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10 October 2015, 09:05 VDL (100.5): Lebanese national Antoine N. who is a section head at one of Mount Lebanon's hospitals has been missing since Friday morning.
09 October 2015, 22:26 LBCI: Maj. Gen. Ibrahim visited Sayyed Nasrallah last night and discussed with him the latest local and regional developments.
09 October 2015, 22:02 The French foreign ministry has urged Lebanon's political parties to “overcome the crisis of the institutions through the election of a president.”
09 October 2015, 21:38 Civil society protesters: We have decided to reopen the road near the Interior Ministry in order not to harm citizens' interests and our protests will continue until the release of all detainees.
09 October 2015, 21:35 Civil society activists are staging a sit-in outside the justice palace in Jdeideh in solidarity with the detained protesters.
09 October 2015, 20:05 Prosecutor Samir Hammoud to LBCI: The interrogation of the detainees is still ongoing and videos and pictures are being reviewed. Those not involved in acts of violence will be freed within two hours.
09 October 2015, 20:04 Prosecutor Samir Hammoud to LBCI: 33 people were arrested over yesterday's incidents of whom 9 have been released – 5 young women and 4 minors.
09 October 2015, 19:14 Civil society protesters have blocked the road outside the Interior Ministry in Sanayeh.
09 October 2015, 16:30 Relatives of Arsal captives after sit-in outside Salam's home: What is the fate of our sons?
09 October 2015, 15:54 The civil society protest movement has called for a 7:00 pm sit-in outside the Interior Ministry in solidarity with detained protesters.
09 October 2015, 15:41 The relatives of the Arsal captives have reopened the Hamra road near the Interior Ministry and headed to Msaitbeh to stage a sit-in outside PM Salam's home.
09 October 2015, 14:07 VDL (93.3): Civil society activists reopened the Damour highway and gave roses to passers-by.
09 October 2015, 14:05 The relatives of the Arsal captives headed towards the Interior Ministry to escalate their actions.
09 October 2015, 13:59 NNA: Judge Saqr Saqr carries out interrogation with ISF detainees and is set to free those with no charges against them.
09 October 2015, 13:57 VDL (100.5): Former Minister and MP Elias Skaff reportedly passed away.
09 October 2015, 13:56 The relatives of the Arsal captives blocked the banks street in downtown Beirut.
09 October 2015, 13:47 Civil society activists blocked the highway of al-Damour demanding the release of the activists who were detained during Thursday's protests.
09 October 2015, 13:43 MTV: Civil society activists said they will hold a sit-in near the Justice Palace at 6:00 pm.
09 October 2015, 13:38 Judge Imad al-Zein issued an arrest warrant against Ibrahim al-Atrash for belonging to the IS, al-Nusra Front and booby-trapping vehicles.
09 October 2015, 13:26 The army announced the arrest of 70 Syrians on the border Masnaa region.
09 October 2015, 13:08 MTV: One of the female detainees remains in custody after police released four others.
09 October 2015, 12:59 Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq: I have sought hard to solve the trash crisis, and i am shocked of procrastination and the inability of the political forces for over five weeks to solve it.
09 October 2015, 12:50 The lawyers of the detainees said they told Judqe Saqr Saqr that the military tribunal cannot bring into trial civilians.
09 October 2015, 12:41 VDL (93.3): Asiri left the Grand Serail without making a statement.
09 October 2015, 12:15 VDL (93.3): Security forces are beginning to remove the cement barriers from Martyrs Square following Thursday's protests.
09 October 2015, 12:01 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam held talks with the Saudi Ambassador.
09 October 2015, 10:46 Civil society activists began gathering to hold a sit-in near the military tribunal in the Mathaf area to call for the release of those detained during Thursday's protest.
09 October 2015, 10:28 Civil Society lawyer to LBCI: There are more than 60 activists who were detained yesterday and some of them need to be admitted to the hospital.
09 October 2015, 10:14 A road accident on the al-Masnaa road at night developed into a gunfight.
09 October 2015, 10:08 VDL (93.3): Prime Minister Tammam Salam holds a meeting with State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud.