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01 September 2014, 22:40 Al-Mayadeen: Iranian Deputy FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian will visit Beirut and Damascus next week.
01 September 2014, 22:23 Syrian National Coalition: Hizbullah cannot take the decision of avoiding the Qalamun battle to rescue the lives of the abducted Lebanese troops.
01 September 2014, 22:07 Slain Sergeant Ali al-Sayyed's family issued a statement urging Fnaydeq's residents not to attack "Syrian guests."
01 September 2014, 22:06 Traffic Management Center: A person was killed and another injured as a car crashed into the road median on the Damour-Beirut highway.
01 September 2014, 22:06 Traffic Management Center: Two people were injured as two trucks collided on the Nahr el-Mot-Zalka highway.
01 September 2014, 20:01 MTV: The IS sent with the body of the martyr al-Sayyed a list containing the names of the prisoners it want freed and if these detainees are convicts, the issue will require a decree signed by all ministers.
01 September 2014, 19:55 MTV: A brief conversation took place between the Muslim Scholars Committee representatives and those of the IS in Qalamun and the latter threatened to behead another soldier within 24 hours if the government does not fulfill their demands.
01 September 2014, 19:54 LBCI: The body of the martyr Ali al-Sayyed was buried in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Flita and the Syrian air raids on the area delayed the body's arrival.
01 September 2014, 19:44 Sources to al-Manar: Jumblat is trying to reach a settlement over the names of the president, premier, army chief and a new electoral law.
01 September 2014, 19:44 Sources to al-Manar: Tomorrow's presidential election session will not be different than the previous ones and reports claiming otherwise are not true.
01 September 2014, 19:35 PM sources to al-Manar: The issue of the abducted troops might be raised during tomorrow's session that is dedicated to discuss the financial situation.
01 September 2014, 19:05 VDL (100.5): Families of abducted trooped erected 2 tents in Qalamun and they intend to block the Tripoli-Beirut international highway at the footbridge after sunset and to reopen the seadside road.
01 September 2014, 18:40 VDL (100.5): Patriarch al-Rahi is holding talks in Rome with the ambassadors at the Vatican.
01 September 2014, 18:39 ISF: The Intelligence Bureau arrested A.Aa. in Sid al-Bauchrieh for the possession of cannabis.
01 September 2014, 18:34 LBCI: The body of martyr sergeant Ali al-Sayyed has arrived at the military hospital.
01 September 2014, 17:36 Anatolia news agency quoting informed sources: The Lebanese government is inclined to release Islamist detainees in a legal manner in return for the security personnel held by al-Nusra and the IS.
01 September 2014, 17:32 Members of Ali al-Sayyed's family confirmed to AFP that relatives had been summoned to the military hospital in Beirut to provide DNA for testing.
01 September 2014, 17:09 Army Command: The Intelligence Directorate has received the body of one of the missing soldiers and it will be transferred to the central military hospital for DNA testing.
01 September 2014, 16:03 VDL (100.5): The army deployed heavily in al-Zahriyeh neighborhood in Tripoli after gunmen were seen on the streets following an family dispute in the area.
01 September 2014, 16:03 The old airport road at Ouzai in Beirut was blocked by the families of the abducted soldiers.
01 September 2014, 15:46 OTV: The corpse of soldier Ali al-Sayyed arrived at Arsal, where it will be sent to the army intelligence in al-Labweh.
01 September 2014, 14:36 VDL (93.3): A delegation from the Muslim Scholars Committee was handed over the body of soldier Ali al-Sayyed.
01 September 2014, 14:06 Al-Jadeed: Syrian warplanes raided the outskirts of the northeastern border town of Arsal and al-Qalamun.
01 September 2014, 14:01 VDL (93.3): Mohammed al-Mir killed his mother Fattoum in Mar Touma village in Akkar. He suffers from a psychiatric illness.
01 September 2014, 13:36 Beirut police arrested 10 Lebanese, a British national, and 2 Palestinians. They also impounded 25 motorcycles and 4 cars for violating traffic rules.
01 September 2014, 13:04 NNA: An Israeli military unit erected a utility pole carrying spying equipment near Berket al-Naqar.
01 September 2014, 12:53 The army raided Syrian refugee encampments in Koura and arrested eight of them for questioning.
01 September 2014, 11:43 Salam: Lebanon will remain united based on the borders that were announced 94 years ago when the state of Greater Lebanon was established.
01 September 2014, 11:42 Salam: The constitution should be the main guide on how political affairs should be managed.
01 September 2014, 11:41 Salam: We should return to the National Pact, constitution, and Taef Accord.
01 September 2014, 11:41 Salam: The main factor in combating terrorism lies in uniting the internal scene, fortifying state institutions, and backing the army.
01 September 2014, 11:39 Salam: We are exerting the greatest efforts to ensure the release of the security personnel kidnapped by the extremists.
01 September 2014, 11:38 Salam: Lebanon has paid and is still paying the price of the spread of terrorism, the latest of which was in Arsal.
01 September 2014, 11:38 Salam: Combating terrorism will be a long and arduous task.
01 September 2014, 11:37 Salam: Combating terrorism should be a priority among politicians.
01 September 2014, 11:37 Salam: The failure to elect a president is the clearest representation of the current shortcomings in the political sector.
01 September 2014, 11:36 Salam: The political powers have failed to implement the Taef Accord.
01 September 2014, 11:36 Salam: Despite its diversity, this country suffers from disputes over how to manage its political affairs.
01 September 2014, 11:35 Salam: This small nation has contributed greatly to regional and international affairs.
01 September 2014, 11:34 PM Salam during centenary of the announcement of the state of Greater Lebanon: The Lebanese entity's diversity has turned into an oasis in its surroundings.
01 September 2014, 10:41 VDL (100.5): Several officials arrived at the Grand Serail as PM Tammam Salam will preside a ceremony on the anniversary of the announcement of the state of Greater Lebanon.
01 September 2014, 10:39 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and Beirut lawmakers.
01 September 2014, 10:13 ISF detained 21 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
01 September 2014, 09:54 MTV: EDL contract workers held protests at the company's different branches to resolve their case.
01 September 2014, 09:49 MP Atef Majdalani to Future TV: Berri prioritized the election of a new president and then the activation of the constitutional institutions.
01 September 2014, 09:41 MP Hadi Hbeish to VDL (93.3): There is a united front against terrorism.
01 September 2014, 08:40 NNA: The Israeli army is carrying out military exercises in the occupied Shebaa Farms area.
01 September 2014, 08:15 Al-Mustaqbal Movement official Mustafa Allouch to VDL (100.5): The terrorist groups are manipulating the situation in Lebanon.
01 September 2014, 07:20 VDL (93.3): The Tripoli highway was blocked at the Qalamoun area by the relatives of the kidnapped soldiers.