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01 November 2014, 15:42 The Muslim Scholars Committee delegation from Riad Solh called for resolving the case of the Islamists arrested and freeing the innocent ones since their fate is connected to the fate of the kidnapped soldiers
01 November 2014, 15:37 The Muslim Scholars Committee delegation met with the families of the abducted soldiers in Riad Solh: Our visit is a visit of solidarity and sharing with them their rightful stand
01 November 2014, 15:29 AFP: Burkina Faso's army backed Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Zida to lead a transition period after the ousting of president Blaise Compoare, according to a statement published after a meeting of army chiefs
01 November 2014, 14:23 NNA: The Lebanese army raided an area close to the Harba mosque in Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh and found vast amounts of ammunition.
01 November 2014, 13:36 LBCI: A meeting is underway at the residence of Mufti Malek al-Shaar attended by Ministers Ashraf Rifi and Rashid Derbas and a number of MPs and officials.
01 November 2014, 13:30 Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel traveled to Paris, France.
01 November 2014, 13:23 The army announced the arrest of Ghali Hadara in the North for forming a terrorist cell that worked with detainee Ahmed Salim Miqati and others.
01 November 2014, 12:50 TMC: Three people were wounded in a traffic accident on the Harissa highway.
01 November 2014, 12:34 FPM chief MP Michel Aoun via Twitter: Claims that we will be faced with vacuum should the extension of parliament not place are false, because the substitute to the extension are elections.
01 November 2014, 10:23 Al-Jadeed: The Jammal Trust Bank in Baalbek was robbed of LL500 million that was being sent to the Central Bank branch in the city.
01 November 2014, 09:30 MP George Adwan to Future TV: Vacuum is one of the greatest problems we may face given the regional developments.
01 November 2014, 08:34 NNA: The army is carrying out raids against Syrian refugee encampments in Ain al-Shaab, located between Arsal and al-Labweh.
01 November 2014, 08:07 ISF arrested 61 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanonز
01 November 2014, 07:48 No one was injured when unknown assailants opened fire at dawn at an army checkpoint in Rashiin in Zghara.
31 October 2014, 22:19 Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun: :The presidential elections will happen when all of our partners are convinced that Christians have the right of representation in the parliament
31 October 2014, 21:23 Al-Jadeed: The Lebanese side has not yet received any list of demands of the Islamic State and al-Nusra
31 October 2014, 19:57 MTV: The Qatari envoy returns tomorrow morning to the outskirts of Arsal to complete the second round of negotiations about the soldiers
31 October 2014, 19:57 Information to the LBCI: The Qatari envoy, who is in the outskirts of Arsal, received the list of demands of the soldiers' kidnappers
31 October 2014, 19:54 MTV quoting George Adwan said: Berri informed me that he wants a national pact voting on the extension of the parliament's term and not only with the presence
31 October 2014, 19:13 LBCI: The brother of one of the abducted soldiers by al-Nusra Front said to the Anatolia News Agency that Al-Nusra and the Islamic State are responding and we are waiting for good news
31 October 2014, 18:37 Army: A rocket and five explosives were discovered in the vegetable market in Tripoli.
31 October 2014, 18:29 The army arrested F. Hoblos and F. Ibrahim after a chase and a shootout during a raid on Zouk al-Habalisa.
31 October 2014, 17:29 Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi: We will not fear for the future of Lebanon against any group as long as we stand united to defend it.
31 October 2014, 17:24 MTV: The army arrested two supporters of Sheikh Hoblos in Akkar.
31 October 2014, 17:07 The army announced that it seized weapons, RPGs, sniper rifles, and ammunition belonging to Sheikh Bilal Diqmaq in Tripoli's Abi Samra neighborhood.
31 October 2014, 17:05 NNA: The army carried out raids in Zouk al-Habalisa amid reports that it searched the house of F.Hoblos.
31 October 2014, 16:51 KVA company: An armed group robbed some of the company's equipment as they were being transported to Brital.
31 October 2014, 16:35 MTV: The army raided the residence of Yehya Hoblos, the relative of Sheikh Khaled Hoblos in Zouk al-Habalisa-Halba, where it found weapons and ammunition.