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21 April 2015, 21:30 Firmness Storm Coalition: The naval blockade and monitoring of ports will continue to make sure that the Huthi militias are not receiving any supplies.

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21 April 2015, 21:49 National News Agency: Rocket alert sirens went off in some Israeli settlements near the Lebanese border.
21 April 2015, 19:38 Mustaqbal bloc on Michel Samaha's confessions: They represent the biggest evidence of the hostile practices of the Syrian regime and its security tools against Lebanon, and a stark contradiction between those who offer support to the state and army and those who smuggle arms and explosives to militias.
21 April 2015, 18:50 LBCI: Al-Mustaqbal bloc denied that ex-PM Saniora had proposed any presidential candidate in his meeting with Patriarch al-Rahi yesterday.
21 April 2015, 18:31 National News Agency: Four obsolete 107mm rockets were found in a water well at a deserted house in the southern town of Dirdghaya.
21 April 2015, 17:37 National News Agency: The army is carrying out exercises in Arsal's outskirts and reports of clashes or infiltration attempts are baseless.
21 April 2015, 17:22 Kanaan: Adhering to the constitution will safeguard coexistence.
21 April 2015, 17:20 Kanaan: We warn the executive and constitutional authorities of continuing the current mentality.
21 April 2015, 17:19 Kanaan: We reject the mentality that we either accept vacuum or accept the extension of the term of officials. Such an approach targets Christians in particular.
21 April 2015, 17:17 Kanaan: We urge the government to abandon its weak excuses over the appointments at state positions.
21 April 2015, 17:16 Kanaan: It has become evident that the appointment of unqualified individuals in positions at state institutions is a violation of the constitution and government norms.
21 April 2015, 17:13 MP Ibrahim Kanaan after Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: We hail Pope Francis I's description of the massacres against Armenians as a genocide.
21 April 2015, 16:21 LBCI: The families of the Islamist prisoners have reopened the road they had blocked outside Roumieh prison.
21 April 2015, 15:21 LBCI: Families of Islamist inmates blocked the road in-front of Roumieh prison.
21 April 2015, 14:16 VDL (100.5): Head of al-Mustabql bloc Fouad Saniora discussed with U.S. ambassador David Hale the latest developments in Lebanon and the region.
21 April 2015, 13:54 Qazzi after the cabinet session: One million dollars have been transferred to the Higher Relief Council to bring back the Lebanese truck drivers home.
21 April 2015, 13:47 The cabinet session at the Grand Serail ended.
21 April 2015, 12:59 Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi before he travels to Armenia: The presidential election issue must be addressed locally and in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Iran.
21 April 2015, 12:59 Civil defense teams worked on dousing a fire inside a car at Jounieh souks.
21 April 2015, 12:23 LBCI: An agreement has been reached between families of Islamist inmates and adviser to the interior minister permitting each inmate to meet one member of his family.
21 April 2015, 12:03 VDL (100.5): Families of Islamist inmates are meeting with one of Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq's advisers at the interior ministry.
21 April 2015, 11:38 The army arrested three individuals in Beirut's Jnah area for firing gunshots and attacking a soldier.
21 April 2015, 11:31 The relatives of Islamists at Roumieh prison held a protest near the interior ministry in Beirut.
21 April 2015, 10:57 Kataeb leader Amin Gemayel: The party backs the state and its institutions.
21 April 2015, 10:55 The STL resumed hearing evidence in the case of Al-Jadeed TV station and its reporter Karma Khayyat for the fourth consecutive day.
21 April 2015, 10:46 NNA: Army troops raided gatherings of displaced Syrians in Zgharta and Kfardlakus and arrested 21 of them for not possessing legal papers.
21 April 2015, 10:36 NNA: The cabinet convened under PM Tammam Salam at the Grand Serail.
21 April 2015, 10:34 LBCI: The army is carrying out patrols in the towns of Brital and Hawrtaala in search for a wanted suspect.
21 April 2015, 10:11 Salam urged all parties to speed the election of a president to regulate the work of state institutions.
21 April 2015, 10:11 Salam: Lebanon is the only thing we've got. Putting it under threat is an unforgivable crime.
21 April 2015, 10:10 Salam urged political parties to avoid verbal attacks and consolidate dialogue and rapprochement.
21 April 2015, 10:09 Salam: No political party is capable of changing the circumstances in the region. No single side would be able to decide the fate of the country. No side would be able to manage our internal affairs away from consensus.
21 April 2015, 10:05 Salam: The cabinet is ready to discuss the education ministry's strategy on the education sector.
21 April 2015, 10:05 PM Tammam Salam: The public education sector needs a clear strategy to be able to meet the demands of the century.
21 April 2015, 10:03 OTV: FPM chief MP Michel Aoun telephoned Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi to wish him luck in his trip.
21 April 2015, 09:58 MTV: Health Ministry inspectors sealed with red wax the unlicensed mini bees daycare in Adonis-Keserwan.
21 April 2015, 09:52 NNA: The relatives of Roumieh prison's Islamist inmates blocked the Minieh highway.
21 April 2015, 09:47 Education Minister Elias Bou Saab: If we don't give teachers their rights, then we would cause the slowdown of the education sector in Lebanon.
21 April 2015, 09:29 The Lebanese Education Conference kicked off at the Phoenicia hotel in Beirut.
21 April 2015, 08:20 ISF arrested 83 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon's territories.
21 April 2015, 08:07 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between two cars on al-Minaa's road in Tripoli.
21 April 2015, 08:06 The Red Cross transported an individual who was injured in a car crash in Barja.
21 April 2015, 08:03 MP Marwan Hamadeh to VDL (100.5): Speaker Nabih Berri wants a legal quorum for the parliamentary session.