Live News

19 January 2020, 22:59 Calm has returned to downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 18:56 Al-Jadeed: The journalist Mohammed al-Samra has been injured by rubber bullets that hit his hand.
19 January 2020, 18:55 Al-Jadeed: President Aoun will preside over a security meeting tomorrow with the defense and interior ministers and the chiefs of security agencies.
19 January 2020, 18:54 Al-Jazeera reporter Ihab al-Oqdeh and a protester were injured by rubber bullets in downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 18:30 A protester was injured in central Beirut after riot police started firing rubber bullets.
19 January 2020, 18:24 Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab left the Baabda Palace without making a statement.
19 January 2020, 18:17 Security forces have fired tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons at stone-throwing protesters in central Beirut.
19 January 2020, 17:45 Protesters are hurling firecrackers and stones at security forces in downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 17:19 March 8 sources to MTV: The government's line-up is not ready.
19 January 2020, 16:59 Heavy army reinforcements have arrived in downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 16:58 PM-designate Hassan Diab has arrived in Baabda to meet with President Michel Aoun.
19 January 2020, 16:47 Some protesters are preventing other demonstrators from hurling stones at security forces in downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 16:41 PSP leader Walid Jumblat: Beirut does not deserve this treatment and no to violence whichever side it may come from.
19 January 2020, 16:38 TV networks: Diab will meet with Aoun at 5:00 pm.
19 January 2020, 16:00 The numbers of protesters are increasing in downtown Beirut amid reports that buses will come from other regions.
19 January 2020, 15:50 Al-Jadeed: The government’s line-up is likely to be announced today following Diab’s meeting with the president and the Marada Movement won’t have any ministers.
19 January 2020, 15:32 Protesters have started gathering near parliament in downtown Beirut.
19 January 2020, 15:13 The ISF said 142 of its members were injured in yesterday's clashes with protesters, including three who suffered "skull fractures."
19 January 2020, 13:07 Hariri advised the parties to form a cabinet to "calm the popular storm," urging Tripoli's protesters to shun violence and preserve "Beirut's dignity."
19 January 2020, 11:17 Patriarch al-Rahi has again slammed "obstructors" and called on the parties to form the government that "the people and the PM-designate want."