dictate the political system in Lebanon, as it also has to do with the president's powers.
16 September 2014, 21:35 Aoun: The line-up might be different in the new parliament and it may call for the election of a new president and in my opinion, the current mechanism for electing the president is very futile.
16 September 2014, 21:33 Aoun: We are ready for elections should they take place.
16 September 2014, 21:29 Aoun: Speaker Berri has not totally rejected extension, because he said he rejects extending the term of a non-functional parliament. This means that he would accept extending the term of a functional parliament and I believe that the deal has been already made.
16 September 2014, 21:26 Aoun: We are against extension but the majority of blocs want an extension. We want a new electoral law.
16 September 2014, 21:25 Aoun: Our stance has not changed and we're with holding the elections. We will consider filing a challenge if an extension occurs.
16 September 2014, 21:24 Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun in an interview on OTV: My nomination has been submitted and all options are on the table. If today's statements turn out to be true, then there will be an extension of the parliament's term as we were expecting, but we have submitted our nominations in order not to leave anything to chance.
16 September 2014, 19:59 LBCI: Nicolas Fattoush submitted his nomination along with his brother Moussa, Abdul Rahim Mrad along with his son and ex-MP Mansour Ghanem al-Bon along with his wife.
16 September 2014, 19:58 MTV: AMAL Movement and Hizbullah have not changed their usual candidates.
16 September 2014, 19:57 MTV: Al-Mustaqbal bloc was the last one to submit parliamentary nominations. The 44 candidates do not include MP Moein al-Merehbi and MP Khaled al-Daher has submitted an independent nomination.
16 September 2014, 19:54 LBCI: All political blocs have submitted their nominations.
16 September 2014, 19:50 Sources to OTV: The abductor groups are part of bigger organizations and Lebanese authorities are awaiting answers on whether the latest threat voiced in al-Nusra's name is serious.
16 September 2014, 19:49 Sources to OTV: Al-Nusra's stance was not surprising for the Lebanese side, which was not optimistic that a breakthrough could happen.
16 September 2014, 19:45 Al-Jadeed: The army arrested a number of Syrians in Alman, north of Sidon, and reports said they included a man accused of recruiting new members for a terrorist group.
16 September 2014, 19:41 Future TV: The interior ministry said it does not expect the nominations to exceed 500.
16 September 2014, 19:41 Future TV: Until the moment, 490 candidates have submitted their nominations for the parliamentary elections.
16 September 2014, 19:28 LBCI: A computer comparison has proved that the features of the terrorist who stood over martyr Ali al-Sayyed's body are identical to those of Bilal Miqati.
16 September 2014, 19:18 Al-Jadeed: A Syrian national was arrested at a Lebanese army checkpoint in Akkar's al-Abboudiyeh while carrying handed grenades.
16 September 2014, 18:54 Daryan: We will work with all the Lebanese with all due determination and insistence to preserve the country, the state and the institutions.
16 September 2014, 18:54 Daryan: Strife will not break out and the blood of the Lebanese will not be shed in vain.
16 September 2014, 18:52 Daryan: Dar al-Fatwa and all its bodies will keep struggling for civil peace and for the welfare of Lebanon and its people.
16 September 2014, 18:52 Daryan: We totally endorse the pact issued by al-Azhar on January 8, 2012 which was called the pact of the four basic freedoms: freedom of creed, freedom of worship, freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of scientific research.
16 September 2014, 18:48 Daryan: We call for protecting religion, the state and its citizens, who have suffered and are still suffering from weapons and outlaw gunmen who violate state's authority, coexistence and civil peace.
16 September 2014, 18:47 Daryan: We won't allow anyone to hijack the centrism of our religion, our country or the safety and security of our people.
16 September 2014, 18:45 Daryan: The situation is dire in Lebanon because no agreement was reached on a way to control the country's borders and restore the state's esteem and prestige.
16 September 2014, 18:42 Daryan: The nation has a duty to seek a way out of strife and tragedies.
16 September 2014, 18:36 Daryan: In less than five years, over half a million people were killed in our Arab world, most of them unarmed civilians. More than ten million others were displaced and have become without a home or shelter. These are among the most horrible crimes that humanity has known.
16 September 2014, 18:35 Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdel Latif Daryan: The circumstances in the region require a stance and a struggle in which the words of right and moderation rise up in the face of extremism.
16 September 2014, 17:47 Salam: We urge the political forces to abide by the spirit of dialogue and this can only happen through the election of a president.
16 September 2014, 17:46 Salam: There can be no security for a country in which some of its sons feel that their rights are incomplete.
16 September 2014, 17:46 Salam: Let us all, Muslims and Christians, commit to a real partnership ... We either rise together or fall together and no group can accomplish its own project.
16 September 2014, 17:45 Salam: We call on Dar al-Fatwa to devise a roadmap to defuse sectarian tensions.
16 September 2014, 17:44 Salam: We urge every keen Muslim to contribute to a quick solution to this painful situation.
16 September 2014, 17:43 Salam: The obstruction of the presidential vote has caused major damage to Christians not to mention its definite harm against Lebanon.
16 September 2014, 17:42 Salam: The new Maronite Christian president of the Lebanese republic must be elected today before tomorrow.
16 September 2014, 17:42 Salam: Christians and Muslims are the owners of this land and we have equal rights and duties.
16 September 2014, 17:41 Salam: This area of the world, which is the cradle of human civilization, has witnessed creative Christian-Muslim coexistence. This coexistence has been dealt a severe blow at the hands of these takfiri groups that have displaced Christians.
16 September 2014, 17:40 Salam: Amid the events in the region, our youths need someone who can guide them, because bigotry is the fuel of strife.
