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29 March 2015, 16:21 French President Hollande outside Tunisia's Bardo museum: We must all combat terrorism.
29 March 2015, 16:18 Western diplomats said Iran and six world powers have reached a "provisional agreement" on key parts of a deal sharply curtailing Tehran's nuclear program.

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29 March 2015, 16:04 PM Salam and the ministerial delegation arrived in Beirut from Sharm el-Sheikh after taking part in the Arab Summit.
29 March 2015, 13:46 Saudi Ambassador Asiri: Nasrallah's speech reflected the confusion of the sides he represents, was defamatory of the kingdom, and was aimed at misleading the public.
29 March 2015, 12:31 NNA: An assailant robbed a vehicle in the Hakr al-Sheikh Taba area in Akkar.
29 March 2015, 12:28 TMC: One person was wounded in an accident in al-Batroun.
29 March 2015, 12:26 PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat via Twitter: I salute the Syrian rebels who liberated the Bosra al-Sham from the fascist regime and its agents.
29 March 2015, 10:52 Patriarch al-Rahi: Christians should eliminate the material and political fears in their heart in spite of the pressing circumstances in the region.
29 March 2015, 10:32 NNA: A child was killed and five people were wounded in a traffic accident in Sidon.
29 March 2015, 09:29 MP Ammar Houry to Future TV: Operation Firmness Storm is aimed at restoring balance in the region.
29 March 2015, 09:21 Minister Nabil de Freij to VDL (100.5): Lebanon could have benefited positively on the economic level from the regional upheaval without being part of the unrest.
29 March 2015, 09:13 MP Imad al-Hout to VDL (93.3): Operation Firmness Storm directed several message to all sides, especially Iran to halt its expansionist plans in the region.
29 March 2015, 08:40 Security forces arrested 74 individuals throughout Lebanon for committing various crimes.
28 March 2015, 21:51 PM Salam at the Arab summit: Lebanon backs any Arab stance that preserves Yemen's sovereignty and territorial integrity.