Live News

26 April 2015, 19:51 MTV: Nasrallah dispatched an envoy to Saudi Ambassador Asiri, demanding an end to the tirades in the media, but the ambassador said Hizbullah and its allies should stop their campaign first.
26 April 2015, 15:48 Hizbullah deputy chief Qassem: Enough with the weeping over the presidency and let Saudi Arabia propose a certain candidate so that normalcy can be restored in the country.
26 April 2015, 15:48 MTV: The body of a Danish man was found in a hotel room in Jiyeh and preliminary investigations indicate that there are no assault marks on it.
26 April 2015, 15:32 Mustaqbal bloc MP Samir al-Jisr: Dialogue will continue with Hizbullah and Aoun is not a consensus presidential candidate.
26 April 2015, 13:33 Foreign Ministry: Three Lebanese nationals are stranded at Nepal's Kathmandu airport awaiting their evacuation after their flight was delayed due to an emergency.
26 April 2015, 12:43 Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi from our Lady of Lebanon church in Paris: There are no justifications for the failure to elect a president.
26 April 2015, 10:33 VDL (100.5): Israeli jets flew at medium altitude over southern regions.
26 April 2015, 10:04 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (93.3): We reject extension of the terms of security officials and we deem it unconstitutional.
26 April 2015, 10:02 Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asiri to VDL (93.3): The kingdom has not and will not meddle in Lebanon's internal affairs and refuses to discuss names of presidential candidates.
26 April 2015, 09:55 Security forces arrested 83 individuals throughout Lebanon for committing various crimes.
26 April 2015, 07:28 VDL (93.3): Unknown gunmen facilitated the escape of detainee Hussein Amhaz, held on drug charges, from al-Taybeh police station.