16 September 2014, 17:40 Salam: We in the government are confronting the phenomenon of terrorism with all our capacity and our armed forces are performing their duties in this regard, but the main responsibility in countering this takfiri ideology rests on the shoulders of Dar al-Fatwa.
16 September 2014, 17:39 Salam: Some members of the takfiri groups, which exploit people with weak minds and faith, have arrived in Lebanon, but I stress that we will carry on with our efforts regarding the abducted troops and that we won't rest before they return safely to their families.
16 September 2014, 17:38 Salam: Islam -- the religion of love, moderation and tolerance -- is nowadays facing a fierce assault from takfiri groups who are murdering, slaughtering, displacing children and women, destroying communities, and imposing practices and lifestyles that cannot be accepted by any religion or mind.
16 September 2014, 17:37 Salam: All eyes are on Dar al-Fatwa and its national role in boosting unity among Muslims, promoting Islamic-Christian dialogue, and keeping the channels of communication and dialogue open with everyone.
16 September 2014, 17:36 Salam: The inauguration of the Mufti today will launch a new era at Dar al-Fatwa, which has a major challenge at the organizational level and at the level of running the affairs of Muslims. The Muslim community has full confidence in Dar al-Fatwa and hopes that its institutions will be fortified.
16 September 2014, 17:33 Salam: It is a blessed day in which we gather to crown the achievement that was made at Dar al-Fatwa on August 10 through the election of Sheikh Daryan as a successor to Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani.
16 September 2014, 17:32 PM Salam at Mufti inauguration: In my capacity as prime minister and head of the Islamic electoral council, and in the name of Muslims, I declare Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan the Grand Mufti of the republic.
16 September 2014, 17:20 LBCI: Gunshots were fired and several hand grenades were hurled during a clash between two families in Bab al-Tabbaneh.
16 September 2014, 17:01 Nusra leader to Anatolia: Negotiations over the release of the Lebanese troops are suspended, contrary to what Lebanese officials and Qatar's mediator -- who hasn't visited us for a week -- have been claiming.
16 September 2014, 16:52 Change and Reform bloc on LF's readiness to return to legislation over pressing issues: We hope all blocs will adopt a similar stance.
16 September 2014, 16:51 Change and Reform bloc: Failure to establish the committee to oversee the elections is, legally, not an obstacle that will hinder the polls.
16 September 2014, 16:50 Change and Reform bloc after weekly meeting: We reject extending the term of parliament and hope the elections will be held on time.
16 September 2014, 16:38 NNA: Army Intelligence arrested three Syrians near Iaat for belonging to a terrorist group.
16 September 2014, 15:14 Al-Nusra Front: The statements regarding the negotiations show that the road is blocked. The Lebanese Army is orchestrated by the party of Iran, so don't blame us of we become fed up.
16 September 2014, 14:06 Adwan: I stressed to Berri that the parliament should approve important draft-laws.
16 September 2014, 14:05 MP Adwan after meeting Berri: The speaker stressed that the priority is to elect a new president.
16 September 2014, 13:20 VDL (93.3): Firefighters are extinguishing a fire that erupted on the outskirts of Rahbeh town in Akkar.
16 September 2014, 13:16 VDL (93.3): LF MP George Adwan arrived in Ain el-Tineh for talks with Speaker Nabih Berri.
16 September 2014, 13:12 MTV: The army arrested several Syrian refugees in raids on encampments in Mashta Hassan and Shadra in Akkar.
16 September 2014, 12:32 TMC: One person was killed when a vehicle collided with the highway barrier on the Minieh road lead to Tripoli.
16 September 2014, 11:49 VD: (93.3): Interior Minister al-Mashnouq demanded during a meeting for the Central Security Council detailed reports to evaluate the security situation.
16 September 2014, 11:40 Al-Arabiya: Several Hizbullah members and troops loyal to Assad were killed in clashes with the Free Syrian Army in Qalamoun.
16 September 2014, 11:13 VDL (93.3): A Palestinian businessman who was kidnapped in Douris on Monday, has been released.
16 September 2014, 10:53 MTV: Al-Nusra Front released Ahmed al-Hujeiri who was kidnapped five days ago in Arsal.
16 September 2014, 10:28 LBCI: The residents of the archaeological sites in Tyre confronted municipal police who clamped down on illegal construction.
16 September 2014, 10:23 TMC: One person was injured in a collision between 4 cars on the Deir Ammar highway.
16 September 2014, 10:10 ISF arrested 61 people for committing different crimes throughout Lebanon.
16 September 2014, 09:55 NNA: A wanted criminal opened fire on a woman in the eastern town of Jalala, injuring her in her legs.
16 September 2014, 09:45 MP Mohammed al-Jarrah to VDL (93.3): Al-Mustaqbal lawmakers will submit their candidacies to the parliamentary elections on Tuesday.
16 September 2014, 09:21 MP Ahmed Fatfat to Future TV: We back the extension of parliament's term if a president was not elected.
16 September 2014, 09:20 MP Fadi Karam warned from total vacuum in remarks to Free Lebanon radio.
16 September 2014, 09:18 One person was killed and two injured in a traffic accident on the Airport road.
16 September 2014, 08:50 VDL (93.3): Gunfire from Syrian territories targeted the outskirts of Akkar's al-Qashlaq town, no injuries were reported.
16 September 2014, 08:39 Culture Minister Roni Araiji to VDL (100.5): The current security situation impedes the staging of parliamentary elections.
16 September 2014, 08:38 MP Michel Moussa to VDL (93.3): The arming of the military is a necessity, even if it came late.