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19 April 2014, 22:31 NNA: Hassan A. was wounded by a stray bullet in Tyre. He was admitted to a hospital where he underwent an operation to remove the bullet that landed in one of his lungs.
19 April 2014, 20:29 ISF: Sounds heard in Beirut at the moment are a result of fireworks launched on the occasion of the Easter holiday.
19 April 2014, 20:28 Army Command: Israeli forces fired gunshots at four farmers in the Khyam plains without causing any injuries.
19 April 2014, 20:28 Army Command: Troops arrested 6 Syrians in the Beit Lahya region for illegally entering Lebanon.
19 April 2014, 20:02 MTV: LF MP George Adwan is the person tasked with contacting Hizbullah and al-Mustaqbal over Samir Geagea's candidacy.
19 April 2014, 20:02 MTV: The meeting between the LF delegates and Aoun concluded with agreeing on that the president must be strong and with a clear presidential program. Both parties agreed to take part in Wednesday's parliamentary session.
19 April 2014, 20:00 MTV: MP Aoun informed the LF delegation that the final decision on his possible nomination for presidency will be announced on Tuesday after the Change and Reform bloc's meeting. He added that his presidential program is only focused on securing stability.
19 April 2014, 20:00 MTV: Nader Hariri has finalized the last points to be considered concerning Wednesday's parliamentary session in a visit to Maarab.
19 April 2014, 19:58 LF sources to LBCI: A friendly mood prevailed in the meeting with FPM leader MP Aoun and since the beginning we have said that the LF will stand by whomever becomes president.
19 April 2014, 19:41 Al-Manar: All residents of Tfeil who want to leave the town will head to a border region and security forces buses will be waiting for them to transfer them to wherever they desire.
19 April 2014, 19:36 Al-Manar: The LF delegation's visit to Rabieh was "fruitless."
19 April 2014, 18:43 The ISF Intelligence Bureau arrested A. H. in the Taamir area in Sidon on robbery charges.
19 April 2014, 18:31 NNA: Army intelligence arrested several Syrian nationals in an ambush near Beit Lahya.
19 April 2014, 17:36 ISF Intelligence Bureau arrested A. J. in Asnoun-Zgharta, who has 15 arrest warrants against him on charges of theft, killing, opening fire, threatening, and drug possession.
19 April 2014, 16:24 The Arsal police department seized a Chevrolet four-wheel drive that was stolen in 2011.
19 April 2014, 16:13 A Lebanese Forces delegation is meeting with FPM leader MP Michel Aoun in Rabieh to give him a copy of Samir Geagea's presidential program.
19 April 2014, 16:04 OTV: A dispute erupted between security forces and street merchants in Bab al-Ramel in Tripoli.
19 April 2014, 14:03 LBCI: President Michel Suleiman held talks on the presidential elections with Mustaqbal bloc chief MP Fouad Saniora at the Baabda Palace.
19 April 2014, 12:52 LBCI: A meeting chaired by Interior Minister Nuhad al-Mashnouq, heads of security agencies, and Hizbullah Liaison and Coordination Officer Wafiq Safa is underway at the Interior Ministry.
19 April 2014, 11:24 MTV: Two children were killed and another two wounded when an unidentified object exploded on the Kleiat airport road.
19 April 2014, 09:13 Al-Rahi: We hope that a just solution is reached in Syria.
19 April 2014, 09:12 Al-Rahi: We pray to God to take care of those affected by regional crises.
19 April 2014, 09:11 Al-Rahi: We hope that the new president will be up to the challenges facing Lebanon.
19 April 2014, 09:11 Al-Rahi: The whole world expects the parliament to elect a new president and that they elect the best president for Lebanon.
19 April 2014, 09:10 Al-Rahi: We hope that a strong and capable president will be elected through consultations among the political parties.
19 April 2014, 09:10 Al-Rahi: We thank God for the formation of the new government, which is working hard to carry out its duties.
19 April 2014, 09:09 Al-Rahi stressed the need to introduce reform and safeguard the state institutions, which will create stability in Lebanon.
19 April 2014, 09:07 Al-Rahi urged politicians to carry out their national duties towards the people.
19 April 2014, 09:01 Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is delivering his Easter address.
19 April 2014, 08:37 TMC: Two people were wounded in a traffic accident between two vehicles on the main road in Toura, Tyre.