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19 December 2014, 22:36 MP Jumblat responding to IS' threats: Wael (Abou Faour) has exerted efforts and will continue to do so according to the approach of a swap deal, away from the calculations of the others.
19 December 2014, 22:35 MP Jumblat responding to IS' threats: We have not and will not give up the mediation role, according to the principle of a swap deal, under any circumstances.
19 December 2014, 21:56 Mustafa Moussa was injured as a dispute between a number of young men erupted into gunfire in the al-Rahbat area in al-Qobbeh.
19 December 2014, 20:58 Two Syrians were arrested in Fakiha over their involvement in attacks on the army during the Arsal clashes.
19 December 2014, 20:33 Former French PM Francois Fillon arrived in Beirut for talks with a number of officials.
19 December 2014, 19:44 Mufti of Zahle and Bekaa Sheikh Khalil al-Mays: We thank the ISF Intelligence Branch, which exerted major efforts to pursue the kidnappers of Syrians in the Bekaa, who belong to the Resistance Brigades.
19 December 2014, 19:42 VDL (93.3): The army intelligence arrested the fugitive Sahel Yakhneh after raiding his house in al-Qobbeh area. He was involved in the Tripoli clashes and shootings against Alawites.
19 December 2014, 19:17 The trial in the Nahr al-Bared case was adjourned to January 23 after the defendants abstained from attending the Judicial Council session.
19 December 2014, 18:23 National News Agency: Patriarch al-Rahi met with MP Nicolas Fattoush and his brother Pierre Fattoush.
19 December 2014, 17:56 ISF: The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested S. M. on al-Sham road over drug-related charges.
19 December 2014, 17:34 The road from the airport highway to Khalde is witnessing bumper-to-bumper traffic.
19 December 2014, 17:14 The Central News Agency said that the Mustaqbal-Hizbullah dialogue will be held on December 29.
19 December 2014, 15:38 PM Salam announced a day of mourning on Sunday for the victims of the Algerian plane crash of July 24.
19 December 2014, 15:05 Future TV: The families of the Arsal captives returned to Riad al-Solh Square and they will resume their tour of officials.
19 December 2014, 15:00 Lebanese Army: Kamal Suleiman Zoaiter was referred to the judiciary for smuggling drugs in the areas of Dekwaneh and Sabtieyh.
19 December 2014, 14:44 The families of Arsal captives: The speaker said that a security committee will be formed to follow up the case.
19 December 2014, 14:17 Berri during a meeting with families of captives: I am coordinating with Jumblat and the the prisoners swap deal will be adopted in principle.
19 December 2014, 14:10 VDL (93.3): The families of the Arsal captives held talks with Speaker Nabih Berri at Ain al-Tineh.
19 December 2014, 13:51 LBCI: The army opened fire in the air to disperse people engaged in a fight in the area of al-Taamir in Sidon.
19 December 2014, 13:48 VDL (100.5): Gunfire was heard in the area of villas in Sidon.
19 December 2014, 12:54 TMC: Two people were injured when two cars collided in al-Mahdi street towards al-Rihab area.
19 December 2014, 11:48 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between 2 cars in Sarba.
19 December 2014, 11:40 Beirut police arrested 4 Lebanese and 3 Syrians for committing different crimes.
19 December 2014, 11:13 VDL(100.5): A meeting is underway between Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi and his Iraqi counterpart.
19 December 2014, 11:08 TMC: Bumper-to-bumper traffic after five cars collided on the Antelias bridge towards Naqash.
19 December 2014, 10:52 VDL (93.3): A man was injured during a raid carried out to arrest a member of the gang that kidnaps Syrian opposition figures.
19 December 2014, 10:35 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam met with the UNIFIL commander.
19 December 2014, 10:34 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and UNIFIL Commander Major General Luciano Portolano
19 December 2014, 10:12 Al-Rahi said some citizens are complaining about the high prices that the divorce lawyers are asking for. The court's fees and the lawyers' demands are two different things.
19 December 2014, 10:12 Al-Rahi said lawyers are banned from asking for more fees under the excuse that they would bribe the judges.
19 December 2014, 10:10 Al-Rahi said the parties in the trial should not fall victim to the lawyers' ignorance.
19 December 2014, 10:05 Al-Rahi said judges should refuse gifts during religious trials.
19 December 2014, 10:02 Al-Rahi said a speedy trial doesn't mean the ruling should not be fair.
19 December 2014, 10:02 Al-Rahi called for the respect of deadlines in issuing rulings and avoid procrastination.
19 December 2014, 10:01 Al-Rahi said the church urges judges to speed up their rulings.
19 December 2014, 10:00 Al-Rahi to the judges: You are makers of justice, then you are the makers of peace.
19 December 2014, 09:59 Al-Rahi to the Spiritual Court judges: It is up to the judges to give justice which is the essence of peace.
19 December 2014, 09:58 Al-Rahi: The social system should be improved to focus on the truth and seek justice.
19 December 2014, 09:52 Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is addressing Maronite Spiritual Court judges in Bkirki.
19 December 2014, 09:13 MP Tony Abou Khater hoped in remarks to to VDL (93.3) that dialogue between rival parties would lead to a consensual choice on the upcoming stage.
19 December 2014, 08:50 ISF arrested 59 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
19 December 2014, 08:45 MP Mohammed Hajjar to VDL (100.5): Information obtained so far has negated the involvement of Abdullah Azzam Brigades in the assassination of Minister Mohammed Shatah, but the investigation have revealed a lot of other information.
19 December 2014, 08:34 The ISF Intelligence Bureau detained in Koura a man for trading with counterfeit currency and a drugs dealer.
19 December 2014, 08:26 VDL (100.5): Sidon's municipal chief said 4 Syrians suspected of torching the Christmas tree were arrested.
19 December 2014, 08:25 Al-Mustaqbal delegation returned to Beirut after a short visit to Riyadh to discuss the latest developments with the movement's head Saad Hariri.
19 December 2014, 08:08 Manager of Beirut's Wheat Silos Moussa Khoury to VDL (100.5): The wheat silos match the international standards and we can not control the surrounding area.
19 December 2014, 08:02 MP Salim Salhab to VDL (93.3): The meetings between al-Mustaqbal and Hizbullah, and between the FPM and the LF are complementary.
19 December 2014, 07:51 MTV: 2 people burned at dawn a Christmas tree in Sidon's Elia street.