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09 July 2020, 17:02 Diab: We'll carry on with our work, the government has committed to its Policy Statement and I'm with expanding the forensic audit to involve all institutions.
09 July 2020, 16:56 Lebanon recorded 66 COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, among them 44 residents and 22 expats.
09 July 2020, 14:15 A meeting is underway between Berri and US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea in Ain el-Tineh.
09 July 2020, 12:58 Hariri: Lebanon's successive governments and ministers are responsible for spending billions and must all be audited including the electricity file.
09 July 2020, 12:56 Hariri: Only reforms benefit Lebanon and each minute wasted affects the currency value.
09 July 2020, 12:49 Hariri: Unemployment rate is increasing in Lebanon. Lebanon is going through its worst economic crisis historically and the government and presidential term want to change the free economic system to something else.
09 July 2020, 12:46 Hariri from Bkirki: Tourism was flourishing during the term of late PM Rafik Hariri. How can we improve our agriculture and industry without electricty.
09 July 2020, 12:00 Former PM Saad Hariri arrived at Bkirki for talks with Maronite Patriarch Beshara el-Rahi.
08 July 2020, 17:27 Pompeo urged all nations to label Hizbullah as "terrorist" while noting that the U.S. will help Lebanon overcome its crisis