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09 October 2015, 09:28 France hit IS targets in Syria for the second time, the defense minister said

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09 October 2015, 09:37 NNA: Two cars were badly damaged when assailants tossed two grenades at the house of a teacher in Berqayel high school that lies on the main road of Khirbet Daoud.
09 October 2015, 09:17 NNA: The ISF arrested three people on drug and counterfeiting charges in Dhour Zahle.
09 October 2015, 09:07 VDL (100.5): The public works ministry is working on pumping out the water that has accumulated on Safra highway and which has caused heavy traffic.
09 October 2015, 08:54 VDL (100.5): The Khaldeh road has been blocked because of the heavy rain.
09 October 2015, 08:54 Minister Boutros Harb to VDL (100.5): The promotion of al-Qobayati does not shut the door to the settlement of military promotions.
09 October 2015, 08:50 MP Jamal al-Jarrah to VDL (93.3): We back civil society activists in their demands but their movement is turning violent.
09 October 2015, 08:19 The ISF said it has arrested 66 individuals for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
09 October 2015, 08:17 George Kettaneh said the Red Cross transported 39 injured policemen and demonstrators to hospitals during Thursday's protest.
08 October 2015, 21:55 March 14 General-Secretariat: We urge the protesters to purify their ranks of suspicious elements and we call on the government to put an end to the chaos that the capital is witnessing.
08 October 2015, 21:48 Protest organizers: We will not leave the street before the release of all detainees.
08 October 2015, 21:34 FPM chief Jebran Bassil to LBCI: My resentment over the electricity file is bigger than that of the civil society protest movement and the electricity projects were obstructed.
08 October 2015, 21:13 Protest movement lawyer Mazen Hoteit: At least 25 protesters have been arrested.
08 October 2015, 21:11 The Red Cross announced transferring 35 people to hospitals after they suffered suffocation injuries due to tear gas inhalation.
08 October 2015, 21:06 ISF: The number of policemen injured in the central Beirut clashes has risen and an officer was critically wounded.
08 October 2015, 20:17 Security forces have once again fired water cannons and tear gas to disperse the Martyrs Square protesters.
08 October 2015, 19:33 National News Agency: Ten protesters suffered suffocation injuries due to tear gas inhalation.
08 October 2015, 19:24 Security forces are once again firing water cannons at protesters.
08 October 2015, 19:17 Security forces have started firing tear gas to disperse protesters in Martyrs Square.
08 October 2015, 19:10 Protesters are once again trying to remove the metallic barriers separating them from al-Nejmeh Square.
08 October 2015, 19:05 LBCI: Protesters are hurling rocks and water bottles at security forces.
08 October 2015, 18:59 Security forces have opened water cannons at protesters.
08 October 2015, 18:58 Activist Asaad Zebian: Protesters have decided to try entering al-Nejmeh Square from all entrances.
08 October 2015, 18:53 MTV: Security forces arrested 4 civil society activists, including Pierre Hashash and Waref Suleiman.
08 October 2015, 18:46 Security forces have arrested a protester who crossed the metallic barriers.
08 October 2015, 18:42 Protest movement's statement at Martyrs Square demo: The protest movement reiterates its stance – we stand by residents and the Campaign for the Closure of the Naameh landfill.
08 October 2015, 18:40 Protest movement's statement at Martyrs Square demo: Sukleen is still stealing us. Let the cabinet convene and scrap the contracts of Sukleen.
08 October 2015, 18:38 Protest movement's statement at Martyrs Square demo: Remove the garbage that has been accumulating outside our homes ... They continued their procrastination until the arrival of rain. Stop stealing the funds of municipalities.
08 October 2015, 18:37 Protest movement's statement at Martyrs Square demo: We demand the sacking of the environment minister.
08 October 2015, 18:31 ISF via Twitter: We call on protesters to maintain the peacefulness of the demo and not to cross the metallic barriers.
08 October 2015, 18:17 Protesters have started trying to remove the metallic barriers and barb wire near An Nahar's building in central Beirut.
08 October 2015, 17:58 Demonstrators have started arriving at Martyrs Square to take part in a rally organized by the civil society protest movement.
08 October 2015, 17:51 LF chief Geagea called on PM Salam and Interior Minister Mashnouq to “maintain constant communication with Qatar to speed up the ongoing negotiations over the release of the servicemen.”
08 October 2015, 15:53 MP Ahmed Fatfat from Maarab: If this government will remain subjected to blackmail, then its presence will become useless.
08 October 2015, 15:31 Military sources to LBCI: Colonel Maroun al-Qobayati has been appointed as commander of the Commando Regiment to replace Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz.
08 October 2015, 15:23 VDL (93.3): Army Intelligence arrested during Arsal raids defected Syrian Major Mohammed Kabbar and Mohammed Hassan Ezzeddine for belonging to terrorist groups.
08 October 2015, 14:05 The army arrested Hussein Mohammed al-Hujeiri in Wadi Hmeid-Arsal on suspicion of his affiliation to terrorist groups.
08 October 2015, 13:56 LBCI: Civil society lawyers asked the judge to hear the testimony of PM Tammam Salam, all the ministers and Maysara Sukkar in the corruption case of the trash file and the Sukleen company.
08 October 2015, 13:39 Security reinforcements were brought to downtown Beirut ahead of the afternoon civil society protests.
08 October 2015, 13:06 VDL (100.5): Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq held talks with Akkar officials on their concerns over the Srar landfill.
08 October 2015, 12:49 Al-Jadeed: LF chief Samir Geagea is holding talks in Maarab with Mustaqbal MP Ahmed Fatfat.
08 October 2015, 12:23 VDL (100.5): The Labor Ministry warned employers against the employment of non-Lebanese as drivers.
08 October 2015, 12:22 VDL (100.5): A citizen, Mohammed Qobeissi, was wounded by a shot in the head in the Basta area when he was on his balcony during a Hizbullah funeral procession for one of its members killed in Syria.
08 October 2015, 12:12 VDL (100.5): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with Telecommunications Minister Butros Harb.
08 October 2015, 11:43 Civil Defense said 3 people were transported to hospital following a crash on the road of al-Naqoura near Deir Qanoun-Ras al-Ain.
08 October 2015, 11:39 PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with Minister Nabil de Freij.
08 October 2015, 11:38 Shehayyeb said following talks with Salam that the PM will call for a cabinet session when there is progress on the waste management crisis.
08 October 2015, 11:17 Financial General Prosecutor judge Ali Ibrahim summoned MPs Jamal al-Jarrah and Ziad Aswad against the backdrop of the Public Works Committee dispute.
08 October 2015, 10:59 TMC: An individual was injured after being hit by a vehicle on the highway of al-Tebbaneh in Tripoli.
08 October 2015, 10:43 VDL (100.5): The General Security arrested Syrian national (A.B.) for having ties to the al-Nusra Front militant group.
08 October 2015, 10:34 LBCI: Youth residing in areas close to the Srar dumpster stopped bulldozers from carrying on with their work at the location.
08 October 2015, 10:26 PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with the Agriculture and Interior Ministers.
08 October 2015, 10:01 VDL (100.5): Civil society activists in Tripoli hold a sit-in near the National Social Security Fund protesting the shortage in the number of employees.
08 October 2015, 09:43 The Lebanese army intelligence arrested in the area of Sidon two Lebanese suspected of opening fire on an ISF patrol.