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18 November 2019, 21:37 Geagea: The LF will boycott tomorrow's legislative session and what's necessary today is to form a salvation government and hold parliamentary consultations.
18 November 2019, 21:31 Geagea after meeting of Strong Republic bloc: The general amnesty law does not fall under the emergency legislation category.
18 November 2019, 19:50 MTV: The Lebanese Forces and the independent MPs will also boycott tomorrow's session.
18 November 2019, 19:47 MP Hadi Abu al-Hosn said the MPs of the Democratic Gathering won't take part in tomorrow's legislative session.
18 November 2019, 19:44 MTV: Protesters have held Speaker Berri responsible for any bloodshed tomorrow should he insist on holding the legislative session.
18 November 2019, 19:44 MTV: Calls have been made for gathering tomorrow at 7:00 am at Martyrs Square to prevent the legislative session from taking place.
18 November 2019, 18:48 The U.S. State Dept. said it "proudly" supports the Lebanese people's anti-corruption demands, slamming "Russian attempts" to miscast the protests as a "U.S. plot."
18 November 2019, 18:27 Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel said his party's MPs will boycott tomorrow's legislative session.
18 November 2019, 18:13 Protesters rejecting the approval of an amnesty law are marching from Ain el-Rummaneh towards the Chevrolet intersection.
18 November 2019, 16:54 MP Osama Saad announced that he will boycott tomorrow's legislative session because "the uprising's demands are not on the agenda."
18 November 2019, 16:29 Federation of Syndicates of Banks Employees in Lebanon: The security plan presented by the Interior Ministry is sufficient to create the appropriate climate.
18 November 2019, 16:28 Federation of Syndicates of Banks Employees in Lebanon: It is unacceptable to say that the Federation had conspired with the Association of Banks against the Lebanese.
18 November 2019, 15:53 Lebanon's bank employees have officially announced the end of their strike.
18 November 2019, 15:01 LBCI: The Union of Syndicates of Bank Employees to announce that banks are to open their doors on Tuesday after a one week closure.
18 November 2019, 10:48 Union of Bank employees to LBCI: Bank deposits are safe and there is a tendency to end the strike.
18 November 2019, 10:22 A group of prisoners freed from the SLA-run al-Khiyam prison staged a sit-in near the Justice Palace in Nabatieh in conjunction with the appearance of former militia member Amer Fakhouri before the investigating judge.
18 November 2019, 09:53 LBCI: Protesters reopened al-Abdeh square.
18 November 2019, 09:39 LBCI: A group of students chanting slogans of the revolution and banging pots and pans blocked the Bakhoun school.
18 November 2019, 09:35 LBCI: The offices of OGERO in Miniyeh have been blocked by protesters.
18 November 2019, 08:47 NNA: A number of protesters blocked the entrance of Beirut Arab University in Dibbiyeh to cancel classes.