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28 July 2014, 10:24 PM Tammam Salam extended the Eid official holidays till Wednesday.
28 July 2014, 08:34 MP Jean Oghassabian to VDL (100.5): Jumblat is doing positive work. March 14 is ready to have a candidate other than Geagea.
28 July 2014, 07:21 Qabbani called for the election of a president and holding parliamentary polls after agreeing on a new electoral draft-law.
28 July 2014, 07:20 Qabbani: People are getting poorer. The solution is to end our differences and to steer clear of regional policies.
28 July 2014, 07:16 Qabbani: The persecution of Christians in Mosul is not linked to Islam.
28 July 2014, 07:13 Qabbani described the peace process as void.
28 July 2014, 07:12 Qabbani: Jihad for the purpose of liberating occupied land is a duty of each and everyone of you no matter how much sacrifices are made.
28 July 2014, 07:10 Qabbani to Arabs and Muslims: What have you done to resist the Zionist enemy.
28 July 2014, 07:07 Qabbani: The Jewish-Western occupation was frustrated by the Palestinian reconciliation and launched war on Palestinians.
28 July 2014, 07:07 Qabbani: The Lebanese, Arabs and Muslims know well what division has done to us. We have paid high prices in the defeats.
28 July 2014, 07:06 Qabbani: Palestine was lost because of our weakness and divisions.
28 July 2014, 07:05 Qabbani in his Eid sermon: The unity of the nation is one of the reasons of strength in its life.
27 July 2014, 22:18 National News Agency: Heavy gunfire from Syria is targeting the outskirts of the town of Bani Sakhr in the Wadi Khaled region, which has sparked panic among residents.
27 July 2014, 22:05 The Higher Islamic Shiite Council announced that Tuesday is the first day of Eid al-Fitr.
27 July 2014, 20:59 The office of Sayyed Khamenei's official representative in Lebanon announced that Monday is the last day of Ramadan and Tuesday is the first day of Eid al-Fitr.
27 July 2014, 20:22 Mufti Qabbani announced that tomorrow, Monday is the first day of Eid al-Fitr.
27 July 2014, 20:11 Security source to MTV: The arrest of those operating the Twitter account of the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade has become imminent and we won't fear anyone.
27 July 2014, 20:11 MTV: Those operating the Twitter account of the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade have been located and they are in Baalbek.
27 July 2014, 19:59 Al-Jadeed: There won't be any clear results before three weeks from the DNA tests that will be conducted on the human remains of the Algerian jet's victims.
27 July 2014, 19:58 Lebanese Ambassador to Senegal Khalil al-Haber to LBCI: Reaching the crash site of the Algerian jet is very difficult and I don't think it went down due to a terrorist attack.
27 July 2014, 19:56 LBCI: The Lebanese delegation will try to head to Gao in northern Mali, accompanied by the doctor tasked with conducting DNA tests.
27 July 2014, 19:55 LBCI: The Lebanese delegation will arrive in Mali within hours and it will follow up with the Malian and French authorities on the latest developments of the search for the bodies of the Algerian jet's victims.
27 July 2014, 19:35 Al-Manar: The meeting between Jumblat and Nasrallah was very good, especially that it came after three years from the last meeting between the two men.
27 July 2014, 19:17 The Civil Defense's Faraya department managed to rescue 8 people who had gone missing in Hadath Baalbek's barren mountains.
27 July 2014, 18:55 MTV: A Civil Defense team is rescuing a group of young men who had gone missing in Hadath Baalbek's barren mountains.
27 July 2014, 18:50 LBCI: The Red Cross has managed to locate two young men and a woman who had lost their way near the French Chamber in Sannine.
27 July 2014, 18:48 Red Cross: Reports said 3 people have gone missing in the highlands of Kfardebian and a unit from the Lebanese Red Cross' Mountain Rescue department is heading to the area to begin a search operation.
27 July 2014, 18:47 Army units started implementing extraordinary security measures around places of worship, key roads, shopping centers and touristic places on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
27 July 2014, 16:27 LBCI: A major blaze erupted in the al-Shaara area between Hrajel and Kfardebian and residents are urging the Civil Defense to intervene.
27 July 2014, 15:38 Hizbullah chief Sayyed Nasrallah met MP Walid Jumblat and discussed with him the situations in Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza.
27 July 2014, 15:31 Al-Mayadeen: Iran's FM told Sayyed Nasrallah that "the Islamic world's awareness is necessary to achieve the Palestinian people's demands."
27 July 2014, 13:53 TMC: A person was killed when a truck hit a concrete barrier on Qalamoun highway towards Beirut.
27 July 2014, 13:52 A person was injured on the outskirts of Arsal during the ongoing fights in the Eastern Mountain range.