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22 December 2014, 22:07 Three gunmen stormed the Serail Pharmacy near Sidon's governmental serail and robbed those who were inside of around 3 million Lebanese liras.
22 December 2014, 19:51 Lt. Col. Joseph Msallem to OTV: We enhanced the traffic departments across Lebanon and if traffic remains the same around malls, the congestion will remain the same.
22 December 2014, 19:11 Top al-Nusra Front militant to Anatolia: Negotiations over the release of the Lebanese servicemen have totally stopped and no mediator is communicating with us.
22 December 2014, 17:23 Larijani: Lebanon needs to fill the presidential vacuum and local powers need to work to achieve this goal.
22 December 2014, 17:21 Larijani on whether Iran is exerting efforts to release Arsal captives: We are doing all we can, but we know the countries that stand behind the groups that kidnapped them.
22 December 2014, 16:44 The Kataeb Party demanded taking decisive action regarding negotiations in the Arsal captives file and unifying efforts to resolve it.
22 December 2014, 16:28 National News Agency: The highway between Jbeil and Amchit is witnessing a severe traffic jam due to the heavy rains and the malfunctions of some vehicles.
22 December 2014, 16:07 LF chief Samir Geagea held talks on local and regional developments with U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale.
22 December 2014, 16:05 Rifi: Fleiti has not been officially tasked but I can personally say that he is a trusted man who enjoys credibility. There is another channel of communication with al-Nusra but I will not disclose it.
22 December 2014, 16:05 Rifi: There are negotiations with the IS and al-Nusra, and we hope they will be efficient.
22 December 2014, 16:04 Rifi: The families' visits have resolved major obstacles in the case and the government has not spared any effort.
22 December 2014, 16:04 Rifi: The freedom of the servicemen has priority over everything else and all politicians support a swap deal.
22 December 2014, 16:04 Justice Minister Rifi after meeting families of captive servicemen: We're concerned with the freedom of the servicemen, whose release must be secured as soon as possible.
22 December 2014, 16:03 Rifi: To be honest, I cooperated with Ahmed Fleiti in the past and he is a very respectful man and I'm pinning major hopes on him.
22 December 2014, 14:45 Berri: We thank Iran for supporting Lebanon and the resistance in particular.
22 December 2014, 14:42 Berri: We will continue on supporting the Palestinian people and their cause.
22 December 2014, 14:42 Berri: Trust should be built among the people in their country. They should respect human rights and shun extremism.
22 December 2014, 14:41 Berri after meeting Larijani: The crisis in Syria should be political, not geographical.
22 December 2014, 14:25 Families of Arsal captives after meeting Mashnouq: We support the efforts to release the hostages, starting with those of Ahmed Fleiti.
22 December 2014, 14:24 Mashnouq after meeting with families of Arsal captives: We will not rest until the hostages are freed.
22 December 2014, 14:18 TMC: A number of people were wounded in a traffic accident between three vehicles on the Dahr al-Baydar road leading to Chtaura.
22 December 2014, 14:14 Firefighters are dousing a blaze that broke out inside a fabric factory in Nahr al-Mot.
22 December 2014, 14:10 Ambulances rushed to the site of a car crash in Nahr al-Kalb
22 December 2014, 13:37 Larijani arrived in Ain el-Tineh for talks with Berri.
22 December 2014, 13:21 The relatives of the hostages visited Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq.
22 December 2014, 12:52 VDL (100.5): A shooting incident was reported on Freedom Street near Tripoli's al-Tall Square.
22 December 2014, 12:42 Beirut police arrested 16 Lebanese, two Palestinians, and two Syrians, while impounding 27 motorcycles and nine vehicles.
22 December 2014, 12:31 NNA: A man was injured in a shooting during a personal dispute in Dinniyeh.
22 December 2014, 12:29 VDL (100.5): Larijani arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Tammam Salam.
22 December 2014, 11:49 VDL (93.3): Three Syrians and a Lebanese were arrested for providing forged legal documents to Syrian refugees.
22 December 2014, 11:31 Larijani said Hizbullah is an active movement in the region and plays a positive role.
22 December 2014, 11:24 LBCI: Unknown assailants shot at and wounded a taxi driver in Tripoli's al-Tal region.
22 December 2014, 11:18 Larijani: Lebanon is the country which has confronted the Zionist enemy and taught it an important lesson.
22 December 2014, 11:18 Larijani: The resistance of the Lebanese people against the enemy is an honor for the Islamic World.
22 December 2014, 11:16 Larijani from the LU Law Faculty: Iran and Lebanon enjoy close and strategic ties.
22 December 2014, 11:09 President of the Italian Senate Pietro Grasso arrived in Beirut on an official visit.
22 December 2014, 11:05 MP Nawaf al-Moussawi: Plots against the resistance haven't stopped.
22 December 2014, 10:21 VDL (100.5): Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji arrived in Naqoura.
22 December 2014, 10:16 FPM chief MP Michel Aoun is meeting with Minister Akram Shehayyeb in Rabieh.
22 December 2014, 10:13 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is meeting with Health Minister Wael Abou Faour.
22 December 2014, 10:05 NNa: An individual was injured in a car crash in Saqiyat al-Janzeer in Beirut.
22 December 2014, 10:03 MP Elie Marouni to Future TV: Kataeb backs a prisoners swap deal on the so-called Arsal hostages.
22 December 2014, 09:22 MP Ammar Houri to VDL (93.3): The Hizbullah-Mustaqbal dialogue is a necessity to reach positive results.
22 December 2014, 09:13 Iran's Speaker Ali Larijani arrived in Beirut.
22 December 2014, 09:13 NNA: 2 people were injured in a dispute in Qob Elias.
22 December 2014, 09:08 NNA: Thieves stole a safe from a house in Majdal Anjar.
22 December 2014, 08:03 ISF arrested 62 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
22 December 2014, 07:36 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (100.5): We are with the dialogue of the courageous people to liberate Lebanon from all the crises.