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07 February 2016, 22:50 Gemayel: We are against Hizbullah's practices and their biggest mistake is their systematic destruction of the democratic life in Lebanon. A civilized country cannot have two arsenals of weapons and two laws and it cannot contain a group monopolizing the decisions of war and peace.
07 February 2016, 22:49 Gemayel: Everyone is justifying this under the political pragmatism slogan. Had we endorsed this approach in 2005, Pierre (Gemayel) and Gebran (Tueni) would have been alive now.
07 February 2016, 22:46 Gemayel: I don't understand why we don't try to preserve balance in the country and I call on Geagea and Hariri to explain to the Lebanese what pushed them to cede our decision after 10 years of steadfastness. I have not received a clear answer from Hariri.
07 February 2016, 22:36 Gemayel: If a candidate who endorses the Syrian regime's stance becomes president, what would we tell the Sunni community and what extremism we would be sending it to? What would we be committing against the Lebanese who are in the Gulf?
07 February 2016, 22:35 Gemayel: Hariri and Geagea have surrendered after 10 years of perseverance and the offering of martyrs. If a March 8 president is elected, it would be a disastrous development, unless the two candidates decide to change their stances.
07 February 2016, 22:34 Gemayel: The president must unify the domestic front and protect it from the outside forces, but Aoun's stance yesterday was supportive of Hizbullah's presence in Syria. What will we tell the Lebanese if entire Lebanon becomes implicated in this stance?
07 February 2016, 22:30 Gemayel: If Lebanon officially enters the Syrian equation, bombings might hit anywhere.
07 February 2016, 22:29 Gemayel: What would the response of the Syrian opposition and the terrorists there be if a candidate who supports Bashar Assad becomes president and if the state's official stance becomes supportive of Bashar Assad? They will respond against all Lebanese.
07 February 2016, 22:05 Gemayel: Geagea and Hariri have committed a mistake by giving the presidency to March 8 and there is a state of surrender.
07 February 2016, 21:52 Gemayel: The competition is now limited to the March 8 camp and there is no balance. What's strange is that two March 14 leaders have decided to back two March 8 leaders and Nasrallah was right when he said that they have won.
07 February 2016, 21:49 Gemayel: We will not vote for any of the two candidates and we'll vote for ex-president Gemayel should he decide to nominate himself or we would cast a blank ballot.
07 February 2016, 21:46 Gemayel: Aoun and Franjieh must accept the democratic game. There are candidates who have declared their nominations and there are parties that have decided to back them, so let them all go to parliament to practice the democratic game.
07 February 2016, 21:44 Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel to al-Jadeed: I agree with General Aoun that the counting of votes takes place after the election, so let us go parliament and vote.
07 February 2016, 20:52 National News Agency: Ex-PM Saad Hariri met today in Riyadh with March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soaid and Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Malek al-Shaar.
07 February 2016, 20:50 VDL (100.5): Tracer gunshots are being fired for an unknown reason in the vicinity of Beirut's international airport, which dangerously threatens the landing planes.
07 February 2016, 19:04 VDL (100.5): Hizbullah has targeted a Nusra vehicle with a missile in Arsal's outskirts.
07 February 2016, 17:17 VDL (93.3): A Roumieh prison inmate confessed during interrogation that the two bombs are present in a depot he owns and he told security agencies about their place.
07 February 2016, 16:34 Patriarch al-Rahi signed on a Lebanese flag as part of a petition aimed at showing solidarity with the demands of the Civil Defense volunteers.
07 February 2016, 15:51 The army confirmed that two bombs it dismantled in Tripoli's Nejmeh Square were set for detonation, saying the first weighed 1.5 kilos and the other 10 kilos.
07 February 2016, 15:37 National News Agency: Speaker Nabih Berri sent a cable of condolences to Syrian President Bashar Assad over the death of his mother.
07 February 2016, 15:24 LF deputy chief MP George Adwan: The real candidate today is General Aoun and vacuum is the main enemy for all Lebanese.
07 February 2016, 15:22 LF deputy chief MP George Adwan: Franjieh's withdrawal would facilitate rapprochement between al-Mustaqbal and General Aoun.
07 February 2016, 15:12 LBCI: The two bombs that were discovered in Tripoli were not set for detonation.
07 February 2016, 13:06 VDL (93.3): The army dismantled a bomb weighing 10 kilos in Tripoli's Nijmeh square.
07 February 2016, 10:52 Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi: We urge political and parliamentary blocs to make up their minds as soon as possible because the country is on the verge of collapse.
07 February 2016, 09:09 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to VDL (93.3): The understandings we are reaching are aimed at protecting national unity, partnership, and balances.
07 February 2016, 09:01 ISF: Roads leading to Kfardebian are only accessible to SUVs equipped with snow chains.