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19 September 2014, 22:20 Minister Qazzi said Kataeb's ministers have asked PM Salam to hold an extraordinary cabinet session over the reported execution of a 3rd army soldier and the Arsal bomb attack.
19 September 2014, 21:49 Al-Arabiya quoting Lebanese security sources: Al-Nusra Front has executed a captive Lebanese soldier.
19 September 2014, 21:42 A Nusra Front leader confirmed to Turkey's Anatolia news agency that his group has killed captive Lebanese soldier Mohammed Hamiyeh.
19 September 2014, 21:33 LBCI: A percussion bomb has been hurled in Ain el-Hilweh.
19 September 2014, 21:31 LBCI: A huge fire erupted next to Amchit Club's building.
19 September 2014, 21:15 MTV: Al-Nusra Front has executed captive army soldier Mohammed Hamiyeh.
19 September 2014, 20:35 LBCI: The ISF Intelligence Bureau arrested Syrian national Mohammed Nour al-Melhem in Akkar's al-Dawseh area.
19 September 2014, 20:29 MTV: A third rocket has fallen near AMAL Movement's office in al-Labweh.
19 September 2014, 20:04 The Army Command identified the two soldiers who were killed in today's blast in Arsal as Ali Ahmed Hamadi al-Kharrat and Mohammed Assem Daher.
19 September 2014, 19:57 MTV: Muslim scholars are urging al-Nusra Front not to carry out its threat to execute the soldier Mohammed Hamiyeh.
19 September 2014, 19:44 National News Agency: A rocket has landed in al-Labweh's plain, causing no casualties.
19 September 2014, 19:24 Syrian source in Qalamun to MTV: Al-Nusra Front has not executed Mohammed Hamiyeh until the moment but it is threatening to kill him soon.
19 September 2014, 19:14 Al-Nusra Front: Mohammed Hamiyeh is the first victim of the stubbornness of the Lebanese army, which has become a puppet in the hand of the Iranian party.
19 September 2014, 18:38 LBCI: Al-Nusra Front has accused the army and Hizbullah of "fabricating" today's attack in Arsal and arresting civilians with the aim of impeding the negotiations.
19 September 2014, 18:30 National News Agency: The ISF is staging armored patrols in Tripoli and a number of fugitives have been arrested.
19 September 2014, 18:19 MTV: The ISF set up several checkpoints throughout Tripoli, inspecting vehicles and pedestrian IDs.
19 September 2014, 18:04 LBCI: A number of Syrians have been arrested in raids in Arsal.
19 September 2014, 18:04 LBCI: A grenade has been hurled near an army checkpoint in al-Omari street in Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh.
19 September 2014, 17:40 OTV: Army artillery is shelling the outskirts of Arsal.
19 September 2014, 17:34 Interior Minister Mashnouq: The Russians have shown willingness to help Lebanon in fighting terrorism and to support it with military equipment.
19 September 2014, 17:33 LBCI: A man has been arrested on charges of plotting robberies in Nabatiyeh, Tyre and Beirut.
19 September 2014, 16:56 Mustaqbal Movement leader MP Saad Hariri contacted Qahwaji to condemn the Arsal attack, “which is aimed at framing the town and its residents.”
19 September 2014, 16:55 OTV: The Arsal blast was caused by a remotely detonated bomb weighing 20 kilograms.
19 September 2014, 16:33 Al-Jadeed: Hizbullah condemned the attack against the army in Arsal, calling for uniting around the military in its confrontation of terrorist threats.
19 September 2014, 16:15 National News Agency: The Lebanese army fired heavy weapons after detecting movements by armed groups in Arsal's outskirts.
19 September 2014, 15:20 LBCI: Syrian aircraft waged a raid on Arsal's outskirts.
19 September 2014, 14:37 TMC: The Corniche al-Mazraa road was blocked with garbage dumpsters to protest power cuts.
19 September 2014, 14:10 VDL (93.3): PM Salam contacted Army chief Qahwaji and Defense Minister Moqbel to discuss the Arsal developments: We must be prepared to confront the takfiri forces on the outskirts of the town.
19 September 2014, 13:18 Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq urged Aoun to accept a proposal to establish camps for Syrian refugees in border areas.
19 September 2014, 13:07 U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly visited FPM chief Michel Aoun in Rabieh.
19 September 2014, 12:29 VDL (93.3): At least 2 people were injured in the attack on the army vehicle.
19 September 2014, 12:29 MTV: Arsal's residents transported the casualties of the bombing that targeted the military vehicle to hospitals in the area.
19 September 2014, 12:26 VDL (93.3): PM Salam is holding talks with U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly.
19 September 2014, 12:20 MTV: Several people were killed and injured when a military vehicle was targeted in a bombing in an area that lies between Wadi Hmeid and al-Mesyada.
19 September 2014, 12:09 Al-Nusra Front to Anatolia New Agency: Our demands are not paralyzing and don't include the release of Syrian opposition figures held in the regime prisons.
19 September 2014, 12:08 NNA: General Security Intelligence arrested six Syrians for belonging to extremist organizations in the South.
19 September 2014, 12:01 VDL (93.3): PM Salam is holding talks with Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian.
19 September 2014, 11:55 U.S. Ambassador David Hale: Cooperation and unity between security agencies will thwart any attempt to plant division.
19 September 2014, 11:02 NNA: The Israeli army fortified its security presence in the Shabaa Farms and Golan Height frontiers.
19 September 2014, 10:59 The Douris road was reopened after it was blocked by the relatives of beheaded soldier Abbas Medlej.
19 September 2014, 10:44 A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and State Security chief George Qaraa.
19 September 2014, 10:30 The army said it arrested a Lebanese and two Syrians in the area of al-Mesyada in Arsal. The Syrians admitted to belonging to terrorist organizations.
19 September 2014, 10:27 FM Jebran Bassil traveled to California for a meeting with Lebanese expats. He will then head to New York to participate in the General Assembly sessions.
19 September 2014, 09:47 The relatives of Abbas Medlej blocked the road in Douris.
19 September 2014, 09:12 MTV: A person was killed after being hit by a car in Tripoli.
19 September 2014, 08:54 A security source to LBCI: The army arrested 3 days ago in Baalbek 3 Syrians, who infiltrated Lebanon. They admitted to witnessing the killing of Abbas Medlej.
19 September 2014, 08:40 ISF detained 52 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
19 September 2014, 08:20 Muslim Scholars sources to VDL (100.5): Currently we are totally far from any mediation to free the kidnapped soldiers