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27 March 2015, 18:49 Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi has arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh to take part in the Arab Summit.
27 March 2015, 18:33 Firmness Storm coalition: Saudi Apache helicopters have bombed Huthi gatherings near the kingdom's border and the Yemeni airspace is now under our full control.
27 March 2015, 18:28 Saudi Defense Ministry: Today's airstrikes targeted the al-Anad air base in Yemen and the Huthis' supply routes.
27 March 2015, 16:59 BBC Arabic citing unconfirmed reports: General Qassem Suleimani has headed to Yemen.

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27 March 2015, 19:09 LBCI: Abou Faour asked hospitals to treat the children injured by a cluster bomb from the July 2006 war at the expense of the Health Ministry.
27 March 2015, 18:11 LBCI: The Civil Defense confirmed that the Adonis blaze has been brought under control.
27 March 2015, 17:57 OTV: The FPM handed the LF the "declaration of intent" paper at a meeting between Kanaan and Riachi at General Aoun's residence.
27 March 2015, 17:44 Red Cross: Three people were injured in the explosion of the gas tanker at the industrial zone in Adonis.
27 March 2015, 17:38 Army Command: Our units carried out a swift and lighting operation this morning and managed to seized control of posts that were being used by terrorist groups for infiltration and attacking our posts.
27 March 2015, 17:12 Witness to LBCI: The blast occurred after a pipe of a gas tanker bursted as it was entering a factory, which caused a gas leak and an explosion, and the nearby buildings are being evacuated.
27 March 2015, 17:10 Witness in Adonis to LBCI: A gas tanker truck exploded after colliding into the edge of a building and the flames reached the nearby buildings as security forces closed the roads.
27 March 2015, 16:57 LBCI: A gas tank exploded at the industrial zone in Adonis.
27 March 2015, 16:47 Al-Manar: A child was killed and another was injured as a cluster bomb left over from the July 2006 war exploded in the Tyre town of Zibqin.
27 March 2015, 16:34 Al-Jadeed: Several children were injured as cluster bomblets exploded in the Zibqin valley in the South.
27 March 2015, 13:51 TMC: Two people were injured in a collision between two cars on al-Msailha highway near Tripoli.
27 March 2015, 13:51 Kataeb Party chief Amin Gemayel from Boston: We need to protect the Christian existence in the Middle East and make sure that there is balance between Sunnis and Shiites.
27 March 2015, 13:25 LF chief Samir Geagea said paralysis will not end unless all MPs causing lack of quorum attend parliamentary sessions aimed at electing a new president.
27 March 2015, 13:24 VDL (93.3): Army units erected new bases on Arsal's outskirts and al-Fakha.
27 March 2015, 13:24 TMC: An individual was injured on the Shekka highway.
27 March 2015, 13:17 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle on Nahr al-Mot highway.
27 March 2015, 13:04 Kaag: I discussed with Salam several articles discussed during the U.N. Security Council meeting concerning the situation in Lebanon.
27 March 2015, 11:55 NNA: A man was killed and his spouse was injured in a vehicle collision on the Baalbek-Hermel road.
27 March 2015, 11:15 U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Sigrid Kaag arrived at the Grand Serail for talks with PM Tammam Salam.
27 March 2015, 10:25 Public Works Minister Ghazi Zouaiter signed an agreement with Raython Canada Limited to develop the radars at the Rafik Hariri International Airport.
27 March 2015, 10:18 TMC: Two people were injured in a car crash on Sidon's highway at the Baysariyeh bridge.
27 March 2015, 10:04 The army detained several individuals who tried to infiltrate Lebanon through al-Sweiri area near al-Masnaa crossing.
27 March 2015, 09:23 NNA: The Qartaba main road was blocked to protest the closure of sand mills in the area.
27 March 2015, 09:06 NNA: Israeli warplanes overflew Marjayoun this morning.
27 March 2015, 08:38 Minister Rony Araiji to VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam will hold onto the dissociation policy during the Arab League Summit.
27 March 2015, 08:29 ISF arrested 70 wanted individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.
27 March 2015, 08:19 A worker fell off a construction site in Ashrafieh and the Red Cross rescue teams headed to the area.
27 March 2015, 07:52 Firefighters doused a blaze that swept through a truck in Aley.
27 March 2015, 07:51 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle in Gemmayze.
27 March 2015, 07:49 The economy minister's adviser, Elias Hankash, to VDL (100.5): Workers resumed work on filling the fourth basin at Beirut Port.
26 March 2015, 22:11 LBCI: Mohammed Kh. H. was killed and Imad Z. was arrested at an illegal border crossing in an army ambush aimed at capturing the members of a gang that was smuggling people from Syria into Lebanon.
26 March 2015, 19:51 A personal dispute between two young men from the al-Sillo and Qaraali families erupted into gunfire in Tripoli's al-Tal Square